What to Pack: A top that can be dressed up or down

What to Pack: A top that can be dressed up or down 1Often when you are traveling, you don't always know where you'll end up - a fancy restaurant, a casual day at the beach, an afternoon snowed in at a cabin...that's part of the adventure of being away from home.

But it can make packing a tad bit difficult since space is a high premium. As such, I try to pack at least one "in-between" top when I am away from my closet. What I mean by that is a top that can be dressed up or down with ease.

Take, for example, this Cap Sleeve Cashmere V-neck Sweater by Lands' End Canvas. It's stylish and ultra-soft and equally easy-to-match with a pair of distressed jeans, a pair of gray slacks, or a pretty pencil skirt.

You've heard of Lands' End, right? Well, Lands' End Canvas is a new off-shoot brand that promises, "clothing that is real and relevant for how you live today." As far as I can surmise, the brand is targeted to Generation X and features wearable, modern pieces that are classic and preppy. The selection isn't huge, but I actually really like almost all of the current offerings. Up next for the brand? I hope they come out with a bright yellow trench coat, royal blue high heels, some cute denim shorts, and a great pair of trouser jeans.

YOUR TURN: What is your impression of the Lands' End brand? What do you think of the new Canvas collection?

What to Pack: A top that can be dressed up or down 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a Cap Sleeve Cashmere V-Neck Sweater ($120) in his/her choice of color from Lands' End Canvas. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #197 Michele. Congratulations!

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291 comments on “What to Pack: A top that can be dressed up or down”

  1. Lands' End items last well and, for the durability, are reasonably price. Since I have yet to try any items in their Canvas line, I do not have an opinion on it, yet

  2. I've always thought that the Land's End brand stood for quality merchandise, although on the expensive side and sometimes a little bit stodgy.

    The Canvas collection, you're right is pretty small right now, though I do like a lot of the pieces, they seem to be trying to appeal to teens, or really young women, although at 49 I'd feel comfortable in most of it.

    It seems to be more form fitted, which I like. But not ridiculously over the top sexual. I hope they keep expanding the line.

  3. I've always liked Land's End products. They make good quality clothes,bags, and home products. I like the new Canvas collection.

  4. I like Lands End clothes. Being from Chicago, they are as local as they come, and we have a friend that lives in Dodgeville and works for them. I appreciate the value they offer in their clothes, especially their business shirts.

  5. Funny - I just mentioned lands end in my previous comment. :)

    I do like their brand, it has always seemed like a quality brand. However, I only shop there for bags (beach totes, rolling duffels, etc). I haven't ever been able to get my mind around the fact that they also sell clothes. They seem like a bag company to me. I have no idea why.

    I like your review though. If I win, maybe it will be the catalyst to change my thinking!

  6. I always thought that they seemed rather expensive. However, I always find they have really quality stuff, so, it's a reasonable tradeoff.

  7. I have to say, I love the V neck. I find that many of the tops I have that are plain crewneck just don't look that good on me. V-necks, however, rock. Also, I've found that some Ts just need a super-cool belt to dress them up.

  8. [email protected]
    i've worked at sears for years and know all about the lands end line--i don't see myself wearing a ton of it-but they have the best return policy out there for just about anything-if you ever don't like it just return it

  9. I love Lands End and have not seen the Canvas collection. All clothing that I have bought has been true to size and holds up to washings. I love the 100% cotton items. Cashmere is a luxury but provides the warmth on the cold winter days. Need more of it in my wardrobe.

  10. I'm loving the look of the new Canvas collection. It's fun and fresh looking and doesn't seem like clothes for an older generation (which is what I associate Land's End with in the past; that and kids outerwear).

  11. I have always found Lands' End clothing to be the highest quality available. I love the casual, comfortable, quality clothes.


  12. I have been a big fan of Lands' End for years, in fact I still have my squall jacket..it must be at least 10 years old! I think it's great that they're targeting younger customers with their Canvas collection!

  13. I owuld love to win this for my daughter as she needs clothing so badly and cannot afford new stuff. She would love this!

  14. I have always liked their clothes and they have some really great deals and their canvas collection is cute. I really like the Women's Cotton Shawl Collar Sweater in mushroom :)

  15. I usually think of Lands End as quite "old-fashioned" but I see that they are really adding a lot of newer styles, which I like.

