What to Pack It In: A Duffel Bag by High Sierra Sport Company

What to Pack It In: A Duffel Bag by High Sierra Sport Company 1Let's talk suitcases.

Do you prefer hard ones or soft ones? Duffels or backpacks or traditional suitcases?

I like bags that are spacious, easy to roll, and that have pockets for shoes. Bonus Points if it "stands out" from all of the plain black bags on the conveyor belt at the baggage claim.

The 30-Inch Wheeled Cargo Duffel by High Sierra Sport Company offers all of those features. It's roomy, a cinch to glide across the floor, and has two side pockets for shoes and accessories. And I love the modern plaid design.

What to Pack It In: A Duffel Bag by High Sierra Sport Company 2The duffel is available in three different colors and retails for between $119-$149, depending on where you shop.

High Sierra Sport Company sells bags for travel, sport, and leisure. If you want to keep up with the latest contests and product launches, become a fan on Facebook (bonus tip...the brand hosts a random drawing once a week for all fans!) or follow the brand on Twitter.

What to Pack It In: A Duffel Bag by High Sierra Sport Company 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a bag (Which one? It's a surprise!) from High Sierra Sport Company. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #14 Kristen. Congratulations!

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223 comments on “What to Pack It In: A Duffel Bag by High Sierra Sport Company”

  1. I am a big fan of all the High Sierra products, this is the only company we recommend to all our scouts for our backpack and other camping gear.

  2. A duffel bag on wheels like this one is great for going to a destination packed light, but leaving room for packing expansion when you buy souvenirs at the destination

  3. I used to have a huge duffel bag without wheels. Adding the wheels would make a duffel bag so much easier to transport!

  4. My wife loves her old Tumi leather duffel bag. It is soft sided and has been on just about every trip we've ever taken. Unfortunately, it has served it's useful life. This would be a great gift for her and maybe keep me out of the doghouse for a few days.

  5. Duffel Bags make the best suitcases and I love the eclectic plaid look of this one - easy to spot! So much luggage looks alike and I hate that especially on airline lugguage carousel or when luggage is all gathered together at hotels etc.

    And this one comes on wheels! Wow! Perfect!

  6. I have heard good things about High Sierra brand. I currently use a few Eagle Creek pieces and would live to try High Sierra.

  7. I love this duffel bag. For long trips I prefer traditional luggage. For short trips I like duffel bags.

  8. Roller duffels are my favorite - just like you demo'd. They can fit a lot, or you can cinch them with less (leave room for your trip shopping!). I've given a couple as gifts (from lands end) and it's nice to monogram them. They have to roll though!! Very important. I dont believe in any sort of carry bags these days, not with a baby on my hip or back! :)

  9. I tell you what...I dislike me some plain bags! All my bags have to be a little exciting. Otherwise, I get bored (and I also have to look a bit harder for the boring bag). I also have to put the yarn knick-knack on the bag, and that's usually a disaster.

  10. I would so love to have this for my mom! we are getting ready to go on a huge out of the country trip and with 9 kids she could really really use this!

  11. I lived out of a suitcase for years. I started with a standard size suitcase which didn't work well for what I needed. I then went to a huge suitcase that could fit an entire person in it (a smallish person). Now I don't travel as much and a medium size duffle would probably see me through for the rest of my travel needs.

    This bag looks great for that.

  12. My daughter is taking a school trip this year. A good quality rolling suitcase would be perfect for her. Thanks!


  13. What a great bag! Looks nice and roomy! Would be nice to have one bag that would fit my stuff and my SO's stuff for those weekend getaways! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  14. I usually try to stuff everything into a backpack and duffel when I travel so I don't have to check them. I hate waiting at the baggage claim for my luggage. But if I did have to use luggage, ones with wheels are of course a must!

  15. this would be great because MySister has a boat and She is on the end of the marina and it is a long dock....I would love this KayMI

  16. We could pack clothes in a rolling duffle bag as we travel with our grandchildren to Disney for the first time in May. They are so thrilled to travel with Nana and Papa.

