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The Sheaffer family spent 2011 in an RV, traveling the country to give to others. Give Every Day.

official toy count in our RV

We have 1 toy bin in our RV. It often also doubles as a doll bed: We have a doctor's kit. A play telephone. A real harmonica. A set of Ukranian stacking dolls. And two games - Letter Bingo and the Give Kids The World Village edition of Candy Land. That's all. Under 20 toys. […]

here we are in Woodbine, Georgia

We're kickin' it in Woodbine, Georgia (bet you've never heard of it) for a whole week - maybe more. The owners of thisĀ campground are young and from Australia. They have 4 kids and are super friendly - and the rates are among the most reasonable we've come upon. We walk down to the Crooked River […]

After this year

People ask us all of the time - "Will you go back to Arizona after your 365 days of giving?" "Will you return to conventional jobs?" "Will you write a book?" "Will you go abroad?" And the answer is: we don't know. We're not keeping secrets about it either. We sold almost everything, started driving...and […]

Q & A at 2:29am

I wrote a blog post yesterday. And the day before. But - I didn't publish either. They were lacking something. I tend to wait to publish (just like I tend to think before I speak). I edit. I linger. I let it settle in my soul. That is both good and bad. Here's a quick […]

It's hard too

"I want to play with Ava," my 4-year-old said this afternoon, with tears streaming down behind her adorable pink glasses. "We can call her," I said, gently. "I don't want to call her. I want to PLAY with her." (I didn't quite know what to say..."Maybe in a year?"). This part is a little harder […]

rich + skinny (minus the rich part)

Today, we pulled into our new campground in Austin. We'll be staying here for two weeks (the campground is sponsoring our stay). We could tell instantly that it was a very ritzy place with luxury motorhomes, boats, and vehicles at every turn. As I was looking out the window, I said to Tim, "There are […]

5 Worst Things About Living On-The-Road

Before I begin, I want to be sure to emphasize that we are really enjoying this new lifestyle. We have a truck, a 5th wheel, and our family - and we're seeing the country together. We're making magnificent memories, stretching our brains, and expanding our hearts. That said, the mobile life isn't all sunsets and […]

5 Best Things About Living On-The-Road

Has it only been 14 days since we launched the Give Every Day project? It feels like it's been MONTHS (in a good way). Obviously, we're not experienced RVer's just yet, but I thought I'd share our 5 favorite things about living on-the-road so far. Close Quarters. Everyone warned us that we'd drive each other […]

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