Win A Maternity Wardrobe {valued at over $330}

Some people feel all glamorous and glowing when they are pregnant. I never did.

On the contrary, I felt plump and pooped and predictable.

When I look back at myself, however, I realize that I looked kinda cute. Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

From Left to Right: 16 weeks, 22 weeks, 9 days before I delivered my baby

16-weeks-pregnant 22-weeks-pregnant 9-days-before-baby-arrives

So two pieces of advice:

  1. Take a lot of pictures...even if you feel ugly. You can always delete them later if you despise them. That's the beauty of digital photography.
  2. Buy a few high-quality maternity pieces. If you can only buy one nice thing, buy designer jeans. It may seem a bit ridiculous to pay $100+ for an item that you can only wear 9 months, but I think it's worth it for a little self-esteem booster during pregnancy. I had a pair of Mamasita jeans from Chip & Pepper that made me feel great every time I slipped them on - even on the day I went into labor!

Speaking of maternity clothes that will make you feel fabulous...

One mama-to-be will win this fantastic fall maternity wardrobe from Moody Mamas (click to enlarge each item and/or to see more details):

long sleeve v neck dress moody mamas box pleat shirt moody mamas captivating cap sleeve dress moody mamas blissful box pleat shirt moody mamas cute cowl neck dress moody mamas

From Left to Right:

  • Long Sleeve V-Neck Dress ($75)
  • Box Pleat Shirt ($66)
  • Captivating Cap Sleeve Dress ($68)
  • Blissful Box Pleat Shirt ($55 - sorry, it doesn't come with that adorable hat)
  • Cute Cowl Neck Dress ($65)

The Moody Mamas collection is available online and at Nordstrom.

***If you're a bargainista, you'll particularly appreciate the "Steals & Deals" section of the Moody Mamas website.

moody mamas logoWIN IT! One winner will receive all five of the items pictured above from Moody Mamas (package valued at over $330!). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, October 28th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #31 Sara. Congratulations!

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122 comments on “Win A Maternity Wardrobe {valued at over $330}”

  1. I was pretty plump and always wore these big gawky summer dresses, I had a yellow one and when I wore it hubby called me bigbird

  2. Love the dress withthe square neck collar in black and pretty. Love the assortment in this prize package. So much...thanks for hosting this much needed giveaway.

  3. I did the exact thing when I was pregnant with my twins. No matter how awful I felt (or looked) I had my husband take a pic of me once a week from 6 weeks on to 37 1/2 weeks. A year later I look back at the pictures fondly and with amazement how much I grew from week to week. I still don't like how tired and awful I looked but wow that belly! I'm glad I did it :)

  4. I agree with you about taking lots of pictures even if you don't feel like it. My kids are grown now and I only have one picture of myself pregnant with my first and two for my second. My daughter is 16 weeks now and just starting to show. These clothes would be great for her and I will make sure to take plenty of pictures of her.

  5. My sister is pregnant for the first time! I can't afford to buy her a birthday gift but I know she is needing some cute maternity clothes. She is living in a foreign country and she was saying that she didn't know where to buy any maternity clothes and This would mean a lot t her! It would be very special for me to be able to mail this to her. I haven't seen her in forever and I would love to give her this as she is carrying my niece or nephew!

  6. I am pregnant with my first child at age 41 and due in May 2010. I am starting to feel big and out of shape. These outfits look like so much fun.

  7. Thanks so much for the contest, I really want to win this for my mom who has another baby on the way. It would be a special treat to her, especially since I am in college and I have little money to spend on stuff like that.

  8. I think it's extremely important o have at least a few absolutely gorgeous pieces to wear through your pregnancy. Besides, if you but good quality, classic maternity wear, you'll be able to wear them through multiple pregnancies or pass them on! I love that cap sleeve dress. I want to wear it now, and I'm not even pregnant yet!

  9. this is the nicest maternity wear i have ever seen. I would love to win this. we are trying to conceive right now so I can put these to use.

  10. I loved dressing cute while pregnant, everyone is already looking at you with a Big belly, why not give them something good to look at. :)

  11. The Moody Mamas clothing is much more stylish that what I wore...I lived in tank tops and skirts when I was pregnant. I'm trying for baby #2 right now so some new maternity clothes would be super!

  12. I've been wearing maternity clothes for awhile now. I haven't purchased jeans yet... the whole budget thing. I try to mix regular clothes with maternity - it's getting harder now that my bump is getting bigger. The clothes you are offering as a prize seem super cute & comfy... it's getting difficult even wearing my maternity clothes b/c of the larger bump & bigger hips...