  17. I love the looks of this bag, i like something that fits a lot and is easy to travel with my husband has a high sierra trail bag he takes camping and loves thanks for the chance to win [email protected]

  18. I can never believe how much a I have to pack just for a weekend away with my hubby and kids! This looks like a great duffel, a great size for my son, and I love that it has wheels!!! Thanks for the chance in your giveaway!

  19. That is one beautiful bag.I bought my son one of their backpacks and it was so durable and lasted a long long time..I have bought backpacks at kmart before and i was lucky if they lasted two months.

  20. This is a nice looking duffle bag and Sierra only makes quality merchandise. It looks perfect for use as a carry on too.

  21. I used to use a duffel to travel, but it was a pain because it was a plain one with no wheels. This would be sooo much easier!

  22. This would be a great bag for my little one when we travel. she'd love a bag that's got such a fun print!

  23. I usually use regular suitcases when I travel, one big one for me & my son. One small one for my husband. I like that the duffel bag you have has wheels!

  24. This would be perfect for our next trip to Grandma's. Our suitcase is too big and our next biggest bag is entirely too small, lol.

  25. I'm a huge fan of duffel bags and one with wheels and a really cute plaid gets a huge thumbs up! from me! Add to the fact that it's High Sierra, and I'm all a flutter! Great bag!

  26. High Sierra is definitely one of the first names I think of when it comes to quality bags. I love yours...it's cute, yet casual.

  27. My high school son is traveling with a school group to Europe this summer and this would be PERFECT for him to take. Thanks.

  28. I learned the hard way that if you buy a "cheap" suitcase, you get and "cheap" suitcase! When packing to return home after a 2 week adoption trip in China, we realized we didn't have enough room. We bought a Polo knock off and it barely made it home! The zipper btoke, the wheel fell off, and it basically fell apart before our very own eyes. It pays to get quality suitcases to begin with. They last longer without falling apart! High Sierra looks very durable. I would love to try it out! (No trips to China in the forseeable future---darn!! :)

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  29. I'm always looking for a bag that looks good AND lasts. Don't ask me how many of my daughter's bags have fallen apart in less than a year.

  30. i could use a couple bags like that, looks nice and spacious,seems we never have enough room to pack everything when we go on vacation

  31. I am going on a cruise at the end of march and i own one piece of luggage circa 1995. Seriously, it is an old rectangle piece with "rollers" that are useless because unless you are part monkey you cant reach the handle and walk. That bag looks PERFECT!

    Plus the color is a major plus. I would lose my head if it was not attached. Picking out a boring black bag .. nope not gonna happen.

  32. For Christmas my mother in law gave us the High Sierra Ski/Snowboard bag to pack our winter equipment in when we travel. This duffel would go great with that for our next ski vacation.

  33. I would rather travel with a wheeled duffel bag than a suitcase, plain and simple. And the High Sierra Sport Company carries an impressive variety of product lines! :)

  34. Yes, a bag that stands out is nice and lessens the chance that someone will take off with the wrong bag. I like hard suitcases if I've got breakables inside, but I like soft ones because I can get more in them.

  35. Love that it has wheels! I like having a big bag where I can fit everything in. My husband drives me crazy every time we go somewhere cause he always finds bits and pieces that need to be brought along too and he sticks them in separate bags and carries to the car and when you arrive somewhere, you have a million little bags (some of them plastic grocery store bags!!) to carry in. I prefer jamming everything in one or two big bags and we're missing the second bag right now.

  36. Duffel bags make great "suitcases". I actually prefer using a duffel bag on short trips. Easy to carry and not as bulky as a standard suitcase. Love the bag shown in the pictures... clever idea giving it wheels

  37. A bag on wheels is a must for me when traveling. I wouldn't even consider carrying a bag without wheels. I also like the design of this bag, it would be easy to pick out on a conveyer belt at the airport which I really like.

  38. My family and I go camping and on weekend trips frequently. I currently use a green khaki duffle bag. This bag is cute and would be great for those trips.

  39. I need new luggage that is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment. This looks perfect. I also like High Sierra's Carry-On Computer Tote Bag.

  40. These look really durable - that's our biggie when we travel our stuff ends up looking beat to death by the handlers. If the quality is there I think they'd be worth it.

