What I'd Wear Wednesday: 3rd Trimester Corporate Chic

j0438418Normally, I'd post a Wordless Wednesday photo today. But since we're all sick and not at the height of cuteness (that's an understatement), I thought I'd take some inspiration from Damselfly over at Growing A Life.

She has this oh-so-fun weekly column where she shares what she'd wear...if she could wear anything.

If I could wear anything right at this moment, I think I'd choose an ultra-comfy maternity nightgown with very little style or sass.

But that's a little boring. So, instead I'll focus on a fashion dilemma for pregnant mamas...looking "corporate" in the third trimester.

As many of you know, I work from home part-time for the local school district and rarely have to make "in-person appearances." But - every once in awhile - I go in to the office to meet with administrators, reporters, etc. When I do, I want to look professional - competent - clearly valuable.

That's a tough task at 36 weeks. But I think I'd feel pretty good in Isabella Oliver's Corporate Pregnancy Kit ($660). I love the simple stylishness of the set, don't you?

st079 isabella oliver corporate pregnancy kit outfit

WHAT WOULD YOU WEAR TODAY...if you could wear anything?

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6 comments on “What I'd Wear Wednesday: 3rd Trimester Corporate Chic”

  1. Hmmm, I'd love to wear something young, stylish, and versatile (equally good for work, hanging out with friends, or a date) with red high heels (I don't have any) and great accessories (I have barely any, and almost none are great). When I get home I'd love some cute, flattering pjs or yoga wear. Instead, I'm wearing some ill-fitting pants and a t-shirt. Thanks for making me feel so great about myself...

  2. Skinny jeans. I would love to get into skinny jeans, colored high heels and a couple layered tanks. I'm too fat right now ;)


  3. At 23 weeks pregnant I'm already having trouble looking corporate and I've been meeting with new clients too...

    I want something that doesn't cling to my pregnant belly... although wearing a warm, comfy, soft, maternity nightgown all day sounds good too!

  4. A really cute set of p.j.'s, but what I'm actually wearing is an oversized, overused, and mismatched set. Hmmmm...I think it's time to splurge on some new ones.

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