What to Pack: Packing Cubes by eBags

What to Pack: Packing Cubes by eBags 1

Isn't it the worst when you have a giant suitcase and everybody's clothes, socks, underwear, and toiletries are just in one huge heap when you open it?

I have to tell you about a revolutionary product that will change the way you pack...for the better. You'll feel organized and happy and unfrazzled when you reach your destination when you use Packing Cubes by eBags.

We used them on our most recent trip and they are brilliant. Essentially, they are these small zippered bags with mesh top panels. Available in three sizes and five colors (I'd love to see even more color options to accommodate larger families...), the bags fit neatly inside any suitcase or duffel. Currently, we only have the cubes in the grasshopper color, but I'd like to get a different color for each member of our family to ensure even quicker access to the right items.

What to Pack: Packing Cubes by eBags 2Now when we open up our luggage, we don't see a massive mound of everything. We see this. Refreshing, isn't it?

YOUR TURN: How do you keep your clothes/accessories sorted and organized throughout your trip?

What to Pack: Packing Cubes by eBags 3WIN IT! One winner will receive an eBags Value Set of Packing Cubes + Slim Packing Cubes ($34.39) in his/her choice of color. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, February 1st at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

* I received a product sample for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #55 Lisa. Congratulations!

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149 comments on “What to Pack: Packing Cubes by eBags”

  1. I'm very excited about these bags. I dislike opening my suitcase and having everything looking rumpled and untidy. Does this feed my obsessive compulsiveness? Maybe, but hopefully in a good way. I'm also ordering an ebags Weekender convertible bag - which these cubes will nestle into perfectly.

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  5. I really am NOT good about keeping things organized on a trip. I always end up packing last minute and don't have a good system. These would really help out!

  6. Thanks for the giveaway...I am a "roller": all clothing gets rolled up and placed in the suitcase except dress shirts & suits which I carry in a garment bag. I stopped packing a dopp kit on most business trips and jut put what I need in a large Ziploc.

  7. My high school son is going on a school trip to Europe this summer so this would be great to help keep him organized. Thanks.

  8. What a nifty product...I wish I thought of it! Maybe there could be a space for you to put a name label on it if you get the bags in all the same color.

  9. I take the bare minimum with me when I travel, and I store everything in zip-lock bags as we go along. Awkward, but workable. I'd sure prefer these cubes, though!

  10. I live out of a suitcase when I travel. If it's a one-night stay before going elsewhere, I will put a day's clothing in a small carry-on bag. All my toiletries go in the carry-on bag too since that follows me everywhere. Clean undies go into the zippered netted area on inside top of suitcase. Dirty clothes and undies go into another section of the suitcase. That's about as sorted as I get! It WOULD be nice to have these packing cubes to be more organized!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. When I travel out of town for extended trips, I'm not nearly as organized as I'd like to be. I tend to use cosmetic cases for small items and plastic bags for shoes (and then for dirty clothes). These would be so much nicer!

  12. These look like a great idea. Currently I just have a plastic bag in my suitcase for undies, another plastic bag into which I stuff dirty laundry. Add in my toiletry kit and a couple of flimsy zip lock bags for pills and such. It really is pretty messy. These would get some use in my household!

  13. I use a similar system from Eagle Creek and I also use travel space bags that roll the air out and compact the clothes.

  14. There are only the two of us, so packing isn't as difficult. But while I DON'T own those wonderful packing cubes, I use plastic bags (as opposed to tissue paper) and place them wherever I have to FOLD a piece of clothing. It really keeps them unwrinkled, and once we are where we are going, I can then use those plastic bags to hold dirty wash or souveniers I have purchased along the way. Those packing cubes look like a great idea.

  15. I have no really good organization system. It is all about saving space and not really functioning. I roll my clothes and tend to pack breakables inside of soft things.

    Now putting things back in at the end of the trip... uh... i just wear what wont fit. ;)

  16. I don't really have a good system! I try to roll my clothes to save space, but once I'm somewhere, they get all unrolled and never go back in the suitcase as well as they did when I first packed...

  17. I am anal when it comes to packing and these would be great. Anything to save room so I can fit more into one suitcase. I hate carrying luggage. I have used the space saver bags, but sometimes clothes get a bit wrinkled.

  18. I have to confess that I am not very organized with packing. I kind of stuff into the suitcase and hope that it closes.

