Water: how much to drink + how to drink more of it

Do you ever get so caught up in your work that you forget to eat/drink?

When I find myself with a block of time to work (because my 2-year-old is sleeping, with daddy, at grandma's house, etc.), I work doggedly and passionately. I know that my time is short so I just work, work, work...so that I can give my daughter my all when she wakes up or returns.

intak hydration bottle with meter thermos bpa freeIt's easy for me to "forget" to drink in those times...and, quite honestly, I have been known to forget throughout the day. I'm not really one to make New Years Resolutions (I prefer to set goals throughout the year), but - if I were going to - I would add "drink more water" to my list.

Water is, after all, a natural medicine. It is THE ultimate health drink. It clears the digestive system, boosts the metabolism, revitalizes the skin, inhibits dehydration, and more.

thermos store logoOne simple way to keep hydrated is to carry a water bottle with you to work and/or around the house. You could keep track of the number of times you refill the bottle on paper...or you could purchase the new Intak BPA Free Hydration Bottle w/ Meter from Thermos. The rotating meter allows you to monitor your daily fluid intake so you don't have to wonder how much you drank at the end of the day. Available in four different colors, the bottle holds 24 oz and retails for $10.99.

So, how much water should you be drinking? You can go with the "8 rule" - eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Or, another method is to divide your weight (in pounds) by two. The resulting number is the amount of ounces you need every day. So, if you weigh 135 pounds, you should drink around 68 ounces. Neither method is perfect, but those are good starting points, according to Mr. Google (a number of sources said the same thing).

YOUR TURN: How do you stay hydrated throughout the day?

WIN IT! One winner will receive an Intak BPA Free Hydration Bottle w/ Meter from Thermos ($10.99). To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Tuesday, January 13 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #197 Pamela White. Congratulations!

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202 comments on “Water: how much to drink + how to drink more of it”

  1. as a school librarian, i make some green tea about 10 in the morning to ward off hunger before lunch. in the afternoon, i have a water bottle in my office and during breaks, go and drink as much as i can.

    don't like to keep the water out while the kids are in the library (long boring story of that danger).

  2. I do not even come close to drinking enough water each day. I put sticky notes around to remind me... but eventually they don't catch my eye any more. I put bottles or pitchers of water in the fridge to get cold and put them where they must be moved to get other things out.... works for a while. Honestly, I really am trying!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  3. As a nursing MAMA, I make sure to drink mucho mucho mucho H20 so I feel good, healthy, hydrated and so I can give sweet yummy milk to my sweet'um!

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  4. I carry water with me everywhere! I usually keep a bottle of water in my purse. My friends make fun of me, but that's OK. :-)

  5. I've got a bad habit of drinking soda. I need to get a filteres water pitcher and keep some in the fridge since the water around here is so hard it feels like you a ton of lead when you drink it stright from the faucet.

  6. I keep a huge coffee mug filled with coffee, tea, juice or water on my desk at all times of the day or night. I make it a point to make sure I drink adequate fluids, especially during extremes in seasonal weather because of how that weather affects how our bodies function.

  7. I always make sure that I have water with me. I even keep bottles in my trunk just in case I forget. Then during the day, when I feel the urge to snack - I make sure to drink some water first.

  8. I keep a refillable container of water on my desk at work and refill it during every break. I would guess that I drink about 40 - 50 ounces of water during my 8 hour work day. Then at home every time I walk into the kitchen I have a drink of water. It's just habit.

  9. That is a neat water bottle! I drink my first glass of water in the morning before I even get in the shower. Throughout the day, I never take just one drink, everytime I get a drink I take in at least 8 oz. If I'm working out I'll drink a minimum of 16 oz per hour. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. I just love water so I keep some with me all the time. My Hubby is on the road and needs to drink more water especially in the summer. I just got him a car cooler that will keep his 2 siggs cold during the day.

  11. I mark my water intake by how many times I fill and finish my 1 liter water bottle (right now, I'm refilling my Aquafina bottle). I try to drink 1-2 by lunch and 1 after lunch. At home, I try to drink another liter before bed.

