Workouts of the Rich & Famous (dream with me...)

If you had unlimited wealth, how would you exercise?

I would:

  1. Hire a personal trainer. She (yes...SHE) would show up at my door three times a week with a readymade plan, specifically tailored to my fitness goals and interests, my abilities, and my "state" of life (pregnancy, postpartum, etc.).
  2. Swim. I would have a large-ish swimming pool (and a regular pool cleaning service).
  3. Hike. There's nothing quite like being surrounded by breathtaking nature scenery out in the fresh morning air.
  4. Run. Affluent or not, I'd still run. Preferably along a trail with that soft, squishy track-like ground.
  5. Walk. I'd live in a pedestrian-friendly community and we'd walk EVERYWHERE. To the park, the grocer, the cafe, the community garden, etc. Cars are overrated.
  6. Wear super chic workout attire. I would resist slumpy sweats and baggy t-shirts - and wear fashionable, breathable fitness pieces.

Even if you're not rich and famous, you can still invest in good workout clothes. It really is motivating if you feel good and look good.

One good place to start browsing is Moving Comfort, a brand that makes athletic clothing for women. Pick your sport of choice (tennis, golf, mountain biking, running, walking, yoga, etc.) and there's bound to be something you like by Moving Comfort. 

For example: 

lunge short moving comfortLunge Short ($34) from Moving Comfort

That retro 70's look is in for workout wear. I know this because my sister-in-law wears shorts like this and "Fashionable" is her middle name. These striped, mesh shorts fit that category. Available in four colors, they're an excellent choice for summer. The Lunge Shorts are on the shorter side so if you prefer to keep your gams undercover, you might want to consider a pair of pants or capris instead. 

moving comfort maia braMoving Comfort's Maia Bra ($46) is specifically designed for women with C-E cup sizes. It features wide shoulder straps, seamless molded cups, and three hook-and-eye closures along the back. The Maia is actually quite pretty and is perfect under light t-shirts and silky fabrics because it gives a smooth appearance. It also features a semi-high neckline that rests flat against your chest so if you wear a lower cut tee or tank over it, it actually gives you that trendy "layered" look...and gives you a little extra coverage too.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Maia Bra from Moving Comfort {in the size/color of her choice}. To enter, leave a comment on this post stating what other Moving Comfort item you would like to wear prior to Wednesday, June 3 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #79 Lynn H. Congratulations!

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203 comments on “Workouts of the Rich & Famous (dream with me...)”

  1. Really like the Endurance C/D Support Tank in that beautiful shade of Sky. Need to work that one into my budget.

  2. I like the endurance capri.It looks comforable
    and would hold up well.I like that smooth feel
    in a fabric.Good workout pants!

  3. Those MCW Cropped Kickback Capri pants look so comfy for running. I like roomy pants. Nothing clingy.

  4. The maui shorts look really comfy. I do a lot walking and biking and so far, I haven't found a good short/capri to bike in.

  5. I'd love to have the Maia Bra from Moving Comfort to wear when I run, I don't have anything like it, and I bet it will keep me so, so comfortable! Another item from Moving Comfort that caught my eye is the Lila C/D Support Tank in the pretty Lavender 516 Color. This would be another top I'd love to wear when I jog. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  6. i also love the MCW Fitness T $38.00

    Style# 300025

    that bra looks so comfortable.. it seems with all my bras either my boobs are spilling out of the sides or trying to go over the

  7. I would like the Endurance Shell which would keep me warm on those cold days. I walk every single day first thing in the morning and sure could use this!

  8. i like the cool run shorts and the support tanks. I have not seen them before so i would like to try

  9. I would also love to have a pair of the Cool Run Shorts in Blush.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  10. I love the "Support Your Girls" tee shirt! With what I have up front, I'm sure everyone wonders about it anyway!!

  11. I'd really like to try out their skorts - the Hopkinton Skort looks particularly nice and stylish!

  12. Their gym shorts in the colors black/lava is something I would like. And I have to say-I've had 4 kids (all c-sections and my stomach ain't what it used to be) but like my mom told me (she had 4 kids too), its harder to lose the baby weight each time you have a baby. Every time I had a baby, it took longer and I had to work harder to get back to my old self. It's been a while since baby #4 and I'm still far from being my old self again!

  13. I like the Trail Short. It looks like it would be flattering on my larger than average butt.

  14. Hi! I have never entered a contest before! I am JUST starting to run...I would not consider myself a runner by any means...but I am trying to start. I just got some great new shoes and now I need a great sports bra. I like one of the commenters above have been trying to research a good sports bra for a 'larger' chested woman. I am still nursing and trying to get some of this #2 baby weight off! OYE! Thank you for such a great friend Sara clued me into your is great! Thanks for keeping it 'real'!

