Win $100 for Holiday Travels or Entertaining

scott common sense community The PR company behind Scott Products recently contacted me to ask if I would write about Scott Common Sense Community, a website that provides, "tips, tools, and solutions that enhance your every day life." Essentially, it's an information hub where you can read articles about how to manage your time, money, and home...and you can submit your own ideas too.

At first, I was kind of like, "eh...I don't know. I have so much to write about."

one-hundred-dollar-billBut then they offered to give one of my readers $100 for holiday traveling, entertaining, or gift-giving. I didn't want to pass up that opportunity because how cool is it that one of you will be one hundred dollars richer in a week?

I've spent some time perusing the site and here are my initial thoughts:

  • I LIKE the Scott Naturals line. Since I regularly purchase and use paper towels (I try to minimize my use of "disposables" as much as possible, but sometimes...), I appreciate that the products are made and packaged with post-consumer recycled materials.
  • THAT SAID, I'm confused why there is a "regular" line that is less environmentally friendly. Shouldn't all products be made with our world in mind?
  • I LIKE that Scott is making an attempt to connect with moms (I really like that!).
  • THAT SAID, the site is too scattered to be of optimal use. As a busy mom, I simply do not have time to search under a general category like "Easy Organizing." Yes, I want to be organized AND yes, I want it to be easy. BUT I can't search through pages of reader-submitted tips that are not efficiently organized.
  • I LIKE that Scott Products is partnering with two of the brightest minds in the blogosphere - Susan Carraretto (5 Minutes for Mom) and Amy Clark (MomAdvice).
  • THAT SAID, the company should shine the spotlight on Susan and Amy even more brightly. Both women are funny, smart, and have a wealth of knowledge to share...yet their blog posts are "hidden" on the main page. Scott should make them the "main attraction" of the website - with full photos on the front page, their best hints and tips, etc. They are celebrities and should be treated as such.

Also: Scott Products should set up a Twitter account. {Have I mentioned I really like Twitter lately? If you like, you can follow me @stephsday.}

One last thing before I go - Scott Products will be rolling out some brand new content tomorrow to help you with your holiday planning. Stay tuned.

YOUR TURN: What do you think of the Scott Common Sense Community website? Would you use it? Why or why not?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card to use in any way that he/she pleases. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, December 7th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #1 Kristen. Congratulations!

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115 comments on “Win $100 for Holiday Travels or Entertaining”

  1. I like the suggestions to use it for holiday travels. We were thinking about going to Chicago for new years and this would really help with the expenses.

  2. I agree that the site was too visually cluttered. And while I applaud them for the attempt to reach out to moms and women in general, I think the whole concept of a "community" being built around a line of towels and toilet paper is just plain weird. But who knows - weirder things have caught on and flourished on the web.

  3. I think I may use the site. I especially like the Dollars & Sense section because I am always looking for ways to save money. I also like how they have an Ask the Community section for problems troubling me that I cannot find the answer for.

  4. I took a look at the site and I honestly wouldn't use it. Especially if it required me to join yet another community and remember a login/password.

    A few of the tips were more common sense than an actual tip. But I did like that there is a page dedicated to offering coupons and ways to save. Since I use Scott brand products having an easy way to find coupons for their specific products is great.

  5. I also liked the grocery list and the tools section -- but it seemed a bit sparse. It'd be nice if they put up some other tools (maybe they are currently in development).

  6. I found the printable tools and simple online calculators to be very useful. I was reading some tips and found them to be handy!

  7. I found the site easy to use. I liked that you read others' tips & submit your own. I wouldn't go back on a daily basis, probably only when I have time to kill.

  8. I like it for the most part. As with any site allowing reader contributions, some are more valuable than others.It is kind of sprawling,even with the attempts at organizing with sub categories, there is a lot to sort through.I like best, the Home Remedies,and Dollars and sense.I'm not very likely to look through much of the involved product information.

  9. Not sure how often I would visit the site; seems disorganized & not easily navigated. Liked the grocery checklist & the coupon section.
    ahartup at yahoo dot com

  10. I had never heard of this site before... first impression: stop with the annoying pop-ups! I'm annoyed when I go somewhere and am immediately asked to participate in a survey or something. How about you let me check the place out first? Second, I agree with you on the broad categories. "Neat & Clean" is definitely something I'd like to be, but that seems like it could cover just about anything.

    Coupons are always good though, can't beat a deal!

