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What We Wear :: PRVCY Premium denim 1Want a peek inside my closet? I have 6 pairs of jeans, 5 shirts, 3 coats/jackets, 2 sweatshirts, 1 pair of slacks, 1 dress, and 0 skirts (I'm really sad about that, by the way).

That is a real count. I'm living in an RV for the year, remember? ;)

As you can tell, my wardrobe is pretty heavy on the denim side. I love jeans. You can dress them up (or dress them down). You can wear them with a cardigan, a sweatshirt, or a tank top. You can wear them to dinner, to the park, or to the business-casual gathering. Jeans are versatile, flattering, easy-to-care-for, machine-washable, comfortable, and they don't wrinkle.

Lately, I've been wearing PRVCY Premium jeans quite a bit - especially my distressed pair of Santa Monica bootcuts. They're flattering, trendy, and casual. Plus, the brand "shares its profits with various breast cancer research foundations" (I always admire companies that have a philanthropic mission).

See left - that's me in our 5th wheel kitchen, waiting for oatmeal raisin cookies to come out of the oven.

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What jeans have you been wearing lately?

What We Wear :: PRVCY Premium denim 2WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Santa Monica Sunshine bootcut jeans ($120.99) from PRVCY Premium! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 15th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* PRVCY sent me samples for review purposes and is also providing 1 pair of jeans for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #84 lisa. Congratulations!

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191 comments on “What We Wear :: PRVCY Premium denim”

  1. I have a jean obsession. I LOVE jeans! Right now I'm wearing random brands just because I am still trying to lose baby weight and so I put on whatever will fit. Normally I wear American Eagle jeans or Pac Sun.

  2. I am currently wearing GAP jeans, but the new jeans that they are selling do not fit me as well as the old ones did ... alas

  3. I am currently have old pair of Land's End jeans, but would like to try a new pair of jeans in the near future

  4. Last year I bought my first pair of "good" jeans - couldn't believe how much better they look and how well they've held up to washing

  5. I recently put on weight rapidly due to medications and I don't have a single pair of jean that actually fit me! These quality jeans would be terrific to have :)

  6. I love jeans, too. I tend to hold onto them, even if they don't fit anymore. Yes, I have some from high school. I'm a sad little critter.

  7. I've just recently tried Designer Denim and I'm loving it!
    I know you're living in an RV and all, but 6? I have 22 (just counted them today actually)!!! HAHA! I LOVE me some jeans.

  8. My favorite (and only) pair of jeans tore...right down the middle. Time for a new pair! Thanks for the recommendation.

  9. I love the versatility of jeans too. You can dress them up or down and go just about anywhere in them. I'd love a pair as nice as these. Thanks.

  10. I always have trouble finding jeans that fit because either they ride too low on my body or the legs are too long.

  11. I buy all my jeans from american eagle .
    I haven't found a brand that fits my body so well!
    These look great though

  12. I've been wearing Vigoss jeans but they tear easily. Or maybe I'm just too rough with them. Two have torn in the butt. But I still love them.

  13. I've been wearing a pair of Gap jeans that I love for the last five years, sadly it's almost time to get rid of them!!!!!

  14. I live and work in jeans and am always looking for the perfect pair. These jeans seem excellent, just far beyond my price range. I love the distressed look featured in the photo.

  15. I must say my closet is pretty heavy on the denim as well and these jeans look super comfy!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  16. I must admit I had my son 6 months ago, and since I am trying to loose the weight I am wearing my maternity jeans I am down to my first trimester ones but it probably time to give them up : )

  17. Jeans are a staple in any clothes collection, and once you find the right pair your golden. I find myself having many pairs of pants but only rotating through a handful that just fit and feel right.

