Working Mom Wednesday: Meet Suzy from Beyond the Bus Stop

Working Mom Wednesday: Meet Suzy from Beyond the Bus Stop 1As mothers, we are often tempted to give up ourselves - our hobbies, our bodies, our dreams, and our ambitions. Motherhood is so all-encompassing that we forget that it benefits our kids (and our husbands, our family, our friends) if we remember who we are. I like the way Kelly from Pass the Torch puts it, "the better ME I can be, the better MOM I can be."

Meet Suzy Stauffer from Beyond the Bus Stop - a mom that "gets" this concept and who is on a mission to help other moms achieve their goals.

ME: How many children do you have and what are their ages?
SUZY: I have three children ages 7, 9, and 12. Working Mom Wednesday: Meet Suzy from Beyond the Bus Stop 2

ME: What is your background (degrees, jobs, etc.)?
SUZY: I have a Master's degree in Education and Counseling. I worked as a teacher and counselor for many years in the public schools. I also did consulting work in student and employee assistance programs. After my second child was born, I stayed home full time. When my third child came along, I had a bout of depression. I felt stuck between the house and the bus stop. My world got very small after having three kids and I no longer recognized myself in the mirror. I decided to seek opportunities that would take me beyond my comfort zone and start feeling myself again! It was exciting and transformative. I eventually pursued my dream career in TV/Film production. I started from scratch and built a nice career doing freelance while raising my kids.

Working Mom Wednesday: Meet Suzy from Beyond the Bus Stop 3ME: What is your current job? Is it FT or PT?
SUZY: This past fall I decided it was time to grow Beyond the Bus Stop on a full time basis. My business and passion was created out of a genuine need 7 years ago and from a fun conversation with a friend. She told me she wore her PJ's to the bus stop. I smiled and she assured me she had real clothes for Beyond the Bus Stop! A light bulb went off in my head and I discovered a new passion! My passion is to educate and support moms in creating balance in their life through self-expression! This self-expression for many of our moms comes from experiencing life beyond their routine and comfort zone. BTBS does this currently through seminars, events, and creative life coaching.

ME: What does a "typical" day look like for you?
SUZY: I wake up early to workout. Then I get to work as soon as the bus pulls away! I work until the kids get off the bus. I love being home and seeing their smiling faces as they run off the bus to greet me! When they are doing their homework I am working beside them. Then dinner and the usual nightly routine. I squeeze in work whenever I have a chance. But, my family still is my priority. They are all huge supporters of Beyond the Bus Stop which makes a world of difference in our family life.

ME: Tell us a little bit about the upcoming Beyond the Bus Stop Event in PA.
SUZY: My team has created a life enhancing event for mothers. It comes ironically the weekend after the 100th year celebration of Mother's Day in Philadelphia where it originated. Beyond the Bus Stop is offering moms a day for rediscovery and recharging! We are giving mothers the tools for creating balance in their life through self-expression. It is an exciting day for moms who are ready to materialize their dreams, passions and interests! There will be national and local speakers, entertainment, meals, goodie bag, and some pampering services. Moms can check out our website for more information!

ME: How can moms get involved with BTBS?
SUZY: We are always looking to expand our dream team! BTBS is open to having help in all areas of business and creative life coaching. It is a perfect company for a mother who wants to use her talents in a fast growing business while working from home. They can contact me through email if they want to get on board. We also invite all mothers to attend our premiere event in Philadelphia on May 17th!

If you'd like to contact Suzy, you can e-mail her at [email protected].

P.S. Suzy ran in the Disney World Marathon this past January (Go Suzy! You inspire me!) and is putting together a team of moms for next year's race! Always dreamed of running in a marathon? This might just be your chance!

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4 comments on “Working Mom Wednesday: Meet Suzy from Beyond the Bus Stop”

  1. Thanks. This post has had me thinking, what is my "beyond the bus stop" calling. My son will be in kindergarten next year and I know once he is in school full time (1st grade) that I will need to look for a job. The thought frightens me. Not because I don't want to work but because I don't know what I want to do.

  2. Wow. What an incredible woman, and a great interview with her. It's so important for mothers to make time for themselves. We're important too, even if we tend to forget that at times.

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