  19. This would make a great change from grocery store shopping bags that I tie blue and pink ribbons on. So much classier when your bag gets opened

  20. I hate packing because there never seems to be enough room to bring everything. I have a makeup bag where I put all of my toiletries. Everything else just gets pushed in and as long as the zippers don't burst and the suitcase is under the airline's weight limit then it's all good. I would love to have these packing cubes. It would make packing much easier.

  21. What a great product! I love to pack all our stuff into one large suitcase when we travel. This would have come in so handy on our last trip. The four of us stayed a few nights at each place for about 10 nights total. These would have made it easier to just grab a pouch out of the car instead of our whole suitcase.

  22. These cubes would be so great for my apartment! I am in college and live in an apartment with two of my friends, and we have little space for extra clothes, etc! These would be great to store things under my bed and in my closet!
    Amanda Barnes
    amandakbarnes90@gmail dot com

  23. What a very cool idea! We have absolutely no system, and now that we are traveling with a baby, our stuff is extremely jumbled when we travel! We try to put each person's stuff in the same general area of the suitcase, but by the end of our packing, we're just throwing everything in there and praying that it closes! It makes for extra work for us when we get to our destination.

  24. I use the travel size space saver bags when we go on extended trips, if for nothing else than to hold our dirty stinky clothes. Good for keeping bathing suits separate too.

  25. Again! Perfect for our family disney trip each year! It is hard to keep everything organized in our suitcases! This would be perfect! Each day we put an outfit for everyone in there own little ziploc bag! That way you just grab and go. But this would help keep the bags more organized! This is a great idea!

  26. I actually use Ziploc baggies...all sizes....and they are great if something springs a leak, because they protect the rest of your suitcase. My husband actually uses the cubes, he's much more organized than I am. :)

  27. I'm really not too good at staying organized. Everything is usually spread out over the hotel room floor. Since we each usually have our own suitcase, we'll sort dirty clothes into one and keep the clean ones in another to help a little.

  28. My organization has definately been lacking so this would help me out. I do at least keep the dirty items in a separate bag away from the clean. Thanks for the chance!

  29. I am not very good at organizing my clothes. I usually start out with everything nice and neat in the suitcase. Then, as the trip progresses, if I remember to bring a plastic bag, my dirty clothes go in there. Otherwise, I shove them into the other pockets in the suitcase so they do not contaminate my clean clothes. I do not recommend this tip. Clearly, I need a better plan.

  30. What a fabulous product. Basically when I pack nothing is organized or if it starts organized as soon as I open the suitecase it no longer is.

  31. These look great. A trick I learned from my mom is to roll the clothes, not fold them for maximum use of space and they don't wrinkle. I try to pack our daughters' stuff in the same bag and then my stuff and toiletries. I always use a bunch of ziploc bags for sorting. Oh, and all shoes go into a shopping bag, ick, what might be on the bottom of them?! Hubby packs himself pretty much..he must not appreciate my packing skills.

  32. What a wonderful idea! We are planning a trip for spring break and these would be wonderful to keep everything organized. I love the idea of each family member having a different color.

  33. This is such a great idea. It would be so nice to just hand everyone their neat little packet instead of having a mound of wrinkled clothes by the last days of the vacation from everyone diving in and throwing things around each morning. I used to use ziploc bags to keep outfits together, but the clothes are getting to big! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  34. These are so cool! When I pack, I do the same kind of idea, just without the really cool packing cubes. I put my stuff into different containers so that I know which one has my accessories, my makeup, etc. Not really revolutionary, but it works for me.

  35. I learned this tip from my brother- everything from clothes to accessories gets wound into circles-sort of like you would fold a belt. this prevents clothes from getting wrinked and keeps items safe.

  36. i have no organizational trick. i just pile everything in and stuff the bags shut. it's been complicated with 2 kids too.

  37. We recently purchased some packing cubes and they have revolutionized our bag's organization! Now, mommy can quickly find clothes for everyone. I even put diapers/wipes in one, monitor & music in another, etc. They are great!!

  38. We are planning a family trip this next christmas and what a fun way to try them out! This is really a good idea. It's always when these products come out we think why didn't I think of that??? I am glad they sent this your way to try and you loved it! Thanks for your review, I really enjoy the products your review and that you always give a good and honest opinion!!

  39. I travel VERY light so I don't have to pay any extra. I have the advantage of doing this by traveling alone. I pack my small carry-on like a can of sardines! But I wonder how packing with these "cubes" would allow me the same amount of stuff in a much more organized manner. Only one way to know.... win them!