  16. i have been a fan of Land's End for years and purchase from them regularly. It's a good company and has great customer service!

  17. I think this new Canvas Collection has some great pieces! Lands' End really does make quality clothes as opposed to the "disposable" clothing that seems to be flooding the market lately..ie: Forever 21.

  18. I would love to win this for my wonderful wife. Before we had our youngest child, she was a Land's End freak and also loved wearing cashmere but since he was born, times have gotten tight due to my unexpected unemployment so she has not been able to get any decent high quality clothes and she really deserves something nice like this.

  19. I like the Canvas line. Although I'm quite a senior gal there are plenty of pieces I could see getting for myself and many more that would appeal to my younger family members. Land's End always offers items that appeal to my preference for classic looks.

  20. I love that the collection is casual and can be worn with pretty much anything. Lands' End always has good quality clothing.

  21. We love Lands Ends products and buy many items from there. I recently got a cardigan sweater I loved so much that my husband bought me 2 more for my bday! I haven't heard of the new line though so I'll have to check it out. Thanks so much!

  22. Lands End is one of the best places to shop. I never heard of the Canvas collection but I'd like to find out what it's all about, so fingers crossed.

  23. Lands' End always meant quality to me. This Canvas collection is something that shows quality, comfort and style. I would love to give that sweater to my daughter as it doesn't come in my size. She would love it.

  24. I love Lands’ End, classic clothes that last. I haven't heard of the Canvas collection until now. It looks great!

  25. I love Lands End...I was thrilled when many of the Lands End items became available at Sears so I can try on before buying

  26. I love cashmere, the feel next to the skin is always so soft. And couple the softness of cashmere with the quality of Land's End, what a great pair.

  27. We've had succes with Land's End and durability. I like that they carry wide shoes (although the kids wide shoe sizes have dwindled which stinks). I checked out a little of the new line and like some of what I see, I'll have to check out more.

  28. I have found that Land's End stuff lasts the longest out of all of the designer clothes that are in my closet. I'm still wearing several of the sweaters I bought back in 2002!

    Timeless classics.

  29. Love this sweater! Lands End is quality! Their garments are made well and they wash wonderfully! Their new collection is outstanding!

    judy7885 at gmail dot com

  30. I love Lands End products- I order from them frequently both for myself and for others as gifts.
    Their Canvas collection is really nice-great looks

  31. I always acknowledge Land's End's superior quality but I never turn to them for what is new or stylish, but this sweater is really tasteful and damn swanky looking. I can see it paired with skinny jeans or a floor length satin skirt.
    Great giveaway.

  32. Believe it or not but I've never actually checked out Lands' End before. Very cute and fun! Youthful but not "teenagery" (if that's a word). The sweater is very cute too. Love V-necks and would pick the navy one.

  33. The canvas collection is the perfect way to update your wardrobe no matter what your job is.


  34. I like it that the canvas line is pretty mix and match oriented. Lands end is a great place for quality wardrobe staples.

  35. I think all Land's End product are great quality. This looks like a really cute sweater that would be really comfortable to wear.

  36. I've never bought anything from Lands End, but their clothes look very nice and comfortable. I like the sweater in Deep Sea Coral.

  37. What a cute sweater! I love the Deep Sea Coral color. I scored a great pair of hiking shoes from Land's End last month during the clearance sale. They have such great quality items.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I love Land's End. I have a lot of their clothes. I love their return and exchange policy/life time guarantee. I think them coming out with a higher end line is super cool and I can't wait to see more of it!

  39. Lands' End's quality is probably one of the best. I do a lot of catalog shopping probably because I have no time to go out shopping. I am never dissapointed with Lands' End. I took a look at their Canvas collection online and have to say I like it - It has a nice classic look.

  40. I think Lands End carries very good quality things. I have several Lands End items and they seem to last a long time. I have not personally seen the Canvas selection yet, but by looking on the web, I think I am going to like it.

  41. Congratulations to Lands End's new design team!!! I purchased the heritage,straight leg jean in rinsed deep indigo and LOVE the fabric and the fit. The jeans are comfortable and flattering. If you haven't already visited the Lands End Canvas facebook page, stop by for a look-see. Free shipping codes might be posted, as well as many customers' comments and reviews.