  18. I am a jeans person myself - it is my most comfortable outfit and I can look casual, rugged or even semi-formal with it depending on the top and shoes that I pair them with. I like Old Navy and Gap brands and I probably wont be able to afford the PRVCY jeans and so I hope I win this! Thanks :)
    mandalarctic at gmail dot com

  19. I have a favorite pair of old levis' that I have worn for years and I love. They fit perfectly, reliable, and perfect any day, however, they are starting to look a bit ratty but these jeans look wonderful! I will admit, I've never spent $120 bucks on a pair a jeans but the fit looks great!

  20. i only wear jeans,jamjam pants or sweats.
    don't own a dress, a skirt or slacks!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  21. i love jeans and buying the perfect pair.. i'm definitely a fan of premium denim, its so much better! I have never tried this brand, but it sounds like one i would love

  22. My absolute favorite pair fell apart on me last week. I went to yank them up by the belt loops and was left holding the loops in my hands :) My current favorite is a pair of Levis.

  23. Jeans are probably one of the hardest items to buy; they are so hard to find the right fit with..would love to give these a try!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  24. A couple of weeks ago I bought a pair of jeans at a yard sale, and surprisingly, they fit and I love them! They are my new favorite jeans, not sure of the brand. They have been cleaned so often all the tags are quite faded....they are boot cut and loose fitting, very comfy. I love jeans, brand is not important....fit and style are. :-) Thank you.

    (So, how is the "road trip"....hope you are enjoying yourself.)

  25. You look good in those jeans! I like the distressed look. I wear jeans all the time too. I like them to be fitted but not too tight...I still want some breathing room.

  26. Jeans are my favorite wardrobe item. My favorite brand has been Joe's, but I went to the website to see PRVCY's other styles and there is a really nice selection. It make it more appealing also, to think that a portion of the profits go to charity.

  27. My last pair of jeans came from the thrift store but i am looking forward to getting a new pair soon. I also like the Barbados Jeans in Antique Black.

  28. I live in jeans. I must admit that I so need a new pair. I would love to win them because they are super cute. Good luck to all who enter.

  29. Cute jeans! I also love the Barbados Antique Black. I practically live in jeans and wish I could wear them everywhere!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  30. I usually stick with what I know will fit. In my case JC Penneys St John's bay. Once in awhile I will venture ouside my comfort zone and try something new. Pricey Jeans might be worth a try.

  31. im a jean-a-holic. I destroyed my favorite guess jeans (still crying over it. they were perfect!) i got on sale at macys over a year ago so now i have been alternating between a $20 pair of express jeans (normally $80!) and a pair of american eagle jeans I got with a giftcard. Im a bargain shopper but i love nice denim.

  32. I've been into cropped jeans lately.
    I really like the style of these jeans!


  33. I have a pair of levi's that I have had for years. I love them, but they definitely have seen better days. I really could use a nicer pair especially since I have been losing weight and they are getting to big.

  34. The most I've ever paid for a pair of jeans is $50 and can't seem to make myself pay anymore than that so to win a pair of jeans that are $120 would be great. I absolutely love jeans!

  35. So, I have one pair of jeans that I wear. They're from the Express and I like them, I don't love them.

    I think we have talked before about the way I feel about jeans. People keep telling me that I just don't have the right pair... But on the flipside... Why would I want to pay $100 for a pair of jeans when I don't like jeans? They say that expensive jeans are worth it. They have all promised me.

    After talking to some friends, I have decided to take the plunge. I'm going to do it. And the worst that can happen is that I take them back, right?

    Next weekend. The mall. It's ON.


  36. I am a jeans fanatic too! Since I work from home, jeans are my daily outfit! Bootcut styles are my favorite!

  37. I have SUCH a hard time finding jeans the fit me well. Currently I seem to have some luck with Bandolino blue from Macy's. But I could use a new pair stat as I have one nice pair and my others are about to fall apart!