  13. I would love to win this for my friend who is in the "nothing fits" stage of maternity. As a busy professional, this would be such a treat for her.

  14. not only the clothes, but i think its good to have a spa day once a month to make sure you feel pretty and give yourself a great esteem boost.

    I'd love to win these clothes! I'll need them in a month

  15. I would love to win this. They have such cute items. We are just about ready to start trying for #3 and I never bothered to spend the money on nice maternity clothes so I always looked frumpy. I would look so good if I won this great giveaway.

  16. I wish I had such fashionable clothes when I was preggo. I'm not preggo now but I think it might be in my cards. Even if I can't use the clothes, I have several friends and family members who are expecting that I could loan these pieces to.

  17. I am 5 months pregnant with my first child and have found cute maternity clothes really hard to find. I'm from a small town so there isn't much of a selection around here, but these clothes are beautiful and I think any pregnant woman would be lucky to have them. Thank you for the chance!

  18. Maternity clothes are SO expensive, but the pieces really would provide the foundation for the wardrobe. I found that buying plus size tunic length tops is a little cheaper and provides a better variety of cuts.

  19. OMG! What a COOL giveaway!
    It must be so much fun to host these awesome giveaways and feel so powerful with the RANDOM # GENERATOR! LoL

    I so totally know someone who is in need of a new maternity WARDROBE!!!!

    THanks for the chance!! Glad I am in the running!

  20. I definitely agree with your advice of having quality neutral pieces--you can always add accessories to get different looks!

  21. I'd love to win this for a newly pregnant niece who will look adorable no matter what she wears, but these outfits would help her feel adorable too.

  22. I was blessed to inherit some maternity clothes from my older sis ~ though I outgrew them about a month ago. She was 2 sizes smaller than me to begin with, but it did get me clothed for a short while which was much appreciated.

  23. I really struggled with feeling unattractive with my pregnancy! Although I absolutely LOVED being pregnant, I felt like my daughter sucked all of my "pretty" out. (And... she is absolutely beautiful! :o) I would love to win a pregnancy wardrobe that would give me a self-esteem boost next time!

  24. I loved being pregnant. Although I didn't think I looked the best we still took lots of pictures. I still wanted to remember. :)

    I would love to win a new wardrobe. I got rid of all things baby and I mean EVERYTHING, because we were thinking we were done. Well, just found out we are expecting baby #5. :) I'm pretty sure I've heard that you shouldn't get rid of everything because usually that's when you get a surprise. Maybe there is some truth to that. LOL

  25. cute maternity clothes are easier to find now more than ever! I also enjoyed finding 'regular' clothes that could work as pregnancy clothes. This was not hard with today's fashions: long shirts, leggings, empire dresses, loose shirts, etc. Now I can wear those clothes prego or not. I'm always on the lookot for cute maternity stuff though, we're already planning when baby number two might make his/her appearance.

  26. Very cute clothes... would love to "sport" these for myself... and then pass them on to friends. Maternity clothes are THE most perfect for swapping!

  27. I sure could use this prize. At least, we're hopeful that I sure could use this prize within the next couple of months. ;)

  28. This is my third pregnancy and my clothes are tired. So I'm trying to find things (even though I'm in my third trimester now) that make me feel beautiful. This is definitely the last time for me and I'm trying to relish every moment of it.

  29. It's finding jeans that is so hard, ugh. I personally don't want my entire belly covered just to hold my pants up. As well as not being real sure how much bigger everything is going to get, the closet becomes so limiting. The things I wore toward the end of my first pregnancy are already getting to snug for me at 27 weeks. So much easier to stay home in pj's this time around.

  30. I'm 23 weeks with my first and was trying to avoid spending much on maternity clothes. But the bigger I get, I realize tent-like shirts and cheap pants just won't cut it for mood and self-esteem. It is hard to think about spending money on clothing for just a few months but I want great photos of this time and I want to feel good too.

  31. These clothes are so beautiful! When I was pregnant, I always felt guilty spending a lot of money on clothes I'd only wear for 9 months. We're trying for #2 and I love to look more fab next time around!

  32. This is my 3rd time around this bend, and this time I am showing already in the 7th week! I am in desperate need of clothes to take me through the next 8 months :) Thank you!

