where I'm from

where I'm from 1
me - 1982

I am from bunkbeds, lemonade stands and yard sales, and WonderWorks.

I am from the brown shaggy carpet, a 3-bedroom brick house with 8 people in it.

I am from the smell of white gardenias, the slippery chill of aloe vera plants on sunburns.

I am from weekly trips to the library and easy smiles, from Robert and Mary, navy SEALs, readers, home birthers.

I am from itchy noses and long legs and Boggle champions.

From "say, yes Ma'am" and "may I be excused from the table?" and "butt is a bad word."

I am from Christ-seekers. Swaying to music, lifting your hands up high.

I am from Tucson sunsets and Norwegian accents, cranberry salad and oatmeal fudge and pizza on Friday nights.

From "you can't date until you're 16." From "The Pledge of Allegiance" (with hands over heart) every morning.

I am from climbing up to sit on the roof at night, playing soccer beginning at age 5, and walking down Orange Avenue every summer in Coronado.

I am from kids-are-a-blessing and doctors-don't-know-everything and you-are-loved.

Where are you from?

* You can find the rubric for the "Where I'm From" writing exercise here. Special thanks to Steph for initially inspiring me with the idea.

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27 comments on “where I'm from”

  1. You captured many of the growing up moments in our litte brick house on pima. Keep up the great blog, your
    thoughts and words will bless others every day!

  2. This took my breath away, Steph. Such a beautiful way at an attempt to encapsulate you.... though words never could, could they? I echo the sentiment given above... I want to try this for myself. Would help me get to know me better.

    1. But I won't get to read it because you don't have a blog! No fair! Maybe you can send it to me via FB? ;)

  3. What a sweet baby photo! I think it's important to take a step back in time and really reflect on who you are and where you came from. I just might have to do this!

  4. I'm glad you wrote one!! Wasn't it fun?! The yard sales & shag carpet & butt is a bad word! Love it! I got a stern speaking to once for saying butt. I remember it clearly. ;)
    I love Coronado! Sounds like you had great summers!

    1. "Stupid" was a bad word in my childhood home too. Also: "hate" (especially when directed at people).

      I've carried over those same sentiments to my kids (You?). To this day, I still say "bottom" or "bum" instead of "butt." ;)

  5. Is that a baby picture of Olivia or you???? Sheesh - she looks just like you! This is a sweet post :)

  6. Thank you!
    Do you have any idea how long we've all been holding our collective breath waiting for "where *you're* from"?
    Beautiful just beautiful Stephanie. Always a thrill to know more about a friend through gorgeous writing such as yours...
    Roof sitting and Coronado both sound delicious right about now.
    Amen to the baby clones- you are all a bunch of cutie-pies:)

  7. I love this post. It paints such a vivid picture of who you are now, while connecting it to the past. I'm tempted to write one myself...

    1. Oh, you should! It was such a fun, reflective exercise! If you do, please come back and leave the link so we all can read it. :)

    1. I actually don't remember all of the ingredients...frozen cranberries, chopped oranges, real whipped cream, and marshmallows maybe?

  8. I love this!! And ... I bet no one has ever mentioned (a-hem) how much your girls look exactly like you as a baby!!

    1. We're keeping a record of the churches we visit as we trek across America: http://giveeveryday.com/churches/.

      I haven't written much on the topic yet (still collecting my thoughts), but thanks for the idea! It's a topic that is constant around our dinner table and in our hearts.

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