What to Pack: A Cute Hat

What to Pack: A Cute Hat 1Okay, curly-haired friends. I need your help. My hair has been totally frizzy lately. Is it this winter weather or what? What do you use to keep your ringlets shiny and healthy? Your secrets, please.

My solution lately? Um...a ponytail or a cute hat. That is sort-of cheating, I know...but it totally works.

Check out my plaid hat and scarf set (on sale right now for $16.09) from CoverYourHair.com. It's modern, fresh, and fashionable...perfect for travel or for staying home. P.S. It's wonderfully warm too so you'll love it if you're in a cold climate.

CoverYourHair.com also sells bandanas, headbands, hair accessories, head covers, berets, and...they're having a sale right now!

If you're on Twitter, you can stay in-the-loop about contests, new products, and more @coveryourhair.

What to Pack: A Cute Hat 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a Plaid Hat & Scarf Set in his/her choice of color from CoverYourHair.com. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #40 Deana. Congratulations!

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103 comments on “What to Pack: A Cute Hat”

  1. Are you familiar with the devacurl products? They are amazing. I recommend looking them up online (youtube has some good videos, too). And the curly girl book mentioned earlier (by Lauren Massey) is fabulous. :)

  2. I use Frizz-Ease on my hair and also a flat iron
    works well to make your hair shiny.The moisture and
    the cold weather will definitely do it to your hair.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  3. Boy do I have the same problem as you. I leave the house looking pretty ok - and after a few minutes outdoors my curly hair looks more like a frizz ball! :(

    I've used a number of different products but am currently getting decent results with Sunsilk De-Frizz. I also sometimes (especially overnight) put my hair in a ponytail - but don't quite pull my hair through leaving the bottom inch in like a loop. This has the effect of not "straightening" but smoothing and taming my hair. Try it!

  4. I have straight hair but wintry weather makes my hair fritzy and unruly. Thanks to CoverYourHair.com for all of the great hair covering products.

  5. [email protected]
    my wife would love to win this prize so i'm entering for her--the hat and scarf set in the pic above is so up my wife's alley-she would love that particular one--i actually think it's cute too

  6. I love fun hats! My hair is so unmanageable during the winter months that I have to keep it covered! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  7. I like the Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner, it makes my dry hair more manageable, anyway. You look great in the hat and scarf, though. Thanks for having the contest!

  8. LOL often I'm in a rush to take my son to school, I usually do a quick pony tail or a headband and head out the door! A hat would be awesome! Oh and a cute scarf to dress it up would be fun!

  9. Someone once told me to use mayonnaise ..DON'T DO IT..LOL My hair was greasy for three days i could not get it out..they have such cute products I really love the Beige Warm Winter Hat :)

  10. I need a hat and scarf! I take public transportation so I spend alot of time outside, so these would help me out greatly!

  11. No suggestions since my hair is straight but I feel your winter pain! My hair turns into a static poof ball in the winter. looks like you rubbed a balloon over my hair! I normally just pull it back and wear it in a pony tail all weekend.

  12. I wish I had more luck taming the frizz! I recently got my hair cut short to help it get healthier (and hopefully less frizzy?) again, but a truly flattering style for my curls is still eluding me...on the frizz front, I've tried leaving in conditioner (even if it's not designated leave-in) to hopefully help tame it a bit!

  13. I like that the plaid comes in so many different colors. Would be great to hide a bad hair day...or to just look super cute

  14. I was born (blessed) with very wavy hair that has a mind of it's own. I live in TN where it gets sooo humid in the summer. My wavy hair turns FRIZZY so I use products from Sexy Hair or Redken that embrace the waves. This helps to keep the frizz to a minimum. How fun it would be to tuck my hair up under the cute hat and not be concerned in the least!!

  15. My hair is so frizzy in the winter. I have been using a flat iron a few times a week. I like my hair better when it's straight - at least it doesn't look as messy as it normally does. When the flat iron doesn't work, a pony tail or headband does...

  16. I have straight, fine hair and in the winter, I can't keep the static away. I resort to a hat or putting my hair up. The matching plaid and scarf sets here are great! Stylish and practical!

  17. My hair gets really dry in winter. When it's dry it's impossible to do anything with it except cover it up. Thanks.

  18. I just ordered the Grey Family Plaid Hat and Scart set. I love it! So cute! And such a great deal!! I would also really love to have the Swirls on Black Triangle bandana. Adorable!

  19. Ahh, the joy of curly hair! I swear mine frizzes if I even think of the word "frizz." I'm definitely a cute hat/ponytail kind of girl. It's so much easier than looking for products that rarely end up actually working.

