1st meal in the RV

Our 5th wheel is parked on Tim's parents property for now. It's packed and organized and ready to go (we are SO ready to go).

A few nights ago, we used the stovetop in the RV for the first time. We made homemade pancakes (secret ingredient: cottage cheese) and homemade blueberry sauce. For dinner. With real whipped cream.

1st meal in the RV 1

Tim and our 4-year-old were the cooks. (There isn't room for 2 adults in the kitchen). Here is our 4-year-old - holding a knife. Yep. Right at that moment, she was saying, "Mom! I can hold knives! Look!"

1st meal in the RV 2

We ate. We talked. We tried not to spill. I can feel us starting to carve out a little home for ourselves again. Just the four of us.

1st meal in the RV 3This year is going to be totally awesome.

What did YOU have for dinner last night?

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41 comments on “1st meal in the RV”

    1. I think my mom used to make pancakes with ricotta...and I think it produces the same "kind" of pancake as using cottage cheese. Light. Fluffy. Sweet.

  1. This is awesome! I mean, look at that pancakes! My daughter loves pancakes. I love making them especially on weekends when the whole family is not a rush. I love the blueberry sauce, it looks really yummy. My daughter will totally wipe that pancake off Tim's hands. Love the RV kitchen.

  2. Had to thank you for the link to the blueberry sauce recipe. That is so happening next weekend!

    I just read your other post as well, and I wanted to reassure you. I so admire what you are doing and I think you are brave to go for it. I'm fairly sure that the Lord will smile on you for it.

  3. Your RV kitchen looks to homey - not at all like an RV kitchen! You must be so ready to go. I'm so ready to watch you go! Is your departure dependent on getting your house rented?

    For dinner we reaped the bounty of our CSA share: homemade butternut squash ravioli in brown butter and sage sauce, with a heaping side of mixed baby lettuces. Yummmm!

    1. We have an official launch date - this Saturday, February 5!

      If we don't have a renter by then, we'll likely hire a property management company (or a good friend). That said, Tim showed the house tonight and got a "tentative yes." (We're prayerful and hopeful).

  4. Stephanie,

    Do people call you Steph or do you hate it? I love to call my friends by nicknames. And I would like to be friends...when you said on my 100 Things post that we had a lot in common, I just knew it...I have felt for long that you were a kindred spirit! LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your heartfelt comments. I truly look up to you in this brand new world of blogging that I find myself in. You find such a beautifully unique balance in how you share your life, your family, your Jesus and using it as a business as well....I just love it SO MUCH!

    And what you are your family are launching here "thrills me to my toes!" I am properly jealous OF you and immensely thrilled FOR you! I hope that we can MEET when you are on my side of the country (Maryland).

    So post related question.....how did you take that pic of Tim & your precious little girl? Was it through the RV window? Great angle! :)

    1. Most people call me "Stephanie." But some people do call me "Steph." (And I don't mind a bit). :)

      The RV actually has an island (imagine that!). I was right up against the other wall when I took the photo.

      P.S. Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm happy to know you.

    1. You'll have to share the recipe. We've tried making homemade pizza at least dozen times, but we can't seem to get it exactly right.

  5. That looks delicious! How do you make the blueberry sauce? I'm lactose intolerant so no cream cheese or whipped cream for me, but I love making whole wheat pancakes with lactose free milk. My favorite variation so far is bananas & chocolate chips! But I also LOVE blueberries.
    We had nuggets last night after realizing how bare our kitchen was. And went shopping after dinner!

  6. Wow! Your kitchen looks so nice! I never would have guessed that you were in the RV. We love breakfast for dinner too - we call it Topsy Turvey.

    We had a family birthday party last night with pizza, tossed salad, pasta salad, and strawberry cupcakes for dessert.

    1. Our 5th wheel does have a pretty nice kitchen (with an island!). It's one of the things that caught my attention right when we walked in for the first time!

  7. Congratulations on having dinner in your RV! I'm excited for you to hit the road! Did you sign up for Families on the Road?

  8. We ate sandwiches and hot tea at the Russian Banya yesterday! Eric's first time was with Tim and now he's a banya pro! I've only been twice, but I really like it. Your RV looks nice! I think we are all excited to hear about your upcoming road adventures! Praying for you all!

    1. Tim has talked quite a bit about the banya. I think I'd enjoy it immensely (maybe someday...). Do you find that it is good for your skin?

      1. Yes it is very good for the skin! When Eric comes home from his now weekly Sauna bath, he looks ten years younger and he feels great! The first "sweat" is yucky, all oily and greasy as the impurities come out of the skin. Then you take a cold dunk in a refrigerated pool (or frozen lake or roll in the snow!) and then into a luke warm Jacuzzi. Then back to the sauna to start the process all over again. You want to do it at least three times. But after the initial heat up and dunking you sweat just water. Very purifying! I really like it, it is quite relaxing and a fun way to spend time with your spouse or friends! It's a whole culture unto its own!

        1. I think my skin would like that. :)

          Maybe someday we'll take a family trip to the Ukraine. I wonder if banyas are popular in other parts of the world too?

  9. How exciting! I haven't had dinner yet,and those pancakes look amazing...I think Iknow what I'm going to have :)

    Can't wait to hear about all your adventures.

  10. Last night Scott & I had our celebration meal at the birth center. Baby Kendall was born!
    We had Filet Mignon & Champagne!
    I made pancakes for dinner a few nights ago, though. I love that meal!

    I really hope you can get your RV on the road soon. You must feel SO ready to move!

    1. CONGRATULATIONS, Erin! I am sooooo happy for you. How was the birth? I hope you post your story on your blog...when you're ready, of course.

      I wish you a quick and peaceful recovery that is as painless as possible.

  11. We had pancakes for dinner night too! We do a "PJs, Pancakes and movie night" atleast once a month...we love breakfast for dinner :)

  12. Heh. We had breakfast for dinner last night too! My husband is out of town and I was feeling lazy... pancakes with chocolate chips in them (for me, my son actually likes his plain jane), applesauce, and eggs!

  13. We had homemade pizza! Then we went out for gelato and cappuccino (I guess my recent comment on your birthday post got me craving some!). :)
    Cute kitchen! Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  14. We also had pancakes, how funny. I make a mean buttermilk pancake. Hope your new home can feel like home. We just hung pictures up in our new place and it is starting to feel more homey.

  15. Ooh that is so exciting! Looks delicious, too!

    What did we have for dinner last night? The kids and I were all sick all day yesterday (they're better today, and running circles around me). So my sister, who is always one of the most thoughtful people I know, brought us rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, and this gooey chocolate brownie cake number. It was delicious!

  16. So fun! I can only imagine how ready you must be. Being in limbo is never fun, especially with an adventure just waiting to happen. I love that the girls made breakfast with their dad! Know you are prayed for and I think I can speak for many of us when I say that we are SO looking forward to seeing what this next year holds for you when those RV wheels start turning!

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