  12. As soon as my glass or bottle of water is empty, I try to refill it right away. I find myself drinking more water that way.

  13. I don't get enough water. I may drink one cup of water a day. I do believe this would help me drink more because it's actually telling me I'm not drinking enough. lol Thank you!

  14. I've been doing this since before it was trendy. I'm not healthy - just cheap. Water is cheaper than colas and I'm used to drinking lots of water.

  15. Sounds so silly, but my favorite water drinking cup is a Starbuck's travel mug! Its white and sparkly and just the right size for a quick grip (size does matter) as I'm passing by, most likely chasing my two year old!
    I also add lemon to my water faithfully!

  16. What a great idea, I drink plenty of water but as far as traveling I always am looking for something to put my water in. The kids usually drink all the water bottles.

  17. I always have my big glass by the computer (not near enough to spill). When I'm in the car I have at least one, if not more bottles handy. I would like to have a bottle that keeps track so I can see just how much I've had. Thanks for the contest.

  18. I love drinking water,mainly ice water,. I also get my water when I am drinking coffee,another favorite. Love this water bottle and the way it keeps track of the amount of water because I don't. Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  19. I drink water when I am more active or it is warm out. I always bring water with me when I am rock climbing, walking or playing tennis. When I am not being active I hardly drink water. I get my what I need from fruits and veggies.

  20. I hardly drink anything at all during the day. I might drink 2 glasses of tea. When I was pregnant and nursing I made myself drink tons of water a day.

  21. I carry around a big 64-oz Johnson's General Store cup with water every day, (hey at least no one steals it because of the muscles required to carry it) but it would be nice to have something small and pretty.


  22. Way cool! Especially because I need to drink as much water as possible! Doctor's orders! This would be a fun and unique way to do just that!

  23. Honestly I am very bad at it and I usually reach for a soda when I feel thirsty. I think this would be a great help in switching to water and keeping track of how much I drink! Thanks for the chance!

  24. I stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle next to me at all times, I once read that Martha Stewart keeps a pitcher of water next to her desk with lemon slices in it and a glass so she constantly stays hydrated. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Peace!

  25. I admit, I horrible at getting the recommended amount of water into me, and my body shows it. I often get dehydrated, bad headaches, retain water when I eat salty foods because there is no extra to flush it out. To make it worse, I drink caffeinated coffee in the mornings. Ugh. Perhaps a nifty device like this would encourage me more to get the hydration I need!

  26. I try to carry a water bottle with me. That way, I don't stop and get drinks elsewhere that would most likely be sodas or sugary drinks.

  27. I admit that I don't drink enough water! I always forget. Somedays I think that I get enough but I always lose count. I wold love to have the bottle! It would be a great reminder for me. Thanks!

  28. I start my day with two cups of green tea. and after that, I put slices of meyer lemon into my water glass. But, I don't always keep track of how often it's filled, so the thermos would make it handy for me.

  29. I always have a water bottle with me. People joke that i drink so much water, they call me the water lady,,lol

  30. I drink only water when I'm at home, but I need some motivation to drink more water at work (where you'll usually find me with a big cup of coffee or tea in my hand)

  31. I always keep a water bottle with me, wherever I go, and make it a point to drink it throughout the day. If I get bored with the water, I'll add the flavorings that you pour right into the bottle!

  32. I hate water! But I make myself drink it everyday, and lots of it because Im nursing. I know that as soon as Im dont nursing, Im going to have a hard time drinking it as much as I should! Cool giveaway, thanks!

  33. I am fortunate to be a mom that stays at home. This does make it easier to stay hydrated. I make sun tea even during the winter months. That is what I drink a lot of. I also keep a gallon jug filled with water and try to drink at least half of it a day. This Thermos cup is fabulous. It would help me a lot. Please add my name to your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  34. I carry around bottled water. I really absolutely need to go buy a few non throw away bottles to reduce my enviromental impact.

