You Asked, I Answer (Part IV)

Here are 3 more questions you asked...and my answers.

You Asked, I Answer (Part IV) 1Ashleigh asks: How do you keep the love alive in your marriage? You have such an obvious love for your husband, and I want to know how you keep things strong.

You Asked, I Answer (Part IV) 2Thanks for pointing out our "obvious love," Ashleigh. We really do have a fun, lively marriage. Sure, we have our moments (like tonight, when he came home THREE hours later than expected from a 4-wheeling adventure...), but - all in all - I can't imagine living this life beside anyone else. Tim is funny, hard-working, heroic, handsome, and full of heart.

I could write a whole book on this stuff, but let's see...we keep things strong by:

  • spending a lot of time together.
  • talking about anything and everything (our goals, our girls, our dreams, our fears, our friends, etc.).
  • working side-by-side on business and hobby pursuits.
  • being sexually intimate regularly.
  • choosing to only say positive things about each other in public settings (we made a little pact about that back when we were 17).

Oh, and we don't go on weekly date nights.


Marina asks: What do you think of home schooling?

You Asked, I Answer (Part IV) 3I haven't written about this much, but I was actually homeschooled through grade 8 and have many positive memories of the experience. I was able to excel academically and also stay very social (through ballet, soccer, volunteering, theater, etc.). By the time I entered high school, I had a pretty solid confidence that helped me navigate those traditionally tumultuous years without too much heartache.

As of right now, we are planning on homeschooling our girls through the early years (at a minimum), but we will reevaluate every year based on our children's dispositions and aptitudes, where we happen to be living, what our school options are, etc.


You Asked, I Answer (Part IV) 4Lisa asks: What is your favorite food?

I can't name just one! Salad with lots of toppings. Homemade bread just out of the oven. Fresh-squeezed juice. Dark Chocolate. Perfectly ripe fruit. Cheesecake.

YOUR TURN: How do YOU keep the love alive in your marriage? Are YOU homeschooling...or have you considered it ? What are YOUR favorite foods?

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8 comments on “You Asked, I Answer (Part IV)”

  1. Your favorite foods are a lot like mine!!! I would have to add nuts to the list too!

    I love how the two of you keep your marriage strong. A marriage is hard work and really takes the two people to work at it.

    We always try to compliment and thank each other. Try to eat right and exercise to feel good about ourselves and each other. Intimacy is definitely important. We don't go to bed angry, no matter what. And we always sleep in the same bed together on the nights I am home.

    Talking to each other about everything is also key, like you said. Being truthful with one another, yet respectful. No name calling, ever. And sneaking kisses and hugs in the most unexpected moments and places is fun too.

  2. We make sure we get regular date nights -- at least once every 2 weeks, sometimes once a week. We also leave love notes for each other (my husband works at our church and leaves me one every Sunday morning on my coffee mug, since he leaves home before I wake up). :)

    We have just made the decision to continue homeschooling this coming fall. We've done "preschool at home" with our two for 2 years now, and have decided to teach our oldest at home for kindergarten. Like you, we'll reevaluate, pray through, and decide what to do year by year.

    And my favorite foods? Pancakes, dark chocolate, granola bars, almonds, and fresh pears and plums. :)

  3. Great marriage comments! Gratitude is tops.
    I would add, keeping a short account. We have misunderstandings & dissappointments with each other (not sure how sinners could not have that!), but we always clear it up. If you choose to "sleep on it", you are greatly harming your intimacy.

  4. My marriage stays strong with total honesty, gratitude, lots of physical affection, and quality time. We have read and discussed the "5 Languages of Love" many times. We heard about it when we'd been married about 5 years, and I was SHOCKED at how my husband perceives love. It really helped me evaluate how I show him love - by how he needs it and not how I do. VERY eye opening!

    We, too, have thought about homeschooling, but I love our school district, and our little one struggles most with being social, so for her, public is what we'll choose. For our 2nd, we'll see when she gets to that point, but more than likely, she'll go public. I will be doing plenty of volunteering and supplementing at home if needed.

    Favorite food(s) - First, my parents grew up on cattle ranches and farms in Idaho, so we grew up on beef and potatoes. That may explain my "horrible" list to follow, but being totally honest, here we go - Mashed potatoes full of butter with REAL home made chicken gravy (very seldom as I eat too much and have a HORRIBLE belly ache), fresh rolls full of butter, a fat juicy steak (the redder the better - gross I know, but you asked), clam chowder, nachos with real nacho cheese (none of this melted shredded stuff), strawberry angel food cake, girl scout thin mint cookies, snicker doodles, milk chocolate toblerone, ice cold Dr. Pepper, French toast out of Texas toast, Crunch Berries, and of course ICE CREAM (preferably pistachio or mint). You asked for favorite foods, not the foods we actually eat! We live on lots of other foods that promote much greater longevity than the list I provided! For the record, I eat the items on the above list, with the exception of Crunch Berries and ice cream, MAYBE once a year if that. We work hard to avoid sugary stuff completely! Otherwise, I'd be 400 pounds and have had a heart attack a long time ago!

    Of the foods we actually eat, I love fish, French toast from my whole wheat home made bread, whole wheat enchiladas, FF cottage cheese, home made mac n cheese with whole wheat pasta and FF everything else, and home made whole wheat pizza. I am a bread girl but at least it is home made and wheat now. I confess I am not a veggie fan, but would like to claim I am. We do eat them every day, and I put on a happy face while eating, but with the exception of fresh raw green beans, bleh!!!

    That was fun - I'm loving this series. I think I'll copy and paste in my journal. :)

  5. With our marriage, we keep it alive by being thankful! Also, we have no expectations. If you don't expect anything of each other, you won't be disappointed when they fail to live up to your expectations. But when they do something--anything--you are so grateful! It's amazing! And you end up over-appreciating whatever it is they did... which is never a bad thing!

    We plan on homeschooling as well. :)

    And my favorite foods.... I love food! I love way too many foods. Right now I'll say stuffed shells, because they're in the oven and they smell absolutely delicious... but tomorrow my favorite food will change! :)

  6. i love how you worded your response to homeschooling. this is exactly how we feel and have chosen to broach the topic of educating our kids. it will evolve as our kids grow i'm sure.

  7. My Marriage ~ We make time for each other almost every night (talk, watch tv, etc). Every Friday night we feed our children an early dinner, and we eat alone after they have gone to bed. We also try to have a date night at least twice a month.

    Homeschool ~ I do not homeschool, but seriously considered it before we moved. I was very unhappy with the our local school district. However, my husband was offered a position at a Friends school in the Philly suburbs, so we moved. Fortunately, my children are able to go for a nominal fee. I feel very blessed because the school is amazing. My children are very happy.

    Favorite Foods ~ Anything mexican, fresh bread, dark chocolate, salmon, sushi

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