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What We Wear :: Zutano 1"Can you make sure to wash my prettiest dress before the dinner tonight?" she asks, seriously.

My heart smiles and aches at the same time.

At the tender age of four-and-a-half, she is so cognizant of beauty already. She carefully selects her outfits and brushes her hair every day (which IS gorgeous, by the way...perfect tendrils of blonde, framing her pixie face).

I watch her grow, her gangly limbs stretching out before my very eyes and her face gaining the nuances of youth (with only vague remembrances of babyhood). There are so many things I want to tell her about the nature of true beauty, so many hurts I want to protect her from.

I try to tell her in small pockets - that beauty is inside, that it is love, that appearances are deceiving, and that she is a treasure of infinite and indescribable worth.

And, in the quiet, after she is asleep...I pray that those whispers take root in her heart.

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My 4yo is wearing Zutano's Heartly Long Sleeve Toddler Viola Top ($30.50) and Black Toddler Skinny Legging ($15.50).

My almost-2yo is wearing the Terry Toddler Hearts Dress ($36), also by Zutano.

Zutano offers colorful, bold, and photo-shoot-worthy clothes (newborn to 4T). Check them out on facebook and twitter.

What We Wear :: Zutano 5WIN IT! One winner will receive a $75 Zutano gift card! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 15th at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Zutano sent me samples for review purposes and is also providing a gift card for the giveaway.

*UPDATE* The winner is #31 Becca. Congratulations!

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136 comments on “What We Wear :: Zutano”

  1. Oh my goodness, your girls are adorable! I love that you have 2 girls because it makes it even easier for me to connect with you and feel like I understand where you're coming from since I have 3 girls. My girls would flip for these adorable clothes...and I might do a couple back flips as well!

  2. I love Zutano, just bought some stuff for the baby we're trying to conceive, but I'd love to buy my daughter a dress as well.
    Your girls are getting SO big!

  3. She looks so cute. My baby turns 1 in another week so i would love to be able to get her such a cute outfit.
    rmartinclarke @ gmail.com

  4. zutano carries a lot of cute and fashionable clothes for the little ones. could easily get carried away shopping there.
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  5. Your girls are so beautiful! I'm sure they hear that so often that you do feel you need to remind them that beauty comes from the inside. I always tried to remind my girls that they should strive to "act" and "think" and beautiful as they already look.

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  6. I wonder what it is about all the little girls I have known, that they all seem to want to be beautiful princesses.
    Is this just innate, or are we teaching this to be important?

  7. I love their clothes...just checked out the website & they have some great stuff. Your girls are just too cute as well :)

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  8. They have the CUTEST kids' clothes! I would love to use the gift card to buy some goodies for my niece!

    nancymeyer1 at gmail dot com

  9. DH and I just found out we are expecting. I'd love to purchase the Gators Long Sleeve Wrap Onesie. It is so adorable. Thanks for the chance.

  10. I am really impressed with this site. The clothes look casual (which is a much for my mud lovers in my house!) and reasonable which is important. There are some days where it looks like my kids are outgrowing their clothes faster than I can get them!

  11. I think your daughter and mine would get along great! Mine insists on wearing her prettiest dresses all the time also! She is going to cost me an arm and a leg when she gets older and actually wants to pick out all of her own clothes!

  12. First off, your girls are adorable. Second, this is definatly photo shoot worthy:) I love these clothes!

    Lyndsey.Rullman at hotmail dot com

  13. Have heard bunches about this company and now I can see why! The clothes are adorable!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  14. Zutano clothes are just so different (in a really cute way of course!). My daughter had a few pieces when she was younger but I'd love to get her some whimsical tops for the summer.

  15. Wow both your kids are SO precious. And they're beyond lucky to have such a smart level headed mom to help guide them in this crazy world. Beauty may be fun, but it's not the most important thing.

  16. I would love to get the Navy Multi Stripe Toddler Pleat Dress and the Reversible Toodler Zip Hoodie

    ReggieM1961 [at] gmail [dot] com

  17. Pretty girls! I have a 12 week old baby boy who would look so adorable in Zutano's clothes..I do adore the whimsy of Zutano. They also have the best & brightest colors.

  18. I have two daughters. One is 30, and the other is 28. Just so happens that they are both pregnant and only 6 weeks apart. This $75 gift card could really come in handy around July and August.

