nine-oh-nine, you're mine-all-mine

nine-oh-nine, you're mine-all-mine 19 years ago tonight, we were driving off in a red jeep with "Just Married" painted across the back.

It felt like magic when I introduced him as "my husband" for the very first time.

9 years later, we're about to drive away again (and I seriously can't wait).

Happy Anniversary, Tim. (He hates the term "hubby" so I never call him that). You still captivate me.

P.S. I'm in the market for a new pair of jeans. That pair is atrocious. What brand of denim is your fave?

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46 comments on “nine-oh-nine, you're mine-all-mine”

  1. Well, Happy Anniversary! :-) I hope it was wonderful! We have also been married nine years.

    I must be super uncool, because the first thing I noticed about that picture was your great jeans! HA!

    I've always had good luck with Silvers. Did you end up finding anything?

    1. Yes, but I opted not to buy anything. I may try to find some designer jeans on eBay (a friend recommended that approach).

  2. I really like Lucky brand jeans. They just have a soft, worn feeling right out of the gate without looking like someone beat them with a two by four. :)

  3. 1. Huge congrats. We'll be right there with you in 5 months. Can't believe it!
    2. I think those jeans are cute on you!
    3. I'll be reviewing the miraclebody jeans later this month. They are pricey, but they do look pretty good on! :-)
    4. Ditto to Ann Taylor Loft. As a short gal with curves, I find their clothes to fit me pretty well.
    5. I also like Liz Claiborne petites.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Happy belated anniversary!

    PS. I hate the term "hubby", too.

    PS again. I'm a big fan of Lucky Brand jeans. There's a store up at La Encantada, but they're also available at Buckle in the mall. They run about $100-$150 per pair, but the fit makes them worth every penny.

    1. I actually don't really like the term either so I've never been tempted by it. ;)

      (I *might* go to Buckle tomorrow).

  5. Bloomingdales is having a sale, and a lot of the designer denim is 30-40% off. I picked up a few, cough, pairs, cough. Ahem. Well, the prices were too good to pass up! ;-) I love Sevens, Joe's and Paige equally.

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    (I am no help on the jeans front..while I have a few pairs I like...I am still searching for the perfect pair!)

  7. Happy Anniversary! I think the jeans look great on you, but if you MUST get a new pair, I like Banana Republic and Seven. I don't mind spending more for jeans because I practically live in them!

  8. Happy Anniversary! What an exciting way to begin your ninth year! My husband is funny about pet names, so I come up with totally off the wall things just to get his reaction. He never knows when I'm gonna shout out, "Hey,
    Sugar Booger!" or " Come here, Lovey-bear!" He acts annoyed, then cracks usually cracks up.:) My favorite pair of jeans came from OId Navy. The are dark wash, medium rise, and boot-cut. I got them on sale a couple years ago for 16.50! Still love them.

  9. Congratulations you two. So sweet and in love.
    I have also had good luck with the Loft jeans. There are a few different styles to figure out but they are the ones I always go back to. Good fit & good price.

  10. Happy Happy Anniversary!! Hope you guys had a fantabulous day! So excited for your next adventure! Sometimes I call Markus 'husby'. As far as jeans know my new favorite...Joe's Jeans. I can't afford them, but the gracious gift of a slightly used pair from a friend has changed me forever. Found another great pair on eBay for $31.00! Also, one of my dear friends only wears Lucky jeans and they are great on her. Can't hurt to try! And...I really don't think the jeans you are wearing are atrocious at all...but then again...I am not the best style guide. I think you look fantastic in that picture!

  11. Congratulations on your 9 years! I'm a recent convert to GAP boyfriend jeans - I'm not the trendy type so am amazed I like them. They're comfy, fit well and I got mine for 50% off.

  12. Steph - I can't wait to drive away with you again either. :)

    I've loved you more and more everyday ever since you were 16 years old. And I will never stop.

    Happy Anniversary!

  13. Happy Anniversary!

    Jeans - Stacy London (What Not to Wear) was promoting Lee Jeans at WalMart. I tried them and LOVE them! They fit better than a lot of other jeans I have tried and are way cheaper! They are truly slimming. Let us all know what you end up trying and what you think...

