Where to buy sun protective clothing (and how to get a discount when you do)

uv-skinz-2I recently wrote about UV Skinz ("sun protective swimshirts with a UPF rating of 50+") and wanted to tell you about two quick promotions in case you decide to buy some skinz of your own:

(1) In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, UV Skinz is promoting awareness of sun protection and skin cancer prevention by shipping a FREE Baby Skinz swim shirt with every order placed in May.

The intent is for customers to ‘pay it forward,’” says Rhonda Sparks. “We hope clients will donate the Baby Skinz to a charitable cause such as a women’s shelter, YMCA, or even a neighbor in need. We want to get as many children covered as we can and with each donation, we hope to raise the level of awareness that much more.” Each May shipment will contain a FREE UV Baby Skinz along with a flyer encouraging customers to pass along the Baby Skinz to a chosen cause.

(2) UV Skinz is also offering a special discount code to YOU! At checkout enter the code: MOMBLOGS15 and SAVE 15%.

uv skinz swimshirt navy orangeUV Skinz swimshirts retail for between $25-$37. Shirts are available for babies, kids, men, and women.

If you want to stay-up-to-date with the latest news on skin cancer, sun protection, and sun protective clothing, you're welcome to follow UV Skinz on Twitter or to read the UV Skinz blog.

Stay safe this summer...and look stylish too...with UV Skinz.

I can attest to the fact that my 2-year-old daughter looks unbelievably cute in her skinz (pictured top right) and I feel great about protecting her delicate skin from the sun too.

YOUR TURN: Do you or your children wear UPF-rated clothing? Why or why not?

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6 comments on “Where to buy sun protective clothing (and how to get a discount when you do)”

  1. Drats! I just ordered our UV skinz shirt for our son last week. What a great post with discount, thanks! Maybe I'll order one of their hats. :)

    I think UV shirts/shorts are genius. All kids should have them.

    The only thing I'm not sure about buying yet, are sunglasses. I thought of getting those baby banz that are all over the blogosphere, but I read reviews on amazon that a lot of kids dont seem to like them, esp when their eyelashes hit the lenses. Guess I'll buy them and see if he likes them, and return them if not.

  2. I always dress Fly in swimsuits like this when we're going to play in the water. His skin is so pale, and we have some pretty strong subtropical sun. I see more and more kids wearing rashguards and the like, which I think is great.

  3. I've never done the protective clothing thing. I'm not sure why; maybe cost? I'm certainly not opposed to it, but I guess I've never thought it was necessary to spend the money on the shirt if we slather them with sunscreen.

  4. Never have used them before, but thought I'd better get wise, at least for my kids. So, we bought my 3 year old a UV suit from Costco a few weeks ago (it's ADORABLE!), just bought my 1 year old a UV shirt today to match his hand-me-down swim trunks, and for my 4 year old, we are borrowing a UV shirt from a friend until I can find one for a reasonable price (he is just growing TOO fast to spend that kind of money EVERY year!).

  5. I won the UV swimwear giveaway on your blog last year and picked out a swimsuit for my daughter. I love it! We've been to the beach a lot in the last year and my daughter has never once gotten a sunburn - even with her fair skin! (Of course, I use sunscreen too.)

    I am on the lookout for similar swimwear for my sun and maybe even a long-sleeve UV shirt for myself. I used to think the long-sleeve shirts would be hot but my daughter's is a very light and comfortable material - and it beats getting sunburned any day.

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