What to Pack: Jeans

What to Pack: Jeans 1If I had to only wear one thing over and over and over again, it would be jeans.

Jeans are stylish, figure-flattering, and totally practical for a mom's active lifestyle. Plus, they can be dressed up or dressed down with ease. Pair with flats and a tee - ready for a picnic at the park! Add heels and a sparkly shirt - ready for a night out! See? So easy!

The trick is to find a great pair for your body-type. I personally prefer bootcut or flare.

Just recently, I discovered DownEast Basic's denim line and they have some super fun offerings. These aren't just Plain Jane boring jeans. The washes are interesting and the pockets are elegantly embellished.

What to Pack: Jeans 2I was given the opportunity to try out the Rock Star Jean and I've been wearing them all over the place. Here I am rockin' out in them...or something like that. Coincidentally, my sweater is also by DownEast Basics. It's the Closer Look Cardigan (which is no longer for sale on their website...but it looks suspiciously similar to the Long Sleeve Cardigan).

The jeans retail for $54.99 and are available in sizes 0-14 with 2 inseam options.

If you're looking for items in the $5-$25 price range, be sure to check out the Sale section. I particularly like the look of that Perfect Portrait Top ($14.99) and the 3/4 Sleeve Barberry Top ($21.99 - I would prefer it in darker/brighter colors though - pastels just wash me right out!).

YOUR TURN: Do you wear jeans very often? Which brand(s) are your favorite?

What to Pack: Jeans 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Rock Star Jeans ($54.99) from DownEast Basics. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #37 Kim. Congratulations!

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207 comments on “What to Pack: Jeans”

  1. I'd love to win a new pair of jeans. I haven't worn any in 2 years since before I got pregnant with my twins. I may be the same weight but none of mine fit me anymore!

  2. There's nothing like a comfy pair of jeans that fit just right - which is kind of hard to find when you're only 5'2". But I must say those look like sensational jeans - at least the way they look on you!

  3. I wear jeans all the time. I generally go gap or old navy sale brands, lol. I do what I can with what I got. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I dig Levi's, Ann Taylor Loft and Level 99. If I'm not wearing workout pants, I'm usually wearing jeans. Love 'em!

  5. I am a casual, low-maintenance kind of girl, but I still want to look stylish. These jeans would be great for me. Thanks!


  6. Thank goodness I can wear jeans to work since I wear them *every* single day! I have lots of jeans from American Eagle Outfitters and Levis.

  7. Lately I LIVE in jeans! I have two that fit me properly right now...I would love to win a new pair of jeans! Its always perfect to put on a pair of jeans and a top and run out the door, seems like I'm always dressing and packing for the kids and then just quick put on some jeans and go! Plus they're so comfy!!!

  8. Again, this would be fro my daughter who desperately needs clothing! Even her jeans have holes int hem and she doens't like that even though some people do!

  9. I have not worn jeans in quite awhile its been either sweats for me or stretchy corduroy :(
    I am working on it though maybe by summer but if I did win I would get a pair for my teenage daughter :)

  10. I live in my Levis. I could really use a new pair though because my last ones were bought about three years ago and are very faded.

  11. Oh my goodness I live in jeans!! My fav is whatever fits and looks good...it's been about two years since I've bought myself a new pair of jeans..ugh!

  12. I wear jeans all the time, except for my work uniform. I have one pair that I love from H&M, but I haven't been able to find another pair that I love as much. You look great in yours!

  13. I wear jeans all the time. Like every day. Right now my faves are my pair of levis but my all time favorite are joes honey jeans. Of course I can not afford them, but I can dream right? ;)

  14. It's funny prior to having children I only owned 1 pair of jeans and hardly wore them. After having children, I own too many pairs to count and they are a main staple of my wardrobe.

  15. I am now finally able to wear jeans again after having my last child...and it feels GOOD!!! I actually bought a pair of Sonoma Life & Style jeans and they are super comfy!!

