What Kind of Lipstick Do You Eat...er...Wear?

outlast_smoothwear_all_day_lipcolor_1 cover girlI haven't worn "regular" lipstick in years.

Why? Well, I don't like to see "smudges" - on my dinner glass, on my husband's lips, or on my baby's cheeks. Smudges mean that surely I am ingesting a lot of the stuff.

Actually, I just googled it and discovered the average woman will swallow between 4 and 9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. 4-9 pounds! That is totally not right.

The dilemma is that I really love wearing lipstick. REALLY. The vibrant, happy colors just make me feel pretty - "oh, so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright."  Okay, enough with the West Side Story. Now, that song is totally in my head - and your head too, incidentally.

Here's the thing: I like wearing lipstick. I don't like eating lipstick.

So, I opt for long-lasting lipsticks, like CoverGirl's Outlast Smoothwear All-Day Lipcolor. The lipstick lasts 8 hours and comes in 22 different shades. I especially love 855 Cabernet Satin.

I'm wearing that shade in this picture:


The downside of the lipstick is that it makes your lips dry, but I haven't yet discovered a long-lasting lipstick that doesn't do that. I'd much rather have slightly dry lips and color that lasts for hours than wear a glossy lipstick that I have to re-apply every 30 minutes because I've - um - eaten it. Maybe that's just me though.

What about you? Do you wear "regular" lipstick, long-lasting lipstick, or no lipstick?

outlast_smoothwear_all_day_lipcolor_hdrWIN IT! One winner will receive two different shades from CoverGirl's Outlast Smoothwear All-Day Lipcolor collection. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, August 19th at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #118 Deborah Wellenstein. Congratulations!

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154 comments on “What Kind of Lipstick Do You Eat...er...Wear?”

  1. just thought i'd weigh in anyways: i'm a lipsil with sun protection person. i enjoy colored versions of this. i wonder how much lipsil i've ingested?

  2. I don't like to wear lipstick because i can't stand seeing my lip-prints left on mugs and such!
    But this type sounds like it might be worth trying!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I don't leave my house unless I have lipstick
    or lip gloss on and my mother was the same way.
    I like red and bright shades,it seems to wake
    my face up.I wear Cover Girl makeup and really
    like it because it doesn't break me out.Thanks
    for the giveaway

  4. i usually wear regular lipstick or sometimes lip gloss. i have never tried the lasting color as of yet but i will someday :)

  5. I use Covergirl foundation. And have been trying to use more colour on my lips, mostly though with tinted glosses than with lipsticks. Ive been wanting to try this stuff but just hadnt gotten around to spending the money for it.

  6. Hello, my name is Anna, and I'm a chapstick addict. I've been clean for three minutes and twenty-six seconds now, and counting. There's something about smoothing that stick of Burts Bee's over my dry, thirsty lips--but if I'm feeling really naughty that day, I'll apply a coat of lipstick over it.

    It's a slippery slope. I can still remember my first tube of crimson lipstick...

    (Thanks for reading my confession, I hope my family isn't planning another intervention, especially if I win! Just kidding, my mother's no better than I am with her chapstick and lipstick! LOL)

  7. I generally wear Softlips and a slightly tinted lip gloss. I feel like it's a little gentler on the lips and looks more natural (not as stain-y) as some lipsticks.

  8. I like how lipstick looks on me better but tend to stick to lipgloss most of the time as it's easier to reapply.

  9. I wear long-lasting. Although I recently tried one that was regular, and I loved the slight scent it had and color, but it wore off so quickly I said I was going back to my long-lasting.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  10. I tried lip gloss and didn't like it at all. I use lipstick when I'm going somewhere. At home I don't use anything. I can wear regular lipstick to church and when I get home I have on nothing. Doesn't last long.

  11. This lipstick really does work and is made to last. I have one tube now and I can eat and drink and still have lipstick on.

