Win a Custom Birthday Shirt

Celebrate your little one's birthday with a fun, whimsical, and one-of-a-kind shirt from Olive & Ollie:

custom birthday shirt 1 years old custom birthday shirt 2 years old custom birthday shirt 3 years old

Oh. Oh. Oh. Aren't they oh-so-cute?

The birthday shirts are handmade by a mom of two from Cincinnati, Ohio and retail for between $20-$26.

If you choose to make a purchase, you will:

  1. get an adorable shirt that is "photo shoot ready."
  2. be supporting a talented mom who makes her goods after her kids are tucked in for the night.

Sounds like a win-win situation. Don't you think?

P.S. Olive & Ollie also sells custom birthday sets and the sweetest little peasant dresses.

olive & ollie etsy shopWIN IT! One winner will receive a custom birthday shirt of his/her choice from Olive & Ollie. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, September 5th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #83 ReggieMann. Congratulations!

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112 comments on “Win a Custom Birthday Shirt”

  1. Thanks for sharing this great etsy find! Sometimes it is overwhelming to browse that site! I'd love to get a "2" shirt for my daughter's bday! Thanks!

  2. I just love Heather's stuff. She made a beautiful ONE shirt for my daughter for her 1st birthday. It was just precious. Sad that she is 2 now b/c we wore the heck outa the one shirt! :)

    The shirts are all EXCELLENT quality and can take ALOT of washings. I know from experience! :)

    My 4 year old would look great in a birthday shirt with a little fishy on it. :)

  3. How cute, too bad his birthday was about a month ago. Do you do newborn "birthday" outfits cuz i'm due with #2 in november?

  4. Oh my goodness these are precious. My son is turning 2 in November and I would adore one of these for him. If I don't win I may just splurge!!!

  5. We would rock this shirt out in Kansas for Elliott's 4th birthday! The kids love talking about how old they are. The only difficulty...keeping it washed as they'll want to wear it ALL the time!

  6. I've seen her work, and she does a gorgeous job! The shirts and dresses that she makes are so cute! I'd love a birthay shirt for both of my kids. :)

  7. These are definitely really cute, I also like the one your daughter is wearing in your You Are 3 post. I can't believe my daughter is going to be 3 next month, where does the time go?

  8. My daughters birthday is coming up and this is the first year that we will be able to afford pictures just for her bday ( thanks to her grandparents). She would look so pretty in a new number shirt.

    thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    [email protected]

  9. These shirts are so cute. Perfect for the birthday picture and just so cute they can wear it throughout the year. I have a daughter turning 2 in a few months and this would be so neat for her to wear.

  10. Winning this custom birthday tee would be wonderful! It would make that special day even more special and it would be a great way to look back on photos and know what special birthday it was...

  11. If I'd win the custom birthday shirt I'd be giving it to my dear old lady friends great-grandchild for her to give it to her grand-baby.

  12. I had her make my daughter's first birthday shirt last October and I received great comments on it. The work is great and it's a great price for such awesome work!

  13. I love these shirts!! I would love one for my girls 1st birthday......a friend of mine had a shirt done like this for her son's 1st birthday. It was much more expense and honestly I don't think it was as nice as yours!!

  14. Heather's work is top notch! I've ordered many of her items for my own son and even have a custom dress she made for my little girl on the way. I also carry her shirts wholesale to match my tutus for the CUTEST birthday outfits!! My son is turning 3 at the end of the month--we'd love to win a free shirt!

  15. Heather makes the MOST fantastic items!! You will love anything you order from her :) Olive and Ollie is the most adorable "store" on the net!

  16. The Custom Appliqued 3rd Third Birthday Shirt In Pink and Yellow Fanfare by Olive and Ollie is really cute - would be great for my niece's 3rd birthday next year :)

  17. A first birthday is a special celebration not just for baby but, for mommy and daddy. Especially for your first born! You did it as first time parents and, this may be the only birthday you can be apart of. As a young parent I unfortunately cannot give my son a BIG BLOWOUT for financial reasons but, a custom shirt made by you would be a cool memory for us. A keepsake for his FIRST BIRTHDAY! maybe a nice tradition to start. Thankyou

  18. These are really cute. My baby is 16, and I'm sure she wouldn't be caught dead in a shirt like this, but I'd love to get one for my niece who will be 5 in Oct. Great idea,

  19. We had a shirt made for our little guy when he turned two that had his name and the number two stitched on the back, and it was awesome. I'd love to have a special birthday shirt to celebrate his third birthday, as well. Thank you!

    [email protected]

  20. I would love to see one of these on my daughter for her next birthday, she'll be 5 and this would be perfect for her! Thanks.

  21. I love all these mom creative ideas. This is just one more idea that i think is lovely. How cute would my daughter look in the 2 year old shirt for her birthday. Thanks for promoting moms!

  22. ok they make such great clothing, my favorite is the Custom Appliqued First 1 Birthday Shirt for Little Boys in Bright Stars and Orange Dots by Olive and Ollie - i have just the soon-to-be 1 year old in mind!

  23. This is my choice!! Avery's Birthday is in May, and she will probably have a princess theme. This is perfect!!
    Custom Appliqued Birthday Shirt for Girls in Pink with Cupcake in Polka Dots and Stripes

  24. One of my friend's makes felt birthday hats, but I think this is an even better idea since you get to use the shirt all year long. Plus, the shirt is more likely to stay on your kid than the hat. I'd love to win a custom birthday shirt!

  25. My son't second birthday is next month and these shirts would be the PERFECT compliment to a fun day. I'm so glad to have found your giveaway!

  26. My daughter will be 3 years old on Christmas Day. I won't let anything shadow her day...she has her own "birthday tree" that her gifts go under, she gets a new dress every year for that day.