  41. This looks like a very useful and functional baf both for travel and for transporting other things to the gym or work. I'd love one.

  42. I love the duffel bags on wheels and hate using suitcases. With suitcases it seems like there is not enough pockets or compartments to keep it organized.

  43. I take a lot of long weekend trips and I hate to use a suitcase and instead I use a duffel bag. Well, over the summer the straps broke b/c it was overstuffed and you can imagine how big of a pain it is to use without the shoulder strap.

    It would be much easier if it had wheels on it, like this one!

  44. I've used duffel bags before, but I haven't enjoyed using them. That's because they didn't roll like this one, though!

    I agree about not having a black suitcase. I have a green suitcase and it is so easy to spot at the luggage carousel!

  45. All of our family members on both side live out of state for us. So we are always traveling to see them.
    Most of the time our clothing is packed in laundry baskets for lack of a good bag or duffel.
    So this would be really great for us. And I am sure that it would be more attractive.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  46. I like duffel bags or soft suitcases. I don't think they always stand up to airplane travel as well as other items, but with 4 children and one on the way, we don't fly much. It's easier for me to fit soft side bags in the spaces in the car when we do go somewhere!

  47. Oh boy do we need this! We travel every year and with four of us, that is a lot of stuff! We are going to Disney for 9 nights in Sept. And this would really come in handy!

  48. I have never used a duffel type of bag...but my husband always does. I really like all pockets and the fact that it is a wheeled duffel bag...very trendy.

  49. I really like this duffle bag. It would come in handy when I am packing for camping. We put our stuff in the suitcases right and can take up so much space in the van with all the camping gear. This would work perfectly for me. Thank you.

  50. when we moved we had a garage sale and any unused items went into the sale, needless to say the outdated duffel bags, old suitcases all were sold or thrown out. It would be nice to have an awesome bag like one of these! I'm sure hubby & I would fight over who got to use it first!

  51. I really need my own suitcase. I keep borrowing my aunt's wheeled bag for my trips and I think I she would like it back!
    (fingers crossed)

    mdv1121 at yahoo dot com

  52. I love the black plaid cargo duffel, too. However, I would happily accept the other colors! Big family trip this year and we own NO wheeled luggage.
    What a treat winning one of these bags would be.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

  53. We live 4 hours from our family. Having suitcases big enough to pack clothes, pillows and blankets in is necessity. I think this duffel bag would be perfect for packing everything the kids need for a trip back home!

  54. Are these small enough to count as a carry-on for a flight? We had a crazy time packing for two adults and two toddlers for two weeks in only carry-on bags last Thanksgiving. We only had a small duffel and our smallest suitcase. This bag looks nice and roomy.

  55. I HAD a really great duffel bag that I used ALL THE TIME when packing up my boys for a weekend at their grandmas... had, being the operative word. After one such weekend visit, we didn't get the back put away soon enough and our very old, very senile cat mistook the empty bag for her litter box. Sigh... no more duffel bag. This bag would definitely see plenty of use in our family - and the wheels would allow the boys to pull it on their own! How great would that be?!

  56. Everything you mention is important - lots of space and easy to manueuver, but the very best thing is to be able to spot your suitcase at the luggage pickup point. One of these bags would definitely be spotable.

  57. I love softside bags. I can stuff in more... STUFF! I have one huge duffel but it doesn't roll. This one looks VERY handy!

  58. I've actually never owned a duffel. Looks like it would be good though. I have Protocol Luggage and it has done well for me thus far - it has been on numerous trip in the states and overseas twice. It's black though and that requires some serious looking to find it at baggage claim!

  59. I love duffel bags and soft sided luggage. But I've never had a duffel with wheels...brilliant. I am usually throwing them over my shoulder, but this seems much easier.

  60. I would like something you can stuff into the overhead compartment. Call me cheap but I just don't want to pay extra to take a bag and check it in. When traveling in a car, the more pockets and places to store stuff the better. I have always had a goal to get everything into 1 bag for myself and 3 daughters (hubby packs his own into a duffel bag)...is it possible?