  38. What a great giveaway! I think it's pretty cool that Gisele Bündchen was wearing PRVCY in People Mag (I got this from their blog)

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  39. I'm sorry, I'm too embarrassed to answer this question. The only pair of jeans I have that actually fit have holes in the bottom where they drag on the ground because I never got them hemmed. And I just bought a new pair of fancy branded jeans at TJ Maxx but don't actually like how they fit. They're kinda loose in the thighs and I prefer a tighter fit. Shopping for jeans is so stressful for me...I usually end up wearing dresses all the time.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  40. I could definitely use a new pair of jeans. These look great but I could never afford to spend that kind of money on them... So I wish I hope to be the lucky winner ;D

  41. I'm always looking to try new brands of jeans. I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair, haven't found them yet. $120 does seem a little steep, but the fact that they donate some of their profits does take a little of the sting out of it :)

    blaskey1186 at yahoo dot com

  42. Recently, I've been wearing jeans from Express. They are under $100 and I love them as much as my expensive jeans. I have never tried PRVCY but they look awesome on you!

  43. I live in jeans! Right now my favorite are a pair of Big Star jeans that I treated myself to with some money I got for Christmas.

  44. I have 6 pairs of jeans also. My most worn pair would be my lands end boot cut jeans my hubby got me. I love them. This would be nice to try these ones out.

  45. I have no favorite pair of jeans... and that makes me sad. I would love to contribute to a "name-your-fave-jeans" post one day. I'm probably not spending enough... from what I'm hearing. :-(

  46. I love wearing jeans, though I can't say I really have a pair that I absolutely love. I struggle with finding a pair that fits well. The ones you have on look adorable and comfy!

  47. A pair of jeans that hug you in all the right places is priceless! However, I would not pay $120, I just can't! I would, however, search high and low and find that pair on sale somewhere. Maybe not that exact pair, but you know what I mean!

  48. lol, I have zero skirts too! Just not a skirt gal! I love my jean collection though
    & these are super cute!

  49. love bootcut jeans and I need some new ones!!! I have the bargain jeans that are worn out! thanks for the chance

  50. I've been wearing maternity jeans lately. Not the cutest look for me. I can never find a pair (that don't break the bank) that look decent. It won't be long now before I have a (sort of ) waist back ; )

  51. i've been wearing a lot of skinny jeans lately, so I could use sone bootcut, plus I like the fact that they donate part of the profits!

  52. Jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. In fact they are one of the few items that I am willing to spend a bit more on as they are my go to items. I definitely try and research the brands for best fit,quality and so on for the price I pay. :)

  53. One can never have too many jeans....I think I need some more :). Thanks for the chance to win.

    dan_jody at live.com

  54. Oh my gosh! These jeans look incredible!!! I would love to try them. The jeans that I've been wearing recently are all getting super old. My favorite pair just got a huge rip in it last week, so I definitely need to find something to replace my fav jeans.

  55. I really love the London Black Overdyed jeans. I don't have black jeans yet and i think they would be a great staple to add to my wardrobe!

  56. I love jeans and wear them every single day! It's hard to find companies who truly donate to good causes. It seriously makes me want to support them when I do find one though. Thanks so much for the heads up Stephanie!!

  57. Bootcut jeans are my favorite...these look nice and I like that they donate a portion of their profits.

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  58. jeans are my favorite but since i had my daughter i never shop for myself... so target jeans are what i'm wearing now. i like them but then tend to wear out quickly... maybe because i'm wearing them almost every day!

  59. I still have jeans from high school ;0p Guess when you get a pair that you like you wear them till they wear out :) Could use a new pair! lol

  60. I like jeans too, but have a hard time finding a pair that fits. You see, I have this deformity... it's called ghetto booty. My waist is not in proportion with my butt. It's sad, but I try to push through. LOL

  61. love jeans have one pair that are too big for me- lost weight and got rid of the jumbo- almost at my goal weight and am saving till then- these look sweet

  62. Finally lost all the baby weight after my 3rd and have been wanting a really nice pair of jeans. My faves that I have right now are Kenneth Cole from the outlet mall but they are getting too big! WOuld love to try a nice pair of premium denim jeans. Thanks for the chance!