  42. I like Lands End brand and have for years. I was worried the brand would go downhill when they were bought by Sears, but it hasn't. They are my favorite for winter coats, and fleece, and the sweaters are nice too.

  43. I think Land's End makes quality and and nice looking clothing. I really like the Canvas collection. Thanks for the chance!

  44. I love casual and comfortable clothes so I'll have to bookmark Lands' End Canvas. I really like the Poplin Shirtdress. It's something I could wear to work or out on the weekend.

  45. I used to think Land's End was for nature people- that sounds so much worse than I mean it. Outdoorsy or whatever- nowadays, my opinion has been changing as I see cuter and cuter styles.

  46. I am coming around to Lands End. I used to associate them with my mom (cringe), but I have found some really cute stuff the last few times I've shopped there.

  47. I'm from Land's End home state and I've always loved their items (but they are often a bit out of my price range.)

  48. I like Land's End for how casual chic it is but I gotta say I think the brand is a little pricey for me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Honestly, I've never shopped at Land's End before. But looking around on their website right now, I wish I would have. I love a lot of the clothes and this is more my style and definitely less 80's inspired then most clothes available today :) Thanks for the giveaway. I love the Blue colored one.

  50. I love buying from the Land's End Catalog, expecially now that if something is the wrong size I can just return it to my local sears!

  51. I love that Land's End has such a dependable combination of style and affordability. The new Canvas collection is an extension of that!

  52. I have always loved the Lands End line of clothing...and now I'm really excited about the canvas line. It looks like it's for a younger generation, perfect for me! THANKS!

  53. I like their new line. They have great colors and I like the Deep Sea Coral in cashmere. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. First off, I LOVE Lands End. I hadn't bought clothes for myself in ages, and got several basic L/S Ts and some jeans there in December. I have been so pleased with it all. I have loved Lands End for years, and was so glad to see the quality and value were the same. But OH! Canvas!! Love it. It's fresh and younger, but still basic, modest, high quality and classic. Thanks for telling me about it!

  55. I used to think of Lands' End as too practical, but the more I check it out the more I like it. I adore the new Canvas collection...It's simple & easy looking, but still totally stylish & classic.

  56. I wear Land's End clothing for work everyday. Its such great quality clothing. I have never owned anything cashmere and to have one with the Land's End label would be fantastic!

  57. I have never owned any Land's End clothing, but the sweater looks so simple and sophisticated at the same time. I am starting a new job and am on the lookout for some professional type clothing. They paired the seater with a button-up shirt underneath and I think it looks really nice.

  58. I think the Lands End brand has really increased in quality! Love the new stuff.

    What a great contest - thanks for posting!

  59. i like land's end clothing, i own a few cardigans from them. the new canvas collection looks like clothes from the gap, but i still like it. especially the swimsuits, they're adorable.

  60. I have been shopping Lands End since living in Japan over 10 years ago! Their new Canvas line is fabulous and I've just ordered a jacket, some t's and a tank. I can't wait until they arrive!

  61. Wow, I shop Lands End frequently and I have never heard of this line of clothing. I just checked out the website and even thought the selection isn't large, they have some nice items.

  62. I don't usually shop at Land's end very often. They do have great quality. But their prices are sometimes higher then I care to pay. I do love that sweater! But I would not normally be able to pay over 100 bucks for a sweater!

  63. I really like Lands End clothing and I think that this new line of clothes might be perfect for my age and the kind of life that I lead.

  64. I do like the quality and classic style of Land End clothes. The sweater seems so perfect for casual or dressed up. Love articles of clothing that can be used both ways.

  65. Land's End has a steller reputation and it looks as if the new line will continue that reputation. Smart Trendy and COMFY. Great.

  66. I really enjoy Lands End mostly because many of their items come in my size!! 1X not XL. I think they have many items that are casual yet classy and could be dressed up or down.

  67. I've only had a few Land's End pieces in the past and nothing in recent years. This is the first I've heard of their new line, I'm actually kind-of excited about it. I know they have quality pieces and now they have thing that are more stylish.

