What To Pack In Your "Hospital" Bag

"Is your hospital bag packed?"

That's what everyone asked me in the final trimester of my first pregnancy. I almost always answered, "partly." I said that because my bag was partly packed and partly because I had no idea what to put in there!?!

For my second pregnancy, I knew what I needed/wanted:

  • Bikini Top [for laboring in the tub]
  • Slippers
  • Nursing nightgown
  • Nursing bra
  • Robe
  • Underwear (one size up) or Mesh Underwear
  • Maxi-pads
  • Lansinoh cream
  • nursing pads
  • 2-3 aden + anais Receiving Blankets
  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • A onesie or footsie for baby to wear home
  • A comfortable, loose-fitting outfit for me to wear home
  • Snacks for post-delivery
  • A towel/pad to sit on in the car on the way home
  • Digital Camera

I could have packed all of those items myself, but this time around I was fortunate to have a LaborKit, a pre-packed hospital bag with all kinds of birth and recovery essentials (including 6 of the above-mentioned items).


The LaborKit ($99) includes "premium items that are non-toxic, organic, environmentally friendly, or reusable." New moms will especially appreciate the washable nursing pads, nipple butter, ice packs, and snack bar. I would also recommend the addition of ballet slippers, a comfy nursing nightgown, and more snacks (having a baby can make a girl hungry!).

All in all, the LaborKit helps provide peace of mind for new mothers and I love that they've updated their kit in recent years to be more eco-friendly.

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153 comments on “What To Pack In Your "Hospital" Bag”

  1. The LaborKit sounds very useful and would prevent a lot of stress. Please enter me into the contest. Thanks!

  2. This is a great idea! I'm due with my 2nd in June and this would so come in handy. I agree with a comment above that toothbrush and toothpaste are definitely MUST-HAVES for me...in addition to breath mints!

  3. What an awesome idea for the pregnant mommy- one less thing to worry about! It took me weeks to pack mine and it was overwhelming trying not to forget anything=) I would love to win this for my sis- a first time mommy due in end of summer!

  4. I spent weeks packing my hospital bag. I printed off so many lists and tried to combine all of them in one bag. It was nuts...I would have loved to have one already packed for me....it's definitely one less thing to stress about...

    My friend is due any day now! : ) She's 38 weeks tomorrow!

  5. i'm so glad i found this today, being as i'm scheduled to have my 3rd boy next month and still haven't started packing 'cause i just don't remember what i actually used and didn't! thanks for sharing & the opportunity to win one!

  6. I have a few friends that are expecting a baby and I think this would be the most awesome gift! This is a really unique prize! Thanks for the chance :)

  7. i agree... i think it would be great if they put a nursing bra in with the mix. and if they could figure out a way to put popsicles in, that would be amazing!!!

  8. This is an awesome idea. I wish that I had something like it when I was pregnant with my 3. This would make a great gift for a friend.

  9. I wish they had thought of this before I had my first child I have a friend who is pregnant now I would love to win this for her

  10. I would love this for my daughter, pregnant with her second. She forgot her labor bag the first time, so this would make it super easy

  11. I wish I had this when I gave birth! I packed so much stuff that I didn't need, it was like I was going on vacation!

  12. I'm due with my first baby in June and honestly have heard of the "hospital bag" idea, but just assumed this was normal stuff. Who knew I needed all that- thanks for the comprehensive list! Obviously this would be very helpful

  13. This is a great giveaway! I have a few pregnant friends and I plan to get pregnant in the next few months so maybe I could just save it for myself!! This is the nest idea as you have so many other things going on that you need to prepare!

  14. Oh cool!
    What a neat giveaway!
    My BFF is due in a couple months!
    This would be perfect for her!

    Thanks 4 the chance!

  15. I agree, the nursing bra would be a nice addition! But these products are realistic and useful...unlike some of the others out there. I think this is a wonderful idea!! Thanks for the chance! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  16. What a fabulous giveaway. Were planning on having are third very soon and it would be nice to finally have a bag packed for us the right way. Thanks for the giveaway, I'm crossing my fingers.

  17. What a wonderful contest ~ Thanks for posting!
    This looks like a great bag of stuff that would be needed!

  18. I am expecting my first child in September and this kit would be amazing! I will be making a note of what's in it bc it seems they thought of everything!

  19. We are expecting our very first (it's a girl!) on August 1st, and I have been looking for a "what to pack for the hospital" list. I'm printing your post to use as a guide. Thanks!