  16. I wear jeans all the time. My favorite are a pair of Diesel Industries that I got for free as a handmedown...could never afford them new! :)
    lil.blessing at gmail dot com

  17. I wear jeans almost every day. Lately they are Old Navy since they're inexpensive (with 3 boys I need ones I don't mind getting worn out) and I can get them quickly and in a shorter size.

  18. oh- great giveaway. I could really use a new pair of jeans. I'm just now back to my pre-preg size and all of my clothes are either huge- or fit poorly now. These look super cute too.

  19. I wear jeans everyday--they are my staple item. My favorite brand is usually Express, although recently I got a pair of NY & Co Skinny jeans which look awesome on.

  20. I wear jeans just about every day, and this looks like a great pair that I would love to add to my stash of jeans. Thanks so much for posting this chance to win!

  21. I wear jeans all the time. Well, all the time when not at work. My favorite pair of jeans are ones I stole from a friend. I have no idea what the brand is!

  22. I love wearing jeans but don't have a favorite brand. I have a pair of J jeans, YMI and O'neill...as long as they fit well, I'll wear them!!!

  23. I love jeans. I wear them all of the time when I'm not at the office working. I don't have a favorite brand, but I have favorite cuts and styles. I really like skinny jeans and small flares. I hope I win!

  24. Jeans are the hardest clothing item to find that are a perfect fit. The Rockstar jeans look like a good fit and I love the fact they offer them in a 34" inseam as I always need to find "tall" pants. I also like the boot cut for me as I feel they really flatter the legs!

  25. I love to wear jeans and boots. I don't have a favorite brand, but I do like boot cut and long. I also like the ones that are very soft.

  26. I really like the look of the wash of these jeans. Other than church on Sundays I typically wear jeans and am looking forward to trying out some new styles since I've lost weight after having our 2nd child. I have never heard of this brand before but am excited to check out their products!

  27. Yes, but are they going to be long enough? They look pretty short on your picture. I have legs as long as day and need really long jeans...they are HARD to find, let me tell you!

  28. I wear jeans almost everyday. I usually wear Old Navy jeans, because I am short and there aren't a lot of places that have good looking jeans with varying inseams. I just check downeast basics though, and they have 3 inseam sizes in their jeans, yea!

  29. I too live in jeans- I wish they lasted longer than they still had the same sizing though- what used to be a size 3 is now smaller than the 0 (they used to wear a lot better and I still have some of my 3's) and they just don't fit as well- I think the butts def have gotten bigger. The mini diva esp has a hard time finding anything- if they fit in the waist/etc they are too short, if they fit in length they sag and bag.
    I'm always looking for great fitting jeans- if not for me then for the little divas.

  30. I've been wearing jeans for years and years and now find my young college-age niece doing the same thing! You can dress them up or dress them down and always look good!

  31. I'm a big jeans person. I wear them nearly every day. I really like my Calvin Klein's & lei has always served me well. I'd love to try these rockin' jeans! Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (at) gmail.com

  32. I just love jeans. My favorite pair now is from Steve & Barry's but I also like Chico's. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. I wear jeans almost everyday. Favs are Lands End and Gap's Long and Lean (not that I'm really either).
    I'd love to try these--they fancy pockets would dress up my look!

  34. I love jeans, but I mostly only wear them in the winter. Its all dresses/skirts in the spring & summer & even the fall until it gets really cold...Usually Lee jeans or Old Navy or Levi's. I would love a great pair of skinny jeans, but I havent been able to find a pair that works on me yet.

  35. I love wearing jeans too. I just bought a pair on sale for $2.50 at Old Navy! I am really cheap when it comes to buying clothes for myself.

  36. I pretty much only wear jeans but haven't really found a favorite name brand yet. I usually end up with what ever is on sale or that I get given from my sister.

  37. I LOVE jeans! You can never have too many in your closet either. I love the Downeast jean line and would love to win the Rock Star Jeans! I especially love the diamond studs that are in place of the buttons!

  38. I guess you could say I am still in search for a PERFECT Pair. I have a few pair of American Eagle, I like them ok. I have a pair of lucky, again just ok. I would love to try Rock n Republic, etc just right now I just can't afford it. I wear jeans a lot, so I really wish I could find a cut and brand that I truly love!

