here we are in Woodbine, Georgia

here we are in Woodbine, Georgia 1

We're kickin' it in Woodbine, Georgia (bet you've never heard of it) for a whole week - maybe more. The owners of this campground are young and from Australia. They have 4 kids and are super friendly - and the rates are among the most reasonable we've come upon.

We walk down to the Crooked River at least a few times every day (and try not to have heart attacks as the girls walk precariously toward the edge of the pier).

I'm glad we're going to stay put here. We desperately need a little reprieve from the go-go-go. We're tired, perhaps even a little distressed.

I've lived long enough to know, however, that "pain" often eventually equals growth...and good outcomes.

Do you live in Georgia or the Carolinas? What non-profits, businesses, or parks do you recommend that we visit?

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27 comments on “here we are in Woodbine, Georgia”

  1. I've been to Atlanta & loved. I've wanted to go back & see more of Georgia.
    I'm glad y'all are getting some peaceful rest. Beautiful!

  2. I live in Savannah, GA and I had to check Google to see where Woodbine is! :) Looks like a nice place to unwind after Disney. A few nonprofits to look into in Savannah:

    Wesley Community Center - - They provide services to local women and children including a food pantry, career clothing closet, adult classes, and an amazing nationally accredited childcare program for disadvantaged families.

    Living Vine - - A Christian maternity home that provides GED classes, counselling, job and life skills, and parenting classes to the young women who live there.

    Tybee Island is a great little old beach town to visit, very family-friendly. Closer to where you are now is Jekyll Island, which is beautiful and has limited commercial development. The girls might enjoy the sea turtle rescue center there. Also from St. Marys you can take a ferry to Cumberland Island and see the wild horses. (Also where JFK Jr. got married)

    Would love to meet your family when you're in the area!

    Kicklighter Resource Center/Kicklighter Academy - The website seems to be down, but they provide services for individuals with autism, mental retardation, and other developmental disabilities. Their preschool serves neurotypical children as well as those with special needs, who spend time with their neurotypical peers in the classroom and receive one-on-one behavioral therapy. They provide financial aid to families who need it. They're close to my heart because my 2.5-year-old son who has developmental delays is a student there, and he is making AMAZING progress. We're so thankful to receive financial aid to help cover the three hours of daily therapy he receives. Contact: Julie Harris, [email protected] or Dianne Wilson-Evatt, [email protected].

    1. Thank you for all of your suggestions...and I'm sorry we didn't get to meet! Savannah's campgrounds are on the expensive side (and not particularly near Fort Stewart - where Tim's brother is stationed) so we decided to only stay overnight.

  3. One of my best memories as a child was visiting Tweetsie Railroad with my grandparents in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. I haven't been in probably 10 years. The park is set up like an old Wild West down complete with a real coal-fired steam locomotive that you can ride on. I don't know much else about the area you are in now, but enjoy where you are and take some time to just breathe.

  4. What a great picture! Hope you're able to get some much needed rest & rejuvination while you're there!

  5. We live in Savannah and it is absolutely beautiful! It is a wonder history lesson just walking around Ricer Street. As far as parks Forsyth is probably the most well known! Lots of open space for playing, playscapes, a splashground for the kids, and on Saturdays a farmers market! Would have to look into some larger charities but our church (we are pretty small) does a kinda cool feed the homeless program! Savannah has a large homeless population! Let us know if you guys decide to visit the area... I've been a lurker around here for quite awhile!

    1. We stayed in Richmond Hill for one night to visit Tim's brother (who is stationed at Fort Stewart). Unfortunately, we weren't able to venture into Savannah. I've heard it's a beautiful + historic place...with wonderful charm. Perhaps we'll get to see it in year #2? (ha!)

  6. Welcome to Georgia... relax, have some tea, and sit for a spell!

    Check out the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge... I think it's close to Woodbine. A true southern beauty!


  7. We are in Douglasville, which is slightly southwest of Atlanta. Our church offices are above a wonderful non-profit called Warehouse of Hope which provides clothes and food for those in need. In addition, and most importantly, "their primary objective in all things is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the life changing truth of God’s love for all people. This ministry exists to bring hope and compassion into people’s lives."

    They love volunteers and our church partners with them in volunteering and giving. Here's the link to their site:

    If you come this way, we'd love to meet up with you!

    1. Sorry we missed you!

      We ended up spending last night in Adairsville, GA...and passed right through Atlanta this morning. We decided not to stop in the area because Central/Northern Georgia doesn't offer very many options for RVers. The campgrounds are few + far between, poorly rated, AND expensive. I wonder why that is?

  8. We are hoping to get to Georgia as a tag along on a business trip. I am going to save these recommendations for when we go! Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and of your family!

  9. I've visited Georgia - but that was quite awhile ago! This spot looks like a beautiful place to slow down for a week or two. Enjoy.

  10. in Atlanta, you could visit the Coca-Cola Museum, just for fun. In Greenville, SC, there is a Christian Publishing Company called Bob Jones University Press, as well as Soundforth Music. Great resources, if you're considering homeschooling. You might even want to sit in on a chapel at the university campus!

    1. The Coca-Cola museum WOULD have been fun! Unfortunately, we weren't able to stop in Atlanta (we passed right through).

      I'm going to google Greenville, SC now. Perhaps we can make a stop there in May?

    1. We stayed overnight in Adairsville last night. Is that near where you live? I'm sorry we didn't get an opportunity to meet!

  11. Habitat for Humanity's headquarters are in Americus, GA, though you may be wanting to stay closer to I-95, and they are further in to the west.

  12. I'm originally from Georgia (living overseas right now). Savannah is a beautiful and very historic city if you plan on heading up the coast. and Just off the coast in Savannah is Tybee Island. It's a nice quiet little beach town.
    If you go through Atlanta you should check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. We used to have a member pass and loved it! Usually they have an artists work displayed throughout the gardens. While you're in Atlanta you should check out the Fox Theatre and see if they have any good shows going. I have a friend that works at the International Community School (www, It's a school for refugees from all over the world, Including Nepal where we are now! Also, I went to college at Berry College in Rome, GA. It's the largest campus in the world, although it's a small college as far as numbers go. It's really beautiful with wide open spaces and lots of history. One of the main girls dorms was built by Henry Ford and it looks like a castle! On the northwest side of GA is Cloudland Canyon, a gorgeous state park/campground. On the northeast side is Lake Hartwell (you will cross over it if you're heading to the Carolinas. Mt grandparents live there on the lake and it's gorgeous.
    Hope some of this helps!

    1. We stopped last night near Savannah (in Richmond Hill) to visit with Tim's younger brother, who is stationed at Fort Stewart. I wish we could have explored the area a little longer!

      Tonight we're in Adairsville (north of Atlanta) for a quick overnight...and then onward to Nashville!

      Thank you so much for the recommendations.

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