  63. Hm, I don't even know what brand any of my jeans are. But honestly, my favorite pair right now is a pair that I bought in China a few years ago because they fit my thin figure (Chinese girls are SO thin!) but they don't ride low. seems like in the U.S. If you are going to get fashionable jeans they all ride too low.

  64. I love that they donate a portion of profits, makes the $120 not seem so high. They do look like great jeans!

  65. I used to wonder how there could be a difference between the more reasonable priced jeans and the expensive ones, but I recently realized that the quality you get is worth it. I'd rather have 2 pairs of quality jeans that look great and will last me a long time than lots of cheaper pairs. I haven't heard of this brand yet and would like to check them out!

  66. I could always use a new pair of jeans. i have tried all kinds the cheap ones to the high priced ones ( mostly getting those at the consignment stores ) I am a tad bit cheap. But if i find a pair that fits great i would probably spend the money, actually my husband would spend the money. He is the type that says if you like it buy it do not worry about the price. I would be standing there saying i dont know for like an hour.

  67. Anytime I can find jeans that fit good, I want a pair. These look very comfortable. It is also great to know that the company is charitable.

  68. How cute are those jeans! I never pay a lot for my jeans...my usual limit is $40 max. But I do love American Eagle brand. All my jeans are getting too big because I've been losing weight though! Yay!

  69. Umm..so my closet looks about the same as yours and I don't live in an RV. I was just telling my husband that I'm mostly sick of winter because I'm sick of my wardrope! I'm ready to pull out lighter shirts and tanks. Unfortunately I'd freeze my behind off if I did that right now. One more month! Maybe...

    I've currently been alternating between my Gap Long & Lean jeans and my Target Mossimo skinny jeans. I'm really proud of that buy because they were only $20 and I LOVE how they fit. I'm curious, of all six pairs of jeans you have, which brand are your favorite?

    1. I'm ready to pull out my lighter shirts and tanks too, except...oops!...I don't have any. I'm wondering how long I can hold out before I will need to find a thrift store.

      My current favorite pair of jeans is probably by Habitual. Before that, my favorite jeans were by Anoname (I recently had to throw them away because I wore holes right through them).

  70. today I'm wearing my gap skinny jeans - they are comfy and flattering. But my favorite jeans are a pair I bought on gilt - can't even remember now what they are but they were my favorite ones before I put on my winter weight. :)

  71. I have never owned a pair of jeans that cost that much! I would like to see if they fit better than the ones that I wear now.

  72. I almost feel like a broken record here :-) I typically wear GAP Long and Lean (and I am neither long nor lean, but they really look great on any shape) however a friend GAVE me a pair of Joe's Jeans (provacateur cut) and a pair of Seven's. I don't care that they are used...it is the first time I have ever had *nice* jeans, and they really do make a difference.

    And...you look hot in these one's! :-)

  73. I don't think I would be able to go a year without skirts! I didn't even own a pair of jeans for years! Now I have a couple of pairs. Two are too big (bought pre losing all pregnancy weight, sigh!) and my favourite, which is flannel lined from Land's End. I guess they are only good for the winter though!

  74. Even though I wear sweats alot, I love to get new jeans. Jeans look great on everyone! Those Prvcy Jean look great on you, I would love to try some. (If they come in short!! ) :)

  75. A great pair of well fitting jeans are invaluable! I haven't bought a good pair of jeans in forever. I feel like I have been pregnant or losing pregnancy weight for three years now! I would love to be able to have a "go to" pair that I know will look great and more importantly make me feel great about myself!

  76. Its embarassing what I've been wearing lately as I try to get into pre pregnancy clothes unsuccessfully! these jeans would be a step in the right direction!!

  77. I have a hard time finding Jeans I love and then when I do, it seems the next time I go to buy, they are no longer available :( Recently I started purchasing from a consignment store, the Jeans barely look worn. I purchased a pair of J. Jill clearanced at the consignment store for $5. YES $5!! The were Tall, but a hemming job later they fit perfectly on my not quite 5'2" frame :)

  78. These look great! I'm totally with you about going for jeans. I've parted ways with several pair recently and have been scouting out thrift stores for pairs that fit my post-baby body better. I've been having a bit of luck, but could certainly use another pair or two! Fingers crossed!