  39. Jeans are a must for me. I love to wear them. I can wear them to work too. My favorite pair so far, has been my Levi Strause jeans. I call this my skinny jeans. Which don't fit right now but I am determined to get back in them by the end of Feb. :)
    Love the clothes in that store.

  40. I would wear jeans every day if I could. I like Lees for a good (lower cost) pair. Love to try other brands, and even better if they're free!

  41. I love boot cut, too. Wish I could wear skinny jeans but my legs are a big, ah, large to pull off that look. ;)

  42. I wear jeans in the fall and spring. I find them really hot in summer (it's so dang humid here) and cold in the winter (anytime it's in the 40s or cooler I think it's cold). I would like to try those jeans from Walmart that helps slim you..are they Riders? That chick from What Not To Wear does ads for them. (among other things, talk about overexposure!)

  43. I wear jean all day everyday. They are mt favorite thing to wear. I recently ordered some from old nave online and if they fit correctly they would be great.

  44. I wear jeans ALL the time!! The pair that I have get lots of use (I am a stay at home wife - no kids yet)! So I just bought some "non jeans" for a change but I could always use another pair so I can retire the old ones.

  45. I wear jeans ALL THE TIME to the point where I need to buy some pants that aren't jeans, because I really don't think I own anything else. I am lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work, but that lets me get stuck in a rut. My usual jeans are Old Navy (I bought a pair of trouser jeans from them that I absolutely love!). I looked at the Down East Basics site and have to agree with you that they have really cute ones!

  46. Thanks for introducing me to this site. I love it! I am off to order two items right now. One is a dress that is super cute and only $7! Needless to say, I would love to win these jeans!

    Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed!

  47. Is it a bit scary to buy jeans off the internet? I was wearing jeans practically every day, until I bought a pair of boots last week! Now I can hide my hideous varicose veins on my legs with the boots and wear skirts and shorts! Yay!

  48. I wear jeans every day when the weather is cool here in Phoenix. I love jeans! I wear whatever I have. I don't have a specific jean that is my favorite, because I'm cheap and buy cheap jeans. LOL! I think the ones I'm wearing now are from Pacific Sunwear?

  49. I'm missing my comfy jeans right now because I'm in maternity pants but I usually wear jeans everyday. My favorite pair are my basic Arizona Jean Co. boot cut jeans because they fit just perfect.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  50. I wear jeans all the time, too. I have a couple pairs of premium jeans I hardly ever wear- the ones that fit best and make me look skinny are mid-priced jeans from Modbe! It's changed my perception of high-priced jeans labels, for sure.

  51. I rarely wear anything but jeans- even to church! So, needless to say, they are always wearing out. I love these jeans- their look reminds me of the fun my girl's have with colors and embroidery on their pants. Thanks for the contest!

  52. I wear jeans about 6 days a week! My favorite place to find the right fit of jeans, that I can afford, is Express. They always fit me the best. I am short. And, the length on theirs fits me just right!

  53. So I just bought the perfect pair of jeans at Vanity of all places. They look similar to True Religon's, but are way less expensive! They do not have too low of as rise and flatter in all the right places. Yay! Super happy about this buy.

  54. I wear jeans practically everyday! I love the different selection of jeans now, you can find some that are casual, some that are tailored to dress up, etc.!

  55. How do I look as good as you? Do I just need to get some "rock star" jeans? I've never bought any jeans from down east, only shirts/tops and accessories. I'm just too nervous to buy jeans without trying them and since I live in Texas... I won't tell you how long it's been since I've bought any (non maternity) denim. Could this be my chance!

  56. I absolutely love these new jeans from DownEast Basics! I first learned about DownEast Basics through a blog giveaway. They have such fantastic prices!

    Regarding jeans...
    I practically live in them! Almost all of my jeans are bootcut or flared bottoms. I'm not big on straight or narrow legs. Although I would certainly like to try some of the more expensive brands like 7 for All Mankind, I simply cannot afford them. A few of my favorite pairs of jeans are Levi's and Lee.