  15. I love the Echo Tank in Ocean or Mojito!
    If I could afford a personal trainer, I'd hire one in a heartbeat! Someone to hold me accountable and tell me what kinds of things I need to be doing would be wonderful!! How about Bob or Jilian from The Biggest Loser? I think that would be awesome!

  16. Oh wow, I was just lamenting to my husband last night that I had no idea where to find a sports bra that would fit my E cup breasts... and then I came across this post! Great site... and I happen to love the "support your girls" t-shirt :)

  17. Any of the Moving Comfort sports bra, but the MCW Fitness T would be a great item for working out. I love the colors, too!

  18. Hello! Their exercise clothing is fabulous. They look great and are wonderfully comfortable!
    The "Cool Run Shorts" are a favorite of mine.
    One can go with the basic black or the delicious
    colors of mint, sky or blush. Love it!
    Please enter my name in your fun giveaway drawing.
    Many thanks to you..... Cindi

  19. First I would get my bad knees taken care of, since that's what is holding me back from a lot of types of exercise right now. Then I'd love an in-home fitness instructor and a high quality double jogging stroller that would allow me to take my kids both running and hiking.

  20. I would like the fitness capri's but most of all that sports bra. I am in DIRE need of one, since I just got done nursing and only have nursing bras that fit me now. A sports bra would be the best!

  21. I LOVE the look of this sports bra! After looking at the Moving Comfort site, I think I'd also like to try the MC hat or visor. I live in the sunshine state and sometimes sunglasses just get in the way!!

  22. I think that the Sports Bra looks really nice and comfy!! I would also like to try the Endurance Capris.

  23. Oh my goodness! I have one sports bra that actually does its job...another would be great. Running is very unforgiving to those with less than worthy sports bras.

  24. I would like to wear the lunge shorts - they look cute and comfortable...and unfortunately, most of my clothes are only one or the other.

  25. i would get myself the women's endurance shorts in black. i like black cause it can dirty and people can't tell. a little sneaky there i guess.. :-)

  26. I like the Endurance C/D Support Tank, since i have a little extra in the middle I really like tank (length) aspect this way I won't feel like I'm scaring off the natives with my rolls :)

  27. I love the mcw cropped kickback capris!! They look really comfortable.... And of course, I would also love the sports bra!! Thanks again for another great giveaway!!

  28. I love the MC wrap skort. so adorable. But it is all about the bra for me. Being "well-endowed" is not always a nice thing...a good bra is hard to come by, ESPECIALLY a good sports bra.

  29. I love the Cadence Capri! Looks very comfortable. I really love that they have bras for bigger breasted ladies (like myself). I can never find good sports bras at stores!

  30. I'd wear the Hopkinton Skort in the color "Ocean." SUCH a cute color and an adorable pair of skorts to jog in and then grab some coffee with a friend.

  31. In addition to a quality sports bra, I'd wear the Hopkinton Skort in the color "Ocean." SUCH a cute color and an adorable pair of skorts to jog in and then grab some coffee with a friend.

  32. I didn't realize these were available for "largish" women...I've never been able to find a good one in a store...would enjoy trying this!

  33. wow they even come in larger sizes and pretty colors too a rarity these days i need the extra support to support my gals

  34. This bra looks like just what I need for my workouts. In addition to this, I would love to try the Hopkinton Skort.

  35. The Hopkinton skort is cute. I've seen a bunch of the workout skirts/skorts lately, both on your blog and in real life, and I think they're a great idea. Feminine but useful. Anything that makes me feel less like an ugly sweaty beast when I'm working out is likely to make me want to do it more!

  36. I LOVE the purple curl tank. I'm a fitness instructor and I have TRIED all bras! They creep up while I'm teaching, no support and the list goes on. So I read the description on this particular bra and it sounds like an amazing bra!!!

  37. I would like to add "personal chef" to your list. I wish I were "large" enough to enter this giveaway!

  38. I love the look of those shorts, especially on the sister in law that I think you are talking about, since she popped into my head as the cute person modeling them right when I looked at them. Anyway, she is adorable and i would wear them everyday if I had her fashion look.