  33. Oooooh those are such cute Maternity clothes! I have two children already and we are trying for our third now. I do not remembermaternityclothes being that cute the last time I was pregnant! I gave away all of my old Maternity clothes to friends a while back. My first pregnancy I lived in overalls- not flattering at all but oh so comfy.

  34. These clothes are so cute! I can't wait to go to Nordstrom to try them on. I'm feeling excessively plump and unattractive these days - maybe with some cute clothes I'll be more motivated to take pictures!

  35. You know, I really think it's important to have some fabulous pieces to make you feel good while being pregnant. A lot of times you feel big and ugly, espeically towards the end of pregnancy. I remember having just a few fantastic pieces that I would put on and I always felt so cute! We are definitely hoping to have more children in the future, if that is in God's plan for us. I'm not sure if I would keep the pieces for myself or give them to my sister who is due in Dec.

  36. I so wish I had taken more photos when I was pregnant with Levi! I didn't realize how important photographs would be to me until after he was born.
    I don't at all regret buying a few really nice maternity clothes. Of course, I had days of feeling rather whale like, but I could put on a nice outfit and feel so much better.

  37. Oh my goodness, this post couldn't have been more timely. I'm 4mos pregnant with my second child, so I dug out all my old maternity clothes--only to realize that my wardrobe is a summer wardrobe, and it's getting COLD up here in New England! While I love being pregnant, right now I'm in the "is she pregnant or just fat?" category. Wearing maternity clothes definitely makes me feel like I'm more on the pregnant spectrum, and that I'm cute instead of lumpy.

  38. I agree, everything I wore made me feel and look bigger. I'm so glad that they are making stylish, chic maternity clothes now!

  39. Oh, this is exciting! Those clothes are so cute! I am currently 13 weeks pregnant, so I'm not really big enough that I feel like I can justify buying maternity clothes yet...but my current clothes are starting to get a little tight. I would love to win some of these adorable clothes! And I haven't taken any pictures yet, but your post has inspired me to take some tonight!

  40. I'm 25 weeks pregnant and feeling quite large. I would love to win some more pieces, and those look like they're so versatile. My summer dress and flip flops isn't doing it anymore!

  41. I really wish I would have taken more pictures. Although there are so many from the baby shower I don't feel too bad about it. I really hated shopping when I prego though.

  42. How appropriate, I just found out last night that I am expecting again! With my first two, I bought maternity clothes and took lots of pictures. At the time, I felt very frumpy but am so glad I have those photos now. The kids like to look at them too. Didn't take very many pics with the next ones because I felt way too fat! Now I totally regret it. Definitely gonna do better this time :)

  43. I'm in my third trimester and sick of my clothes. I always hesitate to buy more now since they won't get much use. It would be nice to have something different to wear though.

  44. I have one picture from my first pregnancy. It's horrid. I was extremely huge and uncomfortable and the picture shows it. But I was really unhealthy my first pregnancy.
    However, this pregnancy I am following the "What to Eat When You're Expecting" and am looking and feeling great. :) It takes a lot of will power that I don't always have. But I have been doing awesome. I have so many pictures this pregnancy. I feel like the cute pregnant girl in all of them. It is wonderful.

  45. Those clothes are beautiful and would be perfect for church. I borrowed a bunch of clothes for my last pregnancy but my friend needed them back to give to yet another friend (so generous!). Now we are thinking of trying again and I'm back to square one with clothes.

    I definitely agree on taking pictures. I only have about 3 pictures from my second pregnancy because I was too busy to get myself dolled up between morning sickness and caring for our daughter. I should have just taken them no matter what I looked like!

  46. How I'd LOVE to win this! I'm 18 weeks today and already feeling "plump" (I'll put it nicely today). :) I just wrote on my blog a few weeks ago about how much of the maternity clothes out there make you look like you're hiding under a tent for 9 months...but those outfits look awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  47. Definately take pictures, especially with your first. I thought I was so fat when I was pregnant with my first. It's just like how you think you're fat in high school and now you'd give anything to look like a stick again. I think people should enjoy being pregnant and stop worrying about what they look like!

  48. I actually think you look beautiful (as the other gals said!). I on the other hand feel like the Good Year Blimp! : ) I can't believe I've not heard of this site/company. LOVE their stuff...esp. the bargain page. I am in desperate need for a pair of pants....I saw the Posh Mama Pants on the site but I'd love recs on a pair of jeans...Any recs? I have about 10 weeks left....Maybe I can find some that I can wear postpartum?