  20. This sounds great to store away for myself until baby is due! There will be plenty of time to pick out an outfit for myself and baby to add to our final bag. Thanks for the chance!

  21. My neighbor is expecting a child and she could definitely use this. This is her second child, but her daughter is 11 years old, so it's been 11 years sicne she gave birth to a child.
    [email protected]

  22. I am expecting my first and I have no idea what I need or want or to do or anything. This prepacked goodie would be a HUGE help to me!

  23. This is a great idea! My daughter is expecting and this would be a wonderful thing to take along to the hospital! Very easy solution to a very common problem of being in a hurry or maybe an emergency trip.

  24. I think this is a great idea. I lkke that every kit except the Express has a lip balm. I would keel right over without a chapstick.

  25. That is such a great idea! I don't usually pack my bag until I'm actually in labor. All I really need is what I use every day!

  26. this kit is awesome! we are expecting our first child very soon so this would be so helpful to get us prepared and feel a little less nervous. thanks!

  27. I am due in July with number 2 and would love this. I had no idea what to pack with my first and still really don't for this one.

  28. This would be the perfect present to bring to a baby shower. It is something the Mom to be might forget about - I know that I did!

  29. I really appreciate this giveaway. I have 4 boys and would have really liked to have something like this when I had them. This is a wonderful idea. I would love to win......Thank you.

  30. What a great idea. I am going to have a 3rd baby and how nice would it be to have all this taken care of for me. I dont kno wwhen I will get the chance to do the packing with 2 toddlers in the house!

  31. My cousin is pregnant with her first child, and with money being tight I know this would make her feel loved and more secure.

  32. A good friend is due in May and this would be the perfect gift. This will be her first child and a bag like this would definitely relieve some of the stress of getting ready for the big event.
    [email protected]

  33. This would be perfect for my daughter in law. She is expecting her first child this October. I know she will NOT be prepared. I love her to death, but she is the worst preplanner!

  34. My younger sis is expecting her first child this summer ~ would love to win this for her. As with any new mom your mind is focused on baby and "OMG I am in Labor" ~ so I know that having a prepacked bag with the necessities would be a dream for her.

  35. I had no idea that I would need all of those things. And I don't think anyone would even tell me! I like how you reviewed it and said what isn't as necessary as well. It's great that a whole set has been made so a mother can be ready for the hospital.

  36. Thanks for the list! I'm trying to pack for my first birth and I've been so indecisive that it has remained partly done for the last several weeks. I'm at 36 weeks preg now and my friends are horrified that I don't have it packed and in the car yet, lol.

  37. I am an OB nurse and this is the best thing I can imagine for a mom to be. My first born is planning her own first born and I'd love this for her

  38. This would make a great gift for a friend who is due in August with a baby girl! She is one of those "spur-of-the-moment" procrastinators, so this would come in handy for her because I can just picture her rushing around trying to pack her bag in between contractions.

  39. what a wonderful idea! my sister is due in august, this would be very precious and everything is all ready to go. a baby shower in a bag.

  40. What a WONDERFUL idea! Every mama who is going to have a baby should have this wonderful bag of labor goodies! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this! We are planning baby number three the end of next year :) Shhhhhhhh,,,

  41. I wish I would have had this when I was pregnant - but it would be perfect for my best friend due in June!

  42. I would love to win this for my cousin. She is expecting her first baby in a month and her father just passed away. This would definitely cheer her up!

  43. This would be a great shower gift for my friends daughter. She is stressing out about what to take with her.

  44. One of my best friends is expecting her first child next month and I know she has been going over and over those lists in magazines of what to bring... even though most of the stuff on them is unnecessary. This would definitely be a wonderful shower gift for her! Thanks!

  45. i can really use this to gift to a friend who is pregnant. this would be just the thing she needs coz she frets over "what if i forgot something" issue a lot these days!!

  46. I like how the kit has Thank you cards. It's little things that you don't think about having at the hospital. With the Thank you cards, you can go ahead and write what people bring you in the hospital so that's taken care of. The kit is really neat and I would love to have it when I have my first baby. Thanks for the chance.

  47. I would love to win this for my best friend! I know what it's like to not be prepared when you go into labor and this bag covers you without having to throw stuff together at the last minute! What a great idea!!

  48. I'd love to win this for a friend who is expecting her first child next month. What a great idea -- takes away the stress of worrying you'll forget something, and the stress of gathering everything, too.

  49. I can see how a sleeping mask and earplugs would be useful, actually - if you spend the night in the hospital you are likely to have unwanted lights and sounds all around you. But some of the other stuff from competing bags does sound ridiculous.