  12. I wear lipstick occasionally, but not all the time. My daughters always notice when I'm wearing it and compliment me.

  13. I like to wear lipstick when I go out of the house any place! It perks my complexion up a little! I really don't know much about the different brands and colors. I just have a couple different ones.

  14. I wear regular lipstick right now, and I do have to reapply alkl the time. A pain! So enter me to win this contest! Thanks!

  15. I love lipstick, I just can never find the correct shade, I always end up looking like a clown or a goth. I do wear tinted gloss and balm though, those are sheer enough that they look good.

  16. I love lipstick,but wouldn't you know, as soon as I found the perfect shade, they stopped making it! I called every Clinique counter in Kansas City and couldn't find a single one! I think there should be a "perfect shade alert" when the manufacturer calls to say their discontinuing the best lipstick ever.

  17. I think I've tried all the "lasting" lip color brands in the last few years. They are much better than regular lipstick -- I'm always kinda surprised when I catch myself in the mirror hours later and still have lipstick on!

  18. I tried the long wearing lipsticks but didn't like them. It's been probably 10 years since I tried them, so hopefully the forumula has improved, and I'd like to try again. Right now I wear regular lipsticks.

  19. I actually haven't ever found a lipstick shade that would suit me! So still looking, until that, I'm find with lipgloss.. that I eat, yes (..especially those that taste like strawberry) ;-)

  20. I tend to stay away from lipsticks because they wear off and I am left with this funky ghost shade that cakes in all the little lines on my lips. I have been using a colored lip gloss

  21. Wow, eating 4-9 pounds of lipstick is horrible. I love to have color, but usually cannot handle how lipstick tastes. I haven't figured out what causes that taste, so I stay away from almost all of it. I have found CoverGirl lipstains recently and I really love them because they provide color but seem to stay put. I hope the lip stains don't add to the poundage of consumed lippies.

    I went to my best friends nursing school graduation tonight and her parents tried to introduce themselves to me because they didn't recognize me 'all made up'! Wow! I really need to put more effort into some day to day makeup obviously.
    This is an excellent giveaway. I love red shades, and the Cabernet Satin you are wearing the photo is wonderful. I would also love to have a mulberry shade, so I think it is great the winner gets to pick out two shades of CoverGirl Outlast.

  22. I usually wear long lasting lipstick and I use Softlips over it to keep my lips from drying out. I do wear lip gloss sometimes, but not if I'm planning to kiss someone. :)

  23. I love to wear lipstick but I have to use a lip balm first so it doesn't cake on my lips. I would love to try this since I've heard it works really well! Thank you for the contest!

  24. I dont know about eating lipstick. My seems to be agoraphobic. It hides the minute I leave the house. I could put it on it the car. Open the door to get out. Bam its gone. Maybe my lipstick is out having drinks with the lost dryer socks. Thats my best guess

  25. I love lipstick or lipgloss of any kind. I actually used to put extra on just before kissing my daughters goodbye when I would drop them at daycare so I could kiss their cheek and leave a "kiss" on their cheek that they could see for most of the morning, easing them into their day with a bit of mommy with them.

  26. I wear long lasting lipstick on the first layer, blot it and then apply a second coat. It does stay on a long time even if a bit comes off on my coffee cup!

  27. I have tried this lipstick in the past and like it a lot. I agree that the only downside is that your lips can get a bit dry - but I also agree that it's impossible to find one that doesn't do that. The shade you're wearing in that picture looks great on you!

  28. I don't really wear "regular" lipstick because I can never find a color that looks right on me, I'm still searching though and I never leave my house without lipgloss however.

  29. I love lipstick too but the color I buy is not what appears on my lips so I buy lipstick that I can try on with samples. Mary Kay has samples and a tube that when applied with the lipstick keeps the color true.

  30. I like how I look when I wear lipstick, but it usually wears off so quickly that I don't even bother and stick with chapstick. I'd love to try one that is supposed to last 8 hours. Thanks.

