Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 1Yesterday, I went to the BookExpo America/Writer's Digest Book Writers Conference. It was a fantastic experience overall, especially the Pitch Slam.



Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 2Today, my husband and I took our daughter to Disneyland. Our friends Joe and Rhonda (and their 8-month-old son) joined us. It was a magical experience - full of happiness, laughter, and wonder (If you saw the pretty little blonde girl grinning from ear-to-ear and shouting "AGAIN!" persistently after the carousel, that was my daughter!). I'll post a full re-cap and corresponding photos soon...

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 3Tomorrow, I'll be announcing my theme for this weekend (see photo for hint) and it's a very fun one. There will be informational articles, fun tips, and giveaways galore (including one REALLY big giveaway). Stay tuned!

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11 comments on “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”

  1. Did you fly or drive to L.A.? If you flew I'm interested in hearing how you made out with a toddler on the plane. I haven't flown with my son since he was a newborn. I can't imagine what it would be like today. Although I suppose it's a pretty quick flight from AZ to Southern Cali.

  2. my girls love Disneyland, it really is magical. My daughters still believe all of it (a little girl told her that the princesses were not real but my daughter still believes)

  3. I love Disneyland. We went last November on Samantha's second birthday. There's still 5 months to go, but I'm already super excited to go back. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  4. This weekends theme sounds great! We all love some summer fun. Glad you had a great time with your family and friends.

  5. As everyone else was saying, HOW WAS THE PITCH SLAM??? I've been praying for ya. Glad Disneyland was a hit, especially with the little one. I didn't know Joe and Rhonda were going with you; so fun! Finally, I'm excited about the weekend theme. Call me when you get back!

  6. What a great time!! And I'm with MizFit - anything happen during the Pitch Slam that sounds promising??

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