  61. I prefer soft sided luggage and duffel bags. You can squish more stuff in it. And I need to replace one of my bags. Why? Because my cat got into it and peed in it! Would love to win it!

  62. My husband and I inherited a bunch of great luggage from his parents, and in haste I got rid of my duffel bag from high school-let me tell you, I miss it so much!
    I think I would like the duffel aspect of this bag, but I love that it's on wheels-so convenient!

  63. That looks like a neat bag. I definetely appreciate the ones that roll when trying to handle bags and children at the same time! We tie colorful ribbons on our black suitcases to make them stand out in baggage claim. The most recent suitcase that I bought I found in orange, so it is pretty easy to spot!

  64. My son uses a well worn large duffel bag to travel. He seems to like it. I only use a duffel for the gym and like that size. I am still using old suitcases but I am ready to switch.

  65. The duffel bag is a great idea! I am in desperate need of any form of luggage right now! We just took a trip and realized we didn't have any- yes, we had to use bags from around the house!

  66. As our family grows I'm beginning to appreciate more and more luggage that is easy to transport and that collapses. It makes such a difference! And it looks like this fits both of my criteria!

  67. I have two toddlers - a self-propelled suitcase that would follow me through the airport would be nice. Or one that had built in seats for my girls to ride on? But really - this looks like a great, mama-friendly duffel. Nice that it has pockets on the ends - I'd fill them with toys and diapers! :)

  68. I just love this wheeled duffel bag from High Sierra! Duffel bags come in so handy for short trips...such as a long weekend. The only problem I have with duffel bags is that they can get pretty darn heavy before you know it. The wheels seem like just the answer! Thanks!

  69. I normally use my dad's old luggage bag with wheels. It creeps me out because it looks like i'm carrying around a body in there! This is MUCH cuter.

  70. I love the bag! It's stylish enough that both a man and woman could use it and not feel overwhelmed with a gender-specific colors or designs. This would be perfect for a weekend trip for 2. Definitely wouldn't get misplaced on the baggage carousel.

  71. Last year while visiting another state we wanted to replace my crappy old suitcase with a duffel bag but family craziness ensured we never had time to shop.

  72. We're going on a trip this summer and have been looking for some luggage. I like the fact that it has wheels, but I'm not sure about whether the handles would make through an airline trip. I hope they can be tucked away somewhere.

  73. Oh wow we are going on vacation soon and I have no luggage bags. This would be perfect. I really hope that I win it.

  74. We need something like this badly...we travel to my parents all the time and right now only have the duffels without the wheels...so annoying to carry!

  75. I have luggage that is about 20 years old with the handstrap and wheels on one end (you know the ones that always fall over?!) I think it's time for an upgrade!

  76. I am such a fan of High Sierra Sport. When I was in the market for a backpack, I purchased the Acess pack in a gorgeous shade of purple. It's the best bag...not only is it the perfect size for all of my books, the quality is outstanding...as impressed as I am with the backpack...I'd love to see what the luggage is like.

  77. I need a large bag like this one. I have one duffel bag that's still in good condition but I've had it for over 15 years.

  78. you cant beat a bag on wheels that will take a beating compared to a suitcase- we love ours and I take a similar but smaller one to school every day.

  79. I love this bag! I bought some red suitcases a few years back because no one had any...well now it seems like everyone has them. This would make a great travel bag and it looks like it would hold lots of stuff. Thanks for the review! :)

  80. i prefer a suitcase that is stylish and easy to carry (One that rolls) I love op art and trendy prints. The plaid one shown here is a nice, stylish piece!

  81. I've never used a duffle bag for traveling. It looks like it would hold a lot of stuff, and the wheels would make it easy to maneuver around the airport.

  82. I love the bag shown. I did have a bag similar to this one, which mysteriously "disappeared" when my daughter recently went back to college.

  83. I would totally love this for my son's suitcase!!! You can't be the function of this bag as both a duffel and suitcase! Awesome.

  84. Duffel bags make me soooo happy!! You can cram them full of everything you need for trips. Travelling with a toddler is like packing the kitchen sink, and it's easy to do so with a huge duffel. Greatness is a duffel on wheels! Love it!!

