Yes, I'm a Chocolate Snob

I recently received 5 chocolate bars in the mail, courtesy of Mom Central and Ghirardelli

Yes, I'm a Chocolate Snob 1There they were! Five of the new LUXE milk chocolate bars (Almond, Hazelnut, Milk, Crisp, Duet) tucked in a bubble wrap envelope for my tasting pleasure.

Before I go any further with my review, I should say that I'm a chocolate snob (and, really, I'm kind of pretentious about my candy in general). The Halloween candy in our house doesn't really tempt me. I just can't savor the cheap milk chocolates, the bright-colored gumballs, the lollipops, or the chewy circles of processed goodness. 

Yes, I'm a Chocolate Snob 2I prefer dark, bitter chocolates with high cacao content (like Ghirardelli's Midnight Reverie bar). If I am going to eat milk chocolate (definitely my second a long shot), I want high-quality, creamy, rich chocolate. I put up my nose to butterfingers, snickers, m & m's, and 3 musketeers. I will eat them, but not very often and only as a last resort. Especially during pregnancy. I want the good stuff. 

Ghirardelli offers that. Check out the Ghirardelli difference.

P.S. Want to get free "goods" (perhaps even chocolate...) delivered to your doorstep? Sign up with Mom Central Consulting! Its fun!

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5 comments on “Yes, I'm a Chocolate Snob”

  1. Interesting chocolate site. I will be signing up. I am all about the dark chocolate and I don't need much of it to be happy, just a bite or two with a glass of very cold milk. Milk chocolate is fine but doesn't do much for me and white chocolate just isn't chocolate at all in my book (and by definition!).

  2. I definitely appreciate excellent chocolate (and dark chocolate is my favorite), but I've gotta say I'm not a snob, either. Just gimmie the candy and chocolate and no one will get hurt. Until it runs out.

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