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The Sheaffer family spent 2011 in an RV, traveling the country to give to others. Give Every Day.

I couldn't do it without him

"I could never do this trip without you." Tim and I have said that to each other about a hundred times since we started. I happen to think it's more one-sided. As in, I couldn't do it without HIM. Without having any experience, he's already a Master RV Driver and Setter-Upper. He pretty much does […]

tomorrow is the reason I haven't blogged since Tuesday

Have you packed to go somewhere for an entire year? Me neither. Until now. Tomorrow is the day we launch Give Every Day. We're having breakfast with extended family in the morning. Then, we'll probably take a group shot in front of the RV. Then...the open road. We decided at the beginning of the week […]

spooky old tree

Fear sometimes starts to seep creep my heart. What if...we don't find a renter? What if...we can't pay for all of this? What if...our RV breaks down? Mostly, though, I rest in the fact that THIS is the right time to do this. 2011 is our year to be brave. We gave up […]

1st meal in the RV

Our 5th wheel is parked on Tim's parents property for now. It's packed and organized and ready to go (we are SO ready to go). A few nights ago, we used the stovetop in the RV for the first time. We made homemade pancakes (secret ingredient: cottage cheese) and homemade blueberry sauce. For dinner. With […]

nine-oh-nine, you're mine-all-mine

9 years ago tonight, we were driving off in a red jeep with "Just Married" painted across the back. It felt like magic when I introduced him as "my husband" for the very first time. 9 years later, we're about to drive away again (and I seriously can't wait). Happy Anniversary, Tim. (He hates the […]

Last Night in Our House

Last night was our last night in our house. After running errands and packing, we sat down (on our floor) to homemade pork chop, brussels sprout, green beans, and cookies - courtesy of Becca (thank you, friend - it was the most timely of gifts!). We bathed and showered the girls, put on PJs, brushed […]

thoughts (and regrets) as we leave our neighborhood

Yesterday, I was thinking about our neighborhood - the community here, the culture that has developed, the things we've appreciated, the things we desire, and the things we would have done differently. We know a lot of our neighbors. We're not the garage-up, garage-down kind of people. We spend a lot of time in our […]

Whose story is it?

Our dining room table is gone now. Tim sold it to a couple off Craigslist. When I came home from lunch with the girls, the house looked so empty. "Did you take a picture of it, by chance?" I asked him, wistfully. I haven't written much about the process of selling our things because I […]

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