  40. We're on vacation right now, and I know that I wish I had these bags when looking in our suitcases. I try to separate some things into different zippered compartments on the suitcase, but there are not nearly enough; and the rest all ends up piled up on top of each other.

  41. These would be great! What a nice way to keep everything organized while traveling...which I know is not one of my strong points.

  42. What a good idea. We've always each taken our own suitcase when traveling, but with all the luggage costs airlines are implementing we won't be doing that anymore. This would help keep things organized in our fewer bags.

  43. What a great idea! Wish I had thought of it first! I've tried using Space Bags for this purpose--doesn't work so well. This design looks far superior.

  44. The answer is I don't! I start out with the best of intentions and by the time I'm done it's one big mishmash. I could really use a system like this.

  45. We usually pack in separate small bags, or we each take a side of a larger bag. I'll have it all organized until my hubby starts rooting for something. Then it's a mess! These are a great idea!

  46. This is a great idea. So easy to unpack when you arrive at your destination, and wonderful if you have to share a bathroom. Just pop your days outfit into one of these before heading to the shower. No more underwear falling out onto the floor!

  47. What a marvelous product! This will make packing so much easier and neater... and I have a trip coming up at the end of March where I could use them!!!

  48. I sooo need these. When we pack for a trip my husband takes a suitcase to himself, leaving me to pack my 4 kids and my stuff together in one suitcase. It's always so disorganized, and hard for me to find what I need.

  49. Packing Cubes, wow, you think someone would of thought of this handy creation long time ago but glad it's available now, no more messy unorganized packing,m yay!

  50. My suitcase organization is pretty minimal - I take a plastic grocery bag for my dirty clothes and for my extra shoes, and otherwise things just get thrown in there.

  51. Huh. I've never heard of these but they sure look handy! Usually when my husband and I pack in one suitcase we just try to keep our stuff on our own side, but it sure does turn out a big jumbled mess eventually. I'd love a little organization!

  52. Well, ever since our two adoption trips to China, we've organized our things in large zip-top bags. When you have to keep not only adult clothes organized, but also baby clothes (of varying sizes because you are not sure how big she'll be), bottles, nipples, liners, diapers, wipes, snacks, formula, adoption paperwork, passports, visas, gifts, etc. during a two-week, four-flight, international trip AND have the majority of your brain and heart focused on loving and caring for this new precious child, you get really good at staying organized, and zip-top bags were a life-saver.

    That said, I've always wanted to some of these cubes, just never made the investment. I would love to try them out.

  53. I love the idea of these! We are horrible about digging around our suitcase and making a mess of the clothes that are in there. We travel to my parent's alot so we would get a ton of use out of these-and probably have less of a mess!

  54. We don't have good luggage sets, but I have color-coded name tags for each member of the family to tie to their items. It doesn't necessarily keep things neat, but at least we know whose mess is whose!

  55. I always try to pack a nice and neat suitcase for everyone, but they always end up rifling through everything and make such a mess. What a great way to help keep things in place. Maybe I won't dislike unpacking when we get back from trips quite so much. :)

  56. That IS brilliant, wow I did not realize there was such a product out there, those look so useful. Can you tell I am excited about this one?

  57. Those would be great for us. I usually pack my clothing in one suitcase with both kids, and then my husband gets his own (he is not as light a packer as me!) The packing cubes would keep us organized, and would make it easier for the kids to find their clothes among mine.

  58. I unpack when we arrive at our destination and hang our clothes or put them in drawers.

    I've been using ziplock bags to keep smaller things organized - packing cubes are a much better option.

  59. We don't travel that much, so I don't have any good tips. We use old-fashioned suitcases. These cubes look great and would definitely work with my family. Thanks for all of your tips this week!

  60. These would come in really handy. I agree with you on having different colored ones. Sometimes we pack 2 peoples things in one suitcase and having different colors for each family member would be a great help.

  61. I have a full set of the eBags orange packing cubes, 2 sets of medium in red and grasshopper and 1 set of small pink, along with some from other companies. A blue set would round things out and allow me to color coordinate the grandkids!
    These are really great, especially if you are traveling with only a carry-on. If security wants to check your bag these cubes can be inspected without opening and can be put back into your carry-on without having to refold everything. They also are good for placing in hotel drawers so you aren't really unpacking those small items that seem to get away from you. I let the grandkids use them to hold small toys for the car and it helps keep things much neater.
    I keep my in-work crochet projects packed and ready to grab as I go out the door or neatly stacked next to the sofa so I can work while watching TV and when I'm not traveling I store seasonal items.

