Wednesday Whimsies

Wednesday Whimsies 1

On this Wondrous Wednesday, I hereby present you with a list of my whimsies. These are things I would like to do someday - maybe I will, maybe I won't.

I'm sure there are many more that I am missing, but these are the first ones that pop into my head.

Someday, I want to:

  • run in a 1/2 marathon (preferably one at Disneyland).
  • be semi-fluent in a second language.
  • custom-build a [small] house with a true front porch.
  • have a home birth - in a tub.
  • get my PhD.
  • practice singing one song really well so I am prepared for karaoke.
  • master playing three songs on the guitar.
  • take a photography class.
  • travel abroad with my kids.
  • live in the heart of a city, in a condo.
  • highlight my hair...blonde.
  • Wednesday Whimsies 2be a millionaire.
  • actually know what I'm talking about when the topic of "wine" comes up.
  • adopt a child.
  • or be a foster parent.
  • invent something.
  • meet Sarah.
  • live right-next-door to good friends.
  • be published in The New York Times.
  • travel around the country in an RV with the intent purpose of helping others.

Oh, wait - that last one is coming true.

* This post was inspired by Steph (if you don't know her, you should).

What are a few of your "whimsies"?

ALSO - What is your favorite song for karaoke?

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21 comments on “Wednesday Whimsies”

  1. Wow, I've tried to think of a list as I sit here right now and it almost seems Impossible...maybe because there are just too many things.

  2. These are all so great! And I still can't believe you are doing the RV thing...amazing!!!

    Now I feel inspired to create a list.

    Btw: I SO know you will get a lot of or all of these done one day!!

  3. Love this list - most of mine would involve travel and things I don't have money or time for... let's see
    1. read or re-read all of Shakespeare's works
    2. Live in Italy for a year. Maybe more.
    3. Climb Mount Everest (but only if I don't have to sacrifice life and limb in the process).
    4. Take a cake decorating class (this one is probably do-able)
    5. Learn to write calligraphy - or at least have better handwriting!

    I have more. So much more! :) Thanks for an inspiring post and a reminder that we need to have goals and plans for our own self-development too as mothers!

  4. Love your list, such a good idea and so very cool that you will be starting on a big part of your list soon!

    I'd like to own goats one day and travel across Europe with my family.

    1. Europe is on my "list" too. I think I'd particularly like to visit Switzerland, Austria, the Greek Islands, and the UK.

  5. Such fun. My whimsies include building a house with a "library" and at least one secret room and/or passageway, and taking my Hubby to a tiny village in the French countryside to see where I lived for a year when I was little. Probably won't happen, but hey dreams are fun even if they're unrealistic, right?

    1. I actually have a floor-plan + layout all sketched out for our "dream home"...and there is a secret passageway in it. ;)

  6. Love this post! Especially the stuff about traveling. Most of my whimsies involve travel and I'm in the middle of one right now. We have sold all our stuff and hit the road to lead a very unordinary life.

    1. Hi Heidi! Where [in the world] are you right now? What are your goals for this traveling adventure? I'd love to hear more about your current + future plans.

      1. We just took two weeks to drive up the west coast. Amazing drive. Right now we're in Seattle. Our goals are to have an adventure as a family, experience new places, learn, and inspire others to live their dreams. Basically our whole purpose is to inspire others to take action towards their dream life.
        For us this was the first step we needed to take towards living our dream life.
        Just like you have helped me have the courage to take these steps I would like to pass it on.

  7. Oh, I loved this post! You can totally run a 1/2 Disney no less! :) I would love to have a home birth too...but I also love the birth center. So, my husband and I have agreed that if we aren't living in Tucson when I'm pregnant...a home birth we will try. As for living in the heart of a city, might I recommend Boston??

    1. The birth center is AMAZING. You're right about that! We'll probably come back to Tucson to have baby #3 there (when we get pregnant w/ baby #3, that is)...since we won't exactly have a "home" to have a homebirth in. ;)

  8. I made the list! I made the list! Yay! Now that I am planning our first (intentional) homebirth, I admit I'm really excited by the possibilities. And there are so many on your list that would be on mine too (not that you're surprised by that).

  9. Oh...I wanted so badly to have a homebirth. I was actually having vivid dreams about it -- about successfully VBACing, birthing this baby in a tub in my living room, supported by my husband and a few wonderful friends. Out of the three midwives I contacted, one said I risked out of her care due to a pre-existing condition, and the other two decided the same after my hospital stay last month. ::sigh:: So a hospital birth it is.

    I think everyone should have a list like this, a list of "whimsies," or a bucket list. Hopes and dreams are what makes life worth living!

    1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your homebirth dream, Crystal. I hope your hospital birth experience exceeds your expectations. Will you still be able to deliver w/ a midwife?

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