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What We Wear :: Le Top 1She will be two in ten days. TWO. (I scarcely remember what it's like to have a baby anymore...which means, it's time for another, right?).

She climbs up super tall playgrounds. (You should see her climb).

She plays rough-and-tumble with her big sister. (And can totally hold her own).

She shouts "BEBE!" whenever there is a baby anywhere - in a book, on a TV screen, or at the park. (She loves them all).

She is wearing the Le Top Dot Print Smocked Top in these pictures (adorable).

I think we'll be celebrating her birthday in Mobile, Alabama this year.

Does she look like a Southern girl? I'm not sure, but I know she definitely has the Southern charm thing down...

- to a "T."

What We Wear :: Le Top 2

Check out a few of my other favorite pieces by Le Top [click for details]:

What We Wear :: Le Top 3 What We Wear :: Le Top 4 What We Wear :: Le Top 5

You can also check out the Le Top facebook and twitter pages to keep up with the brand.

WIN IT! One winner will receive an outfit of his/her choice from Le Top (newborn-4T)! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 15th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Le Top sent me samples for review purposes and is also providing 1 outfit for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #45 Melinda J. Congratulations!

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135 comments on “What We Wear :: Le Top”

  1. What cute little outfits! I don't know if I would pick out something for my twins or something for the baby on the way :)

  2. I would love to win a cute outfit for my little girl. Her birthday is coming up on the 21st & it'd be a wonderful present!

  3. My baby girl turns 1 at the end of this month. She would look so cute in any one of those darling outfits.
    rmartinclarke @ gmail.com

  4. It's amazing how fast our little ones grow! Most days I just wish I could keep mine little forever (even though I love watching him grow and learn). Le Top offers such cute items!

  5. She does have the Southern Gal thing down to a T. :) I went to the site and looked through the clothes. My littlest one is a boy, so I wasn't expecting much...usually boy clothes are nothing unique...though I do find exceptions to that rule from time to time (and am delighted). This site gave me one of those exceptions. There's a Terry Zip Cover Jacket for boys that I just adore. Thanks for sharing the pics and the site.

  6. I think she looks like the perfect little southern bell! My son and daughter in law are expecting twin girls in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait! I know they will be precious southern bells as well and like yours, will be 2 before I can turn around!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  7. so cute I have two little boys and a little girl. I love clothes that are cute but also durable and affordable. I feel in love with the Handkerchief Cross-Back Sundress thanks for the chance to win

  8. My "baby" is about to turn 7! Thankfully, I have my hands full helping my sister with her twin 8 month old boys so I don't get those "I need another baby" urges lol. Your daughter is adorable!


  9. Time goes too fast! My daughter will be 3.
    I really like the Dress with Ruffle Collar in yellow. I love yellow but it looks horrible on me - it does look awesome on my daughter though.

  10. My grandson will be two in May and he is growing up so fast. His parents are expecting a new addition to the family in July so we are getting him prepared for a baby brother or sister. I love the brown bibs and he looks so cute in bibs.

  11. She is a gorgeous little girl!!
    I have a 12 week old baby boy, so I would love to have the Puppy Pals
    Twill Shortall & Stripe Tee outfit.

  12. I hear ya on the 'were did the time go' sentiment. My son could care less about babies. I went so far as to buy him a baby doll to try and balance out all the cars and trains and he won't even pick it up. Was bored to death with it. Oh well!

  13. I have 3 adorable grandchildren. Two boys and a girl. I know that any one of them would look just precious in any of the clothes on their site.

  14. My granddaughter will be 4 and she loves wearing dresses. I know she would love the Poppy and Leaf Print Tiered Dress. It's funny because she is such a tom boy and at the same times likes to wear dresses and bracelets.

  15. my niece is a year and a half. cutest little monster ever. we call her "terror-tot". A handful with little blonde curls. I keep telling her mommy she cant get any bigger or she needs to have another one. ;)

  16. Your baby is adorable. She has a look of give me pockets and I will collect some interesting things. I think she is entering the best stage ever, she knows so much and will have the verbal skills to tell you so.

  17. Oh my goodness, how is she two? She is so beautiful! My big girl turned 7! the other day, I still can't wrap my mind around it. It is going by so fast and it is such a beautiful time.

  18. Two, already! No way!

    I love that little polka dot outfit. And your daughter is simply stunning in it!

    Two of my little girls have birthdays this month. It's so bittersweet when our babies grow up.

    And yes -- you need a third!

  19. What a little darling she is! The dark pink suits her beautiful complexion so well. I checked out the Le Top site and loved their boys' "Puppy collection" (having 3 little boys that are very crazy about dogs around here!)

  20. Super cute! They clothes would be too small for my oldest (who's only going to be 4 this month!), but my little one could use a few outfits that aren't all 3rd time hand me downs! Some of them have moth holes in them, poor baby!