  68. I don't own much Land's End. A couple shirts that I scored at yard sales. I have heard great things about them, they certainly never seem to wear out! The shirts I have must be 10 years old. I would love to get something from the canvas collection...it's pretty much a guarantee it would last for years!

  69. I've always found Lands End to be high quality, yet affordable. Especially their cashmere. I love the new Canvas line too!

  70. I have always wanted Lands End clothing to work for me but it is always ended up making look older than I am. I am so thrilled with the new line -- I am no generation x'er but I think it looks great and is exactly the affordable look I have wanted. Thanks for the heads up!

  71. The Land's End brand is geared to a generic sort of customer--just about anybody might buy their clothes. The Canvas brand does seem like it would appeal to younger customers. But a lot of us generic older customers might like their stuff, too!

  72. First of all, the cashmere sweater is so cute! I also have never owned any cashmere, but I've never even thought about the possibility of short-sleeved cashmere. I definitely works though.

    As far as the Land's End canvas line, I'm really glad that you posted about this because it's really cute! The pieces look classic and able to be dressed up or down, without being too pricey. I definitely am interested in seeing where this line goes.

  73. You are right this top is very versatile...and cashmere, too! Love to win!

    I like this line of Land's End. I agree that their regular line is a little "old". I would love to see them add additional items to this line.

    Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!

  74. I've always liked Land's End, but have thought they were a bit "old" for me. But, after looking at the Canvas selection, I think I'm a bit "old" for it! Agh! I guess you can't go wrong with cashmere, though!!

  75. I have a very favorable impression of Land's End. Their stuff always seems to be quality and trendy, not just following a fad.

    That sweater is very pretty! If I win I hope they have purple!

  76. I have had good experiences with Lands End clothes in the past, and I find their sizes better fits than LL Bean does. I think they do a good job of offering basic, classic pieces that are functional and flattering.

  77. I love Lands End & when the catalogue comes I would love to spend thousands of dollars and buy half the things in there... you know, if I move somewhere more rugged and outdoor-sy, ie: not Phoenix. I am always happy with the products I do buy, and think this new line could be more sucessful at filling my closet.

  78. I was pretty bored with Land's End, honestly, but this new line is cute! I'm glad they are trying to move beyond the polo shirt.

  79. Land's End swimsuits are the only kind I'll buy. I love their fit and classic style as well. This sweater would be a wonderful addition! Thanks for the contest.

  80. I have always liked Land's End. Their clothing is well made. The styling is classic casual. I have a number of their sweaters. I love their outerwear. The new collection is fresh and lovely.

  81. I like Land's End clothing, but wish they had more of an in-store selection at Sears. I have an odd body shape, so it helps to be able to try the clothes on before buying- I know in store returns are easy, but I really don't want the hassle of dragging my kids into the store to do that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. I love Lands End clothes. To me, the Lands End brand signifies classic styling and excellent quality. Their products last for a long time. I was unaware that they had a new collection. Canvas looks to be a more modern style.

  83. I am a BIG fan of Land's End...and I was so thrilled when Sears started to carry the brand. Before that, I had to order online or through their catalog. I just checked out their new Canvas Collection. And, no surprise, I love it! I especially like the new Bootcut Jeans and Bootcut Khakis.

    Thanks so much for hosting this fabulous giveaway - I would be SO thrilled to win! Would you believe that I do not any clothing made of cashmere??

  84. I've always been a fan of Land's End. Their new line is cuter and a little more 'hip' than their regular catalog - a nice updated look. I wish they had more skirts. And the cashmere top - looks great, but is washing a big pain? dry clean only?

  85. I've really liked all of the Land's End clothing I've had. Higher quality materials and workmanship have meant that "near identicals" of other brands wear out way earlier than the Land's End stuff. The Canvas line seems nice, but I wish they had included some more flattering skirts and dresses.

  86. The Canvas collection looks great! I've always thought very highly of the Land's End brand. Everything I've ever had from them has been well-made and classy. I especially like their snow boots!

  87. I always think of Land's End brand as traditional and very high quality. The Land's End clothing in my closet have been worn for at least 5 years and will probably be my go-to favorites for another 5. The Canvas line seems to be more trendy, stylish, and targeted to the younger shoppers. Nice!