  35. I drink water constantly throughout the day, even when I go to restaruants, I get looked at funny sometimes! :)

  36. Ooooh how cool! I like that it has a meter, I will have to go see if I can find one. I have given up soda (except occasionally when I am out) and junk drinks, so that makes water my best friend now. I have been trying to make a lot of better choices so I can be around as a "fit" mom for many more years!

    That reminds me...how is your pregnancy going? Drop me a note and update me when you get a chance!

  37. I'm not the most diligent person when it comes to keeping hydrated although when I get bored with water, I drink heavily diluted juice or sports drinks.`

  38. I do need to start drinking more. When I was nursing,I kept a measured water container in the fridge so I could see how much I was taking in throughout the day.

  39. I have several bottles going at the same time...one in my car...one in my 'nanny bag' that I take to work and refill..., one at my desk and even...and more places if needed...am a water fanatic! thanks so much for entry...:)

  40. I am trying very hard to stay away from using plastic water bottles, and to drink more water. This would be a perfect solution to both. The only problem would be trying to keep it for myself and not let my kids take it over.

  41. This is a great idea! I carry water with me everywhere I go. And I drink it! This keeps me from stopping at the mini mart for a soda when I'm out and about the town.

  42. I drink from a sad little water bottle with no lid. It's 32 oz though. The only way I can get myself to drink it all is to constantly have it beside me-which would certainly be more pleasant if it was new & pretty!

  43. As much as some people frown on it, I drink a few glasses with each meal and snack. For me it seem to help my digestion rather then hinder it and slows down my eating.

  44. I stay hydrated by refilling my coffee cup with water. This is a great product because it keeps track of how much your drink!

  45. Well, honestly, I don't stay very hydrated, so I really need this. My doctor is always yelling at me to drink more water

  46. I starting keeping a bottle stashed in my bookbag so that I can refill in a drinking fountain as I go throughout my day. This way I always have water close at hand.

  47. I keep a constant supply of Kool-aid or Iced Tea in the fridge with a sip bottle. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  48. I have a hard time keeping up with ho much i am drinking, especially when I am pregnant and nursing! I work well with goals though, so this would be a visable reminder to keep me going!!

  49. I'm trying to keep a water bottle on my desk at work to remind me to drink more water... This would be a classy addition to my cluttered desk.

  50. I am pretty good about drinking water, but I usually use bottled water, it would be really nice to have a reusable one that was BPA free! Thanks for the contest!

  51. I would love to win this! I am so tired of counting out the ounces. I usually just use one of those cups they give you at the hospital x's 2.

  52. I cart a Klean Kanteen with me no matter where I go. And while I'm at work, I'll have my Klean Kanteen, and a cup of tea sitting at my desk at all times.

  53. I try and keep water , coffee,or lemonade near me at all times. I'm a cystinuric so I'm suppose to drink a massive amt. of fluids daily to avoid making stones so I have to drink,drink,drink.ty 4 the awesome giveaway and entry:)

  54. I am HORRIBLE about drinking water, I'm addicted to diet mt. dew and prefer to down that, but now that I'm going to be working from home, I'm going to set a goal for drinking more!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  55. I've been looking for a new water bottle and this just might be the right one. I've off to the Thermos site to check out what they have.

  56. My New Years Resolution is to drink more water!!! I'm so hooked on coke & the dehydration is showing. This thermos would be a perfect reminder.

  57. I drink a lot of Crystal Light and other sugar free drink mixes with water because I'm not a huge water fan. Not in bulk anyway. Thanks!

  58. admit I do not drink enough water but I try- have the cups so I see it- yes I forget to keep hydrated- and dehydrating also causes massive headaches with me

  59. I would love to have something safe that would help me keep track of all that water I need to drink. I'm a total Diet Coke addict and really need to kick the habit. I'm really trying in this new year.

  60. I used to drink a few Poland Spring bottles a day, but I just got a Brita pitcher which is a little less convenient, but better for the environment and my wallet.

