[whoa] 1The past 5 months. Whoa.

  • We said good-bye to our house, our jobs, our jeep  - our everyTHING.
  • We bought an RV.
  • And - it's really happening now.
  • We hit the open road in January to GIVE EVERY DAY.

I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't terrified and tired down to my bones.

I don't even know how to write about it all - the emotions, the unknowns, and the reasons [there are so many whys behind this trip - I could tell you all of them if we sat down w/ a cup of hot tea].

I know I am ready for this...and not ready too. You know what I mean.

Also, have I mentioned that a production company is trying to sell our story to a TV network? We could be the next reality show, coming to a TV near you. We're not sure how we feel about that, but we're going with it.

Now whenever we do anything grumpy or dorky [like 2 nights ago when I randomly broke out into a super-embarrassing egyptian dance], Tim or I will say, "What if we were being filmed right now?" And then we laugh.

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33 comments on “[whoa]”

  1. Boy - I can tell you first-hand that the last thing I would have wanted the past few months is some sweaty dude sticking a camera in my face..;)

    Make no mistake - you have some stressful weeks ahead of you. The process of figuring out how to setup & break down. How to move. How to drive. When to drive. How long to drive. Choosing routes. How to evaluate campgrounds and spots. How to communicate in getting the trailer situated in a spot and then hooked back up to the truck,. How to cook in this new kitchen. How to use the toilet so it doesn't back up. How & where to do laundry. I feel like it took us 6-8 weeks to really get through that - and there were some terse moments even for MsBoyink and I, and we've been married 19 years and overall work very well together on projects.

    Another thing to consider is the goal of the production company. I'm not sure if you have a relationship with them, or if there is a targeted outlet for the finished show, but keep in mind they will have a different goal than you will. You want to promote your cause, they want to sell advertising. TV these days feeds off drama, so be ready for them to make a mountain of a show out of a molehill of any issue that comes up.

    In the end it's entirely possible they could hurt your cause more than help it just by how they choose to edit the show.

    Were it me I'd be more interested in focusing on means of communication where I kept control of the message and presentation.

    1. I appreciate this insight very much.
      Praying for you guys as you have lots of decisions!!! And looking forward to updates.
      AND, hoping you make it to Virginia! :)

    2. These are wise words, Boyink (or do you go by "Michael"?).

      We're praying for either a wide open door or one that closes tightly.

      We definitely see both the pros and cons of the reality TV scenario.

      On the pro side - We could shine the spotlight on so many great organizations and good people across our country. The show would also relieve some of the financial burden of the trip, which would enable us to concentrate more fully on our main objectives - giving, learning, & spending time as a family.

      On the con side - This IS a stressful time...and it is a little scary to think about having a camera crew around capturing everything. Also - there is the risk that the TV network could misconstrue our story.

      We should know either way in a few weeks and we can evaluate our options more thoroughly at that time.

      Either way, we will be coming out of this w/ increased knowledge about the TV industry...and a really cool promo video! ;)

  2. I've been so behind on reading, but I've been praying for you guys, and I am so proud of your continued commitment! It seems like things have moved so fast since you made the decision!

    I think the reality show sounds like a great idea! It might make things more challenging for you (like you need that!)
    But I think your story deserves to be told to a large audience, because I think your BIG dreams will inspire the hearts of SO many (just like it has mine!)

  3. Wow, I can't imagine a reality show following us around. Good luck and I'll totally tune in. This is going to be such an amazing experience for you and your girls.

    1. We are praying that if it's meant to be, then everything will line up perfectly. If not, we hope the doors will close tightly. Having a show could give us a platform for shining the spotlight on many good causes and could also give us a little breathing room financially, but...I do wonder what it would be like to have a camera on all-of-the-time.

  4. It's a crazy time! We discussed it & chose no way, cause we're already doing what we want. It's so peaceful & fun & don't want the intrusion. If we needed the $ to continue or something, we might consider, cause we sure want to stay on the road. But we so hope not, because when it's just your family 24/7, doing what you want, it's amazing.

  5. I know there are some obstacles that can stand in your way. Don't lose heart--just keep trusting the Lord
    to see you through! We're praying for you.

  6. Seriously can't even wrap my head around trying to do what you are doing. You guys would make an adorable (and much more worthwhile than some of the scary stuff on TV now) reality show. I admire your courage.

  7. LOL! I love this post. Such an exciting adventure you guys are embarking on. I so admire that you guys are following your hearts and trusting completely in what you are being called to do. It is so, so inspiring. Faith is about action -- about DOING -- and not just talking about it. You WILL make a difference. I just know it!

  8. I also have a dorky Egyptian dance that I do quite frequently, what a coincidence! :)

    And, completely off-topic, but I was babyproofing bookshelves earlier and thought of you when I saw my Borrowers books. I think K might love the series if you're still looking for good read-alouds, I loved them at age 4/5. If you haven't read them they're by Mary Norton, and they're fabulous!

  9. This is such a huge step you guys have taken to live out a dream to really help people and give your lives - I'm excited for you and your family! The most worth while things I've done so far have been the ones that are totally outside of my comfort zone and have pushed me beyond what I though I was capable of. Can't wait to hear more about your journey.

  10. Super exciting! I can't wait to read and maybe watch your adventure! Are you heading out to New England at any point?

  11. Wow.Wow.Wow. I can almost feel you excitement and nervousness. I am looking forward to following the journey!! I would SO watch your reality show..."Walk like an Egyptian" and all!! :) Your family is in my prayers.

  12. It is happening!

    And I think it would be wonderful to air this adventure of yours. There needs to be more programming about all the good we can do for our fellow man, following happy and loving families (instead of all the dysfunction on TV)... good, family shows. I'd love to see you and your family on the road!

    But even if there is no show, I'll be following your blog, praying and loving you and your family from a distance. And as always, you are always free to pop up over here one day (when it isn't so cold here!).


  13. Whoa is right! It would be pretty great to watch your show! Totally thinking about you guys these days... and in the crazy days to come!

  14. that totally made me laugh! i think about that sometimes & there's no possibilities of any camera crews around here anytime soon. =) that would be exciting....i would maybe have to turn on the TV for that!

  15. It will be quite the adventure (as if it hasn't been already!). And if they do make a TV show out of it... I just hope they portray you fairly and nicely! :)

  16. Woah is right! Quite a transition you are in! Thanks for sharing it with us. Know that you are thought of and prayed for. And...if they make a reality show out of you...I would watch :-) Hang in there...the best is yet to come!

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