  62. What a great idea! I hate when things shift and all get mixed up. Smaller compartments would make it easier to pull out an overnight "kit" if you have several legs to your journey as well.

  63. wow, these would be perfect. we always have to pack multiple bags because it drives my husband nuts to have to sort through little people clothes to get to his.

  64. I tend to put my socks and undergarments in a ziploc or lingerie bag to keep from having to dig through a bunch of clothing to find one sock. I can see how the cubes would keep everything else nice and organized and be much more durable than my ziplocs. This would be doubly helpful since we are expecting our first child and will soon be adding one more person's clothing to the mix.

  65. My husband has a couple of bags similar to the ones for closets! You put the clothes in and let the air out. He travels to Japan, Singapore and in this country. Thanks, Cindi

  66. Usually I pack my clothes on one side, and my husband or son's on the other side. If all three of us are going somewhere a second suitcases is needed. Those would make life so much easier when we reach our destination. With my current set up all of the clothes end up rifled through and mixed up by the second day of vacation.

  67. In theory, seems great...I have to wonder if they would take up more space than they are worth BUT I pack the girls clothes together and I know on sight what belongs to each of them but my husband doesn't and it drives him crazy trying to figure out whose sleeper is whose and which socks belong to which girl.

  68. These Packing Cubes look fantastic...they would definitely come in handy! There's nothing worse than opening up your suitcase only to find all of your neatly packed clothes mashed up all over the place. Thanks!

  69. What I like about this is that there are several bags to sort items within the suitcase, which I desperately need. My suitcase has no seperate compartments, you open up the zipper and that's it.

  70. My hubby and I use Eagle Creek packing folders which we love. But I've found they are only really useful for large garments...shirts, pants, sweaters. These look like I could use them for those smaller things that we'd love to keep organized...socks, undergarments, etc

  71. When we go on our long vacation to Jamaica, the first thing we do upon arrival is empty out all suitcases and put clothes in closet, etc. On shorter trips, we'll just live out of suitcases. I really don't like to pack but I have to suck it up because I'll be packing Wed. for a 5 day business trip. Those packing cubes look cool!

  72. We have hard cased luggage (after years of replacing soft luggage through our travels) & I've been thinking these cubes would keep me a bit more organized inside. As much as I like the hard case bags, they can be a mess without something like this!

  73. What a great idea. When Mikayla was little I put her clothes in zip lock bags but not that does not work anymore. I try to pack the girls stuff in once suitcase and the adult stuff in another but even then it flows over. I am big on unpacking when we get somewhere so I can find everything.

  74. Wow these are a great idea for travelers. I agree it would be quite efficient to have each person's belongings color coded. Of the colors available, the green is my favorite.

    Thank you. :-)

  75. It's so hard to stay organized while traveling. If we are staying with family and I can do laundry...it's better, but for weekend trips that's not always going to happen. When we went to Omaha last weekend, I took a gigantic reusable bag. All of the "dirty" clothes were placed in that bag, instead of back in the suitcases. It worked well! Instead of sorting though dirty laundry, that bag just went downstairs to the laundry room for washing. Of course, I still had to go through the suitcases because they were a mess.

    I can see where the packing cubes would be very handy!

  76. wow! We use zipper/vacuum sealed bags at home for our "out of season" clothes and linens, but this idea for traveling is perfect. When we travel, I try to be as organized as possible. I line up all of the shirts, pants, pjs...etc together. I would loved these. My husband uses something like these for his 14day pack when he is sent to wild fires.

    I agree, I would love to have different colors for each family member!

  77. cool solution to a problem a lot of people have! I am always packing the kids stuff in with mine (less bags to carry!) and then digging through and sorting when we arrive at our destination. This would certainly make that task easier! Having sets in multiples colors is a great idea.

  78. Love the colors and that they have several colors available. This would be great for packing a couple family members items in one bag. I also like them for packing children's individual outfits in. I usually pack an outfit, (top, bottom, under items, socks and accessories)in a zip lock bag. That way you don't have to dig for an outfit, everything is right there at your finger tips!

  79. We had quite an adventure trying to organize suitcases for a trip we took last summer. We have a set of nesting suitcases, so I ended up packing smaller cases for the kids. These bags would be great to organize our large suitcase and minimize the number of trips to the car to pick up luggage!