    Thanks so much for hosting this fabulous giveaway - I would be SO thrilled to win!

  57. Do I wear jeans very often? Pretty much every dang day! :) I always have a terrible time finding ones that fit though - such a chore. My newest favorites are made by IZOD.

  58. I love jeans. Honestly I will wear any brand that fits well. I'm pretty sure I had to try on about 10 or 15 pairs the last time I went shopping for them. Currently I have two pair of Sonoma brand from Kohl's.

  59. These days I wear jeans most days since I'm home with my son. I do however remember the days at my 9-5 (or 8-4) when wear jeans on Friday was such a comfortable treat.

  60. I wear jeans a lot, and I've finally learned how important it is to get GOOD ones that really fit. I don't rely on any specific brand--I just make sure to try them on and see if they feel good and look good.

  61. I like a boot cut jean, I believe it is more figure flattering than many other styles. These Rock Star jeans from DownEast look like they are just my style! :-)

    Thank you.

  62. If I'm not wearing my nursing scrubs it is very likely that you will find me in jeans! I have a hard time finding ones that fit right because I'm so short but if I can find a company that tailors to petites then I'm usually fine. My favorite pair of jeans are from Express and I paid $15.99 for them after christmas! They are the kind you can dress up or down...them them! The ones you are wearing are so cute too...I will have to look into these. :)

  63. Not that picky about brands of jeans- I usually buy em at the thrift store- I do prefer abercrombie and fitch though.

  64. I'm a jeans girl...all around. Live in jeans every day, from trouser to boyfriend...gotta have them. My favs are Gap skinny and long and lean. Also Hudsons give you a super hot booty. I'm 5'11" so have trouble finding jeans long enough for heels and boots. Would love to try these!

  65. Jeans are my favorite thing to wear. They can be dressed up or down, my favorite is to wear with cute heels. I can't wait to win these!!!

  66. I love jeans.I mostly wear jeans from Old Navy and Gap.I have a pair of Levis that I have had for years and they get better as they age.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  67. Nice picture. I love wearing jeans. It's so easy to dress them up or down. The hard part is finding a pair that fit just right. They have to have the right color, length, pocket design, waist size, the make your butt look small look, and not have an outrageous price tag.

  68. I wear Jeans EVERY DAY! I own almost 30 pair... That's embarrassing!!
    Favorite few brands are Buckle and Martin and Osa. I want more Martin and Osa!! AMAZING!

  69. I wear jeans everyday. I used to like the Artist cut from American Eagle, but now my favorites are a few different styles from Gap.

  70. If only I looked like you in my jeans! I am a huge fan of J.Jill Clothing and wear a couple style of their denim! Down East Basics is a company I found out sometime after the holidays. Their clothing looks good and is prices right! Many thanks, Cindi

  71. Whenever I leave my house, 95% of the time I am wearing jeans. My favorite brand is the old standby Levi's - which I've worn for years. The price is right on these Down East Basic jeans, and look like they are worth trying out.

  72. Cute! Did the rock star style have any embellishments?

    I haven't heard of this brand but I like the look and especially the price!

    I agree with you about loving jeans 100% of the time. They work for almost every occassion!

  73. You look super cute in these pics! I wear jeans everyday. My only problem is the rise is so low at times that my bum is always showing as I chase after my little ones. Good thing longer shirts are in style.

  74. I'm a total jeans girl year-round. Dead of summer, I'm wearing jeans. When I'm not working with patients, and not chilling at home in my PJs...you'll find me in jeans. I love the wash in the style from Down East Basics.

  75. I wear jeans pretty much every day. Right now my favorite brand is eddie bauer but I would love something a little more...up to date!

  76. I wear jeans almost every day. My favorite pair are from Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker. I think they were $12.99 at Steve and Barry's and have probably lasted 100 washes.

  77. I live in jeans or yoga pants. But I always struggle to find comfortable jeans. I have a pair of Lei's that fit well and a pair from Target that I really like too. I'm still on a search for that perfect pair though!

