We're Going on a Date to the Australian Outback (okay, Outback Steakhouse...)

We're Going on a Date to the Australian Outback (okay, Outback Steakhouse...) 1My husband and I much prefer "date days" to "date nights" in this juncture of our relationship. It's so much nicer to go out during the day because then we don't have to miss bath time, bed time prayers, and good night kisses. Plus, restaurants, movie theaters, and other "hot spots" are usually less crowded during the day and, as an added bonus, almost everything is cheaper too!

This Friday, we've carved out a portion of our day and we're going to head to Outback Steakhouse - a restaurant chain that boasts 800 restaurants across the country and 950 locations worldwide. Outback prides itself on "fresh food prepared from scratch, bold flavors, and top-quality ingredients" as well as "outstanding employees and an unsurpassed commitment to service."

The Outback just celebrated their 20th birthday and, to celebrate, they've introduced a number of special menu items that are only available through the end of April. I think I might try the Chargrilled Tuscan Rib Eye (served with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed veggies) and perhaps we'll split a Chocolate Thunder From Down Under (a fresh-baked pecan brownie and rich vanilla ice cream) for dessert.

We're Going on a Date to the Australian Outback (okay, Outback Steakhouse...) 2If you'd like try out the new menu items or to indulge in the Outback's signature Bloomin' Onion, you can search for one in your neighborhood on the Outback website. If you prefer to eat at home or on the run, there's always Curbside Take-Away to consider (you can even pre-order online!).

Chime In: Where is YOUR favorite place to go on a date? Do you prefer "date days" too or am I the only one?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $25 gift card to Outback Steakhouse. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, April 14 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, April 15. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #32 Kristin. Congratulations!

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42 comments on “We're Going on a Date to the Australian Outback (okay, Outback Steakhouse...)”

  1. We would love to win this for our date day or night. We have preferred date days most of our married life (even before the new addition). We love the cheaper/fewer crowds factors. Plus somehow it always feels like you are skipping school or something :) Got to love a non-traditional schedule.

  2. Wow, what are date nights? Or day dates for that matter? I can't remember the last time my husband and I ate at a real restaurant! The Outback has great food and it would be so nice not to have to clean up for once!!

  3. With three children, our date nights are few and far between, and if I had to wait for my husband to ask me out, they might never happen. We both enjoy going out to dinner just about anywhere, and a movie afterwards is the perfect night out for us.

  4. Hello! I know this will sound like a broken record,but it is the truth! I can't tell you the last date night that my husband and I have had! First, there isn't a lot of extra money since we live on one income. I am a SAHM. Please enter us in your drawing. Thanks very much.....Cindi

  5. I think date days are a great idea, Stephanie, for all the reasons you mentioned. My husband and I should take advantage of the fact that he's in grad school right now and has occasionally has the option of getting away during the day. Do you find that it's easier to find a babysitter during the day?

  6. I don't remember the last time my husband and I had a date---day or night---but we used to frequent the used book stores for fun. That was before the days of two little children! Thanks for the contest.

  7. The Bloomin' Onion is my all-time favorite food! I haven't been to The Outback in quite awhile and am so craving one right now! I need to win!!!

  8. To be honest our next date we wnat to rty Outback. I ahve never been and started only eating steak recently. Usually anywhere with yummy drinks, when I go out on a date I wnat a good drink or two. haha

  9. We take advantage og "date nights" whenever possible...It helps keep our "flame" burning! LOL! Sure would be nice to make our next one at Outback...I LOVE the Bloomin' Onions, Mate! (Couldn't help myself!LOL!)

  10. yummy, this is one of our favorite places to have dinner!! my husband and i would so enjoy a night out together!! they have the best cheese fries ever!!! we would so love to win!!!!!

  11. My husband LOVES Outback. This would be a great way to get back into "dating." We too have not been doing enough of this!

  12. I'll pass since my hubby works there...wouldn't really be fair. But I just wanted to say that the food there is devine! ;)

  13. I love Outback Steakhouse -- it was the first place my husband and I went after our wedding (I was starving!).

    My favorite thing to do for a date night or day is to go out to eat! We love to eat and try new things and love that we can talk without interruption the whole time. Sometimes we go out to a bookstore or a coffee shop afterwards -- we just like hanging out!

