What to Register For: FEEDING

• 1 tube of Lansinoh breast cream
• 2 boxes of Lansinoh ultra-soft disposable breast pads
• 6-8 washable breast pads – the softer, the better
• 3-4 nursing bras – no underwire
• 1-2 nursing camisoles
• 1 nursing gown/pajamas set and/or robe
• 2+ shirts that are easy to nurse in (button-up or soft, relaxed material)*
• 1 Boppy pillow (or similar) and at least 1 cover
• 1 Breast pump**
• 2+ bottles and nipples – newborn flow, wide nipples created to mimic the breast's shape and texture
• 1 Lazy Boy recliner, rocking chair, glider, or other ultra-comfortable chair
• 12+ plain white cloth diapers (much better than commercial burp cloths)
• Milk storage bags

* Some stores now carry specially-designed shirts for discreet and comfortable nursing. Check out Expressiva, Motherwear, and GlamourMom (see illustration/example above).
** If you want a double-electric pump, check out the Medela Pump N Style Advanced.

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