What to Wear: Postpartum

It's such a relief to wish my maternity clothes good-bye and good riddance after giving birth. In fact, I started giving my maternity clothes away even before I was done being pregnant!

I know some people love maternity fashions and adore being pampered because of the bump. I am not among them. I much prefer my svelte, I-can-bend-over-and-tie-my-shoes self.

That said, it's not as if the baby just pops out and I'm back in my skinny jeans right away either. On the contrary, there is a definite transition period. 

These days, you'll find me mostly wearing:

Slouchy Shirts. In soft material. One size too big is preferable. Especially for those first few weeks of nursing. I've been wearing my husband's t-shirts around the house a lot lately. I know what you're thinking: I am the epitome of glamour. 

Comfy bottoms. Think: yoga/pajama pants and athletic shorts. Elastic waistbands are the key. 

moody mamas logoMoody Mamas sent me the Posh Mama Pants (pictured below left; $44) and the Sassy Mama Shorts (pictured below right; $31) to review - and they've become wardrobe favorites the last few weeks because they are buttery soft and easy to slip on-and-off. I have the shorts in pink and they're see-through so they're restricted for around-the-house wear only. The pants, on the other hand, are black so they're appropriate for jaunts around the neighborhood, but I would say that both items fall strictly in the loungewear category...which is fine by me since I've been "lounging" around quite a bit with my nursing newborn as of late. 

posh mama pants moody mamas sassy mama shorts

Now, I'd love to try Moody Mama's matching Captivating Cap Sleeve Cami (pictured below; $60). If it's as soft as the pants, I know I'd wear it all of the time. It looks slouchy enough to cover up the post-partum belly too!

captivating cap sleev cami moody mamas

You can check out the full Moody Mamas collection here

I'm actually surprised that more maternity companies haven't created and marketed "transition wear "or "postpartum wear" as part of their lines. I think Liz Lange had a collection called Fourth Trimester at one point, but I haven't seen it recently...

YOUR TURN: What were your favorite items to wear postpartum? 

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4 comments on “What to Wear: Postpartum”

  1. This is one of the things I wish people had told me about before I had my baby! I had an emergency c-section, so I was glad I figured out ahead of time to invest in huge, stretchy yoga pants. But I really hate that most jeans don't really work for a postpartum body- they really aren't forgiving of that lingering pooch! And maternity jeans were out for me- at first they hurt the incision, and by the time I felt better, they didn't fit right, either...

    I really don't want to buy clothes, because I am trying so hard to lose the pooch, but I have to stay clothed in the process. I wish more clothing companies would take this into consideration. I will say, Old Navy had a great loungewear selection when I needed it. I got a pair of khaki twill drawstring pants- they didn't look "lounge-y" but I could wear them to family events while I was healing. They really were a lifesaver.

  2. I opt for knits a size or two too big while I try to get back into my normal clothes! It takes awhile for the c-section incision to heal so the softer the clothes are the better!

  3. Since I long to be back in "normal" clothes after my pregnancies, I've collected quite a few pairs of regular jeans that are a few sizes up from my norm. At first I pair them with the slimmer fitting of my maternity tops, then, after a few weeks, just regular tops that are a little on the longer/looser side. I'm also a huge fan of thrift store shopping, so I feel like for a few bucks, I can afford to pick up regular things in larger sizes, if they'll help me feel "pretty" and stylish for the months it will take me to get back to my old sizes.

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