What event are you planning?

What event are you planning? 1I used to host Clothes Swaps at my house once a quarter. It was a fun way for my friends and I to clear clutter from our closets, while also picking up "new" clothes.

Back in my pre-baby career days, I also planned (or was a pivotal part of planning) many events...from small faculty orientations at a university to large career/college fairs when I worked as a high school guidance counselor.

Like it or not, most moms end up planning quite a few events as their children grow-up - birthday parties, graduation celebrations, bridal showers, bake sales, and dinner soirees.

I recently had an opportunity to interview Julia Hartz, a mom of 1 (soon-to-be 2!) and the cofounder of Eventbrite, a site that "gives you all the online tools you need to bring people together for an event and sell tickets."

What event are you planning? 2
Julia Hartz, cofounder of Eventbrite

ME: Tell me more about the history of Eventbrite.

JULIA: The company was founded in January 2006 to democratize ticketing so that anyone would be able to sell tickets online.

ME: How do you envision moms using the site?

JULIA: Parents use the site along a wide spectrum. We've had people plan fall fundraisers for schools, yoga classes, music concerts, PTA meetings, even baby showers. The service allows you to track data about who is coming, how much money you are raising - plus, it assists with invitations, marketing, and follow-up.

ME: What is the cost to use Eventbrite?

JULIA: If your event is free, the service is completely free. If you're selling tickets, Eventbrite takes 2.5% + 99cents per ticket. There is also a break for non-profits.

What events do you regularly plan/host at your house? Christmas cookie exchange? Easter lunch? Mother/Daughter Book Club? 

* Eventbrite is compensating me for this post.

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8 comments on “What event are you planning?”

  1. birthday parties mostly. Cookie swaps. I would love to host a book club but SADLY I don't really know any mom friends that could do it - my reader moms all live out of state or work full time with no room for a book club. Maybe one day! :)

  2. Sounds like a cool site. I haven't planned many events since college (I was an RA and in a sorority, so events galore) but I want to plan a Teddy bear picnic for my son and some other toddler friends, and I may end up throwing or at least helping lots with a shower for a newly engaged sister-in-law

  3. I use Eventbrite ALL the time now that I am hosting monthly blogging workshops! It is a fabulous service. I can't say enough about it. I love how you can get the info printed onto name badges, you can print out check lists for big events, you can add your own images or use their neat templates. It is easy to manage and gives lots of options for purchasing tickets. I could go on and on. It is very intuitive to use, and I love how you can charge your guests the 2.5% fee or you can pay it yourself. How fun that you interviewed one of the founders!

  4. Welcome back! Aside from birthday parties and baby showers the only other thing I have been planning as of late is meal trees for all of my lovely friends having little babies! I use mealbaby.com for that...super easy. Eventbrite looks like a great company! Thanks for the heads up. Hope you are doing okay and that your energy is slowly coming back?

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