  20. I've just kind-of given up on hair stuff. I have a sis who works at a salon and she gave another sister that has girly hair a bunch of product, but I don't know what it all was. Hats are a great solution though and they look so cute!

  21. Frizz has been my friend since the day I was born! I've learned to live with it. :) I use hair grease when I want a sleek look and just let my hair go natural otherwise. That is a really cute hat!

  22. I feel your pain...I have curly, curly hair. I have used everything under the sun (it feels like anyway) but one thing that has worked really well is John Frieda Frizzease hair serum. I wash and condition, put it up in a towel for maybe 2-3 mins (not long as it seems to make my hair frizzier) and then comb it out and put a couple squirts of the serum in my hands. Rub my hands together and then coat my hair (not so much the very top, it tends to make me look oily). I only was my hair 3x a week too, if I do it too much, I get the dry frizzies. I haven't figured out if curly hair is a blessing or a curse. I am going to try the apple cidar vinegar rinse though!

  23. It's been so fun to read these comments! I wish I had some good tips - I usually do the pony tail or "wad" (sounds attractive, I know). Thank you for asking - I need to try some of these! (And I'll come back and report if I find one that works!)

  24. I have been having frizzy hair lately too! That hat set is cute. I wear hats regularly and love having a selection to chose from.

  25. I do not have curly hair, but since it is winter, my hair has been dry and frizzy lately. This set would be perfect to help me hide my unruly hair!!!

  26. I have thick curly hair. Recently a hair stylist recommend a product from Unite Eurotherapy called "Boing" Curling Cream. It's kind of pricey but you only have to use such a small amount it lasts forever.

  27. I don't have curly hair (altho pregnancy did make it wavy... and NOT uniformly), but mine has been TERRIBLE lately, too. I just bought some pantene hair mask and it seems to be helping. And it's just so hard to DO your hair when there are mouths to be fed, babies to be played with, toddlers to toddle and laugh with, and a million other household chores. :) Alas.

  28. I always have a great hat to put on when my hair is acting unruly or I want a different look. Hats can be a woman's best friend especially on bad hair days.

  29. I usually put my hair back in a pony tail or wear a hat or scarf this time of year.It's easy and it's cute.I would pick the hat and scarf in the Brown/Beige Plaid if I won.
    Thanks for the chance:)

  30. The scarf and hat is really cute so I had to check out the site. I really like all the colors offered. I am leaning towards the Denim/Blue plaid.

    I like the Triangle Bandana's too.

  31. My hair is straight, but if there is any moisture in the air then it looks like I have a REAL BAD perm. Thank goodness for ponytails, banana clips and hats.

  32. There is something called "Curls Rock" by TIGI that I love. I think my son thru my bottle away recently b/c I cant find it, but Im pretty sure that is what its called. He is 3 and randomly does things like that. I like it because it is more of a cream than a gel. It doesnt make my hair crunchy.

  33. My friend's daughter has super curly hair, and she just uses one of those wet to dry straightening irons on it. I know that's kind of cheating, but it works!

  34. I have very straight hair, but still get the frizzies. To battle them, I run a dryer sheet through my hair. It sounds crazy, but it minimizes the static drastically.

  35. I love hats but I can't help you any with the hair thing - I have super straight silky hair with no body - just like curly hair sometimes it's wonderful - the rest of the time I want a hat!

  36. I'm absorbing all the tips too! I didn't use to have curly hair, it only developed recently (yeah I know weird!) due to a chemo medication I'm on. I love my curly hair most days... heck, I've wished for it for like 40 years... but when it's frizzy I have no idea what to do!!!

  37. A cute hat is a perfect "cover up" for bad hair days. We have a lot of drizzly days here in Seattle as well. Hats are great when you are not sure what the weather is going to do!

  38. I like the hat, but unfortunately, I have thick hair, and a lot of it. Thus, I can rarely put on hats, let alone wear one. :P If I were to win, I'd give this to one of my friends.

  39. As an individual who has straight hair I use Pantene Shampoo and
    Conditioner. My friends who have curly hair say both work well for
    them too.

    Thanks for the contest.

  40. My hair is straight as a pin. But I had a curly hair friend who told me about a book that changed her life. It's "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey. I actually read it and got some hair care tips even though my hair is straight.

  41. I have VERY straight hair and this is the time of the year for dry frizzies. I try everything on the market to tame the frizzies. I need this hat to hide this pitiful hair. :o)

  42. I have board straight hair, my daughter, curly as they come. We have the same problem with her hair as well. I don't have any advice other than we use leave in conditioner and style it while it's wet, seems to not be as bad that way.

