We have something to tell you...

We have something to tell you... 1

Full Story: Coming Soon.

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49 comments on “We have something to tell you...”


    Oh, sorry...that was my selfish, I-dont-want-you-to-go-for-selfish-reasons side coming out. Really, we are so super excited for you. :) There is no one better for this crazy, exciting, faith-building, amazing, wonderful plan!

  2. I can't wait to hear all about it! What about your hubby's job?? Or are you going into full time missions/ministry together as a family. Whatever it is I am sure you will be great and it will be amazing to God unfold in your life! :)

  3. Wow! Your post about the yard sale this weekend, had me wondering if something like this was in the works.

    I'm guessing some kind of overseas stay...

  4. I'm with Tiffany...can't wait to see where your family is headed! (I'm guessing missionaries in the Alaska/Canada area)

  5. Oh geesh, my curiosity has grown even larger. So happy for you guys, as it seems you've been contemplating moving a lot lately. Can't wait to hear more about your guys' next step.

  6. I know this is so intentional to leave us hanging, waiting, and guessing but it's just not very nice...:). Can't wait to hear your plans and I look forward to your post!

  7. You are full of teasing - My guess is you and Tim are going to become missonaries and are moving to some far off county? You have been telling us that something big is coming and then you mentioned the other night that you and Tim were discussing - can we really do it?

    That is my guess and I cannot wait to hear the answer!!

  8. Congrats! I **think**, right? Moving is oh so stressful with kids. We did it last year. But if you're following your heart and your dreams then it's completely worth it. Can't wait to hear the story!

  9. Oooh! Good for you for making that big decision. I'm excited to hear the full story and hear where you're planning to go.

  10. Congratulations. As someone married to a "crazy enough to change the world" kind of guy, I applaud you for stepping out in faith. With great risk comes great reward.

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