  19. I am sooo happy my daughter doesn't care what she wears. She tells everyone "I so pretty" even in her birthday suit. Her twin brother on the other hand...


    [email protected]

  21. We were fortunate enough to have some Zutano separates for one of our grandchildren. Would love to get some for the newborn.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  22. I have never heard of this company before. I went and checked the site out. They have really cute clothes. I was more interested in the boys tuff, because I Have four boys and that stuff is really cool too.

  23. Isn't it amazing how they go from not wanting to have their hair touched and just wanting to be dressed already into little ladies? It's happening over here too and it's so sweet. Miss you guys!

  24. Since I have three girls, I too struggle as each grows and learns more about outside opinions on beauty. I strive to tell my kids they are gorgeous and try to teach them that beauty doesn't stem from how you look, or what you wear.

  25. She looks so lovely in her "prettiest dress"! I've never bought Zutano (being more a clearance-rack & second-hand store shopper!) But their stuff looks really fun.... With all boys, who generally couldn't care less about what they're wearing ;), I'd probably blow the certificate on shopping for fun girl clothes for my newest little niece!

  26. My two year old has recently become interested in accessorizing: hat, sunglasses, mittens, occasionally a purse. I think they are just steps in getting ready to her: you put on your hat to go out, you are not ready to go out until your hat is on. The thing is these things make her look ADORABLE -- especially the sunglasses. People ooh and ahh all the time. And while I love the positive feedback she gets, I do worry that it could have the effect of making her feel she needs to be appropriately put together.

  27. I really love the bright colors of Zutano! I've tried in the past to win stuff from them from various places, but not luck. Perhaps today will be my lucky day!

  28. I've always loved how extremely colorful and happy this line is, I have been keeping an eye on the Florilee Toddler Pleat Dress among many other things!

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  29. Zutano clothes are so colorful and look so comfy!!! It'd be wonderful to win this giveaway and be able to get some clothes for my daughters who most of the time wear han-me down clothes. Thank you for the chance

  30. Zutano is one of my favorite brands for my daughter. They seem to last forever! She has some terry dresses that are so soft and comfy. I love how Zutano always has the cutest bright colors and interesting prints. So nice to find a company with quality and that doesn't do "all pink" for girls and "all blue" for boys. :-)

  31. Stephanie- That was so eloquent! I look at my almost 5yo & think many of the same thoughts for him. His gangly limbs stretching out- baby chubbiness gone he's all bones now! I want him to know that he is much more than his beautiful face.. p.s. we loove zutano ;).
    inalak at msn dot com

  32. My six year old is very aware of clothing already and has to be sure everything matches perfectly, even though Mommy struggles with doing so sometimes. So I completely understand your worries. I stress that beauty comes from the inside as well. I'm sure they'll both remember that!

  33. I think our NEW BABY is going to need some actual cute clothes. All we have for her are onesies and little warming pants. Not that we aren't DELIGHTED to have these items (as most were gifts!) but I kinda hope to get her a few wicked cute outfits too. It's such a funny thing: when I was younger and would think about having kiddos, I always imagined dressing them in the cutest brightest funnest outfits. And here I am, moments away from becoming a mother and no extra money to buy that fun stuff - we just spent $50 on diapers and wipes yesterday!! Haha!

    This give-away would be such a treat AND a blessing!

  34. My two year old is starting to get really good at dressing himself. Often, after all his clothes are on and in place, he'll come up to me and say, "I'm so handsome!" I love it. :)

  35. I've received Zutano hand-me-downs and one thing I always notice about them is how good they look after so much use! Definitely well-made and CUTE clothes! Thanks.

  36. I won some Zutano clothes when Lily was about 6 month old. They were so cute and colorful. I loved them and was so sad when she outgrew them. I'm really glad to see that they have larger sizes too.

  37. One of my best friends is super excited because she'll be an aunt soon~ She has been partially obsessing over what she wants to buy the baby and stuff they're going to do and so on. LoL. So I've been entering a few baby-related sweepstakes for her and her future niece or nephew. Zutano has a really cute Elf Onesie that I know she would adore~

  38. AWW HOW CUTE... Her saying "Can you make sure to wash my prettiest dress before the dinner tonight?”
    I have never shopped at Zutano before, but i looked around and they clothes are cute.

  39. I love, love love the plaid button downs for boys on the Zutano site - so cute! Not often that I can get excited about boy clothing - it's almost never 'cute'!