  78. I could definitely use more jeans in my wardrobe, but I have a hard time finding any that are flattering. My legs are usually too long for regular length jeans, but not long enough for longs. And I have no rear-end to speak of, so I have to find styles that disguise that. My latest pair are Levis, from their juniors line. They're cute enough, but not perfect.

  79. I am a jean-obsessed girl. I don't buy tons of shoes or dresses or purses....I BUY JEANS! I buy most of mine from American Eagle or The Buckle or Pac Sun. I need to venture out though. These look very cute!

  80. I love my jeans and I wear them all the time unless we have important meetings at the office. I've most recently been wearing jeans from Cache, Whitehouse Black Market (Noir) and Lucky, although I will never lose my true love for Levi's

  81. I wear jeans almost everyday, now that I'm a stay-at-home-mom. I am very picky about how the jeans fit and lately, I've liked a few pairs from Old Navy. I also like Levi's.

  82. ughghgh i am so not a jeans person. i can not for the life of me find a nice flattering pair. you totally rock those jeans :)

  83. You're smoking hot and totally adorable, all at the same time! I mean, seriously girl, you're the Mother of two?! How's that possible.

    I love how you can carry off an outfit and straddle the line of hot and adorable. I wish I could do that better. I'm either too overtly sexy, or way dressed down!

    I love jeans, too. I'm in jeans almost every day. I like how you can dress jeans up or down. And how different colors, washes, styles can look dressier or more casual.


  84. I wear jeans all the time, and my favorite jeans are all from J.Crew, but they don't make the style anymore and all my pairs are wearing out.

  85. I wear jeans every day. I like jeans that have tough knees. I am not brand loyal, I just need them to be rugged, somewhat stylish and comfortable. I would love to win these jeans to give them a try.

  86. I've tried almost every kind of jeans and seem to get on a "run" where I am loyal to one kind and then decide that they don't look so hot later down the road and switch again. Right now I've been wearing a couple pairs of J. Crew jeans like crazy but have been rethinking them lately and it may be time for a change. The ones you're wearing are pretty rockin'!

  87. Oh, I wear jeans all the time! And my favorite pair is a pair of Lucky's my hubby splurged on (I would not have paid $90 for a pair of jeans) and I have loved them and worn them almost out. Finding the right fit is so hard: if the hips fit, I gape at the waist. Or their too short, or the rise is too low. Or the wash is all wrong.

    The other day I actually walked up to a woman who had my type figure and who was wearing an awesome pair of trouser jean to ask her where she got them!

  88. I pretty much live in jeans. Luckily, Eddie Bauer jeans are my perfect jean fit. It's so hard to find good jeans that you can walk in and try on one or two and be done!

  89. I am always on the lookout for a good pair of jeans! I have no particular brand preference-whatever is reasonably priced and fits well! The ones you are wearing look nice!

  90. I wear jeans whenever possible. If I can dress them up, I choose jeans over dress pants any day. I have such a hard time find jeans that I love. I just recently got a pair of jeans from White House Black Market that I love (thanks mom!), but I'm always, AlWAYS trying to find affordable jeans that can take the wear and tear of being a mom to a 17 month old and a 4 month old, all while be fashionable too.

  91. I love a great pair of jeans too. With a post=baby body that I'm still working on, it would be great to have a pair that make me feel like I look fabulous as my pre-third-baby ones are just not cutting the bill just yet.

  92. I wear jeans just about every day, and I don't really have a favorite brand, as it depends on my mood as to which style I'll wear. But I do seem to have a lot of mens' Levis because they seem to fit me best.

  93. I love wearing jeans but at work - 4 days a week - I have to wear slacks, skirts, what not. I love being able to wear jeans on Fridays and that is all I wear on the weekends. I have a pair of Levis that I love but I have been looking at Down East Basics and there prices are great - I just need to try some of their clothes!