  31. I don't wear a lot of lipstick at the moment, but I know exactly what you mean about smudging! I always "fix" mine, but I'm careful to give hubby a big smooch first so he ends up wearing it too!

    These days, I use lip balm more than lipstick :)

  32. I wear or more accurately eat regular lipstick all the time. I haven't tried a long wearing lipstick since they first came out many, many years ago. That product actually cracked on my lips. I'm sure that Cover Girl has made a much better product than that, and I'd love to try it.

  33. I usually wear lip gloss or regular lip stick--and I'm pretty sure the 4-9 pounds eaten is a myth. You'd have to eat an entire tube of lipstick on a regular basis to consume that much. :)

  34. i would love to wear lip stick or lipcolor my trouble is i won't wear color out side my natural lips an it is impossible to keep the color on them only

  35. I don't wear lipstick because of that reason... I end up eating it and it ends up looking yucky. If this really does what you say, I'm in!

  36. I wear whatever lipstick I find on sale :) Right now I am opting for some pretty tinted lip glosses to keep my look light for summer.

  37. The truth is, I love lipstick, but I totally agree that having to reapply every half hour is a total turn off. So I gave up and I wear it rarely now. I have looked at the 'long-lasting' lispticks before but I can't ever seem to justify spending that kind of money on lipstick when I don't know if it will work. I'd love to try it though!

  38. I wear lipstick, lip gloss, and long-lasting. It just depends on the color I'm going for. Sometimes I wear all at once to get the shade ans shimmer I want.

  39. When I wear lipstick I wear regular lipstick. I try to remember to wear it each time I leave the house but more often than not I forget!

  40. not a big lipstick but when I get dressed up i want something that is not all smeary and don't want to have to reapply or worry.

  41. I used to wear a lot of lipstick, but my favorite Revlon long lasting lipstick was discontinued and I haven't found one to replace it. I haven't tried Covergirl's yet so I'm excited to do so.

  42. I don't usually wear lipstick, but I do wear tinted lip gloss. When I do wear lipstick though I like it to not go on too thick so it doesn't get on my teeth or smear later.

  43. I have yet to find a lipstick that stays on my lips or that lasts the way that I want it to so I don't normally wear it. So much that when my husband was told to kiss the bride, his first words to me after the kiss were "you're slippery"

  44. Been dying to try these... I hate the mess that comes with lipstick and the stickiness that comes with glosses.. these seem perfect!

  45. For the past several years all I've worn on my lips are plumping lip glosses. I love these, but they tingle. I've been looking for new lipcolors but have yet to find anything that lasts. Many years ago Avon offered a lipstain, but I only got one color that actually lasted all day.

  46. I've been stuck on a gloss lately but I like to change it up every so often, especially if I find a color that I love.


  47. I have yet to found that lipstick that sticks!
    Hopefully this is the one.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. I look so pale without lipstick. I always wear it, but I have yet to find one that lasts and doesn't end up on the rim of a glass. This sounds like a possibility.

  49. It looks like they have a good variety of colors! I usually wear just lip balm bc my lips are always so dry but i would love to try these out!

  50. I rarely wear regular lipstick, I love long lasting if I don't mind the dry, but most days I just use a tinted lipbalm

  51. I wear regular lipstick, which of course means I have to reapply all day. I was keeping a lipstick in my car for that purpose, but this is Georgia, and it completely melted!

  52. I usually wear a lipstick before I leave the house but as it wears away, I'll put on gloss. When at home, no lipstick for me since I like kissing my baby!

  53. I wear long lasting lipstick. When I discovered it by Revelon over 10 years ago I was hooked. I love how I don't have to reapply it all the time and it stays put for several hours.

    [email protected]

  54. I usually put on long-lasting lipstick in the morning and then touch-up with tinted lip balm a couple of times during the day. Most evenings I just go "bare".