  14. Congrats on 9 years! That is awesome! Scott and I are one year behind you. Anything fun planned to celebrate? We usually like to enjoy a nice dinner out.

    As far as jeans go, Joe's Jeans are my favorite! I even put Kyleigh in them because they last her at least a year (and she (used) to wear them everyday!). I just roll them up in the beginning of summer and cinch up the waist then as it gets colder and she grows I roll them down and let out the waist. But all of my friends also swear by their whole line (women, men and children!). They usually have them at Nordstrom Rack and other discount stores.

    Let us know what you find!

    1. Well, we did go to Sears to look for a new mattress for our RV. We're not super sentimental when it comes to anniversaries. ;)

      We do love each other like crazy though, 365 days out of the year.

    1. As you probably know from my past posts, I don't have great memories about our wedding. "It wasn't us; It wasn't we wanted."

      That said, January 4th, 2002 DID usher in a wonderful new era in my life. When we drove away that night, I think I sighed with relief, contentment, and overwhelming joy. I was FINALLY Mrs. Sheaffer.

  15. Congrats on the anniversary! We just hit 4 years the middle of December.

    Can't help with the jeans, I'm still looking myself. I picked up a pair of Old Navy jeans at the Goodwill when I was home for Christmas and I like the way they fit, but by the end of the day they really stretch out :(

    1. Oh, I hate that! I own 3 pairs of jeans right now and all of them are super stretched out - especially around the butt and thighs.

  16. Happy Anniversary! You guys are adorable!!

    My favorite jeans are the kind someone else has already broken in... i.e. the Thrift store variety (and mostly men's jeans come to think of it). However, if I have to buy them new I prefer Gap's Long and Lean... I'm too tall to wear regular length.

  17. Happy Anniversary!!! You two are so cute!!!

    Seriously, go to The Buckle at Park Place Mall. They have all of the "good" jeans. The ones you and I talk about... a little pricy, but LAST and FIT and look and feel FABULOUS. Plus, their prices are comparable to dept stores but they have all of the good brands under one roof and super helpful salespeople (who are definitely paid on commission, but whatever... you know what you're there for, you'll be fine!)

    1. Thank you so much for that recommendation, Chelsea. I actually might go to Buckle tomorrow (on your recommendation). I'd like to see how the different brands fit on my figure.

      Which brand is your current favorite?

  18. My favorite jeans are the ones I can buy at 22nd Street Thrift Store for 4 bucks. Happy Anniversary! Nine years is a testament to your faith.

  19. congrats!!! (i'm glad my husband likes hubby and hubs...we are geeky informal like that...he calls me wifey...we crack up every time)

    my fave jeans are Chip & Pepper (you had a maternity pair right?) I LOVED wearing my skinny Chip & Pepper jeans before baby belly came :-)

    1. Strangely, I do sometimes call him "huz" (and he's okay with that). But mostly I just call him "Tim." :)

      Yes, I had a pair of Chip & Pepper maternity jeans that I LIVED in for my second pregnancy. I've never tried the brand's non-maternity line. Maybe I should...

  20. 9 Years! Awesome! :) So proud of you guys for not only having a great marriage after 9 years, but doing incredible things... excited for you as you "drive" into your next adventure together. May the next 9 years be even better than the last!
    Oh, and for jeans, I have liked Gap Long & Lean... perhaps because i'm a bit taller, but they are great!

  21. I love my Lucky Brand jeans! I found them at TJ Maxx (I don't know that I could bring myself to spend $100 on a pair of jeans). They fit incredibly well and are very comfy! I'd never owned a GOOD pair of jeans before and they fit so much better than any of the other, cheaper brands I have ever owned!

    Good Luck on your adventure and Happy Anniversary!

      1. That's a steal! I may have to venture down to my local T.J. Maxx (I tend to avoid it b/c it's super cluttered and disorganized, but the promise of designer denim at a fraction of the cost COULD convince me...).

  22. Happy Anniversary, you two!! :)
    And as for jeans...I like to get jeans from Ann Taylor Loft...they seem to be the only ones that really fit well on me and they are somewhat reasonably priced.

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