  50. As someone who was unexpectedly induced and almost didn't have her bag in the car, this would be great to have during the last couple weeks, just in case!

  51. I have a friend who is expecting her first baby. She's an efficient type woman, and I'm sure she'd put this to good use! This would be a great baby-shower gift, supplemented with a receiving blanket and some burp cloths!

  52. This would help me out alot because not only am I expecting but my daughter is also expecting 2 1/2 weeks after me.

  53. I want to win this for my friend. She's having her first baby due July 1st. I'm sure she could use this!

  54. A girl I work with is due with her first baby in September and my sister is due in October - how do I choose! The first time around I packed my bag while I was in labor and the second time I was nesting big time and had it packed at least 2 months in advance!

  55. I over packed for my first birth and ended up having alot of things that didn't matter, and I had things I needed that I had totally forgotten!
    Beautiful idea for a new mom, and it is something I needed badly, myself last time.
    I love this giveaway!

  56. This would be fantastic for baby #2. All these great companies with great ideas! I looked at a ton of lists before our son was born, so that I would have everything needed. It's hard to know what to pack and what you will want for your first labor/baby. The lists were very helpful and I felt like I had all the right stuff (maybe too much, but I didn't miss anything! and that's much more important).

  57. This has EVERYTHING! I'd love to win to give it to a friend. Her husband was my Bible study leader when we were in college, and it would help her not have to worry that she was 'forgetting' something.

  58. Sounds great! My husband basically took over the bag packing when we were expecting Fly, which was fine with me. We had been given a list of suggestions of what to pack, and he embellished it. A lot. He even surprised me with several new pairs of cozy socks, some flip-flop slippers and a new robe.

    When my friend was ready to have her baby a couple months later, I gave her a small cosmetic-size bag of items specifically for labor that I thought would be useful to her.

  59. That's the coolest kit ever! I wish I had known about them during my four pregnancies. I'm not entering, but - again! - I couldn't resist commenting.

  60. This would be great for me considering I am the worst packer in the WORLD! Lat time I didn't really pack anything and it was a planned c secontion. We are praying for a sponatneous delivery with this one, so with the element of surprise I am going to need all the help i can get in the packing department!

  61. I didn't know these types of things were available!! What a great baby shower gift. I'd also include a toothbrush and maybe some massage lotion for use during labor. Thanks.

  62. It is funny how unprepared I was for my first. I had NO idea how useful many things in that bag would be, especially the snacks for after delivery (I was starving and the kitchen was closed), the mesh underwear (hospital only gave me one pair, YIKES!) and the nursing bra- thought I wouldn't need it right away (I was wrong). Thanks for the chance to get it right this time!

  63. I really like your posts on the difference between hospitals and birth centers. I'm having my 2nd child and just visited a birth center to see about having it there. Your post was spot on! Thanks for the list of hospital items needed. It was a great start to my own list.

  64. What a wonderful idea. My son & wife are expecting #1 in August and I can see where this would be great. One other thing is a list on the outside of last minute things to bring - pillow, camera, etc. Another idea would be "Daddy's labor bag that could contain those items.

  65. Wow! That is a great idea, I think Im gonna need to get myself one for my next baby. There should be one that you can customize.

  66. Everything you need...how cool! My daughter's expecting this summer and I would love to have this for her.

  67. Would love to win for my daughter who is due in July. She waits till the last second to do anything so she could really use a prepacked bag!

  68. my sis in law is expecting in June of this year. She would escatic to receive this as she does not have any parents to help her with her first one.thanks

  69. Wow! What a great product. I wish they had these when I had my daughter. I'd like to win it for my nephew's wife who is expecting her first.

  70. Very cool idea, although I think that a nursing bra would have been a good addition too!! But I'd take what's in it if I can win =)

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  71. What a neat idea! I would use the "Share the Joy" checklist, because I set someone else the task of calling everyone with the news, so that my husband and I can enjoy the new baby. We're not pregnant yet, but I would love one of these for when we are!

  72. Our daughter is having her first child at the beginning of September. This would be a wonderful thing for her to have.

  73. I had no idea what to pack the first time around either and some of the items on your list were things I had forgotten and wished I had. The pre-packed kit sounds awesome and I have to agree with your changes.

