Wordless Review: Little Tikes' Cambridge Cottage

cambridge-cottage-1-watermark cambridge-cottage-3-watermark cambridge-cottage-4-watermark cambridge-cottage-2-watermark

Okay, so maybe this review can't be completely wordless. But the photos do speak volumes.

Our 2-year-old loves playing in her little cottage. She uses her toy pots & pans and cooks up vegetable soup (usually with grass), raspberry cake, and other delicacies for my husband and me to enjoy.

The Cambridge Cottage {by Little Tikes, $199} is sturdy, attractive, and just the right size for toddlers in the 1-3 age range. The inside features a mini sink with faucet, a stovetop, a little seat near the window, and a phone. There is also a "secret door" that little ones can crawl through.

My one "critique" would be that I wish the interior had more "interactive" features - an oven that opens, a bigger sink with more knobs to turn, a little shelf to hold dishes, etc.

Overall, it's a very fun addition to our backyard and would make a wonderful gift for any toddler.

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10 comments on “Wordless Review: Little Tikes' Cambridge Cottage”

  1. Love the Wordless Review! I need to do that more often with my kids. What a super cute idea. And this cottage looks amazing. I'd love one myself for the kids. They'd go crazy for it. Good luck with the impending delivery! i've been checking your site for any news......

  2. Blondie loves play houses and kitchens and all that jazz. When we go to church sometimes she asks to play in the little house for a few more minutes, and when we pick up Cheeks from daycare she loves playing in Tasha's playhouse and making mud pies and tea for me. I'm glad you guys got one for your girls!

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