  88. I love Lands' End, they have a wide variety of styles and colors! And everything is made so well and lasts forever. Their new line looks fun too! Thank you!

  89. I do not own anything lands end but i have always heard wonderful things about its quality. The new Canvas collection looks like it has some things I would like there so i many have to check it out.

  90. I just love how Cashmere feels on my skin. I love that my washer has a hand wash setting so I could wash my cashmere sweater without a fuss!

  91. I love Land's End, I bought my winter coat and accessories just recently. Wow hadn't heard of the Canvas line. I really really love it much more hipper than their other stuff.

  92. I've always liked the quality of Land's End merchandise..........it is a good move on their part to add this line to their more traditional clothing. It's young and fresh and will end up in new customers.

  93. I havn't owned a sweater in years but these look very nice. I'm a solid color type of guy and too many sweaters are multi color!!

  94. for my taste, Lands End has always been overpriced. But, Anything made out of canvas is pretty awesome stuff so I'll say that that particular line is awesome itself.

  95. What do I think about Lands End? I've always had the impression that they were out of my budget range, but I really do like their clothing. The Canvas line is a very "Clean" looking casual. Very much the style I like to wear. Wouldn't mind taking a look at a catalog.

  96. I've been wearing Land's End clothing for years. I especially love their turtlenecks and jeans.
    I'd love to win this sweater.

  97. I used to think that Land's End was only something my mom would wear... but then I started getting the catalog. I really like this new line, it looks like things I would like to have for work (especially that sweater). I am always concerned about ordering things from a catalog, cause you never know if they will really fit, but I would be willing to give this line a try!

  98. I really like to fill my wardrobe with things that can be dressed up or down. I'm pretty practical and a stay at home mom but, sometimes (even if it's a trip to the grocery store) I like to deviate from a tshirt!

  99. I've always liked the looks of Lands End clothes. I'm not one to get all fancied up and their clothes are neat looking without being frilly. The new Canvas line just continues that tradition.

  100. I like Lands End ant the sweater looks nice. A little outside of my price range right now, but high quality, so well worth the money. Great giveaway item! It would come in handy because it's snowing!!

  101. I love Land's End.They make very nice things.I love the Woman's Cap Sleeve Cashmere V-Neck Sweater in the Pale Coral Pink color.It's very pretty.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  102. I love Lands End. And nothing is warmer than cashmere. I have a few cashmere sweaters--all black. Would love to add color to the collection.

  103. I bought my girlfriend some cashmere for Christmas. This would be a great addition to her wardrobe, and I already know she likes cashmere.

  104. I've been a customer of Land's End for years - it's fun to see them branch out with more updated fashions like the Canvas Line.

  105. I think that Lands' End has excellent quality clothing but I have never bought anything cashmere from them yet. I must say, the shirt looks great on you and I don't know who wouldn't want to win it =)

  106. I didn't have an opinion one way or the other about Lands' End, but the new Canvas things seem nice- more casual, but stylish.

  107. I wasn't aware of Land's End Canvas Collection!
    It reminds me of casual, comfortable resort wear.
    I adore the Shift Dress, Boyfriend Cardigan and the tops! What a great set to mix and match.....
    Thanks, Cindi

  108. I have never owned any Land's End clothing - but they look like a quality brand. Most of their items seem like they have the potential to be dressed-up or dressed-down. The Canvas collection seemed very classic, and I wouldn't mind owning many of the things listed!

  109. I love Land's End. Such great quality and reasonable prices. I especially love their line of kids' winter clothes. So durable that we keep passing them through all the cousins without noticeable wear.

    I haven't bought many Land's End pieces for myself but I did make a promise at the beginning of this winter season. I promised not to buy any more cheap sweaters. They are such a waste of my money. I wear them one season, then they start to pill and I never wear them again. My cashmere pieces have lasted me for years and I always go back to them. I only have a few but it was totally worth the investment.

  110. Whoa! I would never have thought to put that sweater over a collar-shirt like it shows in the first pic. It looks cute, but maybe its b/c its on a model. Lands End is all about quality.

  111. I love Lands End because their clothing is so well made. However, it is a tad bit pricey for my budget. I splurge and shop there when I am looking for a signature piece that I plan on wearing for a while. I got a really nice basic cardigan from them for Christmas that I can wear forever because it will never go out of style!