  40. Oh, now you've answered my dilemma! I can order for my girl and boy if I win this giveaway and the Le Top. :) I've always admired Zutano clothes but the price usually keeps me from purchasing. I'm afraid once I start buying I won't stop!

  41. We love Zutano, i have always eyed their collection...just didnt have the balls to order some online. Would love to win this for sure. My daughter is starting daycare, this will come in handy :)

  42. I had never heard of this company till now but after browsing their site I'm loving all of the bright colors!
    Your girls look adorable as always!

  43. Having a girl makes me love my body and myself more than I ever have before because I want to be the example she needs. Before I had children, I was never pleased with myself. I want to show my daughter that beautiful is in happiness. I also try not to tell her how cute she is all the time (which is so incredibly hard!!) I tell her how good she is, how sweet she is, how smart she is...I pray too that, that sinks in.

  44. Having a girl makes me love my body and myself more than I ever have before - because I want to be the example she needs. Before I had children, I was never pleased with myself. I want to show my daughter that beautiful is in happiness. I also try not to tell her how cute she is all the time (which is so incredibly hard!!) I tell her how good she is, how sweet she is, how smart she is...I pray too that, that sinks in.

  45. I can so relate to this post. Age four feels like such a turning-point, doesn't it? So amazing to watch them do and be their own thing. But a little bitter sweet at the same time.

    And I had to laugh at the photo series because it reminded me of my kids. They have beautiful smiles but they're only willing to flash them on their terms. Gotta love picture-taking with the little ones!

  46. What beautiful little girls. I've heard really good things about Zutano. My two older girls love to wear dresses and I love to dress them up!

  47. thank you for sharing your blog --- & your girls' growth! Zutano's pieces look sooo comfortable that I want to wear them haha.

  48. I love their clothes. I had one absolutely adorable little elf-ish outfit that Jade looked so stinking cute in as a baby. It is fun to see how they have grown over the years - they are more than just adorable baby clothes.

    super sweet pictures of your girls and it really is the prettiest dress ever :)

  49. I love what you are teaching your girls! Girls deal with this issue SO much in life and I too, am amazed at how early the awareness of beauty begins. I teach my 4 year old daughter that she is beautiful when she has a happy heart. There have been times when she comes out in her 'fanciest' clothes and asks if she looks pretty, or prettier and I respond by saying, "your dress is pretty, but you look beautiful because of your happy heart." When we are in the store and people tell her she is so pretty she often times has said, "thanks, that must mean I have a happy heart because that is what makes me pretty." :)

  50. I have never heard of Zutano clothing, but the clothes your girls are wearing sure are cute! I'm still in awe of how fast my toddler grows...and therefore needs a new clothing size every few months!

  51. My 3-yr old loves twirly, spin-worthy, brightly colored dresses with fun embellishments on them too - she is also very opinionated about what she needs to wear each day :) She's learning to brush her waist-length hair and is always complimented on her appearance - her physical beauty, but like-you I'm much more concerned with that internal beauty and that's what we're working on developing - whisper by whisper!

  52. My kids have had some Zutano clothing over the years! It has been very fun to pull out the old boy clothes for Samuel (baby #5) after having 2 girls since the boys! Your girls look ready for spring!

  53. I just love Zutano clothes for my girls too! I haven't used them since my oldest was an infant, in fact I didn't realize they made such cute toddler/preschooler clothes!

  54. Zutano has the most beautiful children's clothing (I've seen it reviewed on several blogs) but I've never purchased any because it's out of our price range. I love that they make preemie clothes as well, my friends who have had preemies have said they have trouble finding cute preemie clothes, but Zutano has them!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  55. Love the Zutano prints! Esp 'What a zoo' for my new little boy!! Haven't had the chance to try Zutano yet so maybe this will help me! BTW your girls are getting so big and are so gorgeous!!! :)

  56. I'm just a tiny bit jealous that you get to dress up your sweet little girls. I have 4 boys, and while they are treasures in their own right, I feel like I might be missing out on something if I never have a little girl. Very cute clothes (and very cute clothes for boys too!).

  57. I think it's beautiful that you are teaching your daughters from an early age definition of true beauty. The adventure that you and your family have embarked upon will speak volumes to your children about what makes this world--and the people in it--beautiful: compassion for your fellow humans that flows out of a love for God and His Word. What a gift you are giving your children!