  39. the mia bra looks great.I am feeling like a slouch becuase I need some better or proper workout clothes

  40. I would love to get the Fitness Pant Long, it's great that they have short & long lengths.

  41. I am trying to lose some weight, so I have been walking with my puppy. Rather he is pulling me and I am scampering behind. I would love this bra. It has 3 rows of eye hooks, good for when your weight is changing.

  42. I love all these bras you're sharing with us. It's always a sigh of relief for larger chested women to find any clothing suited for them.

  43. the pheobe bra would be great, i am just starting to walk then run, and my "girls" need some support! ugh.

  44. I'd love to wear the MCW Workout Bootleg Pant, i am in need of new workout pants, as the ones i usually wear are all worn out from working out on a regular basis!

  45. The Fitness Capri looks like it would be wonderful to wear during yoga practice. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. Have you checked out It has great sports bras that make recommendations based upon your size and the level of bounce you expect to endure. I got 3 sports bras from there and absolutly love them(I am a 34-D, so needless to say, I did a lot of bouncing before getting the right bra). After running with the right sports bra for the past 3 months, I no longer look droopy- whoohoo!

  47. i really like the endurance and echo tanks... they'd be great for running in warmer weather. the endurance short sleeve looks like it would be a good all-around running shirt. the bras look like they're made for comfort and support... a winning combination!
    now, if i had unlimited wealth, i would also hire a personal trainer... someone to help me know exactly what to do to get the results i'm looking for. i would also hire a nutritionist/chef (or maybe take some cooking classes) to help me plan some delicious and healthy meals. i'd still run because i love it. but i'd also be able to enter some races without having to worry about spending the money. how fun that would be : )

  48. The MC wrap looks awesome. I have a difficult time wearing non-skirt/non-dress items and I like the idea that I could wear a skirt while running!!

  49. The Cara bra looks like it would be a great "every day" bra, and it shows no line under clothes.

  50. Being a plus size woman, I really appreciate the fact that they offer extended sizes! I loke the Tee in blush. Thanks

  51. I LOVE the Support Your Girls tee! I would love to win this so much! I have yet to find the right bra for me and I have spent soo much money trying 100 different bras! Thanks you so much for the chance!

  52. I have been looking for comfy, chic pants to walk in that would also be good for travel, and I love the Fitness Pant in Storm. I do also need a good bra for walking. Thanks!

  53. I would totally hire a personal trainer and travel to awesome exotic destinations and walk the beaches LOL

    Love that purple endurance tank they have. So pretty!

  54. I enjoy wearing biking shorts for any workout. The cadence shorts for working out and the MC wrap to cover up afterwords are the items I really like.

  55. Thanks for the inspirational posts this week. I think the excursion tank looks really comfortable!

  56. The cropped kickback capri's look very comfy! The MC Run Hat also looks like a great accessory for summer runs!

  57. I also like the Fitness Pant Regular
    $55.00 USD in Black. (Every time I log onto your site and see your older daughter, I think it's Brad Pitt's daughter! lol)

  58. I really like the Cadence Shorts, I could use them as a layering piece.

    Or any sports bra. I am actually in need of one, currently.

  59. I like the support tanks - those look like they would be comfortable for my smaller "girls" :)

    The Mia Bra looks awesome too - I don't run, can't run but I do walk and hike and bike and even in those low-impact activities, supporting the "girls" does help me stay comfortable!

  60. The Mia Bra is something that I could really use since it really looks comfortable. Most sports bra's I've tried are not! Again Thanks for offering such nice stuff!

  61. Wow! That looks like the most comfortable sports bra that I have ever seen! I can feel my posture improving just by looking at it :) The Trail Bermuda shorts look super comfy. Just thinking about wearing them makes me want to go for a jog or do some yoga.

  62. I would love to try a new bra - I am long overdue for one. I hate it when I finally get up the nerve to go out and run and halfway through my first lap I realize that I am 'holding' myself with my upper arms because my bra isn't good enough!

  63. I would love to try the grey capris or the support your girls tee. I also like the trail t. I'm just getting started on my workout program - 2 days down!

  64. the sports bras that I wore pre-baby somehow don't do the trick these days. i'm glad to know there are more supportive options on the market other than the monoboob bra that's too tight or too loose in all the wrong places.

  65. The Endurance SS shirt and the Gym Short look like they would make a cut little fitness outfit. And all of the bras look great!

    Thanks so much!

  66. You always see celebs after having a baby and they don't look like they even popped one out! But you're right ~ they have pretty much unlimited resources but that shouldn't be any excuse for me. I just have to get off my lazy bottom!!!

  67. Hiking is my all time favorite work out ever. Too bad Chicago isn't much for hiking.

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