  85. We travel with a suitcase given to my husband at hs graduation... It's pretty pathetic. I'd love a new bag.
    inalak at msn dot com

  86. YES! Totally agree that it should stand out from the others! I have a black one that I got long ago and then realized...so does everyone else. So I have a big bright ribbon on it so I can find it, but when the bag is face down - doesn't help. :(

  87. I've never bought anything from High Sierra, but my parents have and I've noticed that they are extremely durable. Great for a trip and looks adorable!

  88. High Sierra is a favorite sports company of mine!
    They make such a variety of quality products.
    I like when my bag is easy to distinguish among the bags rolling on the belt at the airport! I try to put unique tags on them, also.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  89. I like softer rolling bags. We have the most random luggage collection. I seriously do not even know where some of it came from : ) Thanks!

  90. I love the bag featured here, I hope it's that one! I could really use a nice wheeled duffel like that for traveling.

  91. I need a great duffle to use as a carry on bag from the airport! This bag looks great, especially since it has wheels!

  92. I love the design of the duffel bag! The one we currently use has 4 of the smallest wheels ever. So when you try to use them, the whole bag drags on the ground. This one looks like it is designed so much better!

  93. I like bags that are spacious, easy to roll, and that have pockets for shoes! This bag would be great because I go to college, and have to unpack and pack all the time in and out of dorms! This could be fantastic to carry my larg books!

    Thanks for this giveaway! I love the design~

    Shay Lee

  94. I've always wanted a bag like that! I'm trying to move to Costa Rica for a summer next year so it would be nice to have a bag like that to lug around with me. Thanks and good luck to all!

  95. I like soft-sided suitcases or duffel bags for traveling - either one works. It is definitely a bonus if the bag has a separate spot for shoes (especially hubby's shoes - he has stinky feet :) )

  96. This is a really incredible duffel bag. Would love to try it on an upcoming trip even though I've never actually traveled with a duffel instead of a suitcase.

  97. We don't often use soft duffels for travel but I think they are great because they hold so much. I think one with wheels is a must and is great for a family!

  98. We have a duffle bag a little like that and when we fly my husband flips the car seat over (the bottom is placed next to handle) and places it on the duffle bag. Great way to carry a carseat and your luggage.

  99. This isn't really about the suit case... more about the baby atop that case. How did she grow up so quickly??? She's turning one soon, right? Goodness, time goes so fast when they are babies.


  100. I prefer large duffel bags on wheels. I have one that I have been using for more than 10 years. One wheel is about to fall off. It's time for a new one.

  101. I love the features of this bag including: the ventilated pocket pouch for laundry or shoes, the recessed, locking telescoping handle and the especially the wheels.

  102. My dad bought my a duffel bag for my first mission trip to Wales. It still works great but we could sure use another.

  103. I haven't been on vacation in a long time, but whenever I go again, this is the kind of bag that I would love. The wheeled duffel bag looks like it holds a lot of items, and it would be so easy to transport.

  104. I've never tried a duffel because my husband seems to be a fan of having a plain black suitcase like the other million people we're standing with in baggage claim. High Sierra looks like they make pretty great things!

  105. The great thing about duffles is that they collapse down. We are going on a cruise soon, and it is always a pain to find a place to store a big suitcase in the cabin during the cruise.

  106. I like the duffel bag on wheels! The wheel broke on my suitcase on my last trip so I'm looking around for good options before this summer's vacation. I like the plaid. How heavy is it? The lighter the luggage, the more stuff I can put in it!

  107. I'm a bag-fanatic! Suitcases are very nice... but not very flexible (in general)... I much prefer duffels or backpacks. They fit in much easier.

  108. I have a rolling duffle bag that I've had for years, but it is on it's last leg. I love the concept of them! I'm in deperate need of replacing the one that I have.... these are so stylish!

  109. I admit it! I hold onto my suitcases forever. My last one is a dinosaur and the handle broke on it on my last flight. It actually is so heavy that I have to pack a great deal less in it so it won't go over the weight limits. I think a duffel bag would be a great, new adventure in traveling for me.

  110. I use to use duffel bags all of them time and then our in-laws and parents gave us suitcases so now we use them. Basically I use what will hold the most stuff and roll around in the airport.

