You Asked, I Answer (Part I)

Here are 4 questions you asked...and my answers.

You Asked, I Answer (Part I) 1Jo-Lynne asks: How do you juggle everything that you do and still stay sane?

Who said anything about sanity? (Just Kidding).

You Asked, I Answer (Part I) 2I think my answer would have to be my husband Tim. He is my best friend - my friend above all other friends. I tell him everything. We laugh and dream and work together. And speaking of work, he works hard. He's a hands-on dad. He willingly scrubs bathrooms, mops floors, gives baths, makes dinners, and plays with the girls...daily.

You Asked, I Answer (Part I) 3I also want to give credit to my energetic and loving mother-in-law. She comes over twice a week to play with the girls in the afternoon and they adore her (and so do I).

Also - I say "no, thank you" - A LOT. No to Mary Kay parties. No to nightly commitments. No to volunteer positions and new money-paying gigs that aren't aligned with my goals. No to product review offers that don't fit who I am. I'm not one to feel guilty about saying no. If it isn't good and healthy for me and my family and our goals,, thank you.


You Asked, I Answer (Part I) 4Naomi asks: I want to know what your favorite red lipstick is.

Of the ones I've tried, it would have to be CoverGirl Cabernet Satin 855. It's a dark, knock-out red...and it's long-lasting - perfect for a mom who gives kisses to her baby all day long since it doesn't rub off.


You Asked, I Answer (Part I) 5Jenn asks: Does your 3-year old sleep in a crib or in a toddler bed or in a regular bed or what?

You Asked, I Answer (Part I) 6She sleeps on a full size mattress on the floor. We've never actually used a crib. She slept in our room until about 9/10 months. At that point, we transitioned her (seamlessly, I might add) to a mattress on the floor in her room.

It's a wonderful arrangement because it gives her freedom (she can get up to go to the bathroom, etc.), but it's also quite safe. And the biggest bonus is that if she is sick or wakes up and wants one of us, we can just lay right down beside her and get some sleep ourselves. It's awesome.


Kari asks: How do you keep your 3 year old from talking in a VERY loud voice ALL DAY LONG? mine does this:)

You Asked, I Answer (Part I) 7The assumption is that my 3-year-old does not talk in a VERY loud voice ALL DAY LONG. That is an erroneous assumption. Much to Tim's dismay (he has been known to complain of premature hearing loss because of it...), she actually screams [in high-pitched, soprano tones] and talks loudly...daily. Working on that.

You know what though? It's a very.very.very small flaw so I only worry about it a very little bit. I'd much rather her be happily loud than be lying, selfish, defiant, etc. All in all, she is a sweet, caring, gentle little girl with a compassionate heart...and a big voice.

YOUR TURN: What is YOUR favorite red lipstick? Where does YOUR preschooler sleep? How do YOU keep your preschooler from screaming/talking loudly?

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20 comments on “You Asked, I Answer (Part I)”

  1. I don't have an answer to any of your questions but I cam say that I don't often (like ever) wear lipstick. If anything I will wear a tinted lip balm. Lip balm is my poison of choice, I wear it constantly.

    I love that your daughter sleeps on a regular mattress on the floor, I think that is a brilliant solution.

  2. I don't think I am brave enough for red lipstick...but you sure look amazing in it!

    My 3 year old has been sleeping in her 'big' bed since she was 17 months old. Her room was the office/guest room/her room so we have always had a full size futon in there. While I was pregnant with #2, I wondered how we would transition her into the bed, but knew I had plenty of time. She is a strong willed little one and I was picturing her getting out of her big bed countless times to play, explore, etc. She proved me wrong and suprised us! One day, completely on her own she said she wanted to sleep in her big bed. We said, "Really? Are you sure?" She said, "YES!". So, we headed to Toys 'R Us, bought a bed rail and she slept perfectly! We only used the bed rail for a few weeks too!

    Regarding the quiet voice issue...oye! My 3 year old has NO concept of a quiet voice. Everything is loud. Her whisper is loud! I try to encourage her to talk a bit quieter by telling her how much I love her talking voice. Her loud voice is hard to understand and since she has such a great talking voice I want to hear that more. (I tell her the same about her whining voice :)

  3. Cracking up right now at the mama who asked about her 3 year old talking so loud!! We should get our 3 LOUD GIRLS together and video it. Seriously. I am so glad she is so dramatic and excited about EVERYTHING but man, she is overwhelmingly loud.

  4. Saying no is a good thing. I'm glad to know another person who isn't afraid to say no, or to admit she says no. Seems like a lot of stay-at-home Mom's I know feel guilty about that. Like, since they don't "work" outside the home that means they should do everything anyone ever asks because they have "free" time.


  5. we just moved our three year old into his older (almost six years old) brother's room. they now have bunk beds and love sharing a room. my husband and i love to hear them giggling and talking to each other in the morning.
    as for the loud voice, he has been loud since he was born... loud crying, screaming, and now talking and yelling to us. some kids are just louder than others. and like one of the previous posts, i do sometimes have trouble with losing my train of thought because he likes to talk to us, all of the time. we are working on having him learn that interrupting isn't using good manners. we like to joke that he probably thinks we are interrupting him since seems to always have something to say : )
    on the other hand, i'm lucky to have a little guy who likes to talk to me, let me know what he sees or hears, and is thinking about.

  6. I used to like MAC Russian Red but it's pretty gory looking when kissed upon little kids so I'm more of a lip balm girl these days.

    Roo has a bunk bed and Jasper has a twin bed with trundle. They are both freakishly loud at times but I try to tolerate it, as long as they're happy shrieks!

  7. I noticed on two of my posts to you my computer cut out all but the "s" in two words. I have no idea why this happened, but you can probably figure out the words :-) Like I said I am having some major computer problems. Hopefully resolved soon!

