What DOESN'T Work For Me Wednesday

What DOESN'T Work For Me Wednesday 1In case you're unaware, Shannon over at Rocks in My Dryer hosts a weekly blog carnival called Works for Me Wednesday. People all over the blogosphere share tips about things that "work" for them.

But not this week...

This week's theme is all about what *doesn't* work (in this case...what doesn't work for me). I was inspired by Darcie over at Such the Spot (when am I NOT inspired by her writing?) to participate this week.

So, without further ado, here's my list of very personal, somewhat random things that don't "work" for me. Feel free to agree or disagree or to leave a hearty, "Hear! Hear!" And, by all means, please share some things that don't work for you in the comments...

1. Having the TV on when no one is watching it. Or maybe I should just say having the TV on period. I am just not a TV person for the most part (there are a few exceptions...namely, Lost and Psych).

2. Sleeping without a blanket. Even in the dead of summer, I like to have something covering me.

3. "Crying it out." It just breaks this mama's heart. I never did use that philosophy with my daughter.

4. Church nurseries. The germs, the strangers, the separation, the whole thing just isn't really my "cup of tea." When my daughter was young, I preferred to keep her in a sling. Now, I just like having her join me for the singing and then we play in the grass and "socialize."

5. Provocative clothing for little girls. Camisoles, mini skirts, shirts with subtle messages printed across the chest...that kind of thing.  

6. Encouraging little kid "crushes." I.E. "He has such a crush on her," "Go give him a kiss on the cheek," "He's such a ladies man."

7. Drinking milk. Strange, I know. I never have liked the white stuff that "does a body good." I do, however eat yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and butter without hesitation.

8. Reciprocal Links. As in, "I'll-post-your-blog-on-my-blogroll IF you-post-my-blog-on-your-blogroll." I much prefer blogrolls that are short, personal, and reciprocated because of genuine interest. 

9. Long drives on roll-y/windy roads. I'm up for any adventure, but this kind usually gives me motion sickness. I always try to convince myself that it's "in my head." But - um - that doesn't really work.

10. Fax machines. Why-oh-why do some businesses still insist on sending and receiving faxes? This is the 21st century people! 

Now, wasn't that fun? If you participate, be sure to leave your link in the comments. Or, if you don't have a blog, tell me a few things that don't "work" for you. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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16 comments on “What DOESN'T Work For Me Wednesday”

  1. Those are WONDERFUL not-works-for-me's. There's only a couple up there that do work for me, but that's ok! I'm sure I have some "What doesn't work for me" things that may work great for you.

    Now, lets see... What doesn't work for me? I'd have to say pacifiers (my daughter HATED them from day 1) fast food, soda pop, lip liner (just can't do it...), clothes that I wore just 5 years ago (yeah, ok - how'd I even fit in to some of those clothes!), and rap music (Yeesh!)

  2. I am 100% with you on 1,2,5,6,7,8,10 and close on the rest- but I LOVE long drives. They really work for me.
    The TV is my big pet peeve. I can go for weeks without turning it on, and when I do I usually end up reading instead.
    Hate milk too- couldn't pay me to drink it!

  3. 1-7 I'm with you all the way. 8-10, eh, not really on my radar.

    I used to be a HUGE milk drinker, but after spending 3+ years dairy free for my allergic nursling I can't stand the thought of drinking straight milk. Other dairy products, sure!

    My husbands cousins gave our first daughter a halter top & mini-skirt in size 0-3 months!!! We exchanged those so fast!

  4. Stephanie, Great post. I would have to agree with about all of them. Hate the TV on most of the time. Love covers, all year around and I live in Phoenix where it is hot alot. Still don't understand why parents let babies cry it out. There is so many other ways to teach your baby to sleep. I like "Baby Whisperer". Hate white milk also. If I drink it I put chocolate and strawberry syrup in the milk. This helps alot and I also get my chocolate fix!!

  5. My husband and I both agree on the clothing issue, it is totally wrong for a 3-4 year old to run around with anything written across their bottom! I mean, come on, we are already in an oversexed society, why do we feel the need to push it onto our kids earlier and earlier.

  6. I absolutely must have something covering me when I sleep! I even made a little sheet for my daughter last summer in case she feels the same way.

  7. Ha, your list is great! I completely agree with you on most, especially the TV thing. I HATE the tv on unless I am genuinely interested in the show, like you- LOST. (We call it our date night!)
    Encouraging kid crushes is just wrong. I had so many boys as friends growing up and thankfully my parents never made any comments like that- It kept me open to being friends with everyone, and I hope to do the same for my kids!
    Your milk thing is a little weird!!! We go through a gallon a day...
    Thanks, so much fun to "get to know you" a little better!

  8. I'm SO with ya on the Church Nurseries!! I dread the times when my mother-in-law is with us at church because apparently they are on her "what DOES work" list.

    Even if children are disruptive during church I still think it's a good thing to instill in them that this is something our family does no matter what. It's not time to run or yell. (Although with a toddler this inevitably does happen.) But it is time to sing, snuggle and maybe browse a fews picture books.

  9. I never could stand milk either. And apparently, I have passed that aversion onto my girls. Now I understand that we all, especially us ladies, need our calcium, guess that means we have to eat more ice cream! Ok. Can do.

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