Working Part-Time

Working Part-Time 1Option #3: Work part-time.

Here's yet another option from the "Back to Work after Baby" category.

* Less hours means less time away from your baby than in a traditional full time job scenario.
* You are able to stay current in your career.
* You are able to stay connected in the adult world of work.
* You are still bringing home some "bacon."

* You have to leave your baby for part of the day.
* You have to find a reliable caregiver who you trust.
* Depending on your line of work, part time pay may not be worthwhile for you if you also have to pay for childcare.
* If you plan to breastfeed, you may find that it is trying to pump at work.
* Travel time may make your day longer than you want.

Working part-time is a great option for some moms as it allows for continued professional development, but it also leaves a large chunk of your time for baby.

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