  21. How cute and so pretty...these little girl clothes are!
    The "dot print smocked top" in pink is so sweet...
    The time passes quickly, but the quality will remain,
    And each little daughter will wear these again!

    So be sure to take photos,
    and treasure the days,
    of princesses, outfits,
    and their darling ways!

  22. I haven't been here in awhile and I can't believe how much your baby girl has grown-so pretty too! I love the little pink smock she is wearing!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  23. I love their many options :) The Check Sunsuit & Sailor Tee is so cute for a little boy!

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  24. my granddaughter is 18 months and would be sooo cute in these outfits and by the way all kids are bebe to her

  25. My cousin just found out she is having a girl after two boys and can not wait to look for some cute clothes for her.

  26. Adorable clothes!!! I'd love to dress my daughters in Le Top clothes, they are so cute and they look comfy too!

  27. Wow. I have a 3 yr old son but my baby girl is only 3 months. Right now I can't wait until she's older, but I'm guessing when she gets there I'll be wondering where the time went and longing for cuddly baby again.

  28. I LOVE high quality kids clothes - they were them so HARD that it's best to sometimes spend more so they last!

  29. I also like their blue sleeveless dress with the fish print!
    I like their Nautical theme for little girls.

  30. That is a very cute outfit she's wearing. I think I would pick out an outfit for my grandson. Hard to choose as they have such wonderful clothes.

  31. just about fell out of my chair when I went to the website and saw the BabyDarling! collection - ALMOST to precious for real life. If this baby is anything like me, food will instantly be attracted to any article of white clothing she ever wears. But it's still so cute!!

    Do you ever dress your little girls in clothes that would make you cringe if they got dirty? Or do you make sure to dress them in things they can really live in all the time??

    1. I dress them in white, despite the fact that they'll get dirty. And I totally let them prance around the house in their "finest" dresses on ordinary days. We only live once after all, right?

  32. Your daughter is adorable in the Printed Dot smock....Love the blonde hair....I would love to win this for my daughter - thanks for the chance to win.

    dan_jody at live.com

  33. I love the LeTop Dot Print Smocked Top in pink your litte girl has on, I have a niece I would love to get one for.

  34. I am having a hard time getting to the website but the outfits you displayed are so cute! I am always looking for super cute boy clothes since they are ALWAYS harder to find. I can't wait to dress our baby (due April 1st) in something so cute!

  35. We need an outfit for a wedding this summer - baby boy outfit. This seems like a great place to get something casual but appropriate!

  36. Time sure does fly! She is adorable. I was trying to go check out the Le Top website and it looks like it isn't working at the moment. Very cute stuff I can tell by what you featured. Thanks!

  37. Spring/Summer shopping for three little boys and baby #4, A GIRL due in the Summer has been a nightmare! I can't stop shopping for the baby girl, as...HELLO...girl clothes are so much cuter, but the poor boys all grew like weeds over the Winter months so they too need a new wardrobe. This line is so adorable for BOTH boys and girls!!

  38. Two is such a cute age, we didn't experience "terrible twos" at all. "Terrible threes" are going strong however!

  39. I can totally relate- my little one is two and a half. I went through her baby clothes the other day and found myself marveling that she ever fit into some of that stuff! They grow so fast... She also has a baby obsession :)

  40. She sure does have the Southern Charm going on! I can't believe she is going to be 2, either! My little guy just turned 2 in January. I haven't stopped over to your blog in awile (been kind of MIA in the blog world, and we are moving back into it). Missed stopping over here. Will have to catch up! Thanks for the review and giveaway opportunity!

  41. Oh, choosing an outfit would be hard! Do I get something for my 10 month old son? Or my 3 year old daughter? I love the Farmer collection for the boys though--that cow on the one-piece romper is simply adorable! Cute clothes! Thanks for sharing the goodness and further tempting me to buy too many clothes for my children. ;)

  42. Yes, just when you can't remember what it's like to have a baby around, is the perfect time for another! ; )

  43. I just LOVE that second photo for your little lady. I love the scrunched up eyebrows. What is she thinking?!

    I've had so much fun following your stories about her the past couple of years because she's just a few weeks older than my Lucy. Seriously, how did time fly? Weren't we just pregnant, like, yesterday? She's turned into the prettiest little toddler ever. Happy birthday to her! [PS...Tell her March birthdays are the best! Mine is today. :)]

  44. TWO! Where is the time going! Happy *almost* birthday to your little girly and to YOU! She is lovely, lovely, lovely. Hope you guys have a great time celebrating her. Teach her to say 'y'all' and you will really have a southern girl on your hands!

  45. I've never heard of this site before but they have super cute clothes!! I love this: Short Sleeve Bodysuit & Shorts

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  46. Pretty in pink!! Love the shirt your little one is wearing!! Wow! I should check out Le Top for my little girl!

