What to Pack: The Hospital Bag

What to Pack: The Hospital Bag 1Pack light and keep it simple. Birth is a whirlwind experience and you need very few items for the journey:

  • A robe
  • Slippers
  • Heating pad
  • Loose coming home outfit: pajamas (like the cute majamas nursing pj set I found at www.tummystyle.com - see illustration), athletic wear items, etc.
  • A nursing bra
  • Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, deodorant, hair tie, etc.
  • A pillow from home
  • Snacks for your spouse and yourself after the birth
  • Digital camera and extra batteries
  • Carseat w/ corresponding head pillow
  • Layette for baby (see my blog entitled "coming home outfit")

Please keep in mind that the hospital will most likely provide a hospital gown for L & D, a rocking chair, a birthing ball, a stool, ice chips, popsicles, pads, witch hazel pads, ice packs, big mesh underwear for after birth, a spray bottle, some kind of pain relieving spray, and a tv with a dvd or vhs player.

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One comment on “What to Pack: The Hospital Bag”

  1. Majamas are definitely the way to go if you want something comfortable to wear. They are really great as nursing clothes too.

    I've bought all my Majamas at TummyStyle.com which has some of the best prices and largest selection around.

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