You Asked, I Answer (Part III)

Here are 3 more questions you asked...and my answers.

You Asked, I Answer (Part III) 1Jenny asks: If you had to decide today, do you think you would have more children?

Sara asks: Do you have a desire to have a boy and if yes, do you think that affects your decision to have baby #3?

The answer is Yes. Yes, we plan to have more children. It's a funny thing. When I was pregnant with our second daughter, we thought that perhaps two might be "it." But something changed in my heart and in Tim's heart shortly after her birth. At the exact same time, we both came to the conclusion that - yes - we do want more. How many more? I'm not quite sure. I guess we'll take it one a time (although we're leaning toward 3, maybe 4...).

RE: having a boy. If we have another girl, Tim and I will be overwhelmingly happy. If we have a boy, we will be the same. There is definitely a part of both of us that would love to experience parenting a boy, but parenting girls is pretty incredible too:

You Asked, I Answer (Part III) 2----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

You Asked, I Answer (Part III) 3Becca asks: I'm curious if you listen to music while you run.

Up until this year, I ran to the "music" of my beating heart and my tennis shoes pounding the pavement...and there's definitely something to be said for that. I pray. I think. I enjoy the silence and the whisperings of nature and my neighborhood.

You Asked, I Answer (Part III) 4Then, my brother-in-law gave me an ipod shuffle this past Christmas...and there's definitely something to be said for running with music too. It's motivating, energizing, and I think I run faster with music.

So...I usually listen to music when running solo (but not always). When I am running with Tim and/or the girls, we talk as we run.


Sara Greco asks: Have you ever considered a home birth?

As a matter of fact, I have been thinking about that a lot lately...and I most definitely will consider a home birth next time around. The concept appeals to me immensely, but there is much to consider (and we'd have to find the right midwife).

If we opt not to have a home birth, I feel confident and at peace about delivering at my local birth center. It is nothing short of amazing.

YOUR TURN: How many children do YOU want to have? Do YOU listen to music when you workout? Have you had a home birth...or would you consider it in the future?

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8 comments on “You Asked, I Answer (Part III)”

  1. I had really good hospital births for my first 3 babies and an amazing home birth for my 4th baby. I wasn't sure how my husband was going to like the home birth experience, but afterwards, he said it was the best one so far! We had an awesome Christian midwife and it was such a blessing to have someone who trusted God most of all in this miracle of the beginning of life.

  2. I want a home birth!! Someday I would love it. I didn't have one last time because there were no home birth midwives in the area willing to do VBACs. But I think now that not only am I in a different area, but I have had a successful, natural VBAC, it will be a little easier to find a midwife willing to take part. :)

  3. Funny how we don't want anymore children when we're pregnant, but after the baby comes we open our hearts to it again. Funny how that works. ;)

    I think your family would be a perfect one to grow even bigger :)


  4. I had two of my six children at home. It was an unforgettable experience that I wouldn't trade. My midwife was the best around my area at the time. It was wonderful to be at home with all of my family around me. And the steak dinner my hubby made for me afterwards was not too shabby either! I recommend it for anyone who feels confident about birthing in general amd doesn't have any medical issues.

  5. I want maybe three or four children if possible. If I go for a short run, I sort of like the quiet. If I'm training for a long race and have long runs ahead of me, I need a long play list to make it through.
    Yes, I would consider a homebirth. It would have to be with a midwife I felt extremely confident and secure with, though. If I didn't have such a positive hospital experience with midwives and natural birth the first time around, I think I would consider homebirth much more.
    These are really fun posts, Stephanie. Thanks for sharing so much of who you are with us. :-)
    I am having major computer problems and can't even post to my own blog right now, so commenting on your blog and answering your questions is a fun writing outlet this evening.
    You are an inspiration!

  6. I HAVE to have music when I run. I'm getting to the point where I know now which music helps me run faster, and I save it for the end when I'm starting to peter out. :-)

    No more kids for me. Although some days I think I'd like another baby in the house, I know my quiver is full.

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