What Your Baby Should Wear for the Photo Shoot (no need to get rattled about it...)

rattled logoIn my last post, I explained that simple, bright-colored clothing is often the best choice for photo shoots involving babies and children.

Little ones don't need bells and whistles, lace or buttons, brand names or busy patterns. Their gummy smiles and glittering eyes and baby soft skin will capture the camera just fine.

Instead of starched ties and scratchy tights, consider something comfortable and casual.

rattled organic baby clothingTake, for example, the simplicity of the pieces in the Rattled clothing line, a new brand that features solid-colored organic items for babies and tots (0-24 months) that can be easily mixed-and-matched with just about anything. Ranging in price from $12-$21, the collection includes hats, pants, short and long sleeve tees, and short and long sleeve onesies in 12 vibrant colors.

Rattled is an eco-friendly, mom-owned company that gives 10% of their annual profits to children in need. Thus, by shopping at Rattled, you're supporting three great causes: our world, a hard-working mama, and wee ones in need. 

rattled long sleeve onesie pinkWIN IT! One winner will receive a long-sleeve onesie, pants, and a hat from the Rattled collection in the color/size of his/her choice. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, January 19 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #25 Denise Montgomery. Congratulations!

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127 comments on “What Your Baby Should Wear for the Photo Shoot (no need to get rattled about it...)”

  1. I love the fact that they provide a wide variety of colors to choose from. I love the hats best. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Very nice clothing and in such bright colors! I would buy all their purple clothing, haha. And maybe some red, too.

  3. I soooo love that Rattled donates 10% of their annual profits to children in need. That is so commendable!!!

    Thanks so much for this give~away! : )))


  4. I'm lovin' that Deep Purple in size 18-24 months for the entire set. Great concept of mix and match. I'm just not brave enough to try the white even though it looks wonderful. I would have to be adding appliques over time to cover stubborn pasta stains I couldn't get out.

  5. I need to know the background of the photoshoot. Grey will work for most backgrounds. I bring several sticky backed designs to place on the clothes.

  6. I like the simple colors and the fact that it is organic. I have been wanting to give organic outfits to my nephew.

    Thank you

  7. I had a hard time choosing between the Pink and Lime green... 2 of my favorite colors.

    I've never really heard of this brand before, but I love that it's 100% organic cotton, and I love that they donate to children in need! Awesome company

  8. These are really nice. My 7 month old would be super comfy hanging out in these duds. :) I like the fact that they are organic cotton and the colors are great...don't know if I would mix and match or just do one color...something to think about. :) even though he is 7 (okay 8 months tomorrow) months old, we'd have to go the 12-18 month size. He's taking after his older brother...his length is almost off the charts.

  9. This is a great collection of kids clothes. It is even extra special knowing that Rattled donates 10% of it's profits to kids who need it the most!

  10. I'd loved Rattled clothing ever since it was started, but I've never really had a reason to buy anything from the collection. After recently finding out that I am almost 8 weeks pregnant with our first child, I cannot wait to own lots of Rattled mix and match pieces!

  11. I always try to have the grandkids dressed in solid, bright colors if I know I am going to try to get portrait type photos. Now if I could just get Mom and Dad to STOP telling them to say "Cheese"! Cute clothes on the site!

  12. I was not aware that bright colors make for better photos. I just always try to find something that matches-needless to say we have a lot of pics with blue & white in them. I love the Rattled line & am extremely drawn to the bright colors especially the green & purple! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  13. I just love the simplicity of their clothes, plain & simple yet still vibrant with colors. Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  14. What a fantastic company! Organic, simple, colorful clothing!!! Perfect! Plus, you have to admire a company who gives back to children in need! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  15. My husband has been alarmed by all the pink clothes we've received for our little girl, it would be nice to offer him some alternatives, browns and blues and yellows....

  16. I really love the Rattle line. I love that they are made of organic materials and the fact that they offer plain solid prints. Please enter me to win.

  17. I would totally get a combo of brown and orange (our college colors - go Bowling Green Falcons!). I would give them to my best friend who has a sixteen month old!!

  18. Loved the short sleeve oneis. I would have to have a Aqua blue and a pink. Just got twin grandbabies in Nov. Please enter me, thank you

  19. I agree, I like dressing my daughter in bright solids for photo shoots, I find that too fussy patterns or too many props tend to clutter up the photo and detract from the beautiful subject:)

  20. Cutsey patterns, graphics, and sayings have their place but these saturated colors are so timeless. Just like a woman's classic pieces, these clothes will never go out of style. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

  21. What great baby clothes! I would love to win the brown hat, onesie & pants. This would be the perfect outfit for our son's 1 year pic:)

  22. Not heard of this brand before - ABOUT TIME! Thank you for this great contest and prize - I don't know what the baby will be yet - so either a blue or pink set would be great@! Thank you for this wonderful contest and prize!

  23. I just found this site and I'm loving it. I have been trying to figure out what to take my little girls 18 month pictures in. I really like the idea of doing them in solid colors. You are right babies and toddlers have so much personality that they don't need anything but simple. Thank you for the great idea.