  112. my impression of LE is that its a top quality brand and is good through many washes! I have loved their stuff!!
    their new canvas collection looks great!

  113. Great giveaway I love lands end products but there is no lands end where i live and I can't afford cashmere so this would be great to win.Thanks Marian

  114. Very nice looking sweater! I've actually never ordered from Land's End but I hear that they make great quality stuff!

  115. I love Land's End products. I have a few of their totes that I use constantly. And my son's favorite pjs came from them this Christmas.

    The new Canvas collection is so cute and stylish. I love the versatility of the pieces, and how some are simple and some are bold.

  116. Land's End makes quality clothing that is stylish yet comfortable and practical. My favorite pair of jeans is from Land's End! =)
    I love the preppy look of the new Canvas Collection!

  117. My husband has several Lands End Polo shirts & they are great for travel. They can be caual & still look presentable if we go out.

  118. My impression is summed up in one word--modern. It has a modern hint to all the pieces that are wearable, yet chic! I love it :)

    Another great word mentioned in your post is casual. I find myself wearing this in a nice weekend with my boyfriend, or going to the picnic!~

    I love the new Canvas collection! The tops are so my style :)

    Shay Lee

  119. I think Lands End makes quality stuff, but most of their clothes look a little "older" than I feel. I would buy some of their basic pieces though, since they're pretty classicaly styled. The sweater you're wearing here is a good example of that. They also had some cute cold weather boots this last season.

    Not very impressed that the first two images I saw on the Canvas sight were underweight teenagers in tiny swimsuits. That doesn't appeal to me at all. Some of the clothes are cute, but more than I typically spend.

  120. I have always liked Land's End - their stuff seems to be well made and the pieces I have purchased have always held up well. The canvas selection is nice - I hadn't really seen it before, definitely a younger market than I've seen Land's End pitch themselves to before.

  121. I really like the Lands End brand, not only for myself, but for the whole family. I usually buy online, get free shipping, and then return what doesn't fit back to my local Sears store.
    This is the first time I've seen the Canvas collection. Looks like of "J Crew", right?

  122. I have few things from Landsend and I love them. Returns are easy too. I know that because every year I have to return a gift from inlaws because it is the wrong size. They think I have supper tiny feet but big body! That reminds me I forgot to exchange the shoes they got my for Christmas.

  123. Real and relevant? Land's End has always been just that. I can't quite figure that out. They are the most comfortable line of clothing out there.

  124. Stephanie, I don't know why I'm having a gushy night tonight... but I am. And I just have to tell you how proud of you I am... you're so professional and incredible with this blog of yours.

    You're inspirational, a beautiful Mother and wife and lovely friend. I only wish I lived close to you, so we could get together.

    I adore you and this fantabulous blog of yours :)


  125. Love that sweater, it's adorable. Lands' End is the best place to get t-shirts! They hold their shape and are great quality, nice and sturdy.

  126. I'm excited about the canvas line. I've alway loved the quality of Land's End but never loved the style. Glad to see the change!

  127. I think Lands End has great quality clothing. I also appreciate that their talls are really tall! However, their style is a little too frumpy for me though. I want to look womanly without looking old.

    I like the new Canvas collection though. I'll have to try them out.

  128. I actually hadn't heard of Canvas yet... it looks really great. I love Lands' End for consistency in quality and sizing but sometimes their style is a bit matronly. Not that I'm not literally matronly but you know what I mean! Canvas looks more like me. And the price points still look reasonable, which is nice.

  129. I love the classic way the sweater fits you. It's something you could wear all day and put a string of pearls on and wear out in the evening.

  130. The new Lands End Canvas looks pretty nice... I have to admit that I don't usually buy too many of their clothes because they've always seemed a little too middle-aged for me (no offense to anyone who wears their clothes or is middle-aged, they're just not my style). I'm looking forward to seeing the new things they come out with!

  131. Lands End has always been one of my favorite brands. Yes, their clothes travel well. I think the new canvas line is just another example of how they listen to their customers.

  132. You can never go wrong with cashmere.... these look great! Land's End seems to be a pretty quality brand too. Although I've never owned anything by them, I've never heard anything negative.