  58. It's crazy how early little girls learn about materialistic things. My 3 yr. old will point out clothes in the store and tells me who in her preschool class wears it and why she "needs" to get one too!

  59. Your beautiful girls are lucky to have a mama who will help them always be as beautiful inside as they are outside.

    We have one Zutano outfit we found on clearance at the fancy store in town and LOVE it. It's soft and comfy & classic. I think it'll probably be wearable by any younger siblings that come along later too. :)

  60. Very beautiful dresses on very beautiful girls! My DD is 8 months, and right now I tell her how beautiful she is, not only on the outside, but mostly on the inside, all the time. Sounds foolish, but I'm hoping that talking about it so much now will make deep roots that will stay as she grows.

  61. My little girls love their dresses. If they had one for everyday of the week (plus leggings) they would be the a happiest little girls in the world!

  62. It must be a girl thing because my four year old son could care less about his clothes. In fact he would be happy to just keep the same one on each day. He loves to put his clother on inside out too. These clothes look darling for my almost two year old daughter. She loves pretty dresses and shoes.

  63. what cute dresses! and i agree that true beauty is on the inside . . . and when it's on the inside it always manages to make its way to the outside!

  64. My daughter is also 4 and I so agree with the sentiments of your post. My favorite thing is when my daughter randomly says "I'm beautiful" because when she says it is when I can tell she's feeling beautiful and so full of self-worth.

    There's so much for us to role model along the way!! Also, love the cute clothes from Zutano!

  65. I really like this company... and have been lucky enough to find some of their items at thrift stores here!
    I find it hard to think about raising a girl in a world where appearances matter so much (and i think this part of the country is especially hard). I have lots to learn in that arena. My daughter and I will be learning together.

  66. I once roomed with a bright, hilarious social work major. She came home from classes one day talking about how the research shows that people always compliment girls on how pretty they are and compliment boys on how smart and/or physical they are. We noticed that we were doing that with the cats (one male and one female), too! So then whenever the girl cat would do something adorable, as was her nature, we'd tell her she was pretty and then tack on a "and smart, too!" at the end. I try to be aware of how I dole out compliments to the children in my life - not only on their adorableness, but also noticing their kindness and other behaviors. This was a good reminder that those compliments do make a difference.

  67. Those dresses are super cute! And I know what you mean--I think people tell Eleanor about 20 times a day how cute she is. Which is fine now, when she's too little to understand, but someday, I hope they say things about how smart/funny/interesting/athletic/whatever she is.

  68. Kids, and girls especially, are so often told how pretty they are. I'm guilty of it, and every time I say or hear it I grimace, and make sure to follow up with something the inside beauty as well. It's scary - I do not want Lilly or Zac growing up thinking that the outside matters most.

  69. I totally understand what you are talking about in terms of looking pretty and not wanting that to be all that the girls are concerned with. I'm working on that with my two girls. Love Zutano for its incredible patterns and I love that you can mix and match them.

  70. They are so adorable. I have always loved Zutano. I am such a sucker for bright colors and happy prints. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  71. They sure grow up quick! What darling girls. Zutano clothing is so comfy and versatile. Great for everyday.

  72. When you have one child you can't imagine having another one any different. Then the second one comes and their like night and day. My 4 yr old doesn't care what she wears and strongly dislikes getting her hair done but my 2 yr old will not wear anything but a dress and the first time I put her hair in pig tails she yelled at the wind for messing up her hair.

    By the way those pics are so adorable!

  73. aww aren't they precious!! Don't enter me b/c Zutano sponsors reviews on my blog too, but I just had to comment on their sweetness. And yes, Z. clothing IS photo-shoot worthy! :)

  74. I LOVE zutano clothes. They are so well made and the prints are bright and fun! My mom has a gift store and they are hoping to start carrying zutano clothes soon.

  75. I love the picture on the bottom left with the 3 together. It could be a Baby Gap ad! CUTE!

    I would love to choose gifts from Zutano's for my cousin's little girl AND for my goddaughter -- both will be ONE this year! YAY!

  76. Both of my girls are beautiful but Sabrina just shines - she has this smile and manner about her that makes everyone tell her how beautiful she is. People often tell her and she'll say "Yes, I am." But I want her to be so much more than pretty - I do tell her she is beautiful but I try to tell her she is smart and funny and strong and clever and good at things more often so that she understands her value extends far beyond her pretty face.

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