    This shirt would go great with a pretty little skirt!

  27. i would love to win a birthday shirt for my son who is going to turn 3 in feb. it will be his 1st birthday as a big brother and wont be an only spoiled child anymore. these shirts make a kid feel special and he deserves to feel special on his day!

  28. My daughter's first birthday is coming up and she would look so cute in the first birthday shirt with the cupcake...seriously cute

  29. I would love to get this for my nephew's second birthday. It would be a fun thing to sent even though we won't be able to see him that day.

  30. My 4 year old is one of those kids who starts planning her birthday the day after the next one....would love this!

  31. How CUTE! I recently went to a birthday party where a mom had a t-shirt similar and I loved it. What a cute idea. So then you can remember which year, who was at the party and keep track. My daughter who I call Ollie would love this for her 4th birthday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. I have a little princess turning 5 the end of this month! That would be so perfect- she is so excited to turn 5. Plus these shirts are so sweet!

    artandjen at juno dot com

  33. this would be swesome so you don't have to get the time/date stamp on the photo - you know what the year was!! :)

  34. This is a wonderful shirt! It was so hard finding a 1st birthday outfit/shirt for my son(3yrs ago!) and my daughters 1st birthday will be here before we know it and the thoughts are already running in my head about what she will wear and this shirt is just precious!

  35. I these there are adorable shirts, and would make great heirlooms, too. They could be passed down for generations, or could become a family thing, where all the cousins in the family use the shirt on their birthdays!

  36. That is too cute. Just think of all of the cute birthday pictures you would end up with! Although, with my kids, we'd have to take it off before cake. . .

  37. Cute shirts! My son is newly interested in the clothing he wears which is pretty fun. He used to only get excited about new shoes. He would love to proudly wear his age on his shirt.

  38. My son had one of these when he turned 3, and now it has to wait until Brennan turns 3! I'd love to get one for my daughter, her birthday isn't until next year but this would be adorable.

    mommainflipflops AT

  39. Definitely loves these! I know my little one wont be one for 6 more months, but you can never be too prepared for the 1st birthday! AND, his nickname is Ollie :0)

  40. That would be a perfect way to help celebrate my grandson's first birthday. It is in February, so does she do them in long sleeves as well?

  41. The birthday shirts are cute but I LOVE the peasant dresses in her etsy store. And at $28 a piece I can afford to buy matching ones for my girls. So adorable!

  42. My youngest will be two the beginning of October...hard to believe! Right now he is in a body cast, though...hopefully it will be off before he celebrates his birthday! One of these shirts would be perfect for his celebration!

  43. OH MY GOSH!!! These are the cutest shirts ever!!! I am in the middle of planning my little boys 2nd b-day and we are doing a bubble theme. I just told my sister today that I needed to find something for him to wear!! These are adorable!

  44. How cute! What a fun way to celebrate reaching one more year ('s fun for kids, for adults, not so much :)

  45. I think these shirts are so cute for birthdays! They make all the pictures for the album easy to remember what year it was!

  46. These birthday shirts are so sweet, and look like a very good quality. My favorite are the ones with both the numeral and the word spelled out.

  47. Such a great idea since parents always wonder what to dress their little one in on their birthday. Adorable.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  48. These shirts are adorable. My little girl turns 1 in Nov. and I think these are much cuter than the typical fair in the "big-box" stores. I really like the modern peasant dresses at Olive and Ollie. Thanks for pointing them out!

  49. These are too cute!! I went to her site and I love her fabric choices - especially her Lime Lotus Paisley!! I'd love to win one for my neice who is turning 1 (too fast!!!) next month!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  50. Ooh, I'd love that! My sister-in-law just made the cutest little tutus for my girls, and if I could get a shirt that matches it for Tiny she would have a super cute little birthday outfit!

  51. I LOVE her dresses! They are so beautiful. I've always wanted some big/little sister shirts too and her's are really cute. I have to say though, if I were to win a b-day shirt I'm not sure if I'd pick the half way to 2 year old or the 3 months into 3 year old!

  52. Such cute shirts! I'm so glad to see so many mom's using their talents to help support their families as well as helping the economy. Wonderful!

  53. Just found your blog! My 8 month old baby girl will look too, too sweet in this shirt for her very first birthday in December. Gosh my nearly 6 year old would just LOVE this shirt too. Would love to win one and then buy the other!

  54. How adorable! I have to say that all 3 of my children would love these! My little one's birthday is in a couple weeks (hard to believe she will be 4!).

  55. Oh, I would have to win quick since my little one shares a birthday week with your little one. I guess I should actually say our "big kids". But Andrew's birthday is in October...maybe I can win for him! One year already... I can hardly believe it!

  56. What a innovative and creative mom! I admire her work! All of the color combinations are great looking. Many thanks, Cindi

  57. She looks so proud to be three! Does she want to sleep in her shirt? I can imagine my 2 1/2 year old wanting to wear it every day and to sleep in it (if she wasn't begging to be nakies all the time!) Hope she has a fantastic birthday!

  58. Too cute! What a fun idea! I have seen shirts before, but they were the kind of shirt you would never let your son wear! These are cute!

  59. My baby girl won't be 1 until February but I've been looking at shirts like these for her birthday for a couple of months now. A cute shirt and an adorable tutu - what more could a little girl ask for?

  60. Those shirts are adorable!! I made my son a shirt with his initial on it last year, and it was pretty cool, but not as neat as these ones. My daughter would love to have a shirt like this for her upcoming 4th birthday!!

  61. This would add to any special birthday. It would work perfect for our little girl who is celebrating her first birthday, or our older daughter who is going to be the big "5". I am just glad they don't make them in my size. Not really interested in wearing a "32" on my chest. :)

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