Why Frozen Live at Hyperion Theater is Worth the Wait


Before our most recent trip to Disneyland, our family sat around the dinner table and each gave our "Top 5." These were the five attractions, shows, or experiences that we most wanted to have while at Disneyland and California Adventure.

My five were: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, It's A Small World, A Christmas Fantasy Parade, Soarin' Around The World, and Radiator Springs Racers. PLUS, I slipped in a sixth - Frozen Live at the Hyperion Theater!

There are typically three Frozen Live performance times each day at the Hyperion Theater in California Adventure: 12:30pm, 3:30pm, and 5:30pm. You can check the Disneyland app for up-to-date times and any related notes on the day of your visit.

I tweeted @DisneylandToday to ask about approximate wait times and they recommended that we arrive at least an hour prior to the show due to its popularity. We almost opted out because 60 minutes is an awful long time to wait with four young children (including a newborn!). In the end, though, we went for it and I am SO GLAD we did.

The Hyperion Theater itself is absolutely beautiful - stunning and intelligent in design. Indeed, it's really almost impossible to get a bad seat. If you want to be closer to the stage, get in the "Orchestra" line. Otherwise, choose "mezzanine" or "balcony."

Seeing a show at the Hyperion is worthwhile because they truly rival Broadway shows in talent and production. As a freelance writer, I've seen a number of touring Broadway shows...and I assure you that Disney's performances at the Hyperion will blow you away.

The stage is enchanting and you'll be held spellbound by the bold use of technology for special effects (of which Frozen requires plenty). The costumes are gorgeous and extravagant  (just wait until you meet Kristoff's rock family!). As for the cast, there is no doubt that they were expertly chosen for their vocal and theatrical talent. At the performance we went to, we were particularly entranced by the gentleman who pupeteered Olaf. He was hilarious and heartwarming - and sounded exactly like the Olaf we know and love from the animated version.

Another reason why the wait was so worth it - the show is a FULL hour long. Once you get settled in your seat, you'll be treated to what feels like a full-length musical. Most Broadway show tickets range in price from $30-$150/person so it seems like a screamin' deal to be able to attend a professional show for "free" (included with your park ticket).


  • Arrive an hour early to ensure seats. That said, you can probably slide into the line with just a 20 or 30-minute wait, depending on how crowded the park is on the day of your visit. It's definitely worth a shot to try. Again, most of the seats in the theater are quite good so you probably won't be disappointed. Note that you are advised not to "save" spots in line.
  • Popcorn is sold as you wait outdoors in line so have your wallet handy if you want to munch while you wait.
  • There are no restrooms in line or in the theater so be sure to make a trip beforehand. If you end up having to leave the line or the show, you can get a "return pass" from a cast member. There are also no benches or seats of any kind in the line area, which can be difficult if you need to sit down to nurse a baby or if you are waiting with an elderly grandparent.
  • Babies and young children are welcome at Frozen Live. Our children (ages 10, 7, 4, and 3months) didn't find the show to be scary at all, but they know the story well because they have seen the animated movie and have read books based on the film. We opted to sit near an exit just in case I needed to sneak out with the baby, but he ended up sleeping in my arms under a nursing cover for the entire show (WIN!).
  • Fast passes are sometimes available for Frozen Live. Check the Disneyland app and get to the Hyperion at the designated time (typically early morning) to claim yours. There were no fast passes available on the day of our visit so we just waited in line with good results.
  • Frozen Live is running indefinitely and no end date is planned at this time. As a result, you should have plenty of opportunities to see this terrific show!

Have you seen Frozen Live? Share your thoughts + pro tips in the comments!

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