  24. I love the look and comfort of these clothes. My 5 month old granddaughter has red hair and sensitive skin. These organics should be so comfortable for her. All colors look good on her but I think I like purple best. So glad I found you. Her mother will be too!

  25. I'm so Rattled about this site I cant stand it! Cash, my 7 month old son, has a personality of his own (helped by Mommy) already...too many patterns out there, keep it colorful, keep it soft and keep it simple! So proud of my Greenville girl. Love, Jenna and Cash

    AND organic and give 10% to charity! COME ON!

  26. I really like the company that sells these onesies. They give 10% of the profits to charity. Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. I would love to win this for my youngest. I'm always on the lookout for new clothes for him that are stylish & comfy.

  28. I love the red and the gray for my little guy, but really LOVE the pink and purple. I'd love it if they made the shirts and pants in larger sizes so my older children could wear them as well. They look so soft and comfy!

  29. These would be great for my youngest. The hard part would be picking the color for him. I like the orange, the brown, the navy, the black ... can't beat 100% Super-soft organic cotton

  30. These clothes are really neat and I love that they are all organic. I love both the purple and pink onesie with the matching pants and hats. Really wonderful styles, thanks so much for such a great opportunity, this would look great on my little darling!


  31. Their clothing is so gorgeous and different. I loved the dark purple and the grey onsie especially. I enjoyed browsing throw the nice clothing,

  32. This is such a great line for parents who want to dress their children in simple, organic and adorable clothing. Be sure to check out the website to see all the colors and the amazing photos of beautiful children.

  33. This is awesome. The one thing we do try to do for family 'photo shoots' (posed, with a paid photographer) is dress in similar colors with simple styled clothes. We'll pick 3 colors (brown, white and jeans for example) and everyone can mix and match within those colors, as they like. Works well.

  34. I love all the bright colors this brand offers. I typically outfit Maxwell in BabySoy brand clothing which are the softest clothes I have come across, but I am always willing to try out new organics. Its nice to have separates to mix and match. Thanks!

  35. Always looking for simple yet beautiful clothes that will get you through a few weeks before showing wear. Organic is important as well due to the high turnover we have in clothing items. Having something that can be worn again and again would be a comfort. I like the lime green one the best - so bright!

  36. these seem like wonderful sturdy clothes. I love that they are organic and simple, so they can easily be paired with other clothes or by themselves. thanks!

  37. Okay seriously, quit having such good giveaways =) Nah, I'm just joking, its one of the reasons that you are one of the few blogs I subscribe too =)

    Anyways, another cute find!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  38. Well, first off their organic, thats a great factor, and I really like the fact that they give 10% of sales to children in need, great site, thanks for the introduction and the giveaway, I would get the brown pants and orange hat and long sleeved tee, thanks again

  39. The onesie look so cute in any color for any little one. So many colors, so hard to choose... I like the fact that it's all organic.

  40. My sister is very into organic. Especially the items which will be touching the skin of her children. She has a 3 yr old, a 2 yr old and a 4 week old. She was so excited to receive a sweater that I had knit out of organic cotton. Since the Rattled clothing is organic I am going to let my sister know of the site. She will be thrilled. I love the pants because the legs can be so tender. The colors are perfect for youngsters too.

  41. I like the variety of colors especially for boys-the bright green and orange long-sleeved onesie is especially cute.

  42. These are just adorable and look super comfy! I wouldn't mind some for myself :) I'd get a purple and pink combo for my little girl!! Gorgeous :)

  43. I agree with your comments on photo shoots. I think that the best pictures are of little ones dressed all in white. They look very angelic.

  44. Cheeks just got a bunch of new clothes for Christmas, but we can always use more. Such a drooler she is! I don't think I've ever felt organic clothing before, either; is it softer or stiffer than "regular" clothes?

  45. I have never heard of this brand before. I love that it is organic and beautiful vibrant colors. The colors would be great for the photo sessions that we were given for my daughter as a baby shower gift!

  46. I never seem to have such simple clothes laying around, and I often regret that, when it comes time for photos. I love the colors that are offered by Rattled. I think I'd have a hard time choosing, really, but it would be so fun to win! (I just wish they had clothes for bigger people, too, to make it *perfect* for sibling photos!)

  47. My dad is setting up a photography studio and I can imagine my baby wearing one of these red onesies for a Christmas 09 photo shoot!

  48. what sweet little clothes! I love the bright colors - and the cute pictures on the website. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  49. Love the simplicity of the clothes.~The orange is great! Most of all, I like that they started the company with the idea of giving to those children who are in need.

  50. this is a great line--how simple, yet all that babies really need! i like the long sleeve t-shirt...onesies are nice, but i like dressing my daughter in leggings and a shirt--couldn't be easier! i am planning on making her an outfit for her first birthday and have been searching for the perfect long sleeved t-shirt--i just may have found it thanks to you! i like the green, orange, pink and am fond of the blue color especially.

  51. The Rattled clothing looks really nice and comfortable (it reminds me of hospital scrubs). I like the basic colors as well as the brights.

  52. I've never heard of this brand before, but I love the simplicity! I'd have a hard time choosing between the brown and the orange. And gray too! Love them all.

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