  55. I don't wear lipstick often, mostly because I don't remember to reapply it often enough, and then you get the scary lined outer lip, naked inner lip look. On a typical day, I just wear lip gloss, easier to apply without a mirror. I would love to try out a lipstick that would last all day!

  56. I don't bother re-applying lipstick. I wear it to "make my entrance" at an occasion, and as it wears off, unless I'm having a picture taken or something, it's not worth my time. I really like the Chocolate Satin and Coffee Satin shades of Outlast. I have a thing for earthtones - and they sure offer plenty of 'em!

  57. Most days I opt for plain old chap stick. I wear lipstick when I am on a date with my hubby or on my way to church. I am sure I have eaten my fair share of lipstick.

  58. Wow, 4-9 lbs. of lipstick?!? That is an interesting fact that i did not know.
    I enjoy trying new Longlasting Lipcolors and i am looking forward to trying Outlast Smoothwear by Covergirl. I like the Chocolate Satin color a lot ;)

  59. I have not worn lipstick for a very long time, but if I were to win this I would definitely start wearing it again! Plus I love Cover Girl make-up!

  60. I don't wear it for the same reasons-in particular that it gets all over my kids!!!! But maybe I would if it didn't...or maybe I would still be fresh faced with a ponytail because it is easy!

  61. I generally just go with a tinted lipgloss or just plain. I used to love wearing red lipstick, but something about a giant red lip print on my baby put an end to that. It just wasn't as cute on him. I tried long lasting lipsticks years ago, and didn't like them. They've certainly changed since then. I'll have to give them another whirl.

  62. I don't generally wear lipstick unless its a nude/natural color or clear... I wear lipgloss all the time! I'd definitely like to try these because I've heard good things! Thanks for the chance!

  63. I've been using the Outlast Lipstain for a few weeks now. Love it! And I don't care for lipstick normally. I love the way it looks, but I don't love the way it feels. The Outlast stuff is different!

  64. I have -as said by others- "perfect full lips". Problem is, I'm ruining them. I bite my lips constantly, a nasty habit I've had since I was little. It's hard to find a lipcolor that does them justice.

    (I'm biting them as I type this) D=

    [email protected]

  65. I wear lipstick but mostly just chapstick. I actually had some old Jafra lipstick that I loved but needed to throw out and so picked up a beautiful color at Walgreens for only 99 cents. Score!

  66. I tend to use lip balms more than lip stick. The balms I use are generally a little glossy. I love the kissability of a good lippy.

  67. I wear regular lipstick that I get free with Clinique purchases! Or sometimes, my mom gives me colors that she purchases but doesn't like on her. I usually mix a couple of colors and then apply lip gloss.

  68. Right now I'm wearing lip gloss, just because it is so light for the summer. But it is a bummer to have to reapply it so often. It won't do for fall when I like a more dramatic lip. I'd love to get to try this stuff!

  69. If I do use lipstick, I use Mary Kay "Shell" with "Pink Diamonds" lipgloss over. But, I don't usually wear lipstick unless it is a special event because my husband won't kiss me while I am wearing lipstick. It would be nice to have a long lasting, non-smudging, non-anti-husband kissing, child able kissing lipstick!

  70. I am kind of up in the air with lipstick right now. I like the way it looks, but I don't like that it gets every where. I like Bath and Body Works lip gloss. But I would love to try something new!

  71. Lipstick is one cosmetic that I usually don't leave home without wearing. I am doing my share towards wearing the 4- 9 pounds of lipstick! I wear all kinds of lipstick. Regular, stains, gloss and long-wearing. Great giveaway. Thanks, Cindi

  72. I am totally not a lipstick person. But is it bad that I kinda want to try it? So here goes... :)
    I am addicted to chapstick, tho. Burt's Bees is my favorite. I am SURE that I have eaten my fair share of lip balm products over the years. Kinda gross, but is there any alternative? Especially when you live in the desert??? :)

  73. OK...does that mean that now I have an excuse for those extra 10 pounds that just won't come off? Ha! I really don't like the all day lipstick because it doesn't seem to soften my lips. I like a nice smooth brand like Este Lauder or Clinique.