  111. I prefer backpacks if I'm not going on a big trip. It's mostly because I can use it for any away-from-home excursion: hiking, sleepover, conventions.

  112. I have a big green duffle with wheels that I received many years ago for my sixteenth birthday that I love. My husband uses a bright orange suitcase. It's super easy to find at baggage claim but it's getting quite worn and needs replacing.

  113. I have never tried a bag that is as soft as this one looks that has wheels on it. I have several suitcases in different sizes and shapes - it always seems like depending on the place (and obviously the length of stay) I always think a different style/shape bag would be ideal to pack in every time. Funny how that works.

  114. I almost bought one of these for my son to take to camp. Now that the older one is going to college next year I think this would be so useful for when he comes home on the weekends. I don't know what I did before wheeled suitcases became popular. And I like the design on the one in the photo; it's one that my son wouldn't be embarressed to use.

  115. We have always used regular suitcases, but have been thinking about getting a duffel. I would just be afraid that I would get it too heavy :)

  116. I am in constant search of the 'perfect bag.' Our favorite wheeled suitcase is on its last legs.....just got a wheeled duffle which is great, but a little too big, so I worry about weight....so many things to consider!

  117. I prefer soft suitcases and duffel bags. I can't wait to use my new suitcases for my trip to Atlanta this week. They are bright green so hopefully they stand out LOL

  118. I have a really ugly green duffel (what a weird word, really, when you stop to think about it) that I use when traveling. I like it because it rolls easily and it definitely stands out on luggage carousels (UGLY), but the zipper sometimes doesn't work. It's really a very big minus in the bag. The zipper has never been reliable and it's just getting worse every time I use it. I definitely am in the market for a new one!!

  119. Duffle bags are a staple at our house since they can be used for so many different things! This one is even better with wheels and a cute pattern.

  120. I am an avid camper and an extra well built duffle bag always comes in handy. This one seems to be a high quality bag.

  121. Our suitcases are... dying. After much travel in the third world, I think we are going to need to upgrade soon. But it's so pricey. This is a great duffel. I really like duffels (as long as you aren't sharing with someone else), and used them almost exclusively in college.

  122. It's a beautiful bag, and with an upcoming Disney World trip, we could sure put it to good use. I like the pattern. Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. We are duffel bag fans and the more pockets, nooks, and crannies, the better. We don't use suitcases anymore and haven't for years. I have one duffel bag that has pockets GALORE. It was WONDERFUL for packing baby things. They just need SO MUCH stuff when traveling. Now that my babies are a little older, the pockets still come in handy for sorting everything. Duffels also fold down to nearly nothing, unlike regular suitcases, so they are a major plus for storage!

  124. I trust this brand with durable and useful luggage items. This will be a great duffel bag for our camping trips this summer.

  125. This would be great for our upcoming vacation - and I love that it doesn't 'look' like all the other bags around. I much prefer a soft sided duffle to a traditional suitcase.

  126. I do prefer a softer duffel bag for travel. This one looks great and especially roomy. Thanks for the offer, I'd love to give it a try!

  127. High Sierra has really good quality stuff. I'd love to win this duffle, since it seems like you can cram more stuff into a soft-sided bag instead of a hard case. Plus the wheels would make it super easy to travel with.

  128. Love the duffel bag! We have used duffel bags as suitcases quite a bit. Both my sons are boy scouts and we gone to week long summer camp via plane several times. A duffel bag is perfect for taking all your clothes as well as all kinds of camping stuff.

  129. This bag looks like it would hold a lot of stuff. Also, I like the fact that it doesn't look like all the other bags out there and would be easy to spot on the conveyor.

  130. A person can never have too many bags when travelling with a child. I always come back from vacation with more stuff than I left with. Will I ever remember to take an extra bag or two for the things I accumulate on vacation?

  131. I've never used a duffel bag as a suitcase. My husband always uses a big duffel (not one with wheels though....that's a pretty neat feature!!). This would be perfect for a family though. Lots of nice pockets and room for packing. Plus, as you said, it's not a boring black suitcase like everyone else has!!

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