  80. these would be perfect for my first trip with my babe in March. i am sort of nervous for it and some organization would totally help. these bags are a genius idea!

  81. With two kids we usually pack both their stuff in one suitcase when we travel. I don't have much of a system for organizing, and I pay the price. By the third or fourth day, I'm never able to find when I'm looking for in there!

  82. Oh, I am very OCD about things needing to be organized. Since me and my girls travel quite a bit, it can get hectic and jumbled in our suitcases. This would be so wonderful!

  83. I actually have figured out that unpacking and using the drawers etc in the hotel is worth it as long as you are there at least two nights! I have been eyeing these packing cubes though....we also have a packing sleeve for when my husband does overnight trips.

  84. I pack by cramming everything I can into a backpack. My kids back the daddy way too :-) My wife really doesn't appreciate how we do it; she's the only one with folded clothes.

  85. I think the best part of these might be the UNPACKING part! You know how when you get there, stuff is a mess but you deal with it for the duration of the trip? Ugh then the unpacking where everything is a bigger mess AND you're tired AND some stuff is dirty and some is clean AND some needs to go here and there and everywhere... oh I hate hate hate unpacking but think these cubes might make life easier in that department!

  86. Packing is such a pain. I almost dread trips just because of the packing and unpacking!! I separate my toiletries into a separate dopp kit and put my undergarments in a separate compartment, but other than that? All of my clothes are just thrown in one big area. What a pain!

  87. This is UNBELIEVABLE. We always have that problem, and now, with airlines charging for luggage, having out own suitcases is no longer a solution. This is seriously and incredible invention. Way to go to whomever designed it.

  88. What an awesome idea!! I usually put my stuff as well as both kids in one large suitcase. This would make it so much easier!! I'd love to win these.

  89. What a great idea... these would be great for our upcoming vacation which will be our first trip with our baby! Previously when we traveled it was just my husband and I, so we each took our own bag. These would be great!

  90. These really are a great idea, especially color-coordinating for different family members or different functions (bath, swimsuits, etc.). We're headed to Florida in May and these would really come in handy, since we're planning on taking only 1 large suitcase.

  91. What an excellent idea! I agree that it would be nice to order different color sets for each member of the family to make it even easier! Can't wait to try them! Thanks for offering!

  92. We have used zip lock bags for years to pack smaller items, especially toothbrush, toothpaste,etc but these would be so much better. My husband is a pilot, so he travels often.

  93. I usually pack everyone in their own bag - I'll pack smaller bags for the kids and then stick those two bags in the big suitcase along with Hubby's jeans or something like that. I'd rather have four smaller bags than one big bag with everyone's stuff all jumbled. However... these would be the answer to that problem and you are right - a different color for each member of the family would be the perfect solution!

  94. this is a great idea when you have multiple people packed in 1 bag! I always try to keep it separate, but I think something sneaks in the bag before I open it... everything is mixed by the time I go to get what I need...

  95. What an perfect idea! Husband and I tend to combine our clothes in a single suitcase - my clothes on one side and his on the other side. This works well for short trips, but if we are gone for more than three days our stuff gets mighty jumbled. This product gives me new packing ideas for our future vacations.

  96. We have multiple sets in a different color for each family member. This is handy because we mix up whose clothes are in what suitcases now after a disastrous trip where my suitcase was lost into the abyss until the last few days of my holidays...having color coded clothes bags makes it easy to rearrange to the right people after we get to where we are going. They are priceless and well worth the cost. The only reason I am entering this one is because we recently had a 4th child and he has yet to be assigned a color...LOL! It would be lovely to have just one more set!


  97. These look great! I sometimes pack things in zip-lock bags because I want to keep them separated, but these look so much nicer, and are less likely to tear after 1-2 uses!

  98. Whoa, these would be so useful! I used to travel with a compartmentalized duffel bag, but now that I'm packing for 2 (or more) in one giant suitcase these would be so much better than "digging". :)

  99. This is genius! I consider myself a pretty savvy mom traveler and I never thought of these. What a great organizational tool and you can use one as a dirty laundry bag for the way home as well! Thanks for the tip!

  100. Oooh, I have these and love them and want more. I also think somebody should invent a suitcase that has drawers of some kind built into the side. Other than that, the packing cubes are a smart idea - especially if you are like me and put multiple little people in one suitcase (well, not _them_ per say, but their stuff :)

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