Wordless Wednesday: away from my computer


Yes. That is our laundry basket. Completely empty.

That is what happens when I stay away from my computer for an entire day.

For the record: the laundry is all folded and put away too.

It was nice while it lasted.

I also did a "mini photo shoot" with my piercingly beautiful girls:

piercingly-beautiful piercing-beauty-2

I attempted a "sister shot" too, but they all came out a little chaotic (and often blurry).

For example:


I'm not sure what my 3-year-old is trying to say in this shot. But what really gets me is her little sister's expression and the fact that she is pointing at her older sister as if to say, "That one's a bit crazy." Totally candid, by the way...

This one ended up kinda sweet though:


{Okay, so this post wasn't exactly "Wordless." Oops!}

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19 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: away from my computer”

  1. Love the pointing picture. I think you got the caption just right on that one! And isn't it lovely when the laundry basket is empty. Trouble is it never stays that way for more than a couple of hours...

  2. Wow that was a great picture shoot. I let Monkey do a picture shoot of her own today, she thought it was funny when she got a picture of her foot. LOL The only one with a person in it.

  3. That last picture is so precious!!

    It's almost impossible for me to get a good shot of my daughter, period, and I sometimes think I'd be more likely to win the lottery than get a good one of BOTH kids. The thing that really gets me is my hubby can almost always get a great one of both kids in under a minute! His secret is saying really silly, goofy stuff. I've tried it before, and it really does seem to work, unless of course you have them laughing too hard, and then they wiggle all over the place!

  4. Doesn't it feel great when the laundry basket is empty! Euphoria!!!!! Your daughters are just the most adorable girls. Take care, Cindi

  5. They are too adorable! I wish that our laundry room was empty - right now it's top on my list of things to do for today.

  6. I have 2 kids the same age as yours and it is almost impossible to get a good shot of them together and I want some good ones so badly! They look exactly like your girls! And your girls are absolutely beautiful, btw!

  7. Totally know about the laundry. I had not been caught up since my son was born (gross I know) and finally got it finished, now it's horrible again! I truly dislike laundry!!!!
    Love the pics of the girls. They are beautiful!

  8. Great pictures! Multiple kids are so hard to get in the same frame (my first niece is about the same age as your oldest and oh boy is it difficult to get everyone sitting still long enough let alone making the shot nice.)

    Oh and Yay for getting all the laundry done! I'm avoiding mine today but since we're running low on clothes maybe I should get around to that...
    Somehow with starting solids not only is Elizabeth requiring many more changes of clothes, but so I am! We're contemplating getting one of those bibs with sleeves for her. Not sure what I should do for me!

  9. It's important to take a day off from time to time. Amazing what else can get done when we aren't glued to the 'puter!

    Sibling shots are HARD. And they only get harder the more kids you have. Especially when they're rowdy boys who just want to poke each other and wrestle.


  10. I can very rarely get a good shot of my two boys together. You've done a pretty admirable job :-). Oh, and I so envy anybody with a laundry machine. When we moved (were renting) we discovered that this new place doesn't have one. Been going to the lavandaria. HA.

  11. I'm struggling with the whole sibling picture project too... I finished the kids individual photo shoots but I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get a decent sibling shot!

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