  14. We usually go out after the kids are in bed, so while its not the best eating steak at 9:00 at night, we still get out kid time as well as our time!

  15. We also love Outback! It's close & the prices are... well, decent. The food is delicious too!

    Have fun on your date night!

  16. We love to go out to eat on our dates. Unfortunately, we're pretty far away (1 hour +) from many restaurants, so a dinner date is a big deal in our household. Sometimes, instead, we put the kids down and do a puzzle together, watch a movie and eat popcorn, listen to a book on tape and give each other massages, or play a game. It's fun and revives our marriage!

  17. I am absolutely with you! We love date days too. That has always been more of our thing...except when we had only our first child. She was always a great sleeper and out by 7 or so. Back then we could tuck her in and be off for some couple time with her sweet baby head never ever realizing we'd been out and left her in a dear friend's loving care. Now that she has been joined by her little sisters, the date day has been a staple for us. It gives us a good time togther when we aren't too tired...and allows us to still have some great family time at night. We do all knds of things on dates...movies to favorite restaurants to museums, shopping, hiking, or just enjoying time browsing a book store. No one place is really a favorite. Anyplace that he is, well, that's perfect to me!

  18. Date "days" is something that we have never done, but is not a bad idea at all (especially when it comes to movies)! We tend to make our day-time time together baby-friendly, so we'll go to the park or something.

    We go to Outback a lot, actually, but never for dates. We go with my partners uncle, who LOVES Outback!

    For dates, we tend to try a few different places, but typically end up going to the same selection: Max and Erma's (a semi-local chain), TGIFridays, and various Sushi places.

  19. Hmmm. Date nights. I don't think I'm familiar with those! Seriously, we don't get too many. Date "days" are fun, but to me there's something about being out on the town at night that just screams, "I'm a grown-up!" Hubby and I love most foods, but we usually opt for some sort of ethnic food on a date night. Since the kids would never eat Thai or Indian or even Sushi, that's where we usually end up!

  20. we do early date nights. We usually feed the girls early (4:15pm) and we go out for 2 hours and return at 6:30 in time for a snack/dessert and bedtime routine (we give the bath before we leave in the afternoon.) We always joke that the babysitter most love us as she still has time to go out or book another babysitting job.

  21. Ooo, we definitely always enjoy Outback. Any restaraunt with "steak" in the title is bound to be a winner with my husband!

  22. Our dates are usually to dinner or a movie and they almost always end up at a bookstore. I'll take a date day or night!

  23. What a great idea! (I love our sweet bedtimes together also) I've heard you mention date days before, and I haven't really considered it because we love our family times...which we cherish on the weekends. With my hubbys work afternoons aren't really an option. how great for you! we recently paired up with another couple to try a mid-week date night and baby swap. One week we have their sweet little one, and the next week they have ours. We're only 1 week in...so not sure how it will end up working out long-term. But I'm *really* looking forward to our night out tomorrow!

  24. I haven't been on a date with my husband in quite some time. Our anniversery just passed and we didn't go anywhere mainly because of the kids. I think a date day would work much better for us.Oh and we love the Outback their food is great.Thanks for the chance!

  25. Moving to a new city just as we brought our daughter home means no friends or family to babysit. We only get a true date night (or afternoon - we aren't picky) if family is visiting. So place like Outback and other family friendly chains are great for us - we can date the squirt along with us on our dates. For our alone time, we tend to order in (we've done Applebee's curbside pick up - don't think I knew Outback had it) and play board games after the girl is in bed.

  26. As we're generally date night people, I like to do dinner and then something fun afterwards if we have time. Sometimes we'll do a movie if there's a good one out. My birthday's this coming Sunday...I'd love to have a joint birthday party with Outback! :)

  27. Well, I haven't had a "date day" in over a year. My baby girl is 10 months now and I'm ready to get back out there once in a while with my husband. I would love to win this, we love the Outback!! Thanks for the great give away!

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