  74. That is a very pretty picture of you! I love my Avon Lipstick. It is so pretty and it has sparkles. I also love lip gloss. Any kind! I can't believe the average woman eats that much lip stick. I don't were it enough but when I do I feel like a princess! :-)

  75. I wear lipstick only a few times a year (I'm a chapstick girl!) But, when I do, I definitely go for the long-lasting types that, like you said, won't smear on my babies or husband.

  76. I love seeing how lipstick looks on other people but when it comes to wearing it myself I tend to get intimidated. Normally I wear just lipgloss of some kind or another. I always love to experiment though and if I could find the perfect shade that fit my lifestyle I definitely would wear it for sure.

  77. I love Cover Girl. I buy alot of their products. I also love lipstick, but I forget to put it on many times. I don't know why. I think I look better with a little color. Maybe this will remind me!

  78. I've been wearing Burts Bee's lipstick for the last year or so. I like that it is moist and the color stays a little while. I like to have a bit of color on my lips all the time. Otherwise I just look washed out...

    Would love to try Cover Girls outlast brand....

  79. I also LOVE Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer. I work in an office, so make-up is pretty much a requirement and I found that I only have to reapply the Burt's Bees 3 x during the day and my lips are no longer dry. It also makes me feel better that I am ingesting "natural" ingredients vs. chemical. I have to say, I did try Aveda so that it would be all plant-based products, but the lipsticks made my lips extremely dry, the colors were a tad weird, and they had NO lasting power. So, there is definitely a balance to be had- long-lasting vs. amount of chemicals; it's tough!

  80. I have to say I like the moisture, so I usually opt for regular lipstick. One product I have found interesting lately was one I was able to try lately as a Bzz agent...it was a new Cove Girl lip stain...not as drying, but lasts a long time...it is kinda like writing on your lips with a marker...weird at first, but I like the results and will either wear it alone or add lip gloss on top.

  81. Wow! I had no idea! I don't wear lipstick a lot because I don't have the time to keep reapplying, either. But if you don't reapply, it looks goofy, but I also don't have the time to keep looking in the mirror to see that I look goofy...so, I just don't wear it much. Maybe this Cover Girl product would change that!

  82. Not being a big make up girl, lipstick is the one thing I will wear. Maybe Im weird. Oh well...this looks like a great option. I like the "all day" part...

  83. My biggest issue with lipstick is the funky taste most lipsticks have... Second to that is that fact that I'm always having to reapply it... I usually keep a couple of lip glosses in my purse as I haven't found a lipstick I like... I am open to trying anything as I miss the low gloss look of lipstick..

  84. I have the same dilemma. I don't like to get lipstick on my babies cheeks so I don't wear it often now. It's not like I am not going to kiss her 100 times a day! This sounds like a good solution.

  85. I admit that I look instantly better when I have some lipstick on. However, I can't stand the way lipstick feels on, and how it dries out my lips. So I generally don't use anything except a lip balm with sunscreen in it.

    Still, there are times that call for lipstick! So, I was thrilled to discover Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. It is basically a tinted lip balm. It comes in a variety of colors (my favorite is Rhubarb) and has a bit of peppermint in it, which makes me feel refreshed physically as well as um, aesthetically!

    That said, what girl doesn't like to try new makeup!! :)

  86. I love the way lipstick looks, but I haven't yet found one I can actually wear. I've not tried the newest long lasting ones, so maybe those will be ok. I've found that after wearing a certain lipstick for more than two days in a row, my lips rebel. They start totally peeling all of the place and it takes a week of not wearing any before they heal. So I've pretty much resigned to just not wearing any. When I decide to do it anyway, I love the plum shades. I might have to go for the permanent makeup route one day if I want to be able to have the look of lipstick.

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