What I Wore: Day at Walt Disney World

Planning a Disney World vacation? Congratulations! You and your family are sure to have a magical and memorable time.

After you research hotels, book your plane tickets or change the oil in your car, and clear your calendar, you'll need to get out your suitcases and decide what to wear for optimal cuteness, comfort, and style.

If you're traveling in the spring or summer, you'll want to pack lightweight and breathable clothing - and don't forget your deodorant!

Be sure to keep in mind that (a) you will be doing A LOT of walking and (b) Florida is humid.

For our visits to the parks in early May, I chose to keep it casual at the Magic Kingdom.


Hair by Kinky-Curly - The only way my hair survived the Florida humidity was with the help of Kinky Curly's Curling Custard. The gel works wonders for defining my curls and keeping frizziness at bay.


V-Neck Tee by Target - I picked up this navy v-neck from Target for about $10 prior to the trip. It totally served its purpose, but I'm not impressed by the quality/fit. It's saggy around the middle, scrunchy at the neckline, and doesn't do much for wicking away moisture. Why is it so hard to find great t-shirts?


Denim Shorts by Target - Tim convinced me to buy these blue jean shorts a few days prior to the conference...and I'm so glad he did! The color is perfect and the cut is flattering. They've been getting excellent wear the past few weeks here in Tucson since the temps have been 105+.


Sandals by Hi-Tec - Shoes are always the hardest decision for me - especially for casual venues with plenty of walking. I can't bring myself to wear clunky tennies, despite how comfortable they may be. On our recent trip to Disney World, I opted for these Harmony Life Strap sandals by Hi-Tec. They have a great athletic look - plus, they're adjustable and provide better support than flip-flops.


Petunia Pickle Bottom Carrier by Ergobaby - The Evening in Innsbruck design is eye-catching and elegant, without being too busy. It's super ergonomic, easy to take on and off, and baby can be worn in the front or back. The carrier also comes with a detachable hood to protect baby from sun, wind, or rain - perfect for napping on-the-go!




Where do you buy t-shirts? What shoes do you wear when you need to walk a lot?

* Thanks for Ergobaby, Hi-Tec, and Kinky-Curly for providing product samples.

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3 comments on “What I Wore: Day at Walt Disney World”

  1. I have the same shoes from Hi-Tec and recently wore them to Disneyland. They were really comfy all day. Champion shoes are nice too, as they are very lightweight and flexible. I have the same issues with tees. I find that they are okay until I wash them and then they get droopy and stretched out. Problem is that so many are paper-thin and you have to layer them over a cami, which isn't practical in the summer when you don't want to wear multiple layers.

  2. oh I NEED some of that Kinky Curly stuff!!!! I have super curly hair too but usually straighten it b/c it's just such a hassle!

  3. I just got some really cute Puma sneakers that are great for walking a lot. I know I generally hate wearing sneakers when I'm not exercising, but my plantar fasciitis is making it necessary. My favorite tees are from Banana Republic. Their "timeless tee" and "timeless tank" are both fab.

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