You Are 3

Three years. Of fun. Of laughter. Of sweetness. Of squeals. Of sunshine.

three-years-old-2 three-years-old-3 three-years-old-4

You are my firstborn - the one who rocked our world, the one who changed us forever.

From day one, your daddy and I loved you with an overwhelming love that we didn't know was possible. I remember the way it felt when you were placed on my chest. The wonder and majesty of that moment. Your daddy often says that THAT was the "real love at first sight" because he was enamored by you. As was I.

The nurses said you were beautiful. In fact, everyone who saw you said you were perfect and not in the that's-what-you're-supposed-to-say way. It was true. Your skin was flawless. Your eyes were a brilliant blue. Your button nose and rosepetal lips were exquisitely shaped. You were (and still are) piercingly beautiful.

Then, you grew. And grew. And GREW. And now you are active, spunky, fearless, fun, spirited, and sweet.

And just so I don't forget (oh, I don't ever want to forget...):

  • You like jumping on your bed. Off of your little table and onto the bed, laughing.
  • You like making peanut butter balls and going new places.
  • You like arts and crafts, school time, chocolate ice cream, "noodles," and watching Pooh on your iPod.
  • When I say, "do you want to read two or three books at bedtime?" You say: "I want to read a lot of books." So we do.
  • You can sing your ABCS and you do so often. Sometimes in public - very loudly.
  • You know all of your shapes, your colors (including gray and turquoise), your numbers (0-10), your birthday, and you can almost spell your name.
  • You pretend to read books, tracing the words from left to right with your fingers. You have several books memorized.
  • You say "please" and "thank you" and "I'm sorry" and "you're the best mom in the whole world." You are generally very well-mannered, but daddy says you need to work on not screaming in high-pitched tones.
  • You usually volunteer to pray at every meal. And you pray, "Dear God, Thank you for our food. And thank you that other kids not get hurt." And sometimes you say, "Thank you for mommy and daddy and baby sister and [insert names of friends + family members]."
  • You don't like to wear dresses (unless they don't have buttons). You mostly like to wear t-shirts and shorts. Or nothing at all.
  • You can reach the light switches and door handles, dress yourself, put your shoes on the right feet, get yourself water out of the refrigerator, set the table, take out the trash, draw smiley faces, and do somersaults.
  • Your favorite color is dark green. No, not any green. Dark green, in particular.
  • You are the absolute best big sister. Really.

You are wonderful and you are full of wonder. We love you, sweet girl - and don't you ever, ever forget it.

* Big Sister is wearing a custom birthday shirt from Olive & Ollie, an etsy shop.

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26 comments on “You Are 3”

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Congratulations on your daughter's 3rd birthday -- she is just gorgeous! And I'm not just saying that in the "that's-what-you're-supposed-to-say" kind of way either :o)
    I just wanted to compliment you on your blog in general. I spend a lot of time reading various blogs...too much time, in fact. Rarely am I compelled to post a random comment like this one. I typically write when I have a strong opinion either supporting or opposing something I have read. However, I wanted you to know (and hear from a random stranger) that you truly are a talented and engaging writer.
    I had meant to comment on one of the posts concerning your thoughts and beliefs on religion last weekend. Although I am not currently involved in any organized religious denomination, I still consider myself a very spiritual Christian. Your thoughts and words were (and are) eloquent and moving.
    I actually found your blog while entering giveaways. Yes, I freely admit that I am a giveaway junkie! But yours is one of the few blogs where I read each and every post...giveaway or not.
    Have your ever tried your hand at writing professionally? You certainly have a gift for it. Keep up the wonderful work on your blog. And I look forward to someday reading one of your short stories or novels :o)

    Kindest regards,

  2. the not wearing dresses made me laugh. My girls are the opposite. The rarely wear anything but dress. Well expect for my four year old right now she lives in her pink leotard and ballet skirt. She only get out of it when we leave the house (or bedtime) and as soon as we get home she puts it right back on

  3. That is wonderful. It is priceless now, but even more so when she is older to be able to remember such sweet details. Just wonderful!!

  4. This is beautiful. I LOVE that you are writing it all up. It does help to remember the little things.

    I know some people think I'm crazy, but I LOVED three! It was such a fun age. Fun days ahead!

  5. What a sweet, exquisitely loving post, perfect for an exceedingly lovely three-year-old girl!! :)

    Oh, and good luck with the high-pitched screaming. If you figure that one out, let me know!

    Happy birthday to your sweet big girl!!

  6. When I saw the pictures, I immediately liked the shirt! What a beautiful post and a great way to remember all of these precious moments. Thank you for sharing them with us! She really is beautiful and sounds like such a joy to have around.

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