Your Ideal "Mom Retreat"

Your Ideal "Mom Retreat" 1I recently came across two companies that host "mom camps": Camp GetAway and Mom-Camp. Both camps provide moms with opportunities to relax, unwind, learn new skills, and hang out with friends.

When my daughter was an infant, I wouldn't have even considered leaving her...especially overnight. But as she approaches her first birthday and we're getting closer to the weaning stage, I feel like I'm almost ready for a little time away with "the girls."

Here's what my ideal camp/retreat would look like:

Location: somewhere relatively near (within 2-hr. drive) from home...just in case (yes, I'm still a bit attached).
Accommodations: No bunkbeds, please! If I'm going to be away from my munchkin, I might as well enjoy a full wonderful night's sleep on a plush queen or king-sized bed.
MIND Activities: Workshops/Classes on Goal Setting, Time Management, Money Management, Stocks & Bonds, Easy Meals for Moms, Starting A Business, etc.
BODY Activities: Swimming, Dancing (Salsa, Hip Hop, Line Dancing, etc.), Morning Run, Afternoon Hike, Leisurely Bike Ride, Sand Volleyball, Personal Training Sessions, etc.
HEART/SOUL Activities: Downtime for discussions with friends, "alone" time for journaling and prayer, etc.

And, of course, there would need to be good food (healthy and gourmet with some amazing desserts thrown in), breathtaking views, and access to the Internet.

So, I've actually seriously considered planning an event like this. Anyone want to attend if I do?

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