  61. I have a Pur water pitcher and I try to refill my glass when I can. When I do well, I go through a pitcher a day. To add variety I buy TruLemon and TruLime (they are made from real lime and lemons) to add to my water...they make for a nice change to keep me interested in drinking.

  62. I drink water all darn day. I just bought a fridge with a water purifier because buying bottled water was getting crazy.

  63. I have a liter Sigg bottle, and my goal is to drink the whole thing while I'm at work, in addition the the water I drink at home at night. The only problem is that the farther along I get in my pregnancy, the more I have to go to the bathroom...and I can't take too many bathroom breaks (I'm a teacher)! :) Thanks so much - I could always use another bpa-free bottle!

  64. I don't stay hydrated enough. I try to drink water, but totally forget, unless I am on one of my must stay hydrated binges. I should have them more often!

  65. I ALWAYS have a water bottle with me. However, it always seems to be 3/4 full. I do better when I go on my "mindful-drinking" binge and set my 3 bottles in a little row for the day. Then, it is a fun challenge to get thru them. I have been wanting to try a reusable bottle... hopefully one that fits on the toprack of the dishwasher.

  66. I just found out I'm pregnant so I'm trying to drink 80 oz of water a day. Right now I carry a plastic Aquafina bottle around with me to remind myself to drink. It would be great to have something prettier, sturdier, easier to wash, and better for the environment to use!

  67. I'd love to win this...it was actually on my Christmas list but I didn't get it. I need to up my water intake.

  68. I should probably keep track better, but I usually just drink water when I am thirsty. I have a water bottle for the morning gym workout, but I'm pretty bad about keeping hydrated in the afternoon.

  69. I need to drink more water...I have it on my desk, but I just forget to drink it...or I leave the water bottles at home & don't want to go get tap water...so I would really like to have this nifty bottle, thanks!

  70. I drink a lot of fluid during the day from a water bottle I refill from a pitcher of iced tea in the frig or from a packet.

  71. I definitely do not drink nearly enough water. I am really bad about drinking during the day aside from at mealtimes. This is a great idea!


  72. This is such a great product!! I currently use poland spring water bottles with sports cap--this would be much healthier given that its bpa free!!

  73. I know I don't drink enough water, but my best reminders are my daughters who have always been great water drinkers! It's odd how I am more conscientious with them than I am with myself. So, whenever they ask for a glass of water, I chug one myself.

  74. I keep a Big Bottle in the fridge which I use to refill my Little Bottles. There's a bottle within arms reach of me at all times, and one goes with me everywhere I go. Stopped drinking soda a long time ago....better for my health, better for my wallet.
    I'm going on a guilt trip about still using plastic though, and those Thermos H2O bottles are stellar.

  75. Im preggers and my midwife recommends I drink a gallon a day, so I fill a gallon jug and then pour it into my steel bottle until I get threw the whole thing, I am in the bathroom for at least two hours a day.

  76. During the winter, I drink 3 thermoses of hot lemon water every day. Sometimes I will use a hydrating, alkaline tea like Yogi Kombucha. I Never drink any caffeinated drinks which are dehydrating.

  77. I try to consume at least a gallon of water every day, I have a pitcher that I use but alas no water bottle, I tend to "lose" the glass I drink out of constantly

  78. I dont drink enough water a day! I do drink 2-3 glasses of ice tea a day though, know its not enough. Having some thing to remind me would help!

  79. I always carry a water bottle with me. It would be nice to have a monitored Water bottle to show me exactly how much water I am drinking, plus as an added bonus, I would help the environment with not having to use plastic bottles all the time.

  80. I don't drink enough water either, especially when I'm trying to get things done... fortunately for me, I get really thirsty when I'm pregnant so I have been drinking enough recently! I've been keeping two glasses of water - one on my desk and one in my kitchen window - usually I'm close to one of those places and I'm more likely to drink if the water is already in a glass ready to drink!

  81. I could use this. I dont drink enough water. In the new year, i am trying to eat and drink healthier. This would be great to have.

