What to Wear Under Low-Cut Tops

When I go clothes shopping, I often come across deep-v tees, scoop-neck shirts, and low-cut dresses that I like. My first thought is usually, "Oooh! This is cute!" My second thought is, "What am I going to wear under this?

What to Wear Under Low-Cut Tops 1Marla, a boutique-owner and mom of two, thought the very same thing and then invented a solution - the Chickies Cleavage Cover, a "fake tank" that snaps around your bra straps for added coverage. Essentially, this little tank allows you to cover up without the added bulk of a tank top. Available in seven colors, each cover retails for $33.

What to Wear Under Low-Cut Tops 2I wore my CCC underneath a maternity dress this past weekend and appreciated the added coverage. Although the fake tank didn't eliminate ALL cleavage from view, it did provide a great solution and I enjoyed not having to wear an extra layer. The little snaps fit around most bra straps, but may not be ideal for some nursing bras and/or bras with wider straps. 

Want one? You can pick up one of your own at www.julsandmeg.com.

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4 comments on “What to Wear Under Low-Cut Tops”

  1. These look great! I'm constantly wearing tanks under shirts because they're too low, but something less bulky sounds great for some outfits.

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed wearing your Chickie this weekend. I wanted to let all you bloggers out there know that we did correct the straps on the Chickies so that they will accommodate larger straps. This new invention has been a pretty wild ride with a few bumps along the way. We are always looking to make Chickies THE solution for all women who have layering issues with their clothes. I noticed your article on Michael Stars, of which I sell many in my store in San Antonio, and I have to say Chickies work great underneath most Michael Stars v-necks. Thanks again for all your great words.

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