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The Sheaffer family spent 2011 in an RV, traveling the country to give to others. Give Every Day.

the fall of 11

It is the fall of 2011. I am 29 and our family has just spent the last year in an RV, traveling the country to give to others. Every morning, I wake up and blink, half-uncertain where we are. Sometimes in a Walmart parking lot; sometimes at a campground. Squished in between two tiny girls […]

A Reader Asks :: Eating On-The-Road

Sarah asked, "Have your eating/meal planning habits changed much now that you are living on the road?" Yes. A bit. We still eat in more than we eat out. We still prefer simple, nutritious meals - not made with cans or boxes. We still eat fruit like nobody's business. That being said, we don't always […]

Home Sweet RV

When we originally decided to travel the country for a year an RV, we had a choice to make: In the end, we decided on a 36foot 2001 Cameo by Carriage 5th wheel. It's relatively spacious, has a pretty decent amount of counter space in the kitchen, PLUS it has a washer & dryer [cue […]

6 observations about the Amish

We spent the last few weeks in the two largest Amish communities in the world - Holmes County, OH (#1) and Lancaster County, PA (#2). It was both sobering and refreshing to be among a culture so unlike the status quo of society. It is unfair to summarize a group of people, but for the […]

we've grown accustomed to good-byes

We meet wonderful people everywhere - state by state. The girls find friends to dress-up with, to play rough-and-tumble with, and to scream extra loud with.   Tim & I meet people to play Catch Phrase with after the kids are in bed, to go running with, to have crazy adventures in NYC with, and […]

oh, me of little faith

Faith is one of those things you don't realize you lack until you're forced to have it. Last year, we had a house with a yard in suburbia, two vehicles (three if you count Tim's dirt bike), a modest but comfortable income, and medical and dental insurance. We shopped at Target and Trader Joe's. I […]

Metropolitan Mama presents...Best In The USA

Our family has been through 11 states in 106 days. Living on-the-road is more stressful and more wonderful than we ever could have imagined. We're meeting outstanding people, interviewing executive directors of non-profits, getting behind-the-scenes tours of businesses, and enjoying an ever-changing outdoor landscape. I'm putting together an awards program of sorts as we travel. […]

official book count in our RV

We have one pink bin for children's books in our RV. I counted today and it has 72 books in it (which is far too few). I'm not sure how many we had prior to our RV life, but I would venture to say that we had at least 1000. Even then, we went to […]

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