  11. I agree with you. I love Mom Advice, and think it should be easier to find these brilliant women. I think the Scotts website is just too random and overwhelming. I like to see things concisely and orderly. If I have to look too long to find what I am looking for, I will find it somewhere else.

  12. We have a roll of recycled paper towels from Seventh Generation that sits under the cabinet for emergencies. On a regular basis, we just use small towels or Skoy cloths to clean up messes!

  13. I agree that I'm just too busy to add another "community" type website to the places I like to visit. I'd very likely only visit for coupons or other money-saving offers!

    Thanks for the chance!

  14. The tabs make sense to me--but some of the "tips" under the Dollars & Sense tab don't seem very helpful, the Neat & Clean ones were much better! At first I though the "recently added" box was the only way to see tips--they should make the other subsection part more obvious, it's much handier.

  15. I like the idea of the site, but it's a little cluttered and since there are so many sites like it, I'd probably go to one of the more simple ones instead.

  16. I like the idea of being able to print coupons from this site, but would love a "Try Me Free" coupon as an incentive to try out these products.

  17. I like that there are coupons - of course! - but I feel inundated by informational web sites like these. I would go to the site if I had a question about Scott products, but not just to browse. Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. I've visited the site to look for coupons. What I don't like is that it tells you the value of the coupon (.50 or $1.00), but it doesn't say how many packages you have to buy. You have to print the coupons to find out.

  19. I like the Common Sense Community Website. It would be perfect for me since I have a ton of tips on green living to share (unique tips that I've come up with) but do not have a blog. This would be a perfect venue for me. Thanks for the intro to the site!

  20. I love Scott paper towels....haven't tried the Natural line yet tho. Bad me. I would return to the site for the coupons and promotions.

  21. The Scott site isn't one of my favorite brand name sites, but at least they're headed in the right direction with the Naturals line. Why not just change over everything, instead of just one product line?

  22. I don't really see anything wrong with the site, I just don't think I would ever use it. I tend to like these kind of pages more when they're focused on a topic I'm more passionate about, like eco-living, products, etc, not just run of the mill things.

  23. I've been on this site before & don't care for it. The main thing I look for in a website is ease of navigation. The Scott site is sadly lacking in this. Plus, that survey box that drops down every time I visit the site is highly annoying. I like & use Scott products but not the site.

  24. I liked the articles on storage organizing but it was hard to read the submitted tips; it was just a jumble to me and would be difficult to find what something if you're looking for something specific. I do like Scott Paper Towels, they're the only paper towels I buy.

  25. I really like the coupons and offers section--perfect for moms in these tough times! I'm not sure if I'd be a regular on their site though...I think they'd need some more content if I was gonna be there frequently..

  26. Yeah, I'm not sure how often I would visit that website. My computer time is limited already and having to add another stop along the way on my internet travels might not be worth it. I think it is good and creative for the company to branch out to the blog world this way, just not sure how useful it will be to most people.

  27. I think they have some great information there and I especially like the offers however I agree that it can be organized better. It should only take a few clicks to get to where you are going.

  28. I've visited the site a few times, especially when I'm looking for coupons. I like looking at the different products they sell and seeing what's new.

  29. I visited the site once before and took a new look today after reading your piece. I am really not any more enamored with it today as I was the first time. It's too jumbled and hard to navigate. I checked the coupon section, but I don't usually remember to look at it on a regular basis like I do and similar sites.
    IF I won the GC, I would use it to buy Christmas gifts for my kids as things are rather thin this year.

  30. First I want to say thank you for not holding your guns about the issues that website has,case and point the business of the case. We as moms,need a point of purchase site lol,point me straight to the product so I can pruchase it! I do like the site especially the tips! Sometimes being a mom you just wanna scream helllpppp meeeee! lol

  31. The site is very organized and it was easy to navigate. I especially liked the Neat & Clean tips. I dread housework and I am always on the lookout for an easier way. I have quite a few pets and the sub-section under Neat & Clean for pets gave me some great ideas. Thanks for introducing me to that site! I bookmarked it for future reference!

  32. I wouldn't use it. I don't really have time to go searching for tips. It's more that I see them on blogs or cheap-living email newsletters.
    weird chick online at gmail dot com

  33. I actually do like the tabs (time savers, healthy hints, etc), and I love advice from people who know more than I do (which is most people, I feel!), but I don't like that you have to click for every single thing you want to see within those tabs. I can hit the "next" button fifteen times to get to something good, but I'd rather see a bunch of them in a row so I can quickly scan.