  49. Oh my goodness, this prize is perfect for me. I am pregnant with #5 and I noticed towards the end of my last pregnancy my two trusty shirts both had holes worn in the tummy. And yes, I kept wearing them until I delivered anyway! You are adorable pregnant and not pregnant - are you thinking about #3 yet? :-)

  50. I feel huge when I'm pregnant too!! I tried to explain to my husband that I was within 5 pounds for 10 years of my life and then to gain 45 pounds in 9 months is quite a shock!!! I hated having my picture taken while I was pregnant, but am glad to have them now :) I would love to add to some beautiful clothes to my maternity collection for future pregnancies, if God so blesses!!

  51. We're on our first pregnancy and this would be wonderfully kind to our pocketbook to win. Cute stuff isn't always the least expensive and I want to keep looking cute as my tummy grows!

  52. I am currently pregnant and would be so blessed to win this giveaway. I am only a few months along, but i remember with my first, i didnt feel attractive or have anything that seemed nice enough to wear to work. Maternity can be very expensive to buy

  53. I remember not being able to find maternity clothes that felt attractive. And if you wanted attractive, you would have to pay big bucks. These clothes pictured above our really pretty and would make me feel so much better then what i own.

  54. My daughter would love to have these. She will work her entire pregnancy and needs some new things to get her through. These would be perfect for her and a big boost.

  55. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I'm starting to feel really truly popped-out and pregnant but also like I can't get myself to "look" quite right. Winning this would be amazing and just in time for the Holidays, which I've been dreading, all those occasions for needing to dress up for things.

  56. Those are great tips for maternity wear. I was lucky because I got a lot of nice clothes from friends and family too. If you pool all your clothes together you'd be surprised how many nice outfits you can have and not even have to spend a whole lot. It's just tough if two people are expecting at the same time!

  57. These pieces are so beautiful and I'd love to have them as staples in my pregnancy wardrobe. I'm still being cautious so I haven't went out and purchased any maternity clothing just yet.

  58. I'm the same way as you. I never felt like I glowed during my pregnancy. It's hard to glow in sweats!

    Although, I will say that I felt more comfortable in a swimsuit when I was pregnant more than any other time in my life. I had a perfect excuse for the extra weight!

  59. I am presently wearing one of my 3 maternity shirts, no wait I have 4. I saved 2 that I really liked but got rid of everything else since "we were done". Yeah. I've bought two more but still really have nothing much to sneeze so this would be lovely. I need to take more pictures too!

  60. What wonderful advice! I definitely agree on the designer jeans. I bought a pair during my first pregnancy and held on to them. I wore them all throughout my second pregnancy. This is a great bundle of maternity clothes to win. It will make any momma feel really good about herself!

  61. I loved being pregnant once I got to the point that I was obviously pregnant and not just chubby! I wish I had taken more pictures. These clothes are gorgeous and I hope to need them next fall. :)

  62. I am like you, I did not really find being pregnant joyful bliss. I wish I had bought a few nice maternity pieces to make me feel better when I was preggo. Now I could win some so when #2 is on the way I will enjoy it more.

  63. I have a friend that would love to win this. She doesn't have a ton of money so I would love to win this for her.

    You looked adorable by the way! :)

  64. I love all of these maternity clothes! My husband and I are currently trying for our first, and I know I could use some attractive work clothes when we get pregnant.

  65. I just had mine but my neice is just getting started and could really use this. I just did baggy clothes this time and shorts in the summer. I felt so huge for I had just lost 30 pounds before and lets just say I found that real fast in my pregnacy

  66. ugh - PLEASE take pictures of yourself! don't be like me who had her hubby snap a quick picture of my preggers with #2 WHILE ALREADY IN LABOR. not the cute, sweet picture i want to show my daughter when she asks about when she was in my belly ;-)

  67. I didn't take hardly ANY pictures with my first, and I regretted it so much. I've taken many more already with this pregnancy, but I still shy away from it because I don't feel attractive. I'm going to take some today, you inspired me! I've been feeling oh-so-frumpy in my less inspiring wardrobe, and I want to feel cute and sexy, and these pieces are exactly that. I would love to win, thank you so much for the opportunity!

  68. i would love to win these cute maternity outfits and wear them when i don't feel so cute. I get tired of wearing the same thing and would love to have some more pregnant clothes.

  69. I am the same way about how I feel when pregnant, never cute. But I always take pictures and when I look back I think I was cute just in the moment I never feel that way.