  94. I wear jeans every day! I'm not super particular about brand, but I do like a lighter weight denim.
    These are so cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

  95. There is rarely a day that I don't wear jeans. The only non-denim bottoms I have are my khaki pants and shorts, black shorts, and two pairs of leggings with denim-looking fabric. :P I don't have a brand preference, though. If it fits and flatters and is on sale, I'm on it~

  96. I've been thinking that I need some new jeans! I've been wearing the same pair every time I go out, so I'd like to be able to switch it up a bit ;-)

  97. these jeans look nice and I'd love to feel like a rock star ... but I do have the mommy tummy a little bit, so I don't wear any low-rise jeans which seems like all they sell nowadays! hopefully these jeans have more than a quarter inch zipper.

  98. You look like a rock star in those jeans girl!!! I want to win because since I had diego I lost two pants sizes, im in need of new jeans in the right size.

  99. I love me my jeans! This topic is right up my alley for sure! I spend my days in professional clothing, but when it is my choice, jeans and high heels for sure!
    That said, I'm a bit of a jeans snob. I LOVE True Religions, but even at outlets I can't afford them too often. I currently have one pair that don't even fit that well anymore. My "happy medium" are Joes Jeans - you gotta check them out! I have a friend buy them for me at the outlet in California when there are sales, and ship them to me. Yep, it's bad.

  100. I love jeans! I wear them often but don't have certain brands that I like over the other (just some from Avenue store that fit well and Levi's)

  101. I own three pairs of jeans, all from Express. I love their dark wash jeans!! You look adorable rocking those faded washed jeans, but whenever I put jeans on that aren't a dark wash, bad things happen in the hip area, if you know what I mean!

  102. I wear jeans all the time and I will only get comfortable jeans..I have a hard time buying jeans because I am so picky but I have found a few that I really like..One brand that has never let me down is AE..I have recently bought Levi's and actually really like them..Thanks
    [email protected]

  103. I'd love to win these! I have such a hard time finding a great pair of jeans that fit well but are still comfortable. These sound like they'd fit the bill.

  104. I live in jeans and am always on a search for the prefect pair! So far the closest I have come were my new Silver jeans! A bit too pricey than I like to pay, but it was Christmas money. They fit so great. I also can usually do good with the newer lee Jeans (the ones that don't look like old lady pants) and some levis.

  105. If I'm out in public there's a good bet I'll be in jeans, with the occasional pair of khaki's thrown in for good measure. I've fallen in love with the Ana brand of jeans. Many of their styles fit me really well.

  106. Jeans are my staple. They can be dressed up or down, and are always comfortable. My buns are begging to be in those rock stars!!!

  107. YOUR TURN: Do you wear jeans very often? Which brand(s) are your favorite?

    I wear jeans daily if not working. I love my Gap jeans, and also a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt I bought years ago and still look nice. Thanks for the chance to win.

  108. These jeans look great. I can always use a new pair. I tend to pick mine up from Gap and they do not fit very well.

  109. I am an Old Navy or Gap jean fan, but I'm always willing to try new brands! This rock star jeans look great! Thanks for the offer!

  110. I live in jeans! I am comfortable first and stylish second. Jeans just work with my lifestyle as the mom of two boys.

  111. Those are so cute! I do wear jeans frequently, and my most favorite pair currently were a gift from my sister. They're JJill. I love the cut, they actually fit me length-wise at 5'3 without alterations, and they have a nice color wash.

  112. you look great in that photo! I think it's my favorite of you :)
    I LOVE jeans, too... you just can't cant beat them. I am wishing for a great pair of maternity pants right now. All I have are hand-me-downs that are not quite the right size... Alas.

  113. These are good looking jeans. I am a big jeans wearer and it would be nice to have a pair of something a little different.

  114. I'm either in jeans or my pj bottoms. I have yet to find my perfect jean. I just wear what fits well and that I can find at a secound hand store.

  115. I love wearing jeans! I was wearing mostly Old Navy jeans but recently I found a pair of Lucky Brand jeans at TJ Maxx and they are AWESOME!! They fit perfectly and look so much nicer on than other, cheaper brands! I was able to get them for $30, which was great because I could never bring myself to spend the $80 or $100 that they usually cost. But sometimes it's worth it to splurge. :)

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