    The only thing I should have packed in the first bag that I didn't and that isn't on your list was a change of clothes for Hubby. He ended up staying at the hospital the whole time I was there and since I had a c-section that was three days - I did send him home to change on the 2nd day, but he didn't bring any clean clothes back with him :)

  74. Wow! What a great kit! This would be awesome to have when I go into labor! It seems like they thought of everything!

  75. Okay, I agree that you don't need a lot of the stuff you mentioned was weird, but I totally disagree on the sleep mask. I actually brought one with me to the hospital for both births because hospital staff come in all all hours, lights turn on and off, and I like to nap during the day sometimes while the baby is napping. The mask was wonderful for that. :)

  76. I always pack my stuff but in the long run the hospital has most of the stuff I need. Pads, underwear, diapers, wipes, and snacks. I always pack and then don't need most of the stuff I pack.

  77. Wow--how easy this would make preparing for the big day! We just found out that we are expecting again, so I would love love to win this set! Thanks!

  78. in my last labor/delivery bag I don't think I touched half of the things I packed! My idea of labr and recovery were obvously a little off the mark. Although, now I wish I really had taken the time to listen to the relaxing cd I made, Then maybe I could have better drowned out the beeps, nurses chatter and other hospital noises. ...nex time around, I think I'll skip the cd and pack a soothing sound machine!

  79. That's such a good list! I wish I'd had access to it when I was packing my bags for the hospital!! :)
    Btw, I loved your last post! MAybe I'll consider going the midwife route next time! I'm inspired!!

  80. How great to have those necessities all in one place. As sure as I'd go to get everything rounded up, I'd forget something! I like that it uses brands we know and love too.

  81. I had a home birth so I didn't need to take my hospital bag, but i hear that you should always take warm cozy socks with you because the hospital ones are not nice enough.

  82. as far as prepacked goes it looks pretty good, especially for the price. I wouldn't buy it for myself but I would get it for a friends baby shower and I wouldn't mind getting one as a gift. Most of the things though I would already have. The diapers seem a little much to me though, I mean to bring to the hospital, you can never have enough at home but I wouldn't bring my own to the hospital with me because they have diapers there and they make you take the extra diapers left home with you because you have bought them, if you left them, I think they just throw them out because they are not sterile anymore. I don't know if every hospital is like that though or just the one I was in.

  83. This would make a fantastic gift for a mom-to-be. My sister is expecting her third this summer. She's got her hands full right now with two boys, so maybe this kit would save her a little time and energy.

  84. Here's hoping that if I win it will be too late and I will have already delivered a healthy baby. But even if that happens it sounds like all the items would still be useful post-partum. Either way, great prize for an expectant mom!

  85. soo.... i just found out i am expecting number 3, I will be due December 10th, and this would be helpful, I do not remember things like this with my last two girls! Thank you as always!

  86. This looks like it would make a perfect gift for my sister in law! I too had no idea what to bring, but it worked out.

  87. Wow that is everything I guess you wiould need. My cousin is having her first baby this fall and she could really use this.

  88. This would be great for my friend who is expecting her first child in a couple months, thanks.

  89. This is such a great prize. I too did not know what to pack for my hospital bag. I overpacked and then didn't have items I really needed! My best friend is due in June and she really could use this. She has so much going on with a move to a new house and husband changing jobs this would be so helpful to have ready to go!!

  90. I definitely know how to pack better this time around but I love the convenience of this kit! What a great concept. I would add a couple of magazines and throw my ipod in as well.

  91. my daughter is having a baby in september and i have never ever seen any thing so great for her.

  92. Its been a while since I've even thought of the hospital bag. Theres so much new stuff to put into it now. This would be a great thing for my daughter who will be a first time mother (and shes expecting twins !) .

  93. I'm excpecting my first little one in less than 4 weeks now, and I don't have my bag packed yet. Your list was very helpful, though! I really want to get that done this week. Thanks so much!!

  94. Hi, This is a great prize and a great idea. I have never felt ready and prepared for labor at the hospital. This could help me to be ready for the first time. Hope to win. Thanks, Stefanie

  95. Wow, I didn't even know this type of thing existed. It sounds quite handy. While I'm not pregnant (and rather hope not to be any time soon) I do have friends who could make good use of this. Oh, and I'm sort of raising my hand. My husband actually did want to shave at the hospital (the next morning after #1). I had packed the mini shaving cream that I thought ahead and bought - but not his razor.

  96. wow great idea- they forgot the toothbrushes though..that was one thing i had to have and a hairbrush- yep with all the stuff going on you forget and when you see the pics..yep a ponytail too and a disposable camera is what shoudl be in there

  97. My daughter is expecting her first child this summer and I would LOVE to win this for her! I know I would have appreciated something like this when I was "packing" for my daughters' deliveries! Thanks for offering.

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