  47. Boy, time sure flys by, doesn't it?! I can't wait to hear how you celebrate it on the road. I think their clothes looks so comfy too.

  48. oh my! a-do-ra-ble! just welcomed our first child on Wednesday and love these clothes! thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Eli is almost 2 as well. I love this age! I've almost forgotten what it was like to have a baby and I'm OK with that. I think this stage is so much more fun!!! He learns new words every day and keeps me laughing with his crazy stunts. It's great!!!!! :)

  50. I can't believe that she is going to be two. Wow, and my baby is right behind her. They grow so fast. The tops are adorable.

  51. I checked out the LeTop website and wasn't into the girl outfits, but I like several of the boy ones. I guess I look for more unique color choices for my daughter than just pink, red, blue.

  52. It seems like JUST yesterday you were blogging about your pregnancy. Wow! Time flies! I love this website...super cute outfits. I think my fav. would be the Heart’s Delight Beach Dress with Flower Embellishment!

  53. your daughter is so stinkin' cute! My little girl will be one in a month! Times just flies way too quickly!
    PS- I love how your daughter posed with hand-in-pocket in the photo! Model in the making? haha

  54. The LeTop outfit is so cute! And I've been feeling lately like even I hardly remember what it's like to have a baby. Since Eleanor started walking she seems so much more toddler-ish. So I bet if I feel this way when she's only 10 months, I'll feel even more that way when she's 2!

  55. Two is so much fun. That is about the time we started thinking about our next and we had him 11 months later.

  56. Right now all the consignment events for the season are happening. I'm really struggling, personally, to keep a balance between getting the best clothes for the best price that I can for Darah, without buying too far ahead for her. I'm starting to realize that by getting size 5T clothes for her now and sticking them in my attic, I'm keeping them from someone who could be using them right now. I have to remember that consignment sales happen twice a year, and I also regularly shop at my favorite thrift store...there's plenty to go around for everyone!

    Sorry if that seems a little random, it's just something I've been thinking about this week as it relates to children's clothing!

  57. Happy early birthday to her :) she is adorable! I LOVE her outfit and the other ones you posted. Especially the one with the little leggings. Very cute stuff. I think you guys are such an inspiration to everyone to do more and give more to others around us. Thank you for being you!

  58. I have never shopped there but the stuff is really cute and I have friend who has that puppy outfit! My baby will be 2 in just 3 months. I love the pink sundress with the flower on it!

  59. Le Top has been a go-to brand for our family since even before kids! (We were buying shower gifts and such). Great quality and adorable stuff!!

  60. I was just thinking the other day how she is is almost 2. Crazy how fast time goes!! My little Meridian who is close to the same age loves her dolls and babies as well! So much fun! I think you should have #2 as your girls are just adorable!!

  61. That color looks GREAT on her! We love LeTop stuff, but I'm not so in love with the price sometimes.. Happy Birthday to your little one! It goes too fast!

  62. When my second son was born his older brother was 18 months old and called him "Bebe"--5 1/2 years later, we still call him that! Even though we have had 2 more babies since, he is still the bebe! And yes, it's time for you to have another one :)

  63. I can't believe she is almost 2! Not that I've met any of you in real life but I just found out I was pregnant with my baby #2 when you had her and it's stuck in my memory. :) Adorable clothes too!

  64. Wow I can't believe she's 2 (almost.) I also can't believe I have a 7 month old. I feel like I just had a little bitty newborn in my arms yesterday. Time does fly.

    As my little one gets bigger, I'm having a difficult time finding cute boy clothing that isn't plastered with some sort of cartoon character. Le Top's website has lots of cute things. I'd never heard of Le Top before now. Thank you for highlighting them.

    1. Le Top is definitely a breath of fresh air in the children's clothing arena. I love that the clothes are brightly colored, whimsical, young, and not plastered with brands or characters. The only thing deterring me from buying a whole closetful of clothes is the price! ;)

  65. Well, about that getting ready for another baby thing.....I say go for it, you make cute babies!! I think it's kind of fun how you say that you *think* you'll be celebrating her Birthday in Mobile. I love it! Do you think all little girls love babies? My DD is 8 months and has been in love with other babies and her doll for a couple months now....Just a first time mom wondering.

  66. Lol my almost-two boy always shouts "bay-BEE!" at random babies. And insists that he is a "big boy" but he can't quite say it, which just makes it all the more adorable.

  67. I LOVE Le Top, I have identical twin girls and love to dress them in coordinating outfits & Le top always has plenty of options so they aren't matchy-matchy :)

  68. Goose is getting close to 2 too and loves babies also!

    Have you checked out Le Top's brother/sister outfits? Awesomeness! And I'm loving your first two picks too - especially that middle outfit - so adorable and feminine.