  79. Kudos to you for simplifying your life and wardrobe...only 5 shirts?!?! Wow! lol! I need to do that same thing. Once Spring finally arrives, I am downsizing and donating all the clothes that sit in my closet year after year. Jeans...however, are a different story! I love them and only part with them when I absolutely have to!

  80. I have always been a jeans girl but lately I am starting to wear more skirts and LOVE them. I think I am wearing more jeans now is because I only have two pairs in my closet and I do not love either of them.

  81. so glad that bootcut is still around in spite of the fashion changes (like skinny jeans)! i'd be so sad if they did away with that cut!

  82. I have 4 jeans, if you include the pair that is too ripped to be worn in public. I really love my jeans and usually buy a new good pair about once a year. The ones I buy are Eddie Bauer and cost around $60 a pair. They're the only brand that I've found that fit me well, but I'd love to give something else a try, thanks for the chance to win.

  83. I have never heard of PRVCY jeans before. Thanks for the recommendation and the chance to win! They are very cute on you!!! I don't have a pair of jeans that I like. I am still wearing a pair that fit me about 20 pounds ago. They are baggy and sad but I really dislike shopping for jeans!

  84. I live in jeans! I tend to do most of my shopping at Sam's Club, so mine are not designer jeans but I would love to try a pair. I hope that you have enjoyed Texas. We live just north of Houston but the hill country is our favorite place in Texas. I hope you can stay long enough to see the Blue Bonnets in bloom. They are just lovely!

    1. We really enjoyed our [very short] stay in Houston and we often talk fondly about Tomball in particular. Have you always lived in that area? What would you say are the best + worst things about living there?

  85. I'm wearing Levis slim cut jeans. Love them. I think it is great that you have just a small wardrobe right now. It makes it much easier to dress I am sure.

  86. I have been struggling to find jeans lately. My most recent pair that I like is from Lands End Canvas, which is my new favorite place to shop. Usually they have good prices and you can return for free at your local Sears!

  87. I smiled in agreement awhile back when you wrote a post that started out with something like "after years of denying it, I'm finally willing to admit that more expensive clothes fit better and last longer." I've recently gotten to that point as well, but haven't yet made a jeans purchase that expensive. This'll be a brand I check out this summer when I've, in theory, lost the baby weight!

  88. I have never paid over $40 for a pair of jeans, and I really think I'll never be able to bring myself to. I would love to win these, simply for the fact that I would love to know what all the hype is about. Who knows, If I win these, I may start buying 'designer' jeans after all. :)

  89. Man could I use a new pair of jeans. I have 4 pairs, but really only wear two of them. You know its time to get rid of a few when you avoid wearing them. Ha! Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  90. Lately? I have been wearing my MiracleBody straight cut jeans (yay), and also my FAVORITE Lucky Brand jeans. The Lucky ones are like super soft for denim and very fitted, and I love that I actually FIT INTO THEM AGAIN after giving birth! It took me 8 months but hey, I'm back in them yay!
    These jeans look AMAZING! Thanks for sharing this brand with me - I am going to check them out!!

    1. oh, and I would have LOVED to follow them on FB... but someone needs to tell them to get a fan page. I don't "friend" companies b/c I don't want them having access to my family & personal info. Bummer though - at least there is Twitter! :)

  91. I am wearing some old jeans right now. They are ragged around the hem and one knee is patched but I like the way that they fit. I do like jeans!

  92. I'm a jeans and tshirt girl. My current closet contains 1 pair from Old Navy and 1 pair of Levi neither of which I love. However, my weight/size seems to have settled since having my little one 7 months ago so maybe it's time for a good pair.

