What to Register For: DRESSING

What to Register For: DRESSING 1
Over the next few days, I will list items that I found to be particularly important or helpful during the first 6 months and beyond. Each day will feature a different section: dressing, feeding, sleeping, changing, traveling, bathing, keeping baby safe, capturing baby's firsts, playing, and "mama's helpers".

I will begin with the items you need to make sure your baby is clothed and adorable:

NOTE ABOUT CLOTHES: You may not have to register for any of the items listed in this section because you will most likely receive all of the things on the list and more at baby showers. People love to buy baby clothes – those little footsies, tops, jeans, and dresses are irresistible – and baby wardrobes are almost always well-stocked by grandparents, co-workers, and neighbors.

• 6+ onesies in newborn size*
• 6+ onesies in 0-3 month size*
• 6+ footsie sleepers in 0-3 month size*
• 5+ onesies in 3 or 3-6 month size and in 6 month size*
• 5+ footsies in 3 or 3-6 month size and in 6 month size*
• 1 special occasion outfit in each size
• 1+ "winter" hat (to keep baby’s head warm on cold days)
• 1 newborn sun hat
• 3-5 pairs of socks
• 12+ receiving blankets
• 24 baby hangers

* (See footnotes below)
1. Buy footsies and onesies individually, not in packs. Individual items tend to be of higher quality.
2. Colors are better than whites, especially after baby passes the newborn stage. Babies poop and throw up frequently and darker colors tend to hide stains better.
3. Choose soft, stretchy materials with buttons at the crotch and buttons or zippers up the front of the outfit. Avoid frills, lace, bulky collars, and small head openings.
4. Consider the season when buying clothes. If it will be summer, buy more onesies. If it will be winter, buy more footsies.

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