  34. This is such a cool site! I have it bookmarked...Love the shopping list tool! We use Scott paper towels all the time...Just as good as the other name brands, but much cheaper!

  35. I love any company that's trying to go greener, but I don't think I would use the site. It's too busy and cluttered for me. I guess that's a popular opinion with a lot of us!

  36. After reading about the Scott Common Sense Community (but before checking it out), I honestly did not think it would be a resource I would utilize. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the website and imagine that I will return. I really liked the Time Savers and the Easy Organizing sections.

  37. Wow, you are right about the site being "busy". I think my eyes were going crazy trying to find a center focus. I'm trying to lessen my dependence on paper towels by leaning toward Skoy or the Ultimate Cloth. But I do like that Scott is making an attempt to be more environmentally-conscious. It definitely makes me want to pay more attention to their company. The site isn't particularly original but there are some good tips. I like the one about recycling a loufa for scrubbing the shower.

  38. I love all the tips on their site. I never even thought about adding oil to my pasta water to prevent it from sticking. I always thought you added it after it cooked, what a great idea.

  39. Their website has some really great tips and I learn a lot when I am there. However, I just don't have time to participate.

  40. like the coupons/offers --mom and I are using more ! she usually beats me at the store though in deals ! thanks for the opp

  41. I like that the tips are from real people. Makes it more "tried and true" versus some ideas that sound good until you actually try them.

  42. I like that they are embracing social media and focusing on moms who have blogs but i cant even get to their website right now. I don't think its my computer but it keeps saying page not found when i try to use the link you provided and i get the same response when i try to go to it from a google search. Im not sure i have ever been to their website before.

  43. I enjoy the site, liked the mystery gift tip, hope to visit often, you never know what you might find! It's a mix of alot of practical and a little playful!

  44. I do like the Scott Common Sense Community. I have found some pretty good tips and tools. Usually, it's common sense things, but this mama has a lot on her mind...and I can only remember so much! It's more of a refresher for me! Something that helps me use it more often is simply bookmarking it.

  45. I agree with you that they should commit to doing the right thing for the planet and not offer the "other" stuff, but I also get that they have to make their bottom line....

  46. I don't think I'd go to a branded website for organizing advice. I haven't checked it out...
    I read Susan, but can always follow her links rather than check the site for posts.

  47. I agree with you about the site. They really should try to highlight those two more! I like Scott products and use many of them daily. Thank you for the giveaway!

  48. I’d REALLY like to see more environmentally conscious products. I think it's important that I model being environmentally consciousness in parenting.

  49. I always love when big companies stand up and take notice of the power of moms in social media. They "get" it. I buy lots of Scott products...mainly because they are affordable and always have coupons in the Sunday paper and online. Great company. :)

  50. I think the site is ok. I checked the coupons link first, but i dont think i would go to this site on the regular. I think the categories in the menu are to general.

  51. I hadn't hear dof the site until your post about it. It seems a little cluttered for me, but the grocery list and coupon sections were good.

  52. I quickly looked over the site and though it looks like it might be fun to browse if I had a ton of time on my hands there wasn't anything that really grabbed my attention. I guess I really prefer real life blogs where the tips I am getting haven't been filtered through a business.

    That said- I would really love to win the $100 anyway! :-)

  53. I really like the Neat & Clean section of the site. I am always looking for good cleaning tips, and the site offers a lot of them. I am a big fan of Scott products, so thank you for pointing me towards the site.

    nessa at texashousewife dot com

  54. I found some good tips but I spent quite awhile browsing around. I'm not sure I'd visit very often to look for something specific. I might visit for product info and coupons

  55. I definitely don't have time or interest in a Scott online community. If I do have time I would much rather go to Mothering dot commune.

  56. In my time crunched state - I don't think about going to the Common Sense community but I can see it's value. There are good tips!

  57. There is so much information on the website that it is almost overwhelming. That said, I feel like if I needed tips on organization or cleaning (or related subjects), then I would know I could find what I'm looking for in the Common Sense community.

  58. Great post! I really like what you said about the importance of organized reader submitted content...I just don't have time to read every single thing that gets posted!

  59. I like the website, but don't think I would use it on a regular basis - I might wander it for tips occasionally, but would rather spend my computer time on fun sites like yours or Daily Candy.