    My one big complaint about my most recent jeans is by the end of the day they are all stretched out (bad enough sometimes to be a completely different size.) Do premium brands do this too??

    1. Designer brands are much better about retaining their shape. I find that department store jeans tend to stretch out after just a few wearings whereas designer jeans keep a great fit for about a year.

  93. you can never have too many jeans and especially jeans that make you look good! I've recently lost all my baby weight and would love a nice pair to fit my new found body!

  94. I am a tall girl and would love to try a pair of designer jeans. It is so hard to find jeans that are long enough for me!

  95. those look great on you. do they make maternity? maybe if i get a chance to win these it'll motivate me to get in shape after my pregnancy!

    1. I don't think they do. Have you tried Chip & Pepper? I had a pair of C&P maternity jeans that I wore almost every day!

  96. At least you have fashionable jeans! I have three pairs but only one I love (my go to if going out somewhere more than errands) Thanks for the impromptu contest..always fun to sprinkle in....

  97. These jeans look cute on you. I am very picky about my jeans and once I find a style I like, I pretty much stick to that style. I might have to give this brand a try.

  98. I have a hard time finding jeans I like. I just bought two pair from Gap that I love. I don't usually shop there but after sale and coupon I bought two pairs for $25! So now I own two pairs of jeans and would love to add a third to my closet.

  99. Right now my wardrobe is full of maternity elastic and draw-string waist pants. I'd love to have a fresh new pair of jeans waiting for me as motivation back to my pre-pregnancy size.

  100. Having a hard time finding jeans that I like post babies. I used to love my Sevens but they don't fit the same anymore!

  101. I have been wearing Old Navy lately as they are so affordable. With losing weight it is hard to spend money on expensive jeans knowing I won't be that size much longer. However, most of the jeans in my closet have gotten baggy & really aren't looking that great on any more. It might be time to invest in a good pair of jeans. I love that jeans are so versatile.

  102. I love jeans! I have 3 pairs, only two good pairs, right now and I just rotate them all. I recently scored a pair of citizen of humanity jeans from Savers for $13! And they are my new favorite, perfect coloring and fit. I LOVE them. Before that I was addicted to Seven for all mankind, plus costco gets them in occasionally.

  103. I recently bought my first pair of "over $30" jeans and I can't believe it took me so long. Premium jeans really do feel and look better.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  104. I love wearing jeans. A good pair of jeans that fit well is awesome to find!! It's funny the little amount of clothes you have right now but I have a full closet of clothes and wear the same ones over and over again. I'm sure I could minimalize my wardrobe and not really notice any difference. LOL

  105. I own one pair of jeans and about a dozen dresses. But it's only because I can't find jeans that actually fit me! Some of the pricier designer jeans are great, but they just don't fit into my budget. I'm crossing my fingers that I can get some new ones soon!

  106. I love jeans...but alas after babe #3 I haven't quite been brave enough to try on my old ones. More than willing to try a new jean though after wearing levis for a long long time. Thanks!

  107. Like you I love jeans. The PRVCY JEANS look great, i would love to try these. I'm always looking for a good pair of jeans.

  108. Old Navy and Gap jeans are in my closet. I really need some new ones that fit, not fit 4 years ago right after I had a baby LOL.

  109. I am in the market for new jeans. My one and only pair that I wear is starting to get a little thin in the knees, and that terrifies me! I don't know what I am going to do when they go!!! I need to start looking for the perfect pair now. Not an easy feat with two kids in tow, but... it must be done!
    These look great on you. And I think I need to get rid of other clothes... things I have in my closet because they were free or really cheap, but I just don't wear them that much. I am on a rampage right now to become a little more of a minimalist. Wish me luck.

  110. I have actually never paid more than $30 on a pair of jeans, but I also have never had a great fitting pair of jeans. I have a feeling that the expensive jeans would fit so much better and as a result get worn so much more! Though it's hard to get much more wear out of my jeans since I wear them all the time!!!