  69. Oh, she is such a pretty little girl! With my new baby girl, I'm so happy that I can actually get all the cute pink things that I've been drooling over for so long. These clothes look super comfy and adorable :)

  70. Wow - 2 already! Every day is a new & exciting adventure, right?!? My 4 year old loves babies too & even nurses them (my best friend is her nursing mom role model!).

    The clothes look comfy and cute for your giving every day travels!

  71. Your daughter (both of them, really) is beautiful. Happy early birthday!
    Cute clothes too... I'll have to check out the little boy clothes. Sometimes I feel badly that my son doesn't get as many "new, cute, fun" things as my daughter. Then again... I doubt he notices or cares at all!

  72. Very cute top! I love that our kids are so close in age. My daughter will be two in less than 2 weeks also. Being on the road you will Happy Birthday to your little cutie. I too would love to get started on baby number three.

  73. Oh my goodness 2!!! She looks so grown up with her hand in her pocket...precious! She is so cute. Jake turning 2 was the hardest for me so far. I had a hard time with one, but he still seemed like such a baby, by 2 there was no baby about him anymore. I think I probably cried the whole week of his 2nd birthday.
    Le Top has so much cute stuff. I might have to buy someone a gift because their girl stuff is so cute. With 5 nephews I rarely buy girl things.

  74. Great to hear your voice on here again!

    Little "Bebe" is super cute and so are the tops! If I win, it would make a great present for my goddaughter, whom I am always looking for cute new things for!

    P.S. I am curious. How do companies mail you things now that you are "on the road"?

    1. I'm actually terribly behind on everything. We actually received all of these products prior to our launch.

      That said, we can have packages shipped to campgrounds if we know in advance that we will be staying for a few weeks. :)

  75. My two year old screams "baybi" when she sees one too. The funniest thing is, she cries when someone calls her baby. Our daughters are so close in age :) Love the top, she looks gorgy as usual :)

  76. she is darling! Hope you do have another! :) We are hoping to soon. And since my baby turned 1 last week, I already feel like I don't have a "baby" but a little boy - I cannot imagine how I'll feel when he is TWO! :) wow...

  77. My 15 month old loves babies too and good thing because we have one coming in just a few days! The funniest is that he will point too himself in the mirror and say "baby!" I love Le Tops - cutest boy clothes I've ever seen! It's hard to find cute but boyish looking boy clothes, but they do a great job! Happy birthday to your 2 year old! Seems like she just turned 1 - I guess I've been reading your blog for a while. Totally love it! Wish I was in the US and could meet you on your journey. If you guys ever want to take a trip to South Africa, let me know!

  78. my oldest will be three in two months! yikes! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the 2-3 year old stage. Some call it the terrible two's - I prefer to call it the terrific two's! happy birth-day to you! :)

  79. Two. I have such a love hate relationship with this age right now. It's hard. HARD. But so fun!!! Lots of learning (for mom, too!) and developing. But oh the screaming!
    She's beautiful, Stephanie! I would say the world needs another of your babies soon! :)

    1. I'm certainly not asserting that two is easy. Our recent 2-year-old definitely has her moments (and screams too). ;)

  80. Wow. I remember when she was born...and even before that, when you were pregnant with her! Time does fly when one is having fun! What a memorable year this will be for her...I am really enjoying your other blog and being able to "be along for the ride" as you give every day.

    Happy Birthday to your big girl!

  81. She is entirely adorable. I can still remember reading your birth story when she was born! How did two years already go by? My almost three year old little one is peering over my shoulder pointing at your "baby" and thinks it is a photo of her! What adorable clothes for a very sweet little girl. I think she could pull off the southern belle thing for sure!

  82. Is there anything cuter than a small child in overalls? I think not. Those brown cord overalls would be perfect for a boy or a girl and I have just the one in mind!!

  83. My younger son will be 3 before our expected baby is born, and it feels like FOREVER since we had a baby around. I'm already thinking that we just can't wait so long for child #4. :)

    And if we finally get a girl this time, I will definitely need something for her to wear. Someday she might not like seeing pictures of herself as a baby wearing her brothers' cars and trucks hand-me-down clothes.

  84. Two already?? Crazy mine will be 5 in one week! Can't believe how time flies!! Pictures are adorable I will definitely be checking out the website for some cute clothes for my little birthday girl too!! I love being able to follow your family and I look forward to checking each day to see how you GIVE!! Keep up the good work and let me know when you head to Washington!! Would love to see you guys! :)

  85. 2?!? Wow.

    Tessa, my 2 year old, is obsessed with babies too. She will hear one several aisles away in the store and put her hand to her ear and should "BABY!" So cute. And if we see one sleeping in a carrier she'll shush me and whisper "baby".

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