  133. I'm a huge fan of v-neck anything. I was lucky enough to inherit my dad's lack of neck, so v-necks help to extend what little neck that I have. Super cute sweater that is perfect for a mom on the go.

  134. I have never owned anything that was made of cashmere, but I have been told that it is very soft. I hope that I am able to see for myself! Lands End is one of those companies that I trust to make quality goods.

  135. I love Lands' End. Haven't heard about Lands' End Canvas though.
    They make quality clothing. If your dollar wise you are Lands' Ends

  136. Looks like the new Land's End Canvas line will be a good source for basics. Versatile clothing with a pretty classic style design.

  137. Just checked out the website - looks cute! I like things that can be worn with jeans (slightly obsessed with jeans) OR dressed up for work. Looks like some great possibilities there!

  138. I have always thought of Land's End as a great company. I haven't had the pleasure of buying any of their products but I love their catalog. The canvas collection looks great but it seems they don't have sizes larger than 14 so it wouldn't work for me right now. One day though!

    Love their accessories though. I'm addicted to all kinds of bags ha ha

  139. My sister works at Sears, so I get a lot of Lands End stuff from her. I like that the stuff is pretty good quality and the return policy is awesome (I returned a coat several years after I bought it when the zipper started tearing off - all I needed was the original receipt - and I got an entirely new coat!). However, most of the tops are too bulky and square for me. Maybe the Canvas line will fix some of those fit issues.

  140. I was looking through the Canvas Collection and I really like what trhey have to offer..I love the shirts but don't really like the skirts either..Thanks

  141. I really like Lands end! Stuff there actually fits me! I am really liking the canvas collection especially the rib tanks and all the bottoms! Love the jeans. The only think I didn't care much for is the skirts and dresses too frilly for me.

  142. The basics are always great at Land's End. When in need of just that perfect basic I head to the local Land's End outlet. I love the quality and prices.

  143. I am a huge Land's End fan. Everything my kids own in that brand can be passed on to the younger siblings. I am so excited to see them coming out with some more modern pieces that I am excited to wear!!

  144. I LOVE Land's End. I think they do quality clothes, but... sometimes a little too "motherly" for my taste. I am glad they are coming up with something for the younger generation.

  145. What is your impression of the Lands’ End brand? What do you think of the new Canvas collection?

    I LOVE Land's End, I'm wearing a fleece top right now I bought from their catalog. SUPER customer service, very user-friendly website. I haven't worn anything from the Canvas collection, I'm curious to see how much different the clothing will be. I think it's a new good idea.

  146. I like it! I have never really worn Lands' End but the Canvas colleciton looks classic and most important - comfy.

  147. I love Lands End products. They are high in quality, wash up well, and look great, but more importantly, they are practical. I am all about clothes that are multi use as I HATE shopping. If I can get one or two tops that I can wear shopping or to church, I'm elated!

  148. I view the brand as products you can trust to be durable and yet elegant. I haven't bought anything from their canvas collection yet, but seems in line with their branding.

  149. I didn't know that they had a new collection. If it is the same quality that their brand usually has, they will be great!
    The shirt looks comfy.

  150. I have been a big fan of Land's End for years. I have not yet had the opportunity to try the Canvas collection. Thanks for the offer!

  151. Lands End is one of my very favorite places to shop online and I also receive their catalog. I have a couple of 3/4 length sleeve polo shirts that I bought there that I wear all the time.

  152. I have yet to check out their Canvas collection, but we have had such good luck with Lands' End. The majority of my husband's wardrobe is from Lands' End, and all the items are true to size. He's very tall, and their tall sizes fit especially well. I love their button-down shirts, as well as their dresses. And their bathing suits also.

  153. Lands end is great, perfect example of quality over quantity price-wise. My sons' backpack is going on year 3.

  154. I have always been impressed with the quality of Land's End apparel. The canvas collection looks like it may be for younger people than myself.

  155. I really like Lands End. I must admit that I don't own many of the clothes but they are the only bathing suits that I buy!! I do have some Lands End stuff for my kids and they are well-made and last a long time. I'll have to check out the new canvas line...I hadn't heard of it.

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