  60. This is great! Also, I agree that you do a great job of reviewing honestly-- one of the most helpful features of your site.

  61. I really like all the household tips. Most are very practical and helpful, but I agree that it's tough to search through. Unless you want to browse for quite awhile, it's tough to find what you're looking for.

  62. As a working mom I'm always looking for tips on how I can get stuff done quicker, keep things clean, dinner fast, etc. With that said, Scott's site is not a website I can easily find these tips , like you said...better organization with the site.
    And like you, why do they need two different...regular and natural paper...

  63. I don't think that Scott's site is one that I would bookmark and check often, but I do like the occasional promotion link!

  64. I checked out a few links like the neat and clean link. I thought the articles were a little bit ridiculous. All they do is suggest ways to get ready for a party by plugging their products. It does not really offer ways to clean, just ways to use more paper towels.

  65. I probably would not b/c it would just become one more thing that steals my time away from my family. I don't have time to look around a site for what I am looking for. I need it to be quick and easy or else it just is not worth it.

  66. Looks like there might be some good information, tools, etc. but I already have a handful of standby sites I go to for things like this. Since I'm not even a Scott user, I don't think I'd use this site. I really appreciate your honest review.

  67. I looked it the site, but honestly my first impression was that it was WAY too busy. It is not a site that appeals to me visually. So, no, I probably would not ever use it.

  68. its a lot of information... that is already on a zillion other sites. i don't have time for another on-line community.
    i say focus on the product - i think the best section of the website is the coupons/offers page. maybe links to the best deals on their products on-line to help busy moms? like an alert that its on sale at target this week or something?

  69. I have too much to do to become involved in yet another online community. As it is I'm having to cut back on what I do online... so that all the here and now stuff can get done too! That said - coupons are great and I can see this being a site I would visit on occasion just to read the advice and etc. When I have more time I'd like to check out some of the tools they offer - things like the grocery checklist, the recipe substitution chart and the trip cost calculator.

    Speaking of trip costs... I know exactly where that $100 would get used! On our trip, putting gas in our van.

  70. I just checked it out for the first time and I think I'll go back when I can. I don't think I will visit regularly but I might be able to pick up some ideas. I would prefer if the organizing tips were more organized. :)

  71. I checked out the site and read a few of the posts and found them interesting. It is not a site that I would probably visit often, however the coupons are nice.

  72. I agree with you, I found it a little to unorganized, I liked the info but it would only work for when I actually have time to sit and look through stuff, which is not very often with 3 kids.

  73. I spent a little time browsing and everything seemed to be a little random and scattered as you had mentioned. I think I'm probably better off on a site that is tailored a little more specifically for me...

  74. I love that companies want to connect with consumers. Really I do. And I love any site that gives me coupons - I've been using coupons a lot lately. BUT I really don't have time to be part of yet another online community. Every company has tips and hints and articles and tools - enough already. Tell me about your products and new products, give me some coupons so I can try them - that is all I need. But that might just be me. :)

  75. It is a pretty busy website. It would make a lot of sense for them to take your comments to heart. I do love their Scotts Natural Flushable Wipes though. Especially when I have 2 little girls learning to take good hygienic care of themselves.

    Hope to win, $100 can really help a lot this time of year! :)


  76. I really enjoyed this post, as it felt truly honest and pointed out exactly what I thought when I popped on over to their website. I wouldn't normally even browse their site because of their main business plan being environmentally-unfriendly. But, I'm glad to see that they do now have offerings that are 'greener,' than their others. I am trying to make all of our gifts this year, but will inevitably end up having to purchase a few a gift card would be a huge bonus. THanks for sharing!

  77. I'm with you on all points. I'd REALLY like to see more environmentally conscious products and not just a smallish line. I'm still waiting for one of the big paper product companies to be the first to make that leap.

  78. The grocery shopping checklist under tool was very nice. I will use that feature again as well as checking back for coupons.

  79. I have only visited Scott's Common Sense Community once before. There isn't much that appeals to me there! The site is crowded and it makes my mind
    say TMI without telling it in a clear and precise
    manner. Like you, the two ladies from 5 minutes for Mom and MomAdvice are superb at what they do!
    I am basically done Christmas shopping, but would use this Visa gift card to purchase food and toys for our local pantry. Many thanks.....Cindi

  80. I think the best section of the website is the coupons/offers page. Especially now, who doesn't want to save money on essentials with coupons and special deals? I will be printing some coupons off and using them next time I need those items!

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