  82. Thanks for posting this reminder. I am so BAD about this. I didn't used to be, but since I've had kids, I'm so focused on what they need that I forget about what I need. In fact, I'm off to grab a glass of water right now. :)

  83. I don't stay nearly as hydrated as I should. When I was breastfeeding I drank so much water now I don't even want to look at it. I'm not a big drinker. Maybe with this bottle I will be able to drink more!


  84. I am a tea addict and i drink at least 5-6 cups of tea every day! Tea is great for hydration (apart from its other health benefits) and that's how i keep count of my water intake!

  85. I love this idea! One of my goals this year is to stop buying plastic water bottles. My daughters and I have gotten into the habit of carrying water bottles around with us. I am happy that they have developed this healthy habit, but it's about time we give up plastic disposals and help save the environment!

  86. I have to say that I don't drink nearly as much water as I should; not even close.
    A goal for the New Year is to do better! Wherever I go I do have a bottle of water with me, but after awhile it's got that "bottle" taste and it just turns me off. Or it's too warm.
    I do try every time I enter the kitchen (that's also where the front door is) to drink a small glass of water each time. That is helping to get my intake up.
    Also, for the better part of the last 5 days and as of last night, i passed the last "alien child" of a kidney stone!! Thank goodness! I'd rather be in labor again than go through that business again! UGH but did learn an important lesson in hydrating, hydrating, hydrating and flushing your kidney's!!! Water it does a body good!

  87. I eat fruit and keep ice in a tall glass on the counter so when I wake up, I have a tall glass to drink when I wake up.

    I need to work on this water drinking business more. I have bladder issues, I can't HOLD 90 ozs of water. OMG, just thinking of it, makes me wanna pee ;)

  88. Whenever I leave the house, no matter how short my trip is, I always bring a water bottle with me. This way I have something to drink at all times. I find if I dont always put priority on bringing a water bottle then hours may go by and I havent had anything to drink. Not to mention the cost of drinks when your out. So my biggest recomendation is to ALWAYS FILL A BOTTLE(OR EVEN A CUP) WITH WATER EVERY TIME YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE AND BRING IT WITH YOU!

  89. Drinking enough water each day is something I definitely need to work on. I started getting headaches a couple of weeks ago and finally realized they were coming when I was dehydrated. I've started keeping a bottle of cold water in the fridge. I try to remember to take a swig or two every time I'm in or near the kitchen. So far it seems to be working.

  90. I'm constantly trying to get myself to remember to drink water and to drink more of it!! I have 2 water bottles, and they're both pretty beat up, so this would be great. I think it would motivate me to drink more b/c I would be so proud that it was pretty that I would want to use it and show it off. {wink} Thanks for the chance to enter!

  91. Ooh, I could use this. My water bottle disappeared and I've been using the ginormous straw cup thing the hospital gave me when I had Cheeks. It is quite unwieldy, however, and I would love something that fits in a cupholder again!

  92. I am a guzzler! I own two Sigg water bottles that I use while playing tennis. Would be happy to add this to the other reusable bottles.

  93. I drink a good bit of water during the day. Granted, nursing definitely makes a girl thirsty. When I'm out of the house I hate having to buy water. A water bottle would definitely cure that problem.

  94. I drink at least 12 glasses of water a day. I keep a Tupperware water bottle with me at all times, at my desk, in my car, everywhere. I have a few of the same bottle so I can switch them out but it's time for some new water bottles for hubs and myself. This would be perfect especially to take to the gym. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  95. ... And if you're pregnant or nursing, you should be drinking *much more* than that! My midwife actually told me that I should be drinking a whole gallon every day of my pregnancy. I rarely managed that much - after all, simply being pregnant adds to bladder woes, and I didn't enjoy forcing that much extra water through my system. But I definitely feel better when I get enough to drink, and I think most of my headaches would be avoided by staying well hydrated. But I need to be better at this habit.

    I have a 32oz Rubbermaid bottle that I generally like, but I'm loving the idea of this revolving counter on the Thermos you're showcasing here. The only tricky thing is keeping a bottle of water with me when I'm chasing three kids around. I don't have enough hands, as it is!

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