  43. I don't have curly hair, but that doesn't mean that I don't get the frizzies. This time of year, the furnace and dry air pretty much make my hair unmanageable. I'd love to hide it under this cute hat!

  44. Sorry, no advice on the curly hair thing. We've got temperatures in the teens and it would be nice to have a more stylish hat and scarf while out and about in the incredibly cold temperatures.


  46. I have curly hair like yours and I have been so frustrated with it lately. More and more I am wanting to do a straightening treatment to it. I usually just put it in a bun with a clip when I don't have time to deal with it.

  47. No curly hair here.

    I love their website. I have to go follow them. I would love to try a few of their headbands. So cute!

    Oh my goodness, they have banana clips. Does anyone remember those? I can't believe it, I was cleaning out my hair piece drawer last year and threw them all out LOL Making a comeback? Ha ha

  48. I don't have curly hair, but I swear by Dirty Silk from Jonathan. The rest of the hair products in that line are overpriced and silly, but Dirty Silk is amazing. But maybe not on a curly haired person?

    This weather is killing my skin. I have these little dime sized dry patches on my arms that refuse to go away no matter how much Neosporin, Cortaid, or body moisturize I put on them. I may scratch my entire arm off by the end of March!

  49. I don't have curly hair so I have no advice...sorry! Winter is a rough month for hair in general. The plaid set is very cute sort of reminds of sherlock holmes.

  50. I would love to have your curly locks. Mine is straight with a small wave in the back. I have to use alot of stuff on my hair, too, because I still get a frizz.

  51. I have curly hair too! And I can totally relate to the bad hair days. I'd love to give this hat/scarf set a try, thanks for the offer!

  52. I SWEAR by this trick, which I've just started doing a few weeks ago--rinse with apple cider vinegar. My hair was flat and dull but is naturally wavy and when I started rinsing with vinegar at the end of my shower, my hair became so silky smooth and the curls just popped out. It's great!

    All you need to do is shampoo and/or condition, rinse that out, then dump about 1/2 cup of vinegar over your hair. Work it in, let it sit for 30 seconds, and rinse. You will be amazed.

  53. I have the same problem, and am also wearing a ponytail. My stylist suggested playing around with cremes, mousses, and gels. She said to avoid alcohol-based products, as they could dry out my hair. I also find that certain conditioners make my hair too greasy instead of just taming the frizz.

    I also agree with the Aveda recommendations. I wish my stylist offered them!

  54. I'll ask Aaron if he has any ideas for frizzy hair ;) I'm sure Aveda has something.
    Cute hat, just today I was wishing I had a hat to throw on when we were heading to the zoo.

  55. I don't have naturally curly hair (but I wish I did!) One of the things I know they do on What not to Wear is use layers to tame the curls and then use various products to keep the curls hydrated and soft. You could ask your stylist. I've found that while I don't always need the more expensive salon product sometimes they are worth their money!

  56. those are some cute hat and scarf sets.
    You should try Pureology haircare. It is the best hair products I've found. It helps my hair curl or it helps flatten my curls. It isn't cheap, but one bottle lasts more than 6 months.

  57. I've got no secrets. I have the same problem in the Spring and Summer because of all the wicked humidity!

    A cute hat would be about the only thing that could help my hair ;)


  58. Fellow curly haired friend! Being from Arizona, you sure aren't used to much moisture in the air are you!? :) You should have seen the frizz halo I got when I lived in NZ...double the moisture over there compared to Santa Cruz. The ONLY thing that helps my hair not look like a frizzy mess, any day, is to NOT brush it and to twist it a bit. I just use Pantene Curls Gel...I like that it helps the frizz but doesn't make my hair crunchy (I can't stand the look or feel of crunchy curls). I also like that it is light enough to not weigh my hair down too much. When I get out of the shower and get my hair out of the towel, I don't use a brush, I just use my fingers to comb through it all. Then I add a bit of gel, scrunch my hair a bit, then I separate some pieces and twist it. This helps the mop look a bit more manageable and the twists are pretty. You can also separate the twists when they dry if you want to as well. I never do, but it makes wavy hair look really nice too.

    There you have it...hair tips by Nini...not to say that I know what the heck I am doing!! I have been wearing a hat heaps lately with all of this rain we have been having! I love the red plaid...so cute...and it looks great on you!

  59. I have heard that the Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner by Pantene work well! Also, they have a hairspray for flexible hold for curls.
    Thanks, Cindi

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