  70. Okay, so this is one of the times I wish you had multiple entries because I would love to win maternity clothes! With my son I only bought 5 maternity shirts (mostly just t-shirts) and 2 pairs of capris (from Walmart) - I felt so ugly and gross - but I was 19 and couldn't afford anything more. With this pregnancy, I'm not sure what I'll do - right now I'm borrowing a bunch of clothes from my best friend (she has a fabulous maternity collection) but my butt un-pregnant is the same as hers @ 9 I might have to buy some new pants =)

    autumn398 @

  71. I'd love to win! I've been scouring craigslist b/c I just hate spending money on maternity clothes. But... like you said-- if you're too cheap you def. have moments where you don't feel pretty.

  72. You are very cute prego! I can relate with how you feel/felt while pregnant. I have a hard enough time finding clothes that suit me well when I am not pregnant, let alone while I am pregnant! It is hard to find maternity clothes that are flattering!! Unless God has other plans, we are not planning on another baby, so I don't need these amazing clothes you are giving away...just wanted to let you know that you looked beautiful while pregnant!

  73. Have a friend who could really use some maternity clothes appropriate for the workplace. I have lots of casual stuff to lend her, but nothing too dressy. A couple of these items would really help her out!

  74. Hubby and I have finally decided to start trying as soon as we make our move out of state. Would be awesome to already have cute clothing to wear once it happens = )

  75. OOO! I love every one of those pieces - we're trying for another baby right now, so I would LOVE the wardrobe.
    I especially appreciate the dresses - they really are so comfy and fun during pregnancy. I'm no Heidi Klum, but I think women like her bring a lot of class back to being a mama :)

    Also: one thing I lived on during my first pregnancy - borrowing a few pieces from friends. Once you have the essentials, If you're lucky enough to have any friends who are your size and have kids, borrowing one or two pieces "extras" will REALLY stretch your pregnancy wardrobe. My box of clothes is neatly donning one of my good friends right now, who was ecstatic to receive them!

  76. Oooh these are gorgeous!! I recently met the founder of moody mamas and she told me she was gonna team up with chrisian siriano for her line!! Would love this for #2!!

  77. I'm entering for my cousin and one of my best friends, Amber. She is pregnant with her second daughter right now and with all that she does for everyone in her family and volunteering around the community, it doesn't leave much time for herself. I would love to see her win this contest so that she has the chance to feel, as you said, fabulous when she wears them.

    By the way, you were more than "kind of cute" when you were carrying. You were absolutely adorable!!

  78. Of course it needs to be a conversation between God, Chris, and me, but I've been thinking of babies lately... so I'd love to win this cute wardrobe! I work at a place where it seems everyone is more fashion-forward than I am, and if I get preggo I'd like to know how cute I look. And if I win and we decide no more babies, I can always give someone an awesome present. :)

  79. I also thought that I was so big, but looking back I was pretty preggo cute. Hindsight! I really wish that I had bought some more quality pieces rather than the quantity of lesser quality items I bought. Again- hindsight I guess.

  80. I actually LOVED being pregnant and can't hardly wait to be pregnant again soon! However, I tried to spend the most minimal amount possible on myself for clothes because I was always figuring I would rather use the money for something for the baby. Anyway, I have a couple nice enough things, but will probably need to expand the maternity wardrobe for #2. With #1 I didn't need to start wearing maternity wear until I was about 6 months along (or more), but I am sure with #2 I will be wearing maternity clothes much earlier. I wanted to "look" pregnant the whole time, but I just never really did until about 2 weeks before I delivered. Oh well, looking so forward to the next time around :)


  82. Looking back, everything I wore made me look bigger and uglier! Even though I felt like I was glowing, I always felt so deflated when I'd look at a pic of myself. Hopefully the 4th time is the charm, right?

  83. At 9 weeks I feel like I am already starting to show (less the pregnant show, and more the gaining around the middle show)! Maybe because it's my second (and I have NO abdominal muscles!)? I have already started thinking about maternity clothes (and have even donned a few shirts because they are looser and don't show my pudge).
    I was pretty careful taking pictures the first time around. And looking back, I feel pretty cute. Actually, I felt pretty cute right up until the end. I guess that is when everyone starts to feel whale-ish, though, right?! :)

  84. No more pregnancies in my future so I don't need this prize - but I have to say - I felt huge and awkward while I was pregnant and we didn't get many pictures, but the few I did get, prove that I was huge but I don't really look as bad as I felt like I looked at the time! So... I'm seconding your advice - take pictures, you'll be glad you did!

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