  111. I have to say, I have never even heard of this brand. I LOVE the fact that some of the profit goes to a great cause! I will more likely support a company that does this even if it is more expensive. I only have a few pairs of jeans that "fit" right, but would be happy to try something new.

  112. I admire you quite a bit. Only 5 shirts? That, my dear, is some serious self discipline.

    And I have a little confession. When I find a favorite pair of jeans I wear them almost every single day. Despite the drawer full of denim. . .

  113. I am currently wearing a pair of Sevens jeans that I got from Buffalo Exchange. I wear them almost everyday (cringe...they are my only pair!). Which means I desperately need some new jeans. I just keep telling myself that summer is around the corner and I'll be in skirts...but truthfully now that I have a baby and spend most of my day on the floor with my legs sprawled all over the place playing, I'm not so sure skirts are going to work in my favor.

    1. I haven't been to Buffalo Exchange in forever (as in high school - forever). Do you shop there often? Do you find good deals?

  114. I love the look of these jeans!

    Since moving to the middle of nowhere, I've been stuck buying jeans online and haven't really found a pair that I really love. Lately I've been wearing jeans from the Gap - not a big spender on clothes for me when I still have a kid at home. But I'd love to try these - they look adorable and the fit would work perfectly.

  115. What timing! My favorite pair of jeans is becoming dangerously threadbare. I fear they may not survive another washing.

    I have a couple of low-end jeans, a couple of mid-range jeans, but I have found that high-end jeans fit the best - and so I wear them until they are falling apart! The others don't get the same kind of wear. I would love to win a pair.

  116. I've never paid that much for a pair of jeans, but from everyone I have ever talked to they all say expensive jeans are well worth it. I just always tend to think of where else my money could go rather than on jeans. Plus I tend to spend money on my kids or others way before myself! Thus I get cheap Target jeans!

      1. I've never tried Converse...I'm actually racking my brain trying to remember what brand mine from Target even are?? Ha! :) Silly me. But yes, I actually love mine from Target, even though they are cheap! Of course, I still wouldn't mind trying a more expensive pair to see if the hype is worth it. ;)

  117. Ooooh you know how I love me a good pair of good jeans! I love PRVCY brand, as well as a pair I got about six months ago from The Buckle. I do not have a lot of spending money, and I don't buy jeans often, but when I do I go for a good quality brand. They last longer and look nicer and I think save money in the long run!

  118. I wouldn't even begin to know what a quality pair of jeans feel like! It would be pretty awesome to win these!

  119. I love jeans too! Right now my favorite pair area tie between a DKNY pair I got at Ross and a pair of skinny jeans I got at Target. I swore I'd never try skinny jeans since my mid-section is a bit plumper than I'd like but these actually look pretty good. I've never owned a pair of jeans that cost more than $30 so I wonder how they compare.

  120. I did a big when I saw the pricetag on the jeans you're featuring! And they came with the holes?

    I am in desperate need of new jeans! I have only one pair in my closet that fit me *really* well. And, they've worn a hole in the knee (not purposely). I've been relying on my corduroys in white and gray the entire winter. Spring is well on its way and the cords are no longer going to cut it.

    I'm one of those that LOVES jeans as well.... just not shopping for 'em.

  121. I am almost six weeks postpartum and can't wait to get back into my jeans. I would love to win a great pair of jeans, since I never spend much on them. Maybe these would change my mind about splurging for quality!

  122. jeans are my favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe! I love that this company donates money to breast cancer research! I'd love to give 'em a whirl! The ones in the picture are so cute and flatter you very well :)

  123. I just got a pair of jeans at Old Navy this week. Normally I never buy Old Navy pants, but they were clearanced really cheap, and since I'm still losing weight & don't know what size I'll settle at, I don't want to spend much on jeans right now.

    I wear jeans ALL the time though, have to agree with you about how great they are!

  124. I've never paid more than $40 for a pair of jeans. But then again, I've only had a couple pairs in my adulthood that I really LOVED. Maybe it's time.

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