What to Register For: TRAVELING

What to Register For: TRAVELING 1The first few outings with your baby in tow may prove to be a bit crazy, but eventually you'll be toting your little bundle around on a daily basis. Here a few items that will help you be an organized and ultra-prepared mom-on-the-go:

• 1 stroller*
• 1 jogging stroller**
• 1 car seat
• 3 bottles of hand sanitizer (1 for the diaper bag, 1 for the car, 1 for the changing station)
• 1+ hands-free carriers (slings, wraps, etc.)***
• 1 travel changing pad****
• travel diaper disposal bags
• 1 travel wipes case

* Choose a stroller that compresses quickly and easily for storage in a vehicle or closet. Avoid big, bulky, or cumbersome styles. Less is more.
** If you like jogging and/or running, register for a stroller made for that purpose - fun for mommy and baby!
*** I can't recommend these enough. See my previous "TrendAlert: Baby Wearing" blog for ideas.
**** Preferably one that fits in your diaper bag - bigger is not always better...

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