  8. While I love red lipstick, it just doesn't look good on me and doesn't feel like me. So I tend to stick with earthy tones and maybe some that lean toward darker pink tones. Or I just go with a clear gloss or chapstick, especially in the cold weather.
    Our two-year-old sleeps with us. Either right in our bed or next to ours in a little bed. We all just sleep better together. Since I work late into the night, sometimes by the time I go to bed there is no room for me with my husband and little one completely sprawled out and sometimes sideways, so even though there are other beds in our house, I sleep on the floor next to them on those nights until some space opens up, and that is fine with me. I can honestly sleep just about anywhere, and I'd rather be close.
    My little boy has always liked to hear the sound of his voice and to have the whole neighborhood hear as well :-), but like your s he is happy, happy. Even though I have a hard time thinking straight when he is chattering nonstop and loudly, I love that his loud noises are happy and full of excitement. I love that he already talks my ear off. :-)

  9. Love the bed setup. Makes so much sense, doesn't it? I think our culture is kind of silly about cribs and toddler beds and cute perfectly decorated nurseries. We often end up with 4 or 5 of us in our queen-sized bed by the end of the night. We often say we wish we had one big bedroom with a king sized bed and an extra bed beside it, lol. The American way of splitting everyone up really doesn't seem natural.

  10. We have a family bed (mattress on the floor) that we all share and it's awesome!! We all love it so very much! Since our 2 year old is still breastfeeding I cannot imagine anything I can't bear the thought of her sleeping alone and we like being right there in case of anything. It's a wonderful arrangement...In the future I'm thinking a toddler bed for her but it would still be in our room. I enjoyed this post so much! Thank God for incredible equal partners, huh?!!!

  11. My preschooler still sleeps in our room in her own twin bed.
    Stephanie: also, you inspired me to start a self-hosted blog. I moved from wordpress to my own space. Thank you!

  12. you are so brave to do an ask me anything!! i loved this. loved the idea about the mattress and loved the insight about getting help and saying no. i so needed to read these things! thanks for making my day better. (you always do.)

  13. I usually do chapstick than a pink shade lipgloss on top.

    Jeremiah (my oldest) sleeps in his twin size bed, but coslept till he was 6!
    Baby Audrey sleeps better in her crib, although we wold love for her to join us in the big bed.

  14. My preschooler sleeps in her crib. We have a "big girl bed" ready to go - a twin bed in a very low frame. But, she says she wants to stay in her crib, so I'm happy. She is not yet going potty by herself at night - she calls me and I help her - so this isn't yet an issue.
    When do they usually (yes, very loaded word) start going potty completely by themselves, unassisted? We'll need her to be able to get out of bed herself by then. We're just playing it by ear, seeing when she is ready.
    And, yes, she is LOUD. We work on "inside voice" or "mommy is talking to _____" manners, but for the most part I love her little voice and her excitement, so I'm ok with loud!

  15. At 2 we are still in co-sleeping, eventually would like to transition him to his bedroom. Thought about getting a toddler bed but maybe a mattress on the floor with a nice comforter might be a better option...good idea!

  16. When you said your 3 year old didn't sleep in a crib, do you mean she slept in your bed for the first 9/10 months?

    We just had our fourth child and she sleeps in a crib in our room. We will eventually move her into her sister's room and get them bunk beds. I have been thinking about trying to find a way to move her into a regular bed earlier than usual (18 months-2 years with our other three) so we don't have to buy a loft bed that would fit a crib underneath.

    We also did the mattress on the floor for a while with the others. That probably won't solve our bunk bed issue though. Hmm.

  17. What is YOUR favorite red lipstick? Not really a lipstick kind of girl, I mostly wear chapstick - Burt's Bees and C.O. Bigelow from Bath & Body works are my favorites.

    Where does YOUR preschooler sleep? We also have our 3 year old sleep on a full sized mattress & box spring on the floor - glad to see that we aren't the only ones who do this! She did however sleep in a a crib first. We also think that it's a great transition for many of the reasons that you listed.

    How do YOU keep your preschooler from screaming/talking loudly? We just let her. She's a happy, loud, little girl! Especially whenever she's excited about something.

  18. Oh goodness- Ivy just turned 4 and has been loud since day 1. When she was a newborn her cry was so loud she was nicknamed the raptor. She sings at the top of her lungs and whispers almost never. We are constantly reminding her that we are right beside her, or that we are in the car or that we need to use "inside voices"- my 7 year old was NEVER as loud as Ivy (both girls).

    Ivy sleeps on a queen bed with a small ottoman beside it to help her climb up it. We recently moved her from a twin. She'd fall out of the twin and there was no place for us to snuggle when she'd have bad dreams or a fever.

    No red lipstick for me- but I might have to give it a try.

  19. I'm sad to say I don't have a favourite red lipstick! This defies reason and logic. I need one, immediately. I'll be checking out your reference for certain. Every girl needs a good red lipstick.

    My Annie (3 years old) just got her "big girl bed" - a twin bed with box spring up on a frame. She was in a crib and moved into a toddler bed when her little brother came along when she had just turned 2. We felt like she was too little for a great big bed. They swore to us that she would be in this bed until she was 4 or 5 at the earliest. Well, my husband is 6'5" and so she's a tall girl. She's three and nearly a half and she was the entire length of the bed and waking up all night long with her bumps into either end. She loves her new big bed with its homey quilt.

    And for the screaming/talking loud thing? I don't know. Mine isn't a screamer or overly loud talker but she does love to interrupt. Any help with THAT one?

    (P